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Surface Studio 2 first look

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Microsoft has officially unveiled the Surface Studio 2. It looks very similar on the outside, with a 28-inch display at 3:2 aspect ratio and the classic Studio hinge that lets this giant all-in-one PC convert into a drawing mode. We got an early look at the Surface Studio 2 at Microsoft’s press event in New York City, and it’s good to see Microsoft has largely focused on the internals with this refresh. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl
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Text Comments (476)
Michael Nicholls (1 day ago)
kunjan virani (5 days ago)
Love this surface
pmcall221 (7 days ago)
What was with the constant clicking noises for the first 90 seconds of this video?
Julio Calderon (7 days ago)
Is he standing or sitting? Either way this man made the verge part of my top 3 YouTube channels
had much better experience with 7th gen the with 8th (power/price).
Arcee (9 days ago)
This is expensive garbage, but definitely still better than that trash iMac. At least there is some usability and *ahem* real innovation.
flepsomat (10 days ago)
Audio is bad on the video.
auroraflash (11 days ago)
No 6-core? Oh Microsoft please
Sourena Bina (12 days ago)
This Supposed to be an AIO for Designers & Graphists,Why MS Doesn't Use Special GPUs For CAD Works Like Quadro Series or Radeon Pro Series?more capable,much faster then gaming ones!/Also about the CPU! While Apple use Xeon-W Series(from 8 to 18 Core!! models{not mobile processors} in a limited & thin space back of the screen),Why the hell MS uses 7th gen,Quad core mobile processor??!! Can't they cool such these g/cpus that Apple used in their iMac pros or what??!!!! There are a lot of more options that microsoft could apply them in their 2nd gen of Surface-studio and they didn't and disappointed a lot of their passionate fans! :/
Zoe Sheila (12 days ago)
MrYoklmn (13 days ago)
5k display? 10 bit display? Thunderbolt 3? Ah, wacom inside this... and everybody says that iMac is overpriced)
JayJapanB (13 days ago)
No Wacom. Ntrig. There is a difference. Also the display is pretty close to "5k". Remember it's taller and thinner.
Nick Combs (13 days ago)
Tbh at that price, I don’t care what processor it has. That’s way above market equilibrium.
Bodhi (13 days ago)
yeah, I'll wait until the next one. Until then, it's the iPad Pro for me
Faikar M (14 days ago)
i prefer to buy iphone xs :D
Lucas Garcia (14 days ago)
Power worth hello nrrxfey fifteen central tomorrow shift correct policy recession repair abuse.
FriendFilmsTheWorld (14 days ago)
I'd still say that this is form over function. I'd like to see a better balance.
PJ D (15 days ago)
Please, less of "Stuff like that"!!! what''s the added value of repeating "Stuff like that"?!!!
Andrew Toone (15 days ago)
Wow that is a lot of money for an oversized Surface. Plus i would be wanting an 8th Gen i7 for that money
Oscar Vega (16 days ago)
C´mon Microsoft, you can imitate an iMac a bit better... Even this guy you invited isn't able to say clearly what its advantages or uses are...
Dean Ambrosic (17 days ago)
Ditch the computer and just ship it as a monitor Microsoft, this is what the people want.
ini the man (17 days ago)
Why is everyone complaining about it having a 7th gen processor?
Lucas Martins (17 days ago)
Expensive as hell Is there any chance for a 24" screen + ryzen + vega graphics? guess it would be cheaper, with same functionallity Seems a bit too luxurious and overkill, for not saying overpriced
Zainah suradikarya (17 days ago)
all the crazy stuffs... plays minecraft. ok.
Lusches77 (17 days ago)
Hafheartet again. They should do a redesign, but better hardware inside and a brighter screen.
Scan End (17 days ago)
I can't stand windows but its embarrassing now that Apple doesn't have a touch iMac yet, and the best MacBook has a touch bar, which I don't like. Considering Apple truly invented the category of the modern touch screen its kind of shameful. I suspect Apple may undergo a period in the dark again like when Steve after Steve was ousted through the 90s. Exact same feelings.
Michael Zouzoukov (17 days ago)
With improved graphic cards, Now its a decent piece of tech.a 7th gen cpu will do the job overall!
Lucas Daniel Orban (17 days ago)
I will finally be able to buy a gen 1!
Rinaldi Anwar (18 days ago)
Who the f buy this. Designer? They use Mac, engineer? They use Thinkpad or any other workstation
Ellie May (18 days ago)
It's an amazing concept, such a brilliant machine. But with the 7th gen chips and 10xx graphics cards, they lost the video editors. And graphic artists aren't interested because the pen doesn't have the capabilities of anything wacom provides. Programmers aren't interested, almost all of them use macs for the linux/BSD based OS, and any Windows dev isn't going to use this, there's no reason to shell out that kind of money. So... it's an amazing concept that falls short in every category they are targeting. Really kind of sad really :(
MoMonay (18 days ago)
Screen still way too reflective to ever consider this compared to a wacom.
JayJapanB (13 days ago)
Wacom screens tend to be lower brightness though too, so it's a bit of a tradeoff.
Lost and Wonder (18 days ago)
7th Gen? Microsoft, it's 2018
have they even released eighth gen for this class of processor yet?
Kevin Fermin (18 days ago)
Wtf Microsoft trying to advertise there stuff like apple the "same look but slightly different specs" with a 89% mark up
Sulja Rock (19 days ago)
4k $ ..., guess i will go buy a car instead
Ou8y2k2 (19 days ago)
Can you use this as a laptop? Does it get hot on your lap? Would it slide off your lap? Why is it over $3K when its only about 4 times as large as a 14" tablet?
Rahul ji (19 days ago)
hmm what is gtx??
Vall Ey (19 days ago)
I think this is actually the leftover of first gen just with little bit upgrade. Since it didn't sell well before, they didn't want to wasting it.
No 8th gen? Pass..
Rohit Jogi (19 days ago)
7th Gen? wtf
Giniel Villacote (19 days ago)
I would have been fine by me even for the 7th gen chips but having no Thunderbolt is just disgusting, how else are you gonna add an egpu.
Prasad Bankar (19 days ago)
I used the first gen of this product and the pen delay was significant and I felt annoying while using it, I see a pen delay even in this model. iPad pro is much more practical than this big laggy monitor screen if you want to do stuff with pen i mean 120hz display with very quick response time.
Elliot Kwan (19 days ago)
8th gen, gtx 1080. Thanks
Pedro Delgado (19 days ago)
7th gen and 1060 for 3.5k? Wow, they could have done a bit better.
anast dime (19 days ago)
why the fck do they even put out a product that has a quad core cpu when a 1000euros laptop has 6 cores nowadays. This is literally unprofessional move. Are they still living in 2016?
Ramoyd Campbell (19 days ago)
Very Apple like behavior from Microsoft with this machine
Elimentus (19 days ago)
Still a generation outdated and lacking modern I/O
Drex2030 (19 days ago)
Is the host a villin with that scar
Artimus Wood (19 days ago)
Wonder how much they got wrong this time?
Frederick Miller (19 days ago)
I wish they'd just release this as a 28" display that we could use on our existing desktops - ugh.
Akshay S A (19 days ago)
It's damn expensive
Martin Pekár (19 days ago)
One of my biggest dreams might be to get one of these. There is no difference between the 7th generation and the 8th generation
themedleb (19 days ago)
*I will wait for the next generation (Surface Studio 3) to get:* *1.* The black matte colour. *2.* 8th Gen Processor (Quad Core). *3.* GTX 2080/2080 ti. *4.* Thunderbolt 3.
Oneness100 (18 days ago)
I doubt they are going to use Thunderbolt in any of their products.
Ankur Kini (19 days ago)
whenever there is an awesome product launch, theres always that one thing that makes us go "why tho". in this one, its the 7th gen chip
harpersneil (19 days ago)
Does it have a display in port?? Ffs the verge!
El Coki (19 days ago)
For that price it Should come with core i9 and GTX 2080ti to be honest
CardMaster (19 days ago)
I like how everyone is complaining about the 7th Gen Intel chip or how overpriced it is. YES. We get it. 4k$ is quite some money. But this product is aimed at artists and professionals. Good Drawing screens alone can be up to 2000$. So bundling a great display with some great hardware and the ability to be used in different positions is a great feature. And the Wheel can be quite useful I believe. Sometimes it's simply not about specs but usability. On the other hand some more power could help designers and architects for 3D applications. So unless you want to work on pictures or use this to draw I don't think this is the right product for you.
JayJapanB (16 days ago)
As for "professionals". Cintiqs are inherently more reliable, because they aren't AIOs. Anyone I know would rather a 24hd/27qhd and a computer over a Surface Studio. This product does seem to be more aimed at people wanting a stylish device to create an impression. Maybe for a graphic design studio which does consultation in person would like this. But I wouldn't really act like it does anything more than a Cintiq can, other than look pretty. The Cintiq is less elegant looking but it is still a better pen experience. (I have a Surface Pro 2017 and a 24HD. I switch between both pen technologies every day.) And if you're forking out $4k on this, from a company like Microsoft, it should be current hardware. That's not asking a lot, 8gen cpus are a significant step up and were showing up in devices 5 months ago.
Taj Allen (17 days ago)
I think you could still run a 3D software application like Blender on it. It probably wouldn't render complex scenes fast, but you could rely on it to not crash in the middle of a development process. Its performance mostly depends on the artists' technique.
Malick Toure (19 days ago)
My laptop is more powerful than this ...
Swift Boiz (19 days ago)
It’s not just 7th gen, it’s a 7th gen laptop CPU, you can get this CPU on the dell XPS or a MacBook Pro 15”. Kinds pathetic for a pro oriented device.
Hajji Daoud (19 days ago)
Literally why would you get this instead of the iMac Pro? For less than a thousand more you get Xenon processors (the latest not a gen behind), far faster SSDs, higher resolution, 10 gigabit ethernet, and better workstation gpus plus macOS. I really fail to see the value. This is essentially a normal iMac with an extra cool $1,000 added on top because of the touch screen? I am shocked that I am actually defending Apple against Microsoft for $ value.
Chairun Siregar (19 days ago)
If you've ever tried using a good quality stylus (e.g a Wacom), you'd know that it's far, far more than a touchscreen. Of course if you're not a professional illustrator / digital artist it's definitely not worth the price.
Hanniffy Dinn (19 days ago)
If 🍎made a touch OS X like this it would SELL LIKE HOT CAKES!
bandidong tulisan (19 days ago)
This is a bad review...
M.Zineddine B. (19 days ago)
hahaha confirmed, I saw you guys filming this in the background of Engadget video about the Surface products.
Rafael Corella (19 days ago)
The whole time i thought he was presesenting a product from mike sauce
Neil Engel (19 days ago)
Microsoft MUST develop a pen that is capable of expressing barrel rotation! Wacom has had it for YEARS. Very disappointed!
Christopher Oden (19 days ago)
Lets start with what’s changed... not much has changed... then proceeds to tell us about the changes...
Fakhri Mub (19 days ago)
For 200 dollar less of 5000, I kinda expect hexa core (mobile procie is fine) and MaxQ 1080. Wonder why surface studio always 1 gen behind in CPU and GPU
jay t (19 days ago)
IMacs to this spec, £2000ish. Wacoms large tablet, £1500+.... Same price. Rather have it all in one and a better pen experience.
Robert M (19 days ago)
Should use a desktop CPU, Quadro or Titan GPU, and more memory. The GPU is not as big of a deal, because one can be added externally
You might have all crazy stuff according to you, but YOUR SURFACE HAVE VERY BAD RESOLUTION RATION compare to my ipad basic.....mind it If you want to sustain in market.
Akshay Nariyani (19 days ago)
$3500? 😂😂😂
tv9 (19 days ago)
Very noisy, I could care less about this video...
Jiblio Studios (19 days ago)
we need a model with quadros for serious graphic designers
Zain Shaikh (19 days ago)
They should sell mounts that articulate like this! Tell me some one already does. Will buy it in a heart beat
Gardenflower (19 days ago)
make a powerful laptop already.
Hassan Gul (19 days ago)
Watching on my note 8 ;)
A'n'B Gaming (19 days ago)
Mac more like Whac....
Daniel Robert Prieto (19 days ago)
nightrockerdj (19 days ago)
You guys laughed at Apple iMac Pro. I prefer iMac Pro over this garbage any day.
V. Sriram Sundar (16 days ago)
Oh yeah!
M4rio21 (19 days ago)
This would sell great if it was a touch screen monitor for ~1500
Sawyer Seth (19 days ago)
Lol good one Microsoft. That's almost as funny as the iPhone Xr's <1080p display.
Merijn (19 days ago)
Who even buys these? Haven't really seen anyone use them
jay t (19 days ago)
Almost every design studio and university ive seen in the past year. Dozens of them. Imac need aw come to do this but that even more expensive and not as simple a design.
Vardhan Shrivastava (19 days ago)
That screen alone must be worth at least 1000$
Yash The Rocker (19 days ago)
I heard the price and I closed the video
Destiny Legend (19 days ago)
Yash The Rocker Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂
Geon Quuin (19 days ago)
The 1TB SSD is nice but the 7th gen is kind of disappointing.
Abdullah Al Noman (19 days ago)
7th ??? WTF Microsoft
xilefx (19 days ago)
smth' li' tha'
Aravind Krishna (19 days ago)
They have done just the bare minimum to update it, 8th is a year old now, that's just lazy.
OrganicFarmer (20 days ago)
Pretty cool if you have money to burn. I prefer a proper digitizer connected to an upgradeable computer.
rio rinanda ismar (20 days ago)
ive never seen anyone using this thing
robin radema (20 days ago)
I really want this. Just not for 4000$.
Gabriel Dalposso (20 days ago)
Not the latest intel, no GTX 1080... What a disappointment
Attila Farago (20 days ago)
Happy to see at least they moved from 8gb ram to 16gb. Great machine but still very expensive.
Johannes (20 days ago)
A 1070 in that metal box? THROTTLEGATE INCOMING
Preet Singh (20 days ago)
What app was on screen that was being used to draw shapes with the pen and add pictures in?
Centbair Furiues (20 days ago)
Everyone is complaining about the generation of Intel CPU on a device that was made for drawing, while I'm here wondering WHY PLAYING MINECRAFT ON A 3000 USD COMPUTER
Pradeep Nagila (20 days ago)
Well, this gonna hike the MacBook Pro... this thing is total garbage comparing to that price value
who create GOD? (20 days ago)
don't worry you still get blue screen off death
Mitternacht Angel (20 days ago)
Microsoft trying ti be the fckin Apple
jcyhc6991 (20 days ago)
Who would freaking play Minecraft half screened??
vintatsh (20 days ago)
The Surface Studio could be the future of what a desktop computer will look like and I really like the concept but right now hardware and price let it down.

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