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Nvidia: RICH Gamers are BETTER!?

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Text Comments (1490)
Geek Acharya (1 month ago)
When Facebook talks of privacy 😂😂😂😂
Nukem950 (1 month ago)
My issue with the answer to fix a vulnerability being "upgrade from Windows 7" is that security issues are supposed to be fixed until January 14th 2020. How long can I expect Microsoft to support any OS before the official EOL date?
Speedj2 (1 month ago)
causation vs correlation was literally the first thing i thought about with that story. enthusiast gamers are obviously going to be more interested in using enthusiast hardware, or for that matter even play the game enough that they could even tell a difference with high end hardware. sounds like nvidia's staff needs to go back and retake basic high school science. ok so, in all seriousness, technically, it has been shown that in extreme cases like professional esports and stuff, its possible for people to develop reflexes with a particular game (one that they play obsessively) that are fast enough to be affected by things like high end refresh rates and response times, but for the vast majority of players, stop kidding yourself. in fact, heres the best part, even in those very rare cases where someone can actually tell the difference between different levels of high refresh rates and low input lag, it usually still isnt even going to matter, not when it comes to things like multiplayer k-d ratios at least, as it is their internet connection and the games servers that are going to be the biggest limiting factor, by far. even for the vast majority of "enthusiast gamers", mid tier hardware will still have significantly faster response times than the amount of time it takes for either them or their opponent to bounce a signal to the server and back. because of this, pretty much the only time you well ever even be able to use those reflexes effectively for any actual pvp against real players on other machines, would be at a lan party using specialized high end gaming routers, which just brings us back to the whole "enthusiast gamers" thing.
MeowMiau343 (1 month ago)
Better pc hardware = better overall *pc* performance never got anything to do with skills is nvidia retarded?
Pedro TheSwift (1 month ago)
These pair are pretty good,, watch out Linus!!
twitch.tv/ENDER wiggin (2 months ago)
This guy has the keys to my ncixheart
Adam Wojtkowski (2 months ago)
Facebook, what about KRAFT ;?
Anthony Galati (2 months ago)
James and Riley need a raise they are the best entertainment on the channel.
George Austin (2 months ago)
"Wooooow science" ommmmmg ded
Gabe Sennheiser (2 months ago)
me: "whats up with my mouse and displays? wtf a game crash" *watches techlinked* me: "son of a B*tch I turned off windows 10 silent updates, F*ck you microsoft"
HyperNinja ZX (2 months ago)
Rich gamers are better. Because they have more money To spent on Nvidia.
Rigel Sinco (2 months ago)
Riley, may I ask where's your brother? And... Julia? I miss them so much.
Arnav Sahay (2 months ago)
Or maybe people with high end cards are Hardcore Pro Players or someone who takes gaming very seriously.
Cyranek (2 months ago)
the real study should show how gamers who bought the rtx 2080 ti get laid far more frequently
Just Phil (2 months ago)
Well that explains why my games started crashing out of nowhere
Zenex (2 months ago)
1:20 that wooooow would impress Owen WIlson, if that wasn't actually him that is.
NinjaGamer (2 months ago)
People are holding onto windows 7 like its Windows XP all over again.
WhyteLis21 (2 months ago)
Some business companies still use Windows 7. Your point is moot. Uninstall chrome browser and use a different browser such as firefox or opera will do just fine. No need to upgrade to another os if your current one is fine. This seem more like a microsoft PR marketing bs promotion than anything. 😏
Jake Hix (2 months ago)
Can't break up a company that still competes on an international stage. Shit would destroy an industry. We definitely need to prevent wealthy corporations from being on state and federal welfare/subsidies.
Wrex (2 months ago)
Gamers with 1080Ti's are more likely to have i7 CPUs and high-end monitors. A high-end GPU is not what makes you better.
Grim † (2 months ago)
This is Fake ass cheap shit Don't fall for it just take probiotics and vitamins with good diet. Probiotics for better digestion and absorbtion of nutrients and vitamins...that's it do some running in plain roads and jumping like play basketball u will get taller around month that's true fact.. believe in urself Good luck
MSSoulBlader (2 months ago)
I'm doing well with...my GTX 1050..
Matt West (2 months ago)
I think quite honestly a breakup in google, Facebook and amazon is a GOOD thing. Simple sociology, not to mention a reinvigorated competition in those areas would be very interesting to see!
Ariel Harmon (2 months ago)
I like it cute
Rod Trendy (2 months ago)
This style of presentation is so dumb, it hurts watching it. Do young people really like this style? Some idiot always shouting something stupid in from the background, while the guy in the foreground makes stupid voices like "BLEEEH" or over the top fake acting like "IDADA SAD SSAD I KNOW HEY YOU DO YOU I AM NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO... IT'S WINDOWS 7 TILL I DIIIIEEEEEE" What an idiot.
erdvilla (2 months ago)
My Windows 7 PC at times sounds like a jet taking off, so updating to W10 will surely cause the fan blades to come crashing out of the case.
Michael Richards (2 months ago)
[email protected]#$ company monopolies, its illegal because it kills the competitive market that benefits the consumer. Anyone one that supports corporate monopolies is either a over privileged elite, or had their head up their [email protected]# during history class skipping the lessons 1896. Hell even if not American they should see what happened in the United states during that time.
Weta (2 months ago)
I'm never updating to windows 10!
dax connell (2 months ago)
Facebook wants privacy? with the amount of times they've been hacked you think they were a training ground
TheOystei (2 months ago)
I have a 1080ti and a 100hz ultrawide monitor and my K/D SUCKS.. :P
ShadowPBPBC (2 months ago)
Citizen A.D. (2 months ago)
Apparently Nintendo didn't learn from Virtual Boy, did they 🤔
Bennz420 (2 months ago)
the end bit 😂😂 he is higher than me RN 😂😂😂
Dr. Fresh_2k (2 months ago)
Nvidia are some scummy bastards.... Hahahahah bahahahha lmao lmatfo. Just a dirty, shady company and they make no quarrells about it. SMFH
awkwardmorning08 (2 months ago)
i like that he looks to james for approval of his one liners lolol
ninjaa22 (2 months ago)
You know 5g waves are very similar to microwaves and can be obsorbes in the skin
ninjaa22 (2 months ago)
I build computers, I have a small business. I’ve built computers with a GTX 1030-GTX 1080 The GTX 1060 6gb is the best bang for your buck
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
And about GPUs? I built my gaming PC starting with a used GTX 760 SC 2 GB in late April of 2016 and didn't upgrade to a used GTX 970 SSC 4 GB until I saw it struggle with GTA V even with all of it's settings on low. All companies are trying to do is take advantage of the ignorant(more than the common person) and make that bank. I know, my build I made for only $433 that matched the PS3 and XBone 360? Would have retailed for $1-1200 in stores. I run RE2 remake just fine. Not with the graphics on max but mid level and above. So WTF?
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
Also, Windows 10 is over hyped garbage. I know, I am a mid level IT and used it both in it's beta and a couple of times after it's release and it's still garbage
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
And on that same post on facebook that you showed at 2:46, I bashed Mark Zuckerberg on his page for his absolute worst security online security. Honestly, it seems they don't even review posts reported unless it's an obvious violation like porn pics and they even pass some of those as being good. As well as middle eastern men posing as hot white girls. Sure, a model type white girl named Muhammad or some ass backwards Arab or African name. And yes, I know they are African or middle eastern because I know how to trace their IP on facebook through the command prompt. So no racism here, just facts. The worst enemy of fakes, scammers and schizophrenics such as Christians, Muslims or Jews
Tim Clark (2 months ago)
This shit is retarded. It's the Virtual Boy all over again but worse. Because at least the Virtual Boy had a stand to hold it up.. This appears to require you to hold a huge add on just to use it
Darth Invader (2 months ago)
Why did they even do a study? This is common knowledge....
Wing Ng (2 months ago)
Shots fired at twitter
Thomas Duke 2003 (2 months ago)
4:21 *clicks off*
Kevin Lindsay (2 months ago)
Intel cherry picked stats? No NO! Say it ain't so!
Adriaan Davel (2 months ago)
Nvidia wrote that article so that kids can finally tell their parents why they need a more expensive graphics card
Hubert Jadczak (2 months ago)
Not rich gamers, gamers' rich parents.
Remi Pepelko (2 months ago)
It's a pay to win, in real life....
theo sinc (2 months ago)
I have a 1080. Is that considered high end, Nvidia?
John Doe (2 months ago)
how nvidia got K/D data from their customers??? I wonder....
Dustin M (2 months ago)
Honestly the major tech giants like facebook and etc need to be split up into smaller companies
Joshua Smellie (2 months ago)
LOL, man NVIDIA is full of shit. Top players often use lower graphical settings anyway to push frames, especially if you've got a high refresh rate monitor.
james melemede (2 months ago)
Don't you ever! Tell me to upgrade from Windows 7 ever again! That is a line, you just don't cross man!!!!!
DJay (2 months ago)
0:08 Yes it is! Just like Tim Apple
whywatersolevel4 real (2 months ago)
NO wireless! keep it wired with good insulation. Way too many negative side effects to humans and animals with wireless crap.
haxxy (2 months ago)
4:32 ..So maybe consider uninstalling chrome and using other browser!
cedric1997 (2 months ago)
Pretty sure Steak Link wasn't allowed because of the buying game ability, not the playing game part.
SlayerTXP (2 months ago)
The zero day exploit only impacts 32 bit Windows 7 systems. So there is nothing to worry about unless your PC is shit tier.
Howard Miao (2 months ago)
No iOS devices DO FULLY SUPPORT the DualShock 4 controller as far as I know the DualShock 4 connects to the PS4 using regular old Bluetooth which is supported by iOS this means it has only been LOCKED OUT IN SOFTWARE and can be enabled by a software update.
ninjabiomech (2 months ago)
I want Instagram to separate from Facebook. That would be very nice
ChronoXShadow (2 months ago)
Don't pre-order, Colton!
Hussien Ali (2 months ago)
0:38 is the next meme 😂
Mozz Jones (2 months ago)
What Nvidia should say is that If you are a really good gamer with great reflex actions, Having a strong setup with high refresh will help you dramatically. Because if you suck anyway, That set up still won't help you
Mike Oleksa (2 months ago)
The Windows 10 Update KB4482887 also has Bluetooth digital driver signing issues. I have to boot to the menu where you go into safe mode, etc. and hit 7 to disable digital signing enforcement to get my Bluetooth to load the drivers and work.
costafilh0 (2 months ago)
Actually yes! Once I had access to a top end rig, me and everyone else felt I had an advantage because of it! Some would say I was using speed hack or something.
Astaldoath (2 months ago)
and it would reaaallllly coolllll if they could cook you from inside your house with 5g
Astaldoath (2 months ago)
Sorry this strikes me as a move to push people off of windows 7 and on to 10, hmm be a little less obvious people
Kalessin (2 months ago)
What we need is more fiber, not mobile networks being used for home internet.
oBLACKIECHANoo (2 months ago)
Nintendo Labo: Let your kids see what their vision will be like in 40 years!
Nate Harris (2 months ago)
Alex TM (2 months ago)
when my computer decides to not be shit and have stable, higher fps I feel like a god, and my kdr does improve. it's kinda obvious, if you have lower fps sometimes it feels like enemies prefire you,,,
why bread (2 months ago)
How come nvidia don't have TV ads or more YouTube ads or hell how come PCs don't have much ads
Space Forge (2 months ago)
I can say that a higher refresh rate makes a bit of a difference but honestly id say if having a 1080ti makes me have a higher kd its because i sunk thousands of dollars into my pc damn right im gonna play it alot.
0BLACKESTFUN0 (2 months ago)
so if nvidia studied so hard that better equipment is better for gaming , can they finaly make better prizes so everyone can profit from it ?
Andrew Wolfenstein (2 months ago)
Rich gamers are just gamers with powerful rigs and zero gaming skill
Jonathan Simpson (2 months ago)
Umm.. the browser I use IS an adblocker and is built on Chrome. It seems to run better than Chrome too. Also, Windows 10 sucks. Change my mind (it's impossible to do).
Lotus Auer (2 months ago)
I'd rather my computer die with an OS that I actually enjoy looking at and using. Windows 7 til I die.
hjemis (2 months ago)
I love the double tap feature on YouTube app to click skip their add time
Alex Channel (2 months ago)
Conclusion: People with better power supply have higher K/D ratio.
gameflux (2 months ago)
Very sneaky Nvidia !
abdullah abdullah (2 months ago)
See through bird's butt 🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Garlic (2 months ago)
Monitor and mouse make a huge difference, but you dont need the best graphics card, just set the settings to low, a good processor is required though (pretty much anything recent that is i5 or ryzen 5 + is good enough).
Johnny Garlic (2 months ago)
+Alex Channel I said you dont need the "best" like nvidia claims, something mid range like a rx 570 or 1060 is good enough, you can get those for 100- bucks used. Depending where you live.
Alex Channel (2 months ago)
And then, why my i5 with integrated graphics can't play anything? Huh?
MadManX668 (2 months ago)
This video sucked! It was very disappointing. Why did you guys changed the format of the videos ? The way you guys did videos when Luck was still in them was so much better .....
Wild Portrait Artist (2 months ago)
The 'study' nvidia did is absolute nonsense. The correlation between the two is more than likely because core gamers that are more into esports and care more about their KD ratios are more likely to buy expensive hardware, not the other way around. What a load of bull.
Chistoph (2 months ago)
Mark Facebook aproves
sashen667 (2 months ago)
nvidia really seems to like using stupid graphs lately. Remember those Performance Graphs they used for Turing cards vs Pascal? I still don't know what those green bars were supposed to represent!
JustusLM (2 months ago)
To a certain point, Nvidia is correct, though, as anecdotal evidence suggests. I, for example, started playing rocket league again after a while when I bought a 144 Hz panel and thought "wasn't I worse when I last played?". Then, I had to send the monitor back because after two weeks, a few stuck pixels showed up and for the following two weeks, I used a 60 Hz display. I was still doing better than "back then" because I had been playing a lot recently, but I wasn't as good as on the 144 Hz monitor. The difference wasn't huge, but noticeable. Gsync also plays a role here, I think.
Phantumix (2 months ago)
2:37 Riley says 2080Ti Editor puts a 2080 Pathetic
marvininer (2 months ago)
Facebook killed privacy years ago.
Boris the Blade (2 months ago)
Hmmmmm > Update to the worst operating system ever written and update my spyware web browser or > uninstall chrome and install firefox I wonder...
Boris the Blade (2 months ago)
How the hell can facebook be more focused on privacy when their bussiness model is not being focused on privacy
Sentient (2 months ago)
update to windows 10 and never get an update because you gotta roll back every time. no ty.
Porkchop Sandwiches (2 months ago)
You know and I know that Higher framerate makes you better at the game... Let's not pretend otherwise, k thanks
reneDERkillah (2 months ago)
Well the Thais do it this way with their names in Muay Thai, they just take their first name and the name of the gym and thats their name now ^^
Anagnostis anagnostou (2 months ago)
how the hell that happent??? techlinked videos are more fun to watch, linus pc builds and reviews r so boring, its like reviewing the same pencil in different colors... like the big oled displays and the gaming-lounge
KiNG ReKT (2 months ago)
i dont think the graphics card has much to do with your game performance i mean with 50ti you will still have good fps like 250 (depends on game and graphics) with 80ti you will just have 100 more fps that useless on other hand monitors will give you advantage because there is huge difference between 60hz and 244hz
SourCan (2 months ago)
Nvdia should release a "gaming" underwear , because if that comes out then the k/d will be off the charts
SourCan (2 months ago)
*_Riley TechLinked_*
Aisaaax (2 months ago)
I find that I'm so used to LTT videos not having a commercial in the middle, that when Techlinked starts theirs before QB, I want turn the video off because my brain tells me there's nothing else to see.
MrSCOTTtheSCOT (2 months ago)
look deeper, the threat was on widows stated to affect win 7 32 , I think those reporting that threat say this.

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