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Project xCloud: Gaming with you at the center

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The future of gaming is a world where you are empowered to play the games you want, with the people you want, whenever you want, wherever you are, and on any device of your choosing. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Text Comments (2616)
Sirdiggar (2 minutes ago)
Cloud based gaming will never catch on and if it does it will be shit. Look at onlive, It failed miserably. Not everyone has good connections and there will always be input lag. Nothing will beat gaming from a host machine.
MarSH (11 minutes ago)
same with psnow..but hopefully FPS is playable here..INPUT LAG is our enemy for this streaming services..😩 and also they sacrifice graphics..but stilll, im still hoping these will not be an issue...else you will see a lot of rage in the gaming community
TrueGent 10 (4 hours ago)
ProjectX cloud means Mass effect rare replay halo GTA red dead redemption Assassins creed Minecraft ON ANDROID take that PSNow
B Stewart 156 (7 hours ago)
Lmao. Loads Forza. iPhone overheats and blows up. Lol. Can’t wait.
Closed (9 hours ago)
ill pay $100 a year to play all my paid games.
Chaz surrett (14 hours ago)
So the real question is will this support Fortnite? It sees like a yes but if theres already a mobile will the support it? I hope so as I have a iphone6s
Shivam yadav (1 day ago)
does anybody dont know about psvita remote play and psnow service....how come its an microsoft innovation ....ratarded xbots 😂😂
Mystic Gamer (1 day ago)
I cant wait to whip out my controller during lunch at school.
Felodur (1 day ago)
don't buy into this. you can never own the games and when they shut down the service, all of your games will be lost. same goes for any IAPs in online only games.
THA PRXNCE (1 day ago)
I can tell this is going to be lit💥💥
manuel fagioli (1 day ago)
ahahahahahahah ms
Oli23Gamer (1 day ago)
Que buena propuesta!!!!!
Shivam yadav (1 day ago)
sony is already doing that with PS now....
Tiger Wang (1 day ago)
Gavin B Signature Box is finally here!!!!
The LimePlayz (1 day ago)
Woah they named a project after my username projectet xcloud my user is XxCloud
Waheed Kakar (1 day ago)
Now I know why Microsoft is the coolest company on planet earth
Geo (1 day ago)
Its microsoft they WILL find a way to piss us all off and if they dont then that will be amazing. 🙏
quan quar (2 days ago)
Lol, goodbye to all you used games sellers, goodbye all the stores who sell consoles and games, Microsoft coming at ya with hellfire missiles.
quan quar (2 days ago)
hang on, reason I bought xbox one original was for this cloud bullshit and crackdown that was meant to utilise it, complete set of lies.
Sam Hoskins (2 days ago)
This may be an early question but when is it coming out?
Glad Evening (2 days ago)
Will it be on iPhone
Ahmad Isa (2 days ago)
Why I love Xbox, innovations
Caleb dejoun (2 days ago)
PC will need this. Xbox will steal some PC gamers
Caleb dejoun (2 days ago)
I can now game in school at launch or in class.
Terry I (1 day ago)
As opposed to.....before?
Ahson Noaman (2 days ago)
Gotta move to android
Nabil ????? (2 days ago)
work on iphone???
Turned T (2 days ago)
I love xbox💚
Realchaos (2 days ago)
coming this December
Rono Islam (2 days ago)
Yeah Console quality on Any device I can play this on a Java device yay
8__ __8 (2 days ago)
Justin Y. (2 days ago)
im very sorry for my question but what about xbox 360
Rui Fernandes (2 days ago)
I hope it's coming soon. Please Microsoft
Banditøs Clique (2 days ago)
Last Spring (3 days ago)
So how much fucking time it'll take to start
Vashon Luke (3 days ago)
I love Xbox
Santosh Devadiga (3 days ago)
And most importantly *it's not gonna be free*
Bluney (3 days ago)
microsoft we love u bro
Donald Coleman (3 days ago)
Do not bring 5G;(
jose diaz (3 days ago)
Xbox 4ever!!!!
Is it on ios
RiskE (3 days ago)
It better not be a shitty membership service
TheFlashGhost32 (3 days ago)
Will it be anavailable in romania?
Njabulo Molotshwa (3 days ago)
i hope it's cheap
Adithiyan Anilkumar (3 days ago)
wow lots of love to microsoft😀😀
V99 (3 days ago)
PS4 had it on Sony and other mobile phones a longtime ago, just saying
V99 (1 day ago)
+Shivam yadav Lmao it's been on Sony since 2015 I think. There are some Microsoft diehard fans in here. Even if I explain they don't wanna admit it anyways.
Shivam yadav (1 day ago)
can you explain this a little bit bro because so many people are barking that its microsoft innovation....
Anthony (3 days ago)
I need to play RDR 2 outside while riding a horse. *Immersion*
lay n3l (3 days ago)
The question is : is it avaible in Africa xd
charlesmagnuelle (3 days ago)
Sooo, that's where the unsold xbox one are!!!!! Joke. Let the console wars begin!
Hybrydatp64 (3 days ago)
Hell yes!
Justice Clark (4 days ago)
This is why Xbox is the best
MAD A NION (4 days ago)
*This is project will bring gaming revolution*
Proboss Gaming (4 days ago)
LMAO we still can't stream on YouTube
Nigelssj9 (4 days ago)
Nice ..but why not build technogy that improves peoples lives
jokebag (4 days ago)
But the x box 1 already have this for pc and smart phone even though i am a Nintendo fan boy so i don't know shit
vinit varghese (4 days ago)
Nvidia introduced live game streaming first, but Microsoft has pushed the boundaries to bring it on phones. Wow
Harsh_Gamer (4 days ago)
The future of gaming is here! 🎮🔥
Tanmoi Saikia (4 days ago)
Thinking about the customers and not just about profit. This is the future
Abhijeet Patri (4 days ago)
I'm calling it.. God is disguising himself as Microsoft.
Internet User (4 days ago)
I love Microsoft because they care about everything and everyone
Internet User (4 days ago)
I am not able to get a console but with this I will be able to play games just like the console and I can afford to pay
xXInfernalGamerXx (4 days ago)
wow i can play fortnite in my j7 prime :O?
Dylan Ken (4 days ago)
Hah, beat that Sony!
Marklikesriffs (4 days ago)
I hope this let's 360 games be played too
tanishq mittal (4 days ago)
I am dying to play Forza on my phone
Jason Lopez (4 days ago)
Well hello future.
CosmicFragz (4 days ago)
Yea you already schools are going to get pissed about this everyone is going to be on there phones😂
Sean Cain (4 days ago)
So I could play Xbox again but on my PC nice
NPC#4332123 (4 days ago)
any device, except ps4 and switch
A5hTriX (4 days ago)
Microsoft keep focusing on BS. I don't care about playing outside, on the toilet, or at work... I want EXCLUSIVES TO PLAY ON MY X!!
YoChillOutBro (1 day ago)
Well ur wish might come true new studios 600 new developers 👍
Dastan (2 days ago)
A5hTriX lmao why do you wan’t exclusives? All the good games get released for all consoles.
Youssuf 9087623 (4 days ago)
Is Bill gates watching our Coments? #Billhascomfirmed
Julek Wiśniewski (4 days ago)
How much Internet I should have to Play?
sKtx FINNESEx (4 days ago)
James Craig (4 days ago)
Believe it or not they dont make much on hardware sales. Its the software. Eventually it will all feed stream like Steam. Business model change coming.
Ibrahim Bourzama (4 days ago)
I'm so exited ive never had a console 😁😁 I only have a phone which not too bad
Young053 (4 days ago)
In the future the xbox will be a streaming device that streams the games better
Legendary Ali Riza (4 days ago)
hey Microsoft xbox is sow shot funk you playstation 4 is the best cnsole
The Kent Family (4 days ago)
This is going to be amazing . I bet Nintendo will partner with Microsoft to make sure the new switch plays xbox streaming!!
Everything Noob (4 days ago)
When they finally put it out to the public I hope it is not just for android
SUNITA SHARMA (4 days ago)
Which date it will release in India?
roasting miner (4 days ago)
Hope it is free and is on a variety of devises
RenzoMaiBoi69 (4 days ago)
CALL OF DUTY IN A NOKIA???? LETS GOOOOO How bout ps4 controller on a xbox console??😐😐😐😐😐
C K (4 days ago)
Please make Red Dead 2 available to play on a phone!
ZiRE (4 days ago)
Vortex cloud gamong5
IITREKKIEII (4 days ago)
Devilsana Thangjam (4 days ago)
please add tekken 7
Kiano Pratama (4 days ago)
Wait, Xbox is from Microsoft?
So when is it coming out?
Want to play halo mcc on the xcloud
SupremeSmalls (5 days ago)
Werever I want to be???
John T (5 days ago)
Alexandre (5 days ago)
I’m super pumped for this. I have unlimited data so I could play my games anywhere.
Virat gunwal (5 days ago)
Cyberpunk on a phone
Zalatany (5 days ago)
And this 2$ phone mount from china xD
Nugroho W. (5 days ago)
Will that much xbox can read and store my conscious?
shazam gamer (5 days ago)
If this happens it will be history
LUYANDO MUKWATO (5 days ago)
Do you have to pay
Dope_Armadillo (5 days ago)
This is gonna be the Netflix of gaming. Holy shit
RabbitOnKrack (5 days ago)
Pants need changing
Tony Ford (5 days ago)
Calling it now $399 a day
Arthur Cummings (5 days ago)
These niggas just trying to get PlayStation exclusives

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