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I Need Your Company (Live At Hackney Round Chapel, 2012)

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Michael's debut album is available at: http://bit.ly/KiwanukaHomeAgain Michael and his band recorded this exclusive VEVO session at the beautiful Round Chapel in Hackney, East London. Connect with Michael at: http://www.michaelkiwanuka.com Facebook: http://on.fb.me/michaelkiwanuka Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/michaelkiwanuka Session filmed and produced by Stitch That and Polydor Records. Music video by Michael Kiwanuka performing I Need Your Company. (C) 2012 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
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Text Comments (81)
M kaixohola (9 days ago)
Michael, please, give us new songs!!!! con ganas de que nos ofrezcas nueva música!!!!
<3 Brasil
Akin Akinsanya (4 months ago)
I can't wait for this guy to come to the US. I want to go to his concert. When I picture his concert, I picture my wife and I, holding hands and rocking to this music, and then suddenly small showers of rain but we don't care, we just keep dancing my body very close to her and hers close to mine and finally me holding her from behind and finishing the dance.
Eugene Fimbianti (7 months ago)
That drummer is fantastic. Perfect sound and time.
Raphael Falzarano (8 months ago)
LyricS Ooh Ooh Baby, baby, babe How you been doing? 'Cause lately things ain't been good for me Baby, baby, babe Feels like I'm losing Please help me, I'm living inside of a tear 'Cause there's peace that I found When I have you around How I need your company Ooh (oh, baby) Ooh Baby, baby, babe I've been confusing these days To a place where there's time for tears Baby, baby I've been refusing (oh, baby) Please help me, I didn't mean to let you down again But there's peace that I found When I have you around How I need your company (oh) Oh, I need your company Lord knows I'm trying (I'm trying) Really, really trying (ooh) I've given all I can, why can't you see? (ooh) Lord know I'm trying (I'm trying) Really, really trying (ooh) I've given all I can, why can't you see? (ooh) Ooh (oh, yeah) Ooh (yeah) But there's peace that I found When I have you around Oh, how I need your company Oh, how I need your company Oh, I need you... Writer(s): Michael Kiwanuka, Paul James Butler
I need your cooompanyy.... Aaah que música!
Venus Gordeyeva (1 year ago)
Lordy, thank you for this great artist! Literally his brilliant voice picks you up, when you down....
Michelle Reid (1 year ago)
This man is pure all round talent! living legend!! Where have you been all my life Michael?.. heaps of love, coming from this direction.. Hope i'm blessed with the privilege of being in your presence some day... keep on doing what your doing.. you'll probably never read this, but you never know ;-)"..(lol) msg delivered loud and clear..x
killsick20 (1 year ago)
I remember listening to this song when I was like on year 10.... Cant believe its already 5 years and im in uni
Laura Mena (1 year ago)
No podria quedarme sentada como el publico escuchando esta cancion! Estaria bailando!
Brenda Parker (2 years ago)
Soul reaching, heart melting, weak in the knees music. Simply glorious!!!
Eraldo Palmero (2 years ago)
Como esse cara é bom, que música, que voz e banda sempre impecável :D Michael Kiwanuka virei seu Fã :D
Luciana Barros (1 year ago)
Eraldo Palmero Eu tbm
Marloes Geltink (2 years ago)
Gonna see him live, so excited !
Manuel Mena Chaverra (2 years ago)
An amazing singer, with a great band.
Jake Acosta (2 years ago)
Just came across this guy and wow I've already got 2 of his albums
L Pardo (2 years ago)
much as i love music from the 60s and 70s i get bored being stuck. So my son often turns me onto new artist. He would play this tune over and over and i would sometimes request it. but then he left for college and i kept meaning to ask him who the artist was. Finally, i asked him and i spent the day listening to all his tunes. when i looked to see if he was touring low and behold he was playing in Williamsburg, my hood, the following night. despite it being sold out i took it as a sign i was meant to go. and i did. Amazing concert. won't forget that one and will brag about it whenever i can.
It happens the same with me, grew up in the 80`s but all this "Indi" bands and singers are undeniable good !!!, it is a good way to share something nice with my son, besides now he gets more interested in my music and the old styles and we are always sharing a new song going from the 50 up to date =)
guzvaro (3 years ago)
Muy buena canción.
jette vestil (3 years ago)
Michael you have to start touring again!! Love, your fans in Toronto
12sin8 (3 years ago)
Lewis Wright is a beast on the drums!
ANA K (4 years ago)
Please help me :) There are one person here that know the lyric this song? I find for all the part but i don't get yet. :(
Jorge Menezes Jr. (2 years ago)
I'm don't find it too (by google translator)
Eliezer Pinheiro (4 years ago)
hello guys, does anyone know the name of the flutist and saxophonist.
jazzlover9 (4 years ago)
Flute player is Gareth Lockrane.. not sure about the sax though.
Thomas Stookey (4 years ago)
Yes, please come to Minneapolis Michael. I love your music.
Richard Willis (4 years ago)
Michael, please come to the USA. I cant get enough of your music :)
Nora Joe (4 years ago)
Jeanyves Cousin (5 years ago)
Patricia Sotto (5 years ago)
Everything about this is just excellent.
uritube (5 years ago)
que bonita cancion!!..asi nomas...sencillamente que bonita cancion!!
Pipo Sulps (5 years ago)
Superb song!
Jeanyves Cousin (5 years ago)
Tamás Fábián (5 years ago)
This song is magic.
Susan Dhifaoui (5 years ago)
great comparison. I adored Amy and am still gutted but I so agree with you. Both Amy and Michael have such artistry. they just have their wonderful voices, beautiful lyrics, and great musicians. that is all that is needed when you have 'it'. No firework displays, giant disneyland-ish background sets, riding out on horses, or outlandish costumes. all the later are distractions from what a person lacks.
Jú Bel (5 years ago)
Neil Crowe (6 years ago)
Great - how can that audience stay seated?
CertainlyNoEinstein (6 years ago)
it's super low in the mix but its there.
me agrada, quiero toda la coleccion de el
johnnystickyfingers (6 years ago)
Is it just me or is his guitar silent? Damn, maybe it's just keeping quiet so we can hear his singing better.
Justin Gilchrist (6 years ago)
This is good stuff. instrumentals sound like Amy winehouses' band
Bernardo Capilé (6 years ago)
Awesome! Great work SIR Michael Kiwanuka. Congrulations from Peniche, Portugal.
Nelson Figueroa (6 years ago)
Heard this guy on Fallon last night. New fan here. Great sound!
Lisa Dragon (6 years ago)
I hope you come to Vancouver BC
MultiMarkTwain Simpson (6 years ago)
Best thing I've heard since 1980...
Ward Cleaver (6 years ago)
Wow.....this sound is really underrated. This is what music is supposed to sound like.
1407angeline (6 years ago)
When is the 2nd album coming out?? :D Loved seeing you live, 3 from Holland!
Danny McNulty (6 years ago)
What I would do to be in that sexy, funky band.... it should never be said.
Akin Akinsanya (4 months ago)
Hehehehehe I feel you bro
Sam Blonde (6 years ago)
Such a chilled vibe, he makes it look so effortless.
arnver (6 years ago)
This is fluid gold.
meiny77 (6 years ago)
He won't. You forget that talent is long forgotten in the world that we live in. Without sex appeal or a collaboration from a rap artist, you're done for. It's such a shame really.
Ada Mamre (6 years ago)
Michael and his band are amazing! LOVED seeing them live. So soulful and funky!
de1B (6 years ago)
Prachtige stem en heerlijk ritmisch! You go Bro
Janne I (6 years ago)
@iOozeEPIC I saw him sunday. YOU HAVE TO SEE HIM LIVE
Alizastack (6 years ago)
oh my god, he needs more recognition. seriously this is brilliant
61bigchief (6 years ago)
This song is on his current cd>
berg (6 years ago)
u were right...
Zoltán László Új (6 years ago)
Thanks..it is a good...song:)))
Charmian O'Brien (6 years ago)
soothes my heart and soul
Demswa (6 years ago)
such a lovely song!!!!! i really love his soul filled voice :D
alfonso marisol (6 years ago)
This young man impressed me just as Amy Winehouse when I heard the 1st time .... musicians with feeling, that transmits voice,,, style and beautiful songs. With music, compensate after Amy's death, with another gives light in the darkness of the crappy music that we want to sell mostly through thousands of videos with young clowns making, moving as monkeys or dogs in zeal.
VARAHA RUPA (6 years ago)
ubermasterson (6 years ago)
Compare this to Bill Withers' "When I'm kissing my Love" (live) and you have a modern version of his hero's performances at their pinnacle
Molly O'Brien (6 years ago)
fuck everybody not smiling in the audience
Callum B Martin (6 years ago)
Michaels the man. Tho look at all those fuckn typical uk hipsters in the front ... 'ermm, yeh this is so interesting... however next week my nu favorite will be the pink spray paint up the anus band'.. 'I can also play musik' ... 'tho this guy is pretty black'.
Alex Hutchinson (6 years ago)
Bobby V and his shitty music need to leave the frame of this video
StereoChimps (6 years ago)
DAMN !!! that´s all i can say !! *-*
SavannahPhotographic (6 years ago)
sweet jesus this is good.
MindtalkMusic (6 years ago)
Michael's electric guitarist defines 'jamming it out' @0.45
patrice LUMUMBAS (7 years ago)
Bigbeats (7 years ago)
Micheal, please come to Caen or Paris. U've just got to come and do a show for us REAL MUSIC LOVERS. My soul hungers for REAL MUSIC.
Bigbeats (7 years ago)
Heaven yeah!
franceny (7 years ago)
nielzy92 (7 years ago)
Gemma Milner (7 years ago)
gota eat these grapes!!!!!!
Agapelove2010 (7 years ago)
I agree....GREAT music....! keep them coming...Michael....
David Caron (7 years ago)
JahLiss (7 years ago)
Wow beautiful!
MicroscopicReviewz (7 years ago)
A truly amazing talent. He's going to be big.
Drew Spencer (7 years ago)
His voice is going to be seriously amazing in about 10 or 20 years.

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