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Million-dollar mansion burns down and falls off a cliff

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When the side of a cliff collapsed below this home, there was no way to save it. So authorities decided to burn it down so less rubble would fall into the ocean. The whole fire took approximately two hours, but we compressed the entire process to about five minutes.
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Monty roblox (27 days ago)
gotta admit sad too see a house like that get burned and fall into the ocean i live in a trailer but hey at least i dont live in the streets anything is better than not having a roof over your head
ravioli ravioli (1 month ago)
It's smart, he said that insurance didn't cover land moving, but it sure does cover fires
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Hey a bonfire! Let's let's roast some plutocrats!
Jills Mcfarland (3 months ago)
A before and after would be nice,to show how nice the new home was.
Jills Mcfarland (3 months ago)
No barers placed in water,before.
Kimmy (3 months ago)
I would have done a demo salvaging as much as i can for reuse. Setting it on fire is a waste
Rashid Abdsalam (3 months ago)
يا رب أنقذ الشعوب المتهضدة من الظالمين أنقذ أهلنا في كاليفورنيا الصالح والطالح منهم ربما يعتبر الأخيرين ارحم الضحايا الأبرياء الذين قضى نحبهم بهذا الحريق الإرهابي البشع المفتعل بتلك الأيدي الإرهابية التي قامت به . وما يظهر بالصورة المعروضه في الموقع وغيرها من الصور والفيديوهات على الشاشات الفضائية وإلار ضية وللخضار الموجود خاصة بالعديد من البقع الظاهرة للعيان والمنازل فإن هذا الحرائق مفتعلة قصدا" بأيدي خبيثة جدا خبيثة من جماعات إرهابية عن سبق الإصرار والترصد بل منظمة مسبقا" لتخريب المجتمعات البشرية خاصة أميركا الشمالية وتهجير شعوبها من منازلهم و ارضهم ليشتروا فيما بعد بابخس الأثمان ٠ 25 /11 /2018th م رشيد نايف سلام.
Zina Shepherd (4 months ago)
There goes that eye sore next door honey your prayers were answered
M C (7 months ago)
Sometimes you eat the bar....
Barb West (8 months ago)
Really? You have to add music?
Geovanni InUSA (1 year ago)
That fire spread really, REALLY fast!
Andrew Burnes (1 year ago)
Idk makes sense to bring it down could torn it down
Dougie Volk (1 year ago)
I love reading the comments especially the ones being so "critical"...anyways, that was a cool fire!
Gwen King (1 year ago)
Pity...that was an expensive bonfire
bertraminc (1 year ago)
Next door house will do the same in five years.
Anthony Agnelneri (1 year ago)
The edge of house was built on overhanging cliff. Not SMART. And I'm not a builde r or homeowner
Anthony Agnelneri (1 year ago)
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
A fool and his money are soon departed.
Jamie Smith (1 year ago)
They couldn’t take the house down normally?
powderedpath422 (1 year ago)
Rip water pollution.
Gus W (17 days ago)
How is it pollution? The furnishings and chattels were removed prior to the demolition by burning and fire is a completely natural element. So tell me, how is it pollution?
Brian Pan (1 year ago)
Bob, I have some good news and bad news for you. "Oh my God, what's the bad news?" "Your home fell off the cliff." "Oh dear God, what's the good news?" "It was already burned up anyways."
vincent7520 (1 year ago)
Stupid !  Carbon dioxyde instead of rubble into the ocean …
G K (1 year ago)
Getting dizzy
Anonymous User (1 year ago)
Only in Texas would they burn a house falling off a cliff and send the toxic material into the lake.
Gus W (17 days ago)
How is it toxic? The furnishings and chattels were removed prior to the demolition by burning and fire is a completely natural element. So tell me, how is it toxic?
Phil Olivieri (1 year ago)
This house inTexas was collapsing due to a fault line, but all of a sudden it’s now on fire? I suspect arson by the owners so they can collect the insurance otherwise they were SOL!
Elijah Antrobus (6 months ago)
Are you joking or are you actually just stupid?
Walt Williams (1 year ago)
Kind of a stupid thing to do.
Bob Warren (1 year ago)
That isn't the ocean. It is Lake Whitney in Texas and the house was built too close to the bluff to begin with. No engineering studies were done to see if the soft limestone would hold the house up. Too bad for the owners, but stupid to build on a cliff in Texas.
rick dees (1 year ago)
Is that all there is to a fire?
Boris the Blade (1 year ago)
That sucks big time😯
Jimmy Rice (1 year ago)
He is stupid building so close to the edge of a cliff. environmental eye sore in my opinion. He's getting fined!
Micro friend (1 year ago)
how did the drone last 2 hours?
life form (1 year ago)
Total lost.
Al (1 year ago)
You plant your sorry ass on a cliff, any cliff....be grateful you got out with your lives.
Why would anybody build on a cliff with erosion. Doesn't make sense. They didn't build on bedrock.
BlueCat Blu (1 year ago)
I would not be living in that other house. Not with that big chunk of land just about to fall off. Million dollar house or not I would be moving.
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Good luck finding a buyer.
Chris K (1 year ago)
Another inappropriate and annoying use of music. Who decided that this music would enhance this unfortunate event. The music trivializes the sad disaster for this family.
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
We could have some sad violin music along with your comment.
p (1 year ago)
what's sad, is the insurance company REFUSED to cover the loss. I can't stand INSURANCE COMPANIES.
Jose Serna (1 year ago)
I hope the insurance didnt pay for it Because it was burn on purpose!!! Period.........
praing mantis (1 year ago)
People need to read the description.
estelle patella (1 year ago)
Horrible camera work. All that spinning around and zooming in an out at the end is pointless.
Anthony Agnelneri (1 year ago)
estelle patella it was a drone
Jennifer Sabatini (1 year ago)
estelle patella I
Mad Hatter (1 year ago)
Why burn it? 1 It's bad for the environment (not that I care) 2: wastes the fire departments time. Just abandon it and take your stuff, and let it fall.
Fiona jordan (1 year ago)
Texas lakes are so polluted nobody will notice or care !! STUPID IDIOTS build house on cliff then wonder why it fell off .
Cougar Land (1 year ago)
So the contractors who built this giant house on the edge of a cliff...... I'm sure they all said to themselves "oh yeah, this is perfectly FINE".
PATSFAN420 (1 year ago)
Yet stupid people keep building houses just feet from cliffs, lakes and oceans sorry i have zero sympathy for them, the people of this country have completely lost all common sense and its shows.
Doug DiPlacido (1 year ago)
The land collapsed under the house and the only way to demolish it was to burn it.
Jimmy Guitar (2 years ago)
I wanna see the not-speeded-up version of this. Without the dramatic music.
PoppaBlue59 Kent (2 years ago)
This is at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. The house was emptied of belongings by the owners, and it was burned in an attempt to reduce the amount of debris that would eventually wind up at the dam. Notice the fire engine standing by on the road. Conventional demolition was considered to dangerous because of the impending collapse of the cliff face. As for the toxic smoke, it is a drop in a very large bucket when compared to those released by automobiles, tractors, and lawn mowers at the lake and surrounding area. I hope this clears things up a little. I am a retired firefighter, and I lived at that lake for quite a while.
gahtsno1 (2 years ago)
the more money, the less brain.
Woof Dog (2 years ago)
Bet that what good for the lake  and the fish
Ithila (2 years ago)
Arson. Insurance scam? Probably.
Melissa Sue H. (2 years ago)
A lake near Fort Worth, Texas becomes the ocean. Really accurate reporting there.
Melissa Sue H. (2 years ago)
+Steve Rogers The report was on a Phoenix TV station, but the lake is in Texas, according to previous stories about the home.
R6-D2 (2 years ago)
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
I thought this was Phoenix, AZ, which would be strange, because Arizona is landlocked.
Xaiano (2 years ago)
What a horrible McMansion
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Made a pretty bonfire though.
tomitstube (2 years ago)
what a bunch of idiots, and the air pollution caused by this brilliant idea?  notice the giant crack across the big piece to the left, about a couple acres ready to drop, half way to the next house.
teepicgamer73 (1 year ago)
tomitstube it's. one. House. Thousand burn a week in the US alone, one house isn't a big difference. Plus they did this to minimize debris in the lake so the local ecosystem wouldn't be as damaged
umefunasone together (2 years ago)
so much for the FALLING IN!!!
Chris williams (2 years ago)
I can't believe that people are that thick
china thailand (2 years ago)
more air pollution
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
It's Texas. Who cares?
rjodhan1rr44 (2 years ago)
So rich, so dumb!
Number Eight (2 years ago)
Burning the house is more polluting than gathering the wreckage below. Stupid idea and seemingly illegal given pollution regulations.
Weldon Boethel (1 year ago)
Number Eight your worried about this putting toxic pollutants in the air...what about the volcanoes around the world?
David Bryant (1 year ago)
Number Eight you must live in the left coast in the libtard bubble
1965 Ghia (2 years ago)
just dump it all in the ocean everything else goes there
Anthony Agnelneri (1 year ago)
1965 Ghia SAD sad
Dawn Dennis (2 years ago)
I see no firefighters.... why not? ... and the owners must have known this house was doomed, so cash in for the insurance.
T L S (2 years ago)
I wouldn't doubt the geologist got paid off
Zbriu (2 years ago)
Insurance doesn't pay for earth disasters, i guess. Before they bought the house they were told by geologists that it was perfectly stable... great geologists. Looks like the real estate company payed more to the geologist than this couple...
umefunasone together (2 years ago)
do you not listen? wow
china thailand (2 years ago)
da watch it!
T L S (2 years ago)
... I guess you missed the first 30 seconds of the video ...
Ronnie G (2 years ago)
It won't stop rubble falling into the water, RUBBLE DOESN'T BURN !
Xaiano (2 years ago)
+Ronnie G You've never done any roofing work, I see...
Ronnie G (2 years ago)
How much tar and oil is in this building? Hardly any!
Xaiano (2 years ago)
Tars and oils are toxic to fish and aquatic life, burning them turns them into carbon dioxide, water and prevents them contaminating the water.
Zbriu (2 years ago)
Mythical? Do you think a house is only made of wood? Natural rubble can't burn but rubble from buildings contain all kinds of materials. It's not "real" natural rubble, i'll give you that, but it has isolation materials, all kinds of chemicals for wood treatment etc, did you ever checked the materials list to build a house? You will be amazed. As for the atmosphere, if you burn gasoline it will pollute the atmosphere but if you spill it on the ocean it will be worst. Burning is used to terminate all kinds of nocive materials or liquids. What's your problem anyway? I think you are being a bit picky
Ronnie G (2 years ago)
What are these mythical toxic materials, name some. If they are so toxic they are polluting the atmosphere by burning them.
Richard Wilkins (2 years ago)
Since when did a lake become the ocean?? Fox News at their best again.
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
It IS Fox 'News', what did you expect? At least they got the continent right this time.
Kristian Bautista (3 years ago)
insurance policy won't cover earth movement but will cover if house on fire.
Support AnimalRights (1 year ago)
+clemente miranda Why don't you try reading video descriptions first, it's pretty easy, I mean, IT'S RIGHT FCKING THERE FOR YOU TO READ.
PoppaBlue59 Kent (2 years ago)
The house was deliberately burned, by the fire department. You might notice a fire engine stationed on the road. The fact is that a fissure had opened up beneath it, and this house was going to collapse into that lake (not the ocean). Conventional demolition was to dangerous.
clemente miranda (2 years ago)
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
+ Kristian Bautista Unless the fire is intentionally set.
Zbriu (2 years ago)
insurance companies are horrible "beings", they would say the fire has to be accidental or something like that
India Sharee (3 years ago)
Oh nvm they set it on fire
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
No, Godzilla set it on fire!!
India Sharee (3 years ago)
How did it happen
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
Godzilla. He's REAL!!! 🔥🐲🔥
Greg Straightedge (3 years ago)
Fox news can't even get a simple story like this correct.
Michael David (3 years ago)
can they do this to caitlyn jenners home?
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
So since when to you expect 'normal' replies on a youtube comment section?
Tad Rogers (4 months ago)
How fkn rude!
Jimmy Guitar (2 years ago)
you are an idiot dude you must have been looking in the mirror when you came up with your name.
i know im late to the party but there is no person named caitlin jenner. its bruce no matter how many boobies you staple onto him.......does that statement qualify as normal or should we find him a paper towel to wipe his vagina?
Dal Vanderbilt (3 years ago)
+michael jagger of course you are that doesn't make it appropriate. Not everyone says what they think and that's the social filter I mentioned earlier. Not having that filter is what makes statements abnormal.
Lil Depression (3 years ago)
Happy music ?
Alex Lubbers (3 years ago)
that guy had a bad day right there..... i wish him well
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
They got what they paid for...a house on an unstable cliff. You pay your money you take your choices.
Arina Michelle (3 years ago)
Did they burn it on purpose???
Paco Gee (1 year ago)
or did you watch them set the garage on fire? ffs
Cougar Land (1 year ago)
Better question...Did you read the explanation of the video?
Lil Depression (3 years ago)
Did u not see the firetrucks
Gurucha (3 years ago)
+Arina Michelle Yes. To minimize the amount of debris going into the water.
AbstractsByAdrienne (4 years ago)
I hope there were able to save their personal belongings at least. And, I hope their homeowners insurance will allow them to collect enough to rebuild elsewhere. 
ThatOreoGamer (4 years ago)
It's not worth a million it's worth £700,000
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
It's not worth anything now.
hdhostPL (4 years ago)
How come noone give a fuck about toxic smoke?
Weldon Boethel (1 year ago)
What about the volcanoes around the world that let off toxic smoke... Geez, people...
2008romboy (2 years ago)
hdhostPL There were about 1,300,000 of all kinds of fires in 2016 in US only. Are you really worried about a single controlled home fire pollution in Texas???? You must be a troll
hdhostPL (4 years ago)
+dang dong Goood bless (cough, cough, cough) Ame (cough) ricaaaaaaaaa!
ᄋᄋ (4 years ago)
Alban Nightfury (4 years ago)
What a shame.
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Karma rules.
Those workers should get arrested for burning someones house.
Pooglies (4 years ago)
Lol in jk if it was tony Starks we would see iron man saving the gay some what sad day :D
Pooglies (4 years ago)
I bet that was fucking tony Starks home and u thought it was sexy to copy it -.-
Savana Armer (4 years ago)
Tip of the day: never build houses on cliffs
powderedpath422 (1 year ago)
powderedpath422 (1 year ago)
Mad Hatter (1 year ago)
And use common sense.
Quetzalcoatl (3 years ago)
+ThatOreoGamer Isn't that by itself a clue to them dumbasses?
estefan _b (4 years ago)
I'd fucking jump off that cliff if there was no water if that was my house
nunya buisness (4 years ago)
Its only $700.000
nunya buisness (4 years ago)
+Suren Xavier any way im. Only 13 and I'm not spoiled
nunya buisness (4 years ago)
The title is lying the house only costs $700.00
nunya buisness (4 years ago)
How am I spoiled it said it was $700.000 in a different vidio
SURENITY ! (4 years ago)
Only 700 THOUSAND U MUST BE 1 SPOILDED BRAT AS A CHILD!!!!! if u worked for your money than that's good. But DON'T TREAT 700 GRAND LIKE $700
kither04 (4 years ago)
How come everybody is hating is family because they have a beautiful house? They were an elderly couple who worked hard for their money. Why be so nasty and jealous because somebody made a good living? If they stoles money yeah I would be next to you. But hard working people deserve what they work for. I feel bad for the house next door because it looks like a chunk of their land is going as well.
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Yeah it's always 'jealousy' isn't it? Ayn Rand taught you well..
buteera.graande (1 year ago)
abalone317 shut up.
abalone317 (1 year ago)
@kither04 - I completely agree with you.
abalone317 (1 year ago)
@animepix - HA! I love it when people post moronic replies calling others stupid....when they don't even know the correct use of "they're", "their", or "there". Who's the stupid one now?
animepix (1 year ago)
because their stupid fucks that bought a house on a eroding cliff by an ocean.
Tyler C (4 years ago)
Sad really..
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Well I guess this was the exception huh mensa boy? Ever hear of a town called Oso? Look it up.
K California (1 year ago)
Eric Turner If you hadn't noticed, most cliffs don't collapse. Especially ones with houses on them, because the ground has to pass inspection before the houses are built.
PATSFAN420 (1 year ago)
play stupid games win stupid prizes, they obviously lacked and form of common sense buying a house near the edge of a cliff.
Tyler C (4 years ago)
how is it not? their dream home was forced to be burned down..its sad that a beautiful house have to be destroyed!
Michelle Moore (4 years ago)
They should be fined for littering!!
Gus W (17 days ago)
You're a dumbass
Michelle Moore (4 years ago)
Kharmas a bitch! How'd you get you all that money?
no (4 years ago)
they were an elderly couple who worked on for their money. and it wasnt a "million dollar masion" it was an 800,000 dollar single family home over looking that lake. why would they have kharma? are you jealous because you cant afford a house that over looks a lake?
salaciousBastard (4 years ago)
What's with the overly dramatic music?
Gus W (17 days ago)
Not all that dramatic though is it?
Raj c (4 years ago)
Anthony Ferra (4 years ago)

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