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2-Exercise Workout to Get Slim Legs in a Week

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To make your legs look perfect, you should perform ONLY TWO exercises each day. They are simple, and you can do all of them at home while watching this video! DAY 1 Exercise #1. Basic squat 0:49 Exercise #2. Squat with kickbacks 1:54 DAY2 Exercise #1. Sumo squat 2:54 Exercise #2. Reaching sumo squat 3:52 DAY3 Exercise #1. Oblique squat 4:54 Exercise #2. Pop squat 6:03 DAY 4 Exercise #1. Narrow squat 7:10 Exercise #2. Pistol squat 8:00 DAY 5 Exercise #1. Curtsey squat 9:07 Exercise #2. Split squat 10:22 DAY 6 Exercise #1. Isometric squat with toe taps 11:31 Exercise #2. Pop squat 12:40 DAY 7 Exercise #1. Sumo squat 13:42 Exercise #2. Oblique squat 14:38 #legexercises #slimlegs Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (2547)
BRIGHT SIDE (2 months ago)
Wanna lose arm fat? Try these exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03eoSGpUPgM&t=2s
alala chan (10 days ago)
Not meh
SallytheDuck (3 hours ago)
the lady who is doing the demo does not have slim legs...
My legs are like John cena even though I'm a girl.Will these exercises work for me?Please help!!!
Cassidy-David Jordan (3 days ago)
I do this along with other exercises and i've lost 35 pounds in less than a year! It most definetly did not take only a week though! I recommend it!
siya raj (6 days ago)
dekh beta mai 7 dino baad phir comment karongi par agar koi result nahi aya to maine tujhe badi galiyan deni hai
sidra S (7 days ago)
great, people in comments are saying that squats are good for slim thighs while others say that they make you fatter, i dont know who to trust, should i just stop doing these exercises or what? SOMEBODY HELPPP MEE!
sidra S (7 days ago)
im not sure if its going to work, nothing seems to:(
Yazy Meea (8 days ago)
Do you have to do all the exercises everyday or exercise 1&2 in the first day and there you go everyday?? Please help me i Dont get it
Ice Kueen (8 days ago)
It doesn't work.
Evelyn Inyama (9 days ago)
I wish there were actual demonstrations for these exercises. I love your videos but would love to see real demonstrations. Thank you
alala chan (10 days ago)
I did this for a week it didn't work ;-; I gained weight instead
Elsana Ankves (10 days ago)
I’m starting this tomorrow(I’ll update every day or at the end of the week)
Ellamcd 123 (13 days ago)
I will do this for however many likes I get on this comment ;-). <3
R S (6 days ago)
Motivation's better when it comes from the _inside_
Chloe Riethmiller (17 days ago)
I'm only on day 3. it feels like forever
the only people here are self conscious teens and middle aged moms
Devin Butler (24 days ago)
You're lying to people this is nowhere near enough
Devin Butler (24 days ago)
Rauha Ibrahim (21 days ago)
i'm trying this. i didn't make any changes to my meals, i ate excessively as always and apart from my dance practice which is for around 30 mins, i didn't do any activities related to exercise. i did measure my upper thigh and the middle of my thigh. will inform you of how much i lose after this is over. day 1: i found the exercises quite easy and simple. however, my thighs did feel a bit sore while i was about to sleep that night. day 2: the exercises from yesterday started to have an effect and my thighs felt very sore. for me personally, the exercises for day 2 were much difficult compared to day 1. my thighs still occupy the entire chair but even though it's day 2, my thighs feel much tighter. day 3: in the morning i found the effects of the exercises from the previous two days. the soreness of the thighs were extra noticeable when i was walking. and day 3 the exercises were alright, much easier compared to day 2. day 4: started to notice the changes in my thighs when standing up. my thighs when i'm sitting down is a whole other story. the first exercise was unusually easy for me but the easiness was explained when it came to the second exercise. the second exercise was extremely difficult and i couldn't squat down too low. day 5: the middle and lower thighs look thin compared to before but the upper thigh remains almost the same with the tiniest change. my thighs look small from the front when standing but when sitting, it's a completely different story. day 5 exercises were hard for me personally esp the first one. the second one, not so much.
mikhaela reyes (27 days ago)
Im thin but i have thick legs so i'll try to do this work out. I'll be updating you guys. Day 1: My thighs were kinda sore. I'm planning to eat heavy meals in breakfast, normal in lunch, and a little in dinner. Day 2: i woke up and deym my thighs were REALLY sore. I was like a penguin earlier at school. The sumo squats were VERY hard because of my sore thighs Day 3: My thighs were still sore unlike yesterday. Note: my motivation to continue this is to imagine myself after getting the results. My thighs are getting slimmer little by little Day 4: My thighs doesn't hurt anymore and i feel like they are tightening. Remember to eat only a little at dinner. Day 5: Little progress. I am gonna do this routine for maybe 2-3 weeks. The exercises dont hurt that much anymore Day 6-7: I actually forgot to do day 6 so i combined it with day 7. And I ate so many food at day 6 because my friend invited me for some bbq and i couldnt resist because it's for free and she ONLY gives food for free rarely. So i guess some fats returned. The only option I have is to do this workout + sit-ups.
Kauser Sultana (1 month ago)
Good afternoon , I wanna lose bum . Plz help
Sun Flower (1 month ago)
It didn't workkk!!
ema gugunava (1 month ago)
I really like your exercises because they work
princess uswah (1 month ago)
6:57 did u laughed because I was looking funny??😂
Faison Family (1 month ago)
I did all of the excercises in one day and really worked up a sweat! I actually feel like I'm working my muscles and actually enjoyed doing these!
KJa Mero (1 month ago)
I did this for a month now and I love this a lot though I usually do 6 sets of this everyday. I have noticed my stomach flattened and my legs slimmer and stronger.
Rebecca C (1 month ago)
All the comments: 20%/ “I’m gonna do it tomorrow” 30%/ “I will definitely do it!” 50%/ “Lying in bed,probably won’t do it”
Vîctørîå ñøů (1 month ago)
Day 1✅
Trenitee Soares (1 month ago)
I am starting this and I am trying to eat healthy but when I look in the fridge I see hot pockets sandwich meat pizza rolls and ready to eat “chicken” so I ate a whole bowl of diced cucumbers
Luna Kee (1 month ago)
Will squats give one bigger upper thigh area, i don't want that ..
Uni Chocolate (1 month ago)
I'm in day #3 OOF
Jennifer Jump (1 month ago)
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James Devine (1 month ago)
Uni Chocolate (1 month ago)
Who else is excited for the results
Yo TENGO (1 month ago)
I thought squats make your thighs bigger cause it increases the MUSCKE
Blixen Breezy (1 month ago)
I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and it has made my legs more muscular and bulky..
sager R (1 month ago)
Does your legs become wide or thin?
chochooshoe (1 month ago)
squats are supposed to build muscles, no?
I accidentally did all to the day 4...
sofia (1 month ago)
i did try just little beat when i watching and my legs get so heavy. Start proper from tomorrow and see results after 1 month.
The beast and the west (1 month ago)
Does squat exercise make thigh bigger ? I want to slim my thigh and legs
Potato Girl (2 months ago)
Maybe I didn’t do it properly but this didn’t work
Marysa Kim (2 months ago)
Bruh I did it why nothing change I'm so dispoint
halo halo (2 months ago)
doesn’t this makes your thigh bigger?
what if we do all the excercises in one day?
BRIGHT SIDE (2 months ago)
DAY 1 Exercise #1. Basic squat 0:49 Exercise #2. Squat with kickbacks 1:54 DAY2 Exercise #1. Sumo squat 2:54 Exercise #2. Reaching sumo squat 3:52 DAY3 Exercise #1. Oblique squat 4:54 Exercise #2. Pop squat 6:03 DAY 4 Exercise #1. Narrow squat 7:10 Exercise #2. Pistol squat 8:00 DAY 5 Exercise #1. Curtsey squat 9:07 Exercise #2. Split squat 10:22 DAY 6 Exercise #1. Isometric squat with toe taps 11:31 Exercise #2. Pop squat 12:40 DAY 7 Exercise #1. Sumo squat 13:42 Exercise #2. Oblique squat 14:38
Pineapple Baes (2 months ago)
Who else thought the thumbnail was period stains😭☠️☠️
Arco Libre (2 months ago)
The video has nothing to do with the title.
Mansika B2408 (2 months ago)
It works ...So cool 😱😱
someone you used to know (2 months ago)
I tried this and this really worked, my parents noticed the change!!
Tiger EXO (2 months ago)
I started trying yesterday Day 1 ✔ Day 2 ✔ Day 3 ✔ Day 4 ✔ Day 5 ✔ Day 6 Day 7
Supreme Makenna (2 months ago)
Imagine if this did work in one week how good the results would be in 1 month! I’ve seen pretty good result comments on here and I’m gonna give this a try I’ll edit and post results in 2 weeks just to give it a little extra time
Ali (2 months ago)
3/12/18 - helloo, so I have pretty thick thighs for my body considering that my waist and above are actually at a healthy thin weight. Anyways I’ve been doing these excersices for about a week now but they aren’t really doing much, just kinda helping me stay the same size. Like I could tell it’s working since it feels that I have more muscle than before, but it’s the slightest difference in size. I’ll try updating as often as possible. (Maybe every 2-4 days).
mimi Karikari (2 months ago)
MorgansMusic (2 months ago)
Ok so I’m going to start doing this tomorrow and I PROMISE I will update💕
omonaste vallyqueen (2 months ago)
My legs hurt
Harry W Smith (2 months ago)
These exercises work better with a resistance band.
Raquel costa (2 months ago)
Does it workd if i'm skinny?Please Comment down below I need to know!
TheLeb123leb (3 months ago)
Who else is scrolling down to read the comment that got the most likes
E ツ (3 months ago)
Here are a lot of comments from 1 year ago and I wonder if they pulled through it or if they gave up. I wonder how I‘m gonna do... I will see you guys in a year
Ashley Mraovic (3 months ago)
jianuo liew (3 months ago)
Does this workout actually helps?? I mean I'm just curious whether spending my movie time doing this is worth it?? Or I'd doing all of it in the same day, will the effects still last? Imma lazy. 😅
jokuvaan (3 months ago)
I'm gonna do this, but just to get more results, I'm gonna make all of these exercises everyday and do it for a longer time than a week. I'm starting tomorrow and I'll update when I notice some results
Emmy Dj (3 months ago)
I do exercise all in one time with one go and absolutely not enough for me so I do another exercise for arm and Abs as well for 30 minutes every day, I am 51
marixcheng (3 months ago)
does this work? anyone?
marixcheng (3 months ago)
it's.. too.. intense.. iM onLy hUmaN
A Random M8 (3 months ago)
Si1verGold123 and I bleed when I fall down
Corry King (3 months ago)
Umm what’s up with the bell lol and why didn’t u have the exercise done by a real movement
we all want Suga's legs
ALD3ERS (3 months ago)
Don't squats make you thicc? 😂😏
un known (4 months ago)
I am already getting tired seeing this
Esra Altun (4 months ago)
Well, I did all of the exercies just in one day, not in a week. :)
Hasya's Recipe (4 months ago)
Who came directly to the comments section
Deos it works?
Dephy (4 months ago)
What Happens when you do all of this in one day ??? XD
Keyra Varencia (4 months ago)
"transfer ur leg to one leg"😂
More Kimberly (4 months ago)
HA these don't help slim your thighs, it builds muscles which makes your thighs bigger
Aisha Luna (4 months ago)
I don't want to have such massive legs and hips like this girl.. even vertical strips pants does not help to improve her look.. oh! 😏
Strawberra Smodaie (4 months ago)
Millie Howard (4 months ago)
I am twelve and this has worked great on my legs, my legs were very wobbly and now they are so strong
Legend_ DiamondHeart (4 months ago)
Chelsi413 (4 months ago)
This actually works out your thighs etc not really legs as it says but definitely a good workout
life is pain (4 months ago)
i'm doing all this workout for one day. everyday today is my second day is it ok to do all this workout in just want 0ne day??????
GachaLife_ YT (4 months ago)
Did this actually work for like legs ? to get more thicker
hassaan khan (4 months ago)
like if you did
hassaan khan (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuGp4gncLdI do not click
ALL IN 1 (4 months ago)
queeny álizona (4 months ago)
squats grows muscles and it makes it bigger -_-
Prakriti Raj (4 months ago)
Let's see it works...I have my birthday on 12th of Oct ...if it's works ..........XOXO bright side.and yes I am 13 ....,😁😁😁😋😋😋😍😍😍
Alia Jacome (4 months ago)
*me*gets up from bed *me*okay this look easy *me nope tha enough
John Covington (4 months ago)
Have leg muscles definition but I just them to be tighter
[ONCE CARAT ARMY] (4 months ago)
Don’t we all just want Yoongi’s legs?
Blink182 Soup (4 months ago)
and sQuUuUaAaAtTtT
Legolas Greenleaf (4 months ago)
I did this in one day and cant walk the next day.
Ning Cing (4 months ago)
Day 1 : squats 10 and squad with kick 5 on each Day 2 : sumo squat 10 and reaching sumo squats 10 Day 3 : oblique squat ok I give up nvm
top songs (5 months ago)
I tried it for a week it didn't work
Manuella Momo (5 months ago)
Wish me luck i'm trying the video
Priyanka Das (5 months ago)
If I do these all work out in 1day, then what will happen?
Chelsi413 (5 months ago)
Ive been forcing myself to do this for 2 weeks now , at first i was lazy but once youve been doing it a few days you actually want to keep going! i will continue to force myself from now on, Get started on it my friends!
Chelsi413 (4 months ago)
TriHard 7 So far yes and with every day i do more squats than the previous day
TriHard 7 (5 months ago)
did you see some results?
Zahav Shel (5 months ago)
Do not squte!!!! it destroys your knees ask your orthopedics.. Do ballet plyie and grand plyie 8 times every day .and balle leg lifts and kicks .5 min a day your legs become strong long slim and beutiful.as well as your" gluteus maximus".

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