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Modest clothing Ideas - Modesty

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Modest Outfit ideas My journey to Modesty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uemj_R-zea8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SDA-Watchmen-1521580914779280
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Text Comments (256)
Annie Special (19 days ago)
Lovely lovely lovely!
James Graham (2 months ago)
The rest are ok,sort of.
James Graham (2 months ago)
Grey dress is too sexy,too tight.
My Videos (2 months ago)
Sadly, there is nothing modest about you sticking out your hip while modeling. Modestly starts in the heart! No need to imitate the mannerism of worldly women if you represent a Holy God who has called you to be Holy as He is Holy! Come out from amongst them and be separate! Start with the mind! (Heart) This is written in love, not condemnation, but correction from the truth. Ask the Lord to free you in every aspect. We've all been tainted from our sin life, but in Christ you are a NEW CREATION. Down with the old!
c1peewee (2 months ago)
Wake up some of it is too form fitting... hips and breast and your rear end are to hid ...
Christine Atkinson (2 months ago)
*MODEST* ............ *SEEMS THIS VIDEO MESSAGE DID NOT MAKE THE THE CUT* adjective 1. unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities or achievements. "he was a very modest man, refusing to take any credit for the enterprise" synonyms: self-effacing, self-deprecating, humble, unpretentious, unassuming, unpresuming, unostentatious, low-key, free from vanity, keeping one's light under a bushel; More antonyms: boastful, conceited 2. (of an amount, rate, or level) relatively moderate, limited, or small. "drink modest amounts of alcohol" synonyms: moderate, fair, tolerable, passable, adequate, satisfactory, acceptable, unexceptional, small; light, limited, scanty, skimpy, frugal, meager, sparse "a period of modest success" antonyms: great, runaway (of a place in which one lives, eats, or stays) not excessively large, elaborate, or expensive. "we had bought a modest house" synonyms: small, ordinary, simple, plain, humble, homely; More antonyms: grand, grandiose 3. *(of a WOMAN) dressing or behaving so as to AVOID IMPROPRIETY or indecency, especially to AVOID SEXUAL ATTRACTION.* *(of CLOTHING) NOT REVEALING or EMPHASIZING THE FIGURE * "modest dress means that hemlines must be below the knee" synonyms: decorous, decent, seemly, demure, sober, severe; antonyms: immodest, flamboyant ... CONTINUED ...
Christine Atkinson (2 months ago)
*1 TIMOTHY 2* ... *CONTINUE TAKING NOTE AT THESE WORD DEFINITIONS* . . . Instructions to Women 8 I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 9 In like manner also, that women ADORN themselves in *MODEST APPAREL,* with *SHAMEFACEDNESS* and SOBRIETY ; *not with BROIDED hair, or gold, or pearls, or *COSTLY ARRAY* ; 10 But *(WHICH BECOME WOMEN PROFESSING GODLINESS)* with *GOOD WORKS.* *IN EGYPT & OTHER CULTURES THEY WORE WIGS, BRAIDED HAIR - LIKE NOW YOU SEE* Realistic Looking Box Braid Wig ft. 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Ryan Mitchell (2 months ago)
Beautiful Outfits Lady Grace.
Marguerit Nyingani (3 months ago)
Nice one
Incurable Romanticist (3 months ago)
You picked out beautiful clothes. A lady can be feminine and appealing without trying to look "sexy." The look you achieved is flattering, and staying away from too much adornment makes it elegant--very CoCo Channel.
Athoi Kamson (4 months ago)
take a example from 18th century womens dress..did u see their curveness. did you see their body skin..i am not saying you dress like them.see how they coverup their curveness and exposed skin.it should be like that.. now a days many modest dress come up but they are not modest at all for adventist.we don't need to be fashionable is a worldly things.
Roselene mony (5 months ago)
God blessed you sister
Eliza Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Modest in my opinion. You are blessed with height to pull the maxi looks off. Can I share a tip? A denim vest in summer & a Jean jacket in the winter if you want a bit more coverage with the gray dress...but I think you look fine & very sweet for sharing. God bless you.
Sailor Scout (6 months ago)
Modesty can be beautiful without looking unattractive and dull. Ellen G. White mentions two different extremes when it comes to dress. You can dress modest without scaring the crows away and you can dress modest without having the extra attention brought to you for ex., wearing extremely short and tight dresses. Some christians need to stop making modesty out to be ugly and unattractive. There's a way to do things.
Richie lovy (7 months ago)
I just like to see ladies dress like this, i see christianity on you, and you are so beautiful! Are you married?
Yuridia Torres (7 months ago)
Omg, there are so many judgments on her modesty...modesty is subjective to every single follower. Everyone has there own convictions so leave this girl alone and stop placing your convictions onto her.
E Jones (8 months ago)
I advose everyone to listen to true man of God almighty pastor Gino Jennings on utube.
ItzClovey Nuh (8 months ago)
New subie here by the way. 👋👋👋👋👋😉😘
ItzClovey Nuh (8 months ago)
Your voice reminds me of reallygraceful. Ever heard of her b4??????? 😌😌😌😌😌😌😘
Haitian Goddess (8 months ago)
Your beautiful 😍 I really enjoyed this vid hun
EULISS BENOIT (8 months ago)
that dress is beautiful.
Rick Williams (8 months ago)
Your first dress have pattern on it that's a graven image
김패티면순 (9 months ago)
Ejek 39:9 Then those who live in the towns of Israel will go out and make fires of the weapons and burn them--bucklers and shields, bows and arrows, handpikes and spears--and they will make fires of them for seven years.  7 years x  365 days = 2555day(year) ÷ 15(one hr/Ejk 4:6) = 174 yrs & 2 months  1844.October + 174y  2 m = December 2018 = kislev ~Tevet (Biblical montht) = 12, Adar(Esther3:7)] Gregolian Calendar = Tishrei 22(Biblical Calendar)  / last day of the Tabernacle feast /  the marriage of the Lamb(Rev19:9) 1844. Tishrei 10th Tishrei 10  + 174 &  2month  = 2018. Kislev 10 + 10days tribulation(Rev2:10) + 3.5 days(Jecobs trouble:Rev11:11) = kislev(september)  23  Harvest (EW 74)   “in the tenth month, on the fifth day of the month,…The city has fallen."(Ejk33:21) ㅡMortal, write down the name of this day, this very day. The king of Babylon has laid siege to Jerusalem this very day.(Ejkl 24:2) 4200(Matt1:17) - 174yrs = 4026 +2018 = 6038 - 30 (Luke3:23) = 6008 – 4 discrepancy = 6004 +1 = 6005 = 2018  " the devastation of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years"(Dan 9;2).“Then the angel of the LORD said, "O LORD of hosts, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and the cities of Judah, with which you have been angry these seventy years?"(Zech1:12)  Matt24:32 "From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near. 70yrs = 1948. May 14(restored fig Tree/ Israel nation)  ~  2018.May 14(restored Jerusalem)  + Seven months(Ejek39:12,14 / cleanse the land.) =  Dec 7th  + haf an hour(Rev8:1)  = 2018. December 14 (Esther 3:7) arrive in the Sea of glass                                                             6000(Rev9:15 = Gen 15:13,16 = 400yrs)  -  4200yrs(Matt1:7)  = 1800  1800 + 30yrs(Luke3:23)  + 10days  (Rev 2:10 / one day for one year ( Ejek 4:6)  + about half an hour (Rev 8:1) = 1844 => “The longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844”.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 7:971 (1900). (LDE 36.2)     1844 + 4200= 6044 - 30yrs(matt :17)  = 6014 + 4yrs(Dionysious Exiggus Discrepancy) = 6018  =  A.D. 2018 12,Adar 6/7 th  => Second Coming of Christ  “Let no one’s interpretation of prophecy rob you of the conviction of the knowledge of events which show that this great event is near at hand.—Fundamentals of Christian Education, 335, 336 (1895).”   (LDE 16.5) “The spirit of error will lead us from the truth; and the Spirit of God will lead us into truth. But, say you, a man may be in an error, and think he has the truth. What then? We answer, The Spirit and word agree. If a man judges himself by the word of God, and finds a perfect harmony through the whole word, then he must believe he has the truth; but if he finds the spirit by which he is led does not harmonize with the whole tenor of God’s law or Book, then let him walk carefully, lest he be caught in the snare of the devil.”—The Advent Herald and Signs of the Times Reporter,January 15, 1845. ㅡGC397
Ivy Rose Burn (9 months ago)
Nice dresses!
Sky Doll (9 months ago)
Ellen White is not the Lord
Jean Kilos (10 months ago)
All is black. Where's color. Great modeling though.
Gissie D (11 months ago)
Ellen white is false tea her and false prophet.I find did rominatio. when we don't wear new or expensive clothing like you.that wardrobe would last me years .
Slender 05 DL (11 months ago)
Rayne (1 year ago)
trendy and modest
Belekwane Catherine (1 year ago)
I luv you woman..thank you very much for your help
Jo Peart (1 year ago)
Look great and not out of date
Sandra Journet (1 year ago)
Raizel M (1 year ago)
Very nice video.
Trina Feliciano (1 year ago)
2:01, 2:41, 2:55-2:59...Just might want to be careful about where you are running your hands and how you pull the fabric of your clothing when you are emphasizing modesty. Modesty is much more than the clothes we choose to wear...it is how we wear the clothes and the attitudes we put forth.
Mariana Whitaker (1 year ago)
Trina Feliciano not all was modest. That gray was tight. also the prancing isnt to good.
Edgar Milan (1 year ago)
It is unbelievable that people with so much knowlegde do not get the concept of modesty!
Kasitti1 (1 year ago)
i love number 4 really modest
Ezequiel Leyva (1 year ago)
Seven Days (1 year ago)
an the vintage is good
Seven Days (1 year ago)
the dress you don't iron good
Sweet Lips (1 year ago)
love the clothing allowing God to transform me
Miss Ethel (1 year ago)
Beautiful clothes, girl! (Now don't forget those FRINGES!!)
Tea Kay (1 year ago)
um.. you're heading in the right direction but clothes that cling to your body and show your curves are not modest.
John Paul (7 months ago)
That is what Model churches have to learn Not Dressing to Church Like a disco place
Tea Kay (1 year ago)
the first dress was beautiful and modest. second one not so much. third one the skirt was nice but the shirt was relly tight. fourth one was elegant modest.
Nice video.  Thank you
Bless Macanthony (1 year ago)
Please my sister, how can one contact you, is important to me thanks
Bridget Afriyie (1 year ago)
GOD knows what he's talking about! Modest is sooooo pretty! Can't wait to ask my mom if I can change like that☺️
Mrs. Amy (1 year ago)
sometimes girls and women donot notice certain fabrics are not modest altho it covers.. girls/ladies becareful with hourglass looking clothing
Athoi Kamson (4 months ago)
+Ray Pittman what do u mean by that? Think and look carefully about the dresses.Now a days adventist people are blinded by the worldly materials.
kouhei megara (1 year ago)
Annick G. (1 year ago)
MS AMY OMG you're so right thank you so much!
Ray Pittman (1 year ago)
How i'm supposed to see da titties
P Martin (1 year ago)
I read some of the comments stating your dress is not modest enough. I'm involved with a lot of churches....compared to what's worn today, you are very modest. Your doing fine. You don't have to wear a duffle bag and hide all curves for crying out loud!
My Videos (2 months ago)
Why not? Who are the curves for? I tell you your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. NOT for show of the anatomy!
Anikah (6 months ago)
She could wear a line skirts/dresses that would still be pretty and feminine. Some dresses were too tight but others showed curves because she has wide hips so a line would be good
MW (1 year ago)
A timely video just for me. Thank you Lady Grace🌿
Christina Law (1 year ago)
Greetings sis. Thanks for having the courage to share and edify aspiring women in Christ. My share with you is the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ lead by Apostle Pastor Gino Jennings, you and all who read this comment would be blessed with a true teacher of true hoilness. May peace be upon us all.
Chubby_ChowCheex (1 year ago)
The vintage dress would look absolutely beautiful with a turtleneck top work inside, especially in the fall and winter. Great modest look-book so far!
BloodOfYeshuaMessiah (1 year ago)
*You remind me of Ellen White when she was young....love you.*
Starr 64 (1 year ago)
Not all of the clothes you wore were modest. You could try another soft sweater or shawl to cover the body.
Ziggy Marie (1 year ago)
What a wonderful woman!!!!!
Lajune Davis (1 year ago)
As Well SEASON Men Women of God we trust the Good Lord God s report to show in the living Word the Bible to the Babes in Lord God does and do not.Amen Amen Amen
Lajune Davis (1 year ago)
Pray that we become teachable of what our Father God Lord Jesus Christ wants from us .......Every thing has a time and season
Lajune Davis (1 year ago)
To know the love of Our Lord God Father God Lord Jesus Christ Amazing
lambchopxoxo (1 year ago)
Your clothes choices are perfect. I dress very covered up but close fitting. If I want to cover up more I tie something around my waist or put a jacket or sweater on
Desiree De Jean (1 year ago)
Esi &Yaa (2 years ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the content of this video! - love esi
naamah sho (2 years ago)
you are so sweet!the dreess are beautifull!!!
Sweet Love (2 years ago)
This is the first modest video I have ever seen..l love it!
Great outifits,I'd love it if you checked out my channel there's a few modest look-books up there as well! God Bless.
kirkland meadows (2 years ago)
You're always smiling
Modesty ModestyClothes (2 years ago)
Good Job Sister, thank you for sharing!! For these who are struggling to find these modest Clothes you can try this website www.modestyclothes.com . Truly modest, affordable and good looking 1 Timothy 2:9
Tee Kay (2 years ago)
tight fitting dresses that show bodily contours are not modest.
Tee Kay (2 years ago)
head covering while praying. 1 cor. 11
Athoi Kamson (4 months ago)
head covering is not that necessary now a days but i concern about women dress and man very much especially women.. we much very careful when we select the dresses.
Elisabeth Miller (1 year ago)
IMPERFECT CHRISTIAN -SERVANT OF GOD- thank you for the answer, I used to wear extensions for years because I have thin hair and people in my class used to make fun about it I felt insecure about my hair and started wearing extensions but last year I have seen a video that real human extensions that are coming from India are actually sacrifices from Indian woman to their Gods, I stopped wearing extensions 1 reason was that and the other god blessed me with my beautiful husband which shows me that I am beautiful without this in his eyes and generelly I think we are the best the way God created us and I had the feeling God gave me confidencd to be like he made me and that he makes no mistakes and I can be grateful for my hair.. Sometimes I think About non human extensions but I am not sure about that
Elisabeth Miller I think extensions are okay.
Elisabeth Miller (1 year ago)
IMPERFECT CHRISTIAN -SERVANT OF GOD- thank you, what do you think about extensions?
Elisabeth Miller. Yeah our hair is a covering too. Our hair is our glory.
DirtCheapBeautiful!!! (2 years ago)
Its so hard now days I m trying to change my wardrobe and I went shooping they make shirts with deep v necks, I m on the hunt for modest clothing any suggestions of online shops?
Flower Bee Honey (2 years ago)
Modest clothing is best when loose (not baggy). Form fitting is not modest. God bless you & thank you 😊
Scarlet Shull (2 years ago)
I wanted to send you a private message but I couldnt find how to do it. I am from South Carolina, USA. I have recently come to the faith and have been slowly changing my wardrobe. It is very hot here and we swim a lot at the lake nearby. I have no clue if there even is anything for me to wear to be able to swim. I want to make sure I am dressing modestly! Please contact me back if possible, I need some suggestions before summer comes around. Thanks! & God Bless You! Your videos help me very much😊
Marsha S (2 years ago)
are you people for real
OMGitsMia (2 years ago)
Marsha S we're very real ☺️😊☺️
Sparkle (2 years ago)
Love this. I really needed it. I'm holding on to God by a thread. 😥 thank you. New subbie
McF F (1 year ago)
Sparkle LaBelle be strong in Christ it's worth it just take it easy
YASHA Lifestyle (2 years ago)
so classy, love it!
afterraincomessun (2 years ago)
catastole ? showing woman.
Naya Gabriel (2 years ago)
What is the app? please?
Amberae Primrose (1 year ago)
'EGW app'. Just type that in and you should find it. There's 2 of them, and they're free. The first one is just her writings, and the second one is her writings plus the pioneers of the Adventist movement in that time. I hope you find it/them!
Jahna Bruni (2 years ago)
hey Gracie. thanks for this video. I absolutely love the morning routine part and my favourite outfit in this video is the last dress.
Silvia Dwomoh (2 years ago)
This was a blessing watching! i also did a modest dressing video and it was refreshing! thanks for sharing dear!!
I do love some of your style I try to be more modest as Christians but some of your outfit don't suit you and it's not flattering on you make u older there is nice fashion and for modesty as well as trousers
Athoi Kamson (4 months ago)
we don't need to be fashionable.. be simple and neat n clean..and have pure humble heart.. lets not attach to worldly things.
Rod Williams (1 year ago)
inesfight for godskingdom an she lacks colour in her wardrobe too
Choclatcotton (2 years ago)
Cute but wear are the feminine colors??
TRACK PETERSON (2 years ago)
I see your body shape in the dress, I thought no shape should be seen!?
Sofia Bravo (2 months ago)
Layering it with a cute jacket and light scarf would definitely make it modest
Sofia Bravo (2 months ago)
Layering it with a cute jacket and light scarf would definitely make it modest
Donna Mcdonald (2 years ago)
The grey dress is super tight (for my taste). It's pretty though... something I'd wear at home.
Maggie Tomas Juan (2 years ago)
intro so boring, it's not a morning routine video!
Asoldier1844 (2 years ago)
Regarding dress we are told to cover our limbs and feet too. :)
Queen WCG (1 year ago)
Asoldier1844 who told us this...ur God Ellen G white...
MommyMegan (2 years ago)
A great online shop is eskati you can select a dress and customize length neckline sleeve length etc
Annie Special (19 days ago)
Thanks a lot...this is great information... I've been looking for online modest shops...
Jenifer Phiri (1 year ago)
MommyMegan thanks so much. God bless you
mofij68 (1 year ago)
Thank you for that tip...been searching the web for more modest apparel and most were expensive.
Emile Lunion (2 years ago)
Bravo grace the dresses are a great start, the better ones are soon coming. For a full reform is progressive. you can seat behind the pastor and not disturb him. or the brothers do not have to keep their up on the church ceiling . and focus on worship God. without any flesh distraction.
LuRo (2 years ago)
Modesty in dressing, among other things, is not just about the length of the dress or skirt but also how tight and reveling it is to your feminine figure. I found some of your outfits not that modest. I would be careful and wear something on top to cover the areas around my hips. We women that care about pleasing God, even in the way we dress, also have to understand a little it more about men think. We should dress modestly to please God and avoid other to sin when looking at us.
Athoi Kamson (4 months ago)
our brethren what LuRo said is right... its not only expose your body skin.. its about your shape of your body curveness..Girls should be very careful when in come in dresses..tight and fitting is same. it is not a modest things. exposing your curveness of your body is not allowed at all.Read the Ellen g white books carefully what she said.Lets not assume by your own understanding my brethren.
Tamara Le-Blanc (5 months ago)
?really..so many videos out there in this area of subject. This is the best one by faaarrrr!!! Thank you for making this video
Natalie Sinclair (7 months ago)
+Rod Williams exactly, everything she had on was modest. Some people are just too much for me. I guess she might need to dress in a brown paper bag for some people, before they can claim her clothes modest.
Rod Williams (1 year ago)
Luisa Rojas shut up there's nothing wrong with what she showed! Judgemental!
katforgiven (2 years ago)
items # 2&3 are not really very modest as they are so tight and therefore revealing.
Demie Lu (2 years ago)
They are not tight or revealing at all.  Lovely, in fact.
Latoya Bolt (2 years ago)
Ohhhhh... I see what you're saying.
💖💖 (2 years ago)
yep I noticed that
TrueValues77 (2 years ago)
Honey,Calvin Klein is full blown gay.So...you wearing his clothes....Just saying...
Alexis Mitchell (2 years ago)
I love that skirt paired with the black to so much.
Sarah Ezekiel (2 years ago)
inspired with the presentation... many  struggle including myself   on self denial on the world fashions which they keep you wanting...may the good lord give us strength to overcome all for his coming kingdom.
Matilda Forde (2 years ago)
Thank you Grace
Nicole Louis (2 years ago)
_MsLadyGracie That grey dress is lush luv!!!
Sonia Mugeni (2 years ago)
So you don't have to completely have your legs covered? If so, how far off the ground can the skirt or dress be? Sorry for all the questions, I just started dressing modestly and would like to know all the rules. Thank you so much for the video!
Bernard Jean (2 years ago)
Sonia Mugeni it's not rules... but rather reverence to our God.
Jahna Bruni (2 years ago)
Amanda Stevens thanks
Jahna Bruni (2 years ago)
Amanda Stevens where in the Bible does it say that? please show me. Not trying to sound rude or anything. I really want to know
TEETEE904 (2 years ago)
Hey Hun I just started to but from my research a skirt or dress should be 4 inches past your knees it new for me and hard sometimes because I have to stop doing hair which is what I do for a living so it is a big change
Queen Nzinga (2 years ago)
There is no rule book on modesty, its whatever you feel convicted to do. Its very obvious to see what is blatantly immodest like bikinis, most swimsuits in general, mini skirts, bralettes, short shorts, stuff thats blatantly skin tight,deep cut shirts,and leggings without covering the bum. Everything else kind of depends on the person. Midi skirts are soooo cute and they are in style! So you should probably be able to find some longer skirts at forever 21 and most stores !
Lionel M (2 years ago)
Not modest enough...Should be totally covered, complete arms and feet and face covered...
ItsCharlene (8 months ago)
Arms don't need to be covered
Queenie7 (1 year ago)
TEETEE904 i know right...he is just looking ....#attention
💖💖 (2 years ago)
Chile please she's not muslim
TEETEE904 (2 years ago)
Where does it say that sda women have to have their face covered?? And 3 quarter sleeves are fine in the summer because it's hot
Toni J. Osb (2 years ago)
The styles are quite nice, however for me personally the colours are a bit drab. Iwould throw in some colour, example coloured blazers, coloured maxi dresses. God painted creation with a myriad of beautiful colours so I honestly don't believe that wearing colours is immodest.
Rosie B (2 years ago)
Churches /Conferences need to do something about dress code in churches its way out of hand now
sylvia isreal (1 year ago)
Rosie B join the church too to do something. The church is you and i, not the building.
Sarah Elizabeth (1 year ago)
I definitly agree. My church conferences/camps etc Always have dresscodes that are pretty modest, but the students dont have a problem with it, they even often exceed the dresscode in modesty. It is a beautiful thing
Erica Washington (2 years ago)
I' ve been dressing modest for a couple of years now, but I never show my legs, I only wear maxi's, I don't think we were given permission to show our legs at all. Not that it matters for me at this point.I couldn't bear for my ankles to show.
Annie Special (19 days ago)
Oh wow...
Buhle Nkosi (10 months ago)
It's modest like that
Queen WCG (1 year ago)
Petra Cool my exact thoughts 😂😂😂😂😂
Agstina Gana (2 years ago)
is fitting
Patrick Turene (2 years ago)
I downloaded it in window but it doesn't want to work
Patrick Turene (2 years ago)
what is the name of those book that you were reading
Patrick Turene (2 years ago)
N. M (2 years ago)
Prophets and Kings by Ellen G. White. There is an app on both the App Store and Google Play where you can download the Ellen G. White app and get all of her books for free. God bless.
Plytrin Dame (2 years ago)
Nice clothes...a bit clingy though, don't you think? Also, what about different colors, I only noticed dark, drab colors...maybe you can add more colors to your wardrobe. nice video tho and thanks for the ideas...God bless.
cocoalove18 (2 years ago)
i loved this video! thank you so much. I am struggling in this area quite a bit. I do hope you do a bit more of these, not that your channel is about fashion, but that I believe it will help a lot of people like myself. Thank you sister. God bless.
nataki Suggs (2 years ago)
You look older with this look.. You can dress modest without looking unstylish.. I'm sorry you are beautiful but you look very boring
Annie Special (19 days ago)
What makes it look boring to you...? If you don't mind
Our clothes should not be form fitting
Anikah (6 months ago)
+Demie Lu no because some of her outfits were fine like the first dress. The second one is too tight
ItsCharlene (8 months ago)
There's nothing wrong with wearing thing's like that
kouhei megara (1 year ago)
Demie Lu I agree. Wearing cardigans over skirts and pants help also too.
Demie Lu (2 years ago)
Curves will reveal themselves even in a brown paper bag.

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