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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic (Denver Pop 1969)

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Papa M (2 months ago)
Jimi opened all three shows I saw in Detroit with Spanish Castle Magic. The spaceship took off with this song. The Stratocaster took us to another stratosphere. He truly was "The Man with The Guitar" and is still sadly missed.
ScottEmmonsMusic (10 months ago)
Bye bye Noel.....
gustav haglund (2 years ago)
Beside tear gas, I smell something else in the air hehe
qtherhino (6 months ago)
gustav haglund no one knows where the nose goes when the doors are closed
ChEyNe St0KiNG (3 years ago)
you guys need to make a the Machine Gun video...
Byron Gordon (5 years ago)
Jimi was in a great mood given all the tear gas in the air. Love his banter between songs with the audience. This is a great, inspired performance. Shame it was not recorded professionally. 
John Janecek (5 years ago)
The Denver Pop Festival recording wasn't all that good... Never been one that most people wanted to hear... But don't blame VEVO... they are doing only what they can do with sub-par recordings to begin with.
CobaltNight (5 years ago)
will any one be listening to justin bieber in 40 years time i dont listen to him now
Antonio Cuenca (5 years ago)
378 views -.- when justin bieber have this views in 1 minute -.-¨
KingJames3000 (5 years ago)
Jon Martins (5 years ago)

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