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Text Comments (28008)
klay b (11 months ago)
4 days to freeze ?
Gabriella Angel (17 days ago)
Amirul Rudy wdym
Gabriella Angel (17 days ago)
To Trappy me too
Gabriella Angel (17 days ago)
Rizki Arippudin I am
Holdington (24 days ago)
You didn't watch the video?
Nazario Rivera (4 hours ago)
Great vid
BaileyHacks (6 hours ago)
I think 2 weeks and 4 days
Luke Andrew (15 hours ago)
76 hours??
KingofDragons (17 hours ago)
"we'll pin it" Me: why did you not say WE'LL PIN YA!!!!
8days 4hrs 52min 48sec
Ludvik Elnes ness (1 day ago)
4 days to freze
Karena Veigel (1 day ago)
Do like 3 giant darts vs car
Cullen Rush (1 day ago)
23 days
Callie Pierce (2 days ago)
okay so, i’m from the US and i love y’all’s vids, but we measure in lbs here, so i was curious to know how many lbs was equal to 20kgs. apparently, 20kgs is ~44lbs 44 club coincide? i think NOT amirite 😂 (i just thought that bit was super cool lol)
Ben Diaz (2 days ago)
maybe 2 days and 5 hours
Marcel Brandon (2 days ago)
Drop the Anvil into a (top loading and/or front loading) washing machine with water (or without) --- while its running filled with golf balls (or ping pong balls) XD
Sam Garside (3 days ago)
9days, 3 hours, 5minutes
Alpha Omega (3 days ago)
Why is every Australian a redneck?
rex 2103 (5 days ago)
Anvil v dry ice from 45m
Sunny Village (5 days ago)
To the people who watched the whole thing and didn't skip: ❤️
Is Tv (5 days ago)
7 days to freez fully
Mike Miloshis (6 days ago)
Roadrunner sound effects during the anvil drop would be epic 🤣
Your truck
Matthew Chen (6 days ago)
please the chinese doesn‘t even make sense
PANDA MANIA (6 days ago)
Bagus sekali ya
Rich Bund (6 days ago)
Takes 80 minutes to freeze 4 ounces of water in a thin wax paper cup. 80kilos is 80,000 grams converted to ounces is approximately 2822 ounces X 80 minutes / 60 minutes in a hour / 24hrs = 39 days to freeze 80 Kilos (kilo grams) of water
meera shiju (7 days ago)
mellamosean (7 days ago)
Make a video where you drop an anvil on a block of ice, and when the guy comes to pick up the anvil, you drop an anvil on him.
Arfi Samsung (9 days ago)
world class289 (10 days ago)
Anvil vs bulletproof glass
Sage Englund (11 days ago)
10-13 hours? ima say 11
Adrian Collins (11 days ago)
2 days
Shane Taylor (12 days ago)
Four days to freeze
4 days 8 hours 6 minutes 56 seconds
Tim Gilmore (12 days ago)
This is an old video, but maybe you still check these messages. I want to see a lead brick dropped on stuff.
BikerBrett5 (13 days ago)
My guess: 0 weeks 3 days 33 seconds.
zjb 19 (14 days ago)
Drive a RC car off the tower into a pool of obleck
Kate Waterhouse (14 days ago)
Is this your first video with an anvil?
Miles Haley (14 days ago)
Yes we will go ahead but I’ll utterly fine
Finley Beal (14 days ago)
4 days
Corey Mccoy (15 days ago)
Jack Nowell (15 days ago)
4 days 6 hours 34 seconds
Youngerbeast 101 (15 days ago)
1 week
kyle arata (16 days ago)
5.5 days
Beheshta Tawakali (17 days ago)
it took u guys 6 days im sure
Vx Ninja (17 days ago)
It would have took about 400,000 senconds and it would have took around 6 weeks to freeze the block
Harrison kepinski (17 days ago)
Anvil on anvil
Brody Blagrove (17 days ago)
3 days to freeze. Please do ANVIL vs BULLET PROOFGLASS!!!!!!
gorbin goop (17 days ago)
fuck you guys cut your vids down to a minute or 2 thanks to the people that timestamp fucking shit you twats drop yourself off next time
ChasechannelHD (18 days ago)
5 days
Bradypmoran (18 days ago)
You guys quit being such cry babies. The video starts at the first second, show a little support for these guys will ya.
Eunice Sio (18 days ago)
3 days
Clare J (18 days ago)
“We drop stuff on other stuff” HowRidiculous 2k18
Teal Owl (18 days ago)
24 hours
Alex16x (18 days ago)
3 days
Angel31 (19 days ago)
3 to 6 days
Tyler Padgett (19 days ago)
2 weeks 3 days 6hours and 15 minutes
Fin Cooper (19 days ago)
4 days to freeze
grace owo (20 days ago)
how the fuck did y’all freeze a got dam trash can
Luke Lozon (20 days ago)
Gavinn Young (20 days ago)
4 days 1 hour 5 minutes
some one (20 days ago)
Red X (20 days ago)
It took 1 week and 5 days
some one (20 days ago)
5 days
Judy Hull (21 days ago)
I think it took a month and a half to freeze the giant iceblock but I'm probably way off but can I still get some likes???😆😆😆
Shewa and Mehetabel (21 days ago)
4 days.
Tabitha Rodriguez (21 days ago)
4 days 6 hours 24 minutes and 47 seconds
Aidan DeVries (21 days ago)
25 days
Gaming Herobrine 3.0 (21 days ago)
One month
John Cutchen (21 days ago)
y'all are the best funny and overall amazing need more videos thou with the rc cars magnificent
Igor Schulz (22 days ago)
1 week
8 8 Days
Tim Hopkins (22 days ago)
6 days to freeze
Jodi Rebecca (22 days ago)
A week to freeze
corbin aldridge (23 days ago)
6 days
Taleel Marolf (23 days ago)
7 days
Unchained 89 (24 days ago)
6 days
K9Kat (24 days ago)
1 week?
Seth Holiday (25 days ago)
Amanda Schilt (25 days ago)
4 1/2 days to freeze
Envy Dreemurr (25 days ago)
24 hours
cameron leeman (27 days ago)
So satisfying when anvil hits ice👌👌
Charles Upshaw (27 days ago)
"But we don't live in a perfect world Heron, we live in a fallen world"- Stanford
willywonka vlogs (27 days ago)
7 days
Bubblezov Love (1 month ago)
pallet of bricks vs anvil please...
Minecraft 1O1 (1 month ago)
3 days
Keegan Posey (1 month ago)
4 days 13 hours and 12 minute
Dawn Adair (1 month ago)
3 days to freeze aproxamitly
Clorax Bleach (1 month ago)
6:25 Give me likes or I remove the comment
Daisy plush Time (1 month ago)
I week and a day
zJoriz (1 month ago)
So did dropping the anvil upright (base first) increase the accuracy? I would guess so, judging from later vids...
BEAST (1 month ago)
5m more for the tower and you are about the size of godzilla :P
headq100 (1 month ago)
You guys should drop stuff in a pool of water
Nando Marrujo (1 month ago)
Make a gummy block vs anvil
george porge (1 month ago)
how about dropping the anvil on yourselves douche bags !
Ben Bunu Bilmiyordun (1 month ago)
matt C (1 month ago)
6 days
YO TENGO (1 month ago)
36 hours
Random Bystander (1 month ago)
1 week
Skinny P (1 month ago)
6 days
emerald soul (1 month ago)
Yah do what batman said
Cohen Beachy (1 month ago)
What if the point hit the middle
mArTiN tWeLwE (1 month ago)
4 days to freeze!
Liggee Johnsin (1 month ago)

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