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Little Big Town - Girl Crush (Official Music Video)

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Text Comments (15901)
Martha Christie (5 hours ago)
I met them in person
Katie Kansky (5 hours ago)
my mom went to high school with her
Big boi Kerenal (1 day ago)
Someone please eat my entire ass to this song 😫😫🍆💦💦🍑🍑
Aleli Montes (13 hours ago)
🤣🤣 I choked on my soda
Tamesha Buchanan (2 days ago)
Love this song
Mindelle Hallihan (2 days ago)
This will forever be one of my favorite break up songs. Everything about it is beautiful! The music and sound matches the words. And the words themselves, wow, powerful. Gives a sense of longing and heart ache.
Christy Willoughby (2 days ago)
Sandra Venable (3 days ago)
She's not gay.. She wants to be her so her man will give her attention... Beautiful song
Michelle Davidson (6 hours ago)
That's how I take it too.
John May (3 days ago)
My GOD, you have to be the most perfect looking woman I have ever seen, you talk about a girl crush, I have one, big time!!!!
John May perfection right!!
Avonna Lopez (3 days ago)
Love this song 😍 😍😍 😍
KyomitheHunter (3 days ago)
>song is called girl crush >song is straight stop leading me on, youtube ._.
Novi Silalahi (4 days ago)
It's beautiful but for me Harry's cover got me more emotional
Novi Silalahi (4 days ago)
It's beautiful but for me Harry's cover got me more emotional
angel fromabove (4 days ago)
This hits me so deep 😭
catie jule (2 days ago)
Could be gayer. Edit: I hope everyone takes this comment to be a joke. I love this song and its meaning. I understand that it's not about a girl that likes a girl. I was just making a joke. The joke is now ruined because I had to explain it so much, but I had to because I knew people were gonna get butthurt.
melissa hall (3 days ago)
CincyRed'sFan (6 days ago)
I just don't get how so many people do not understand this song. It boggles my mind!!
Harry Styles estuvo aquí :3
Rachel Benjamin (6 days ago)
She just what to be his love
gonzo Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Feeling real good
Aaliyah Simmons (7 days ago)
Harry Styles wya
Harry Crowley (7 days ago)
How do you come up with her wanting her X back? I getting she's wanting this man she's got a crush on who already has a woman and she's wanting what the other woman's got that trips his trigger to draw him away to her. No X boyfriend I'm seeing here at all. Just saying...
Jesse Easterday (8 days ago)
I can't stop thinking about the killer in the movie Silence of The Lambs
Ashlyn Williamson (8 days ago)
My girl best friend told me to watch this and I’m crying and I’m bi now
Hanifi Pekince (8 days ago)
i wanna suck his... yeh right :^) dont fool me girl
canal Da vihh (8 days ago)
na voz do Harry a música ficou magnifica
Lun Sovannleaksa (8 days ago)
I watched it after I had watched harry style cover this song
James Almond (9 days ago)
prtty cool song liked it the first time i heard it
jez quveen (9 days ago)
lisa churchill (9 days ago)
This is s beautiful song and thanks to my best friend Jack that first Introduced me to this song several months ago...
Earnie Bailey (9 days ago)
This is one of those songs done to perfection. The melody and pace of the song pull you into the rhythm and you either tap your feet or roll side to side. Most enjoyable.
I'm a cat (9 days ago)
This was mine and my moms song... That's what she always said anyways.... She died....... This song makes me sad now;-;
Zach Cole (9 days ago)
Little crush! Your up to it! Lil101.60. Playn!!
Calvin Flamand (9 days ago)
The most beautiful saddest song ever
Kalina Petrovic (10 days ago)
Tshering Do (10 days ago)
My current situation💗💗
Donny Gibson (11 days ago)
She is a very beautiful woman with a voice of a Angel
James Clifford (11 days ago)
She wants to bang my girlfriend
Patrick Mullen (11 days ago)
my English teacher told us about this song yesterday, so I decided to look it up to check it out.
Michael O'Hara (11 days ago)
I attended the recent San Diego County State Fair and saw "Little Big Town" in concert. Yeah, I had my "Girl Crush" on !! All the women in the audience sang along as Karen emotionally laid "Girl Crush" all out. Man, I started balling. Not good for my tough guy image, but I can share with you guys - you understand.
Diweni (11 days ago)
quite hypnotic
Dee Browning (11 days ago)
I love the girl crush song I'm straight I. Love my baby and his. Loving. She's a good singer
ITZ Red 360 (12 days ago)
Harry sang it better like if u agree
Josh Houck (12 days ago)
Harry balls brought me here.
alice elliott (12 days ago)
Vanessa K (13 days ago)
This song is exactly how I feel...
panda time (13 days ago)
This makes me cry
What's the difference between Noah and Brad Wahl?
Lory R. (13 days ago)
Ark Yoder (14 days ago)
sultry and seductive voice
jonne vitu (14 days ago)
I gotta girl fast
DRT71 (14 days ago)
I still prefer brunettes.....
Anna Means (14 days ago)
Do you like this song it's the very best song I have ever heard in my life.it is the very best song I have ever heard in my life. my name is anna marie means.thats my name have you heard it before.i love this song it is the very best song I have ever heard in my life. I LOVE THIS SONG.ITS THE VERY NEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE ITS THE VERY BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE.
Sara Lundqvist (14 days ago)
The song reminds me of Rascal Flatts - I Wont Let Go
Maz Christie (14 days ago)
Sexy as......love this song, just wanna dance to it with my man
Jamie The Giraffe (15 days ago)
everything about this is calming and heartbreaking
Boddissatva (16 days ago)
I got it first time I heard it. And i may have a crush anyway. Ha ha...
Diana Vargas (16 days ago)
This song and Jolene are the songs that can really make me feel such an amount of pain... the feeling of wanting someone that much...
Jojo Baker (16 days ago)
I wish I never met you I wish I never fell hard for you cuz getting over you is hell
C (17 days ago)
What I love about this song is that it didn't specify whether the 'ex' was a man / woman. It just uses 'you' to refer to that person.
C (17 days ago)
I feel like the singer's staring at my soul. She's really beautiful though.
Ruben Thomas (17 days ago)
Yuan Blaine (17 days ago)
This song can also be interpreted as a gay guy's unrequited love toward a straight guy.
JEROME BARNETT (17 days ago)
She should have listened then you wouldn't had to have one
Beka Shumate (17 days ago)
This is my daughter and I's favorite song. One f their best song's
Scott Wiley (17 days ago)
You can find hidden meaning in anything....especially if you have a devious mind or a guilty conscious. This is obviously a song from an ex girlfriend about her jealousy of the new woman. If you can't see that you're looking too hard.
Sherry Allen (18 days ago)
I know right now
Joel Harper (18 days ago)
How does she know what he taste like. Eather way it a beutiful song
jahenders (17 days ago)
I'm pretty sure she and the guy used to be lovers ... or she's just imaging and wants to taste him
Giselle Kent (18 days ago)
I know this is technically a straight song but it's describing a common lesbian experience. If you like a girl who's in a realationship with a guy you could easily mistake that as having a crush on a guy. "I want to taste her lips....cause they taste like him" is a common justification for liking a girl "I only want to kiss her, and think about her in bed, and want to drown myself in her perfume cause I'm jealous of her boyfriend, not like I'm gay or anything hahaha." The way this song illustrates many details about the girl and almost leaves the guy as an afterthought shows that she's really thinking about the girl most of the time but can't quite come to terms with her feelings.
Samantha Siens (19 days ago)
I love it
trebor salgoud (19 days ago)
really like the song but thought ...man, what a stalker song this is .... and then I thought back to that junior high age when everything is new and really really powerful.... and the song just fit the age and time
Leeann Risner (19 days ago)
this is basically out of her shoes by Lorrie Morgan. love it though. :)
Anaïs Atangana (19 days ago)
you're not gonna force people to be gay. Not offending anyone so don't @ me please... thanx
Ryan Michael (19 days ago)
I really love this song because I am a lesbian. (Plz don't judge me...)
tonder kaf (19 days ago)
Nice song .. 👍👍👍
Vicki Wisswell (20 days ago)
Who the hell is Harry Styles?
BLACK PINK (20 days ago)
after watching this video it bring me peace. When ever the stuff goes wrong at school or at home then I listen to this song.
Kratos The Greek (20 days ago)
"taste her lips" if this is not gay I dont know what is
Kratos The Greek I'd like to kiss her lips...
jahenders (17 days ago)
+Jackie McClure No, it's not. It's about wanting whatever teh girl has that makes the guy want the girl instead of her.
Kratos The Greek (19 days ago)
+Jackie McClure still if not gay then bi
Jackie McClure (20 days ago)
Kratos The Greek if u listen to song it’s about her wanting to b the other woman
Simon Campling (21 days ago)
What a beautiful song
Tammy Woods (22 days ago)
even if it were a "gay" song, so what either way its great
africkso (22 days ago)
thanks harry styles
Denise Hedden (23 days ago)
🥀Beautiful Love Song and very different🥀
Paokong Thao (23 days ago)
To me this song is heart breaking. To me it's about a woman who's man is cheating on her. She knows he's cheating but she doesn't tell him. Instead, she finds out who this woman is and actually becomes envious of her, because she's able to capture the man's full attention. She's jealous, yet envious of this blonde beautiful woman in almost every way. That's why she wants to be like her, then she could capture the attention of her man again. Have him love her the way he's loving that other woman. Hence wanting to taste her lips, drown in her perfume....etc.etc.
Miranda Gasca (23 days ago)
I have a girl crush she is so beatful
Rose Ann Famelliza (24 days ago)
This music is so nice i love this
George Lilly (24 days ago)
How do they all still look so good in their 40's???
Beth (24 days ago)
I first heard this a couple of years ago and recently my perspective of the song altered as to reflect my own personal life. Original interpretation: The lady was in a relationship but it didn't work out. She then finds out her ex is in a relationship with a new woman but she still loves him and wishes to be her so that he could love her the way that he loves his new girl. My life interpretation: She is a woman trying to justify her reasons for being attracted to another woman, almost as though she was in complete denial of the possibility that it could simply be because she just likes women. By denying it she is able to cling onto the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it was guys she liked when deep down she already knew the truth.
Lan DeNunzio (24 days ago)
Ms Omar from the United Muslim Nations needs to really listen to this song before Ms Omar brings her nation religious rite to our United States People's House. Really, Senator Klobuchar!!!!!!!!!
Joy McArthur (24 days ago)
I freaking love this song!
Rocio Aparicio (25 days ago)
Lol how can people not understand the song? Well the menaing of it? As soon as I heard it it got to my soul! Anyone that has ever been crushed and cheated on for another women will understand this song clearly 😭😭😭
Ruthm George (25 days ago)
Beautiful song
Ashley Smith (25 days ago)
Is it bad if this song speaks to me and I feel the same about my ex
Ma Car (25 days ago)
Cette chanson me rappelle avé maria de Beyoncé
Niloufar Bieber (26 days ago)
the writer of this song is a genius
Charles Schneider (26 days ago)
A good yr 4 the roses
Charles Schneider (26 days ago)
Girl 😍
Eugenio Garrido (26 days ago)
Mmm...it IS a lesbian song. Stop torturing yourself about the lyrics. She´s bi....misses her ex but also likes her ex new lover. Confused? Maybe...but it is indeed a lesbian song, which is pretty much alright with me.
George Lilly (24 days ago)
Actually, all four artists, as well as all three songwriters, have said it is not and never was a song about lesbianism. The singer also clarifies within the song that she wants to taste her lips because they would taste like his, not because she wants to kiss the girl. But if you think that you know the artists intent, writers intent, and what's going on in the mind of the narrator better than the arists and songwriters, then you do you, I gues..
Eugenio Garrido (26 days ago)
BTW....I didn´t remember the band´s or the song´s name....I just typed "Country Music Lesbian Song" and it appeared right away. So there you go....lesbian song.
Earl Hedrick (26 days ago)
Beautiful song to slow dance too, Thank yall for sharin it with us.
Wow, this song is beautiful.
John May (27 days ago)
You should never want for anything!!!!!!
Barbara Smith (27 days ago)
yes it's about a jelouse ex
jules me (27 days ago)
Love this song💗

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