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Emporio Armani Fall Winter 2018-19 Womenswear Fashion Show - Vip Interviews

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What was the special guests’ favorite element of the Emporio Armani FW18-19 collection? Find out now Discover more about the collection: www.emporioarmani.com Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emporioarmani Twitter: https://twitter.com/emporioarmani Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emporioarmani #wearsEA
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Text Comments (4)
Rom Pan (7 months ago)
Look my video armani please. https://youtu.be/nX6CkAcXtis
Aftab Ahmed (7 months ago)
Its my dream to walk for Armani and then make a brand on my own name :D :D :D
Aftab Ahmed (7 months ago)
Lucan, the above statement of mine shows that I am fascinated and inspired by Armani's way of doing business and making people happy and I also want to follow his footstep and that's how my statement add to the conversation about this video. Don't ever discourage people from following their dream, or people will do things to your dreams too.
Rom Pan (7 months ago)
I love armani

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