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Waimea River Break

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Waimea River Break, North Shore, Oahu BEFORE PEOPLE START MAKING ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE, I'D LIKE YOU TO TAKE A SECOND TO THINK ABOUT WHERE ALL RIVERS LEAD. Here's a hint - (into the ocean!) When the waimea river fills up to capacity it breaks through the sand and flows into the ocean. It starts with a trickle then turns into a raging river. Once the water is finished flowing, the waves from the ocean build up the sand again and block the river from flowing into the ocean.
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Text Comments (4403)
Dila Okba (9 hours ago)
Mahesh Poojari (22 hours ago)
Waimea river is Wow and artificial rafting. Wow best rafting without any risk.
D K (22 hours ago)
noob people
survivale07 (1 day ago)
They just destroy an ecosystem...
gangsterboogie (1 day ago)
Poseidon63 (1 day ago)
Did you have to pay royalties for the music???
Mitch Szlachetka (1 day ago)
The Beach is not destroyed. You only need flex tape to fix it
seongwoo salanghae (1 day ago)
can someone explain what's the point of doing this
TheExtremeEvoker (2 days ago)
How to cut the beach in half
Oshan Kawishka (2 days ago)
AVGUST (2 days ago)
Что вы делаете дебилы, это пресная вода!!!
extreme18plus (2 days ago)
чё наделали то, сейчас америка уйдёт под воду
Assasin (3 days ago)
alphavideochannel (3 days ago)
That looks fun :)
iiiChlxe (3 days ago)
This video was mostly great for the Michael Jackson music 😝
ヅKoinakizヅ (3 days ago)
imagine if it was still there
Rita reina (3 days ago)
sophia tonti (3 days ago)
Is this legal?? Lol this is awesome
Russian Lord420 (2 days ago)
sophia tonti read the description
Purple pineapplezz 1 (4 days ago)
Galaxis (4 days ago)
Well, that escalated quickly.
Yakozon (4 days ago)
that's disgusting
Raul Osorio (4 days ago)
That was in endless summer
DonkeyShows (4 days ago)
This is incredible. Nice teamwork
Vih souza (5 days ago)
waw, that's cool
Natalie Smith (5 days ago)
Thant when a freaking sand tiger shark appears out of now where!!!
Callum Farrell (5 days ago)
Wonder how legal this is
Jose Muñoz (5 days ago)
spy kids family play (5 days ago)
Look what happens when people work together my school doesn't understand that 😢
Leonardo Madureira (5 days ago)
Primeira vez q vejo um surfista usando uma pá... Kkkk
JJazelle (5 days ago)
JCBlueside (6 days ago)
Imagine the faces if there were people who were planning to have a chilled-out bbq & swimming party along the riverside the next day. Haha!
😭ohh man.. no no no it's really bad
Kristina Pike (6 days ago)
I have no comment except about the idiots that let little kids get so close. They could easily fall in and be swept away.
Lesleyt58 (6 days ago)
Wonder how people get back across that raging river at the end of the day and its time to go home. Looks bloody dangerous
17Industries (6 days ago)
I’d be really mad if my stuff was on the other side when the water broke
이은광 (7 days ago)
미친놈들 자연 그냥 두라고
Luminous (7 days ago)
breno highland (7 days ago)
a great time was had by all
Semmi Gamer (7 days ago)
These people made an island with quite a bit separating it
Will Schaper (7 days ago)
They dug a fucking river wtf
DestroyingGamer 34 (7 days ago)
ThAtS AlOt Of DaMaGe
Dj Teranova (7 days ago)
The song though 😂🌈 fucking amaizing
Milly Santiago (7 days ago)
Arno Seifert (8 days ago)
That escalated quickly...
Ну и нахуя эти дебилы это сделали?!😨😏
esechucote52 (8 days ago)
looks cool
Kzn Star (8 days ago)
Marcello Fernandes (8 days ago)
Wow! The lyrics should say.. Don't stop 'till you destroy it enough! The river has its own natural way to run into the sea. It doesn't need any help from anyone. Where was the environmental police to see this?
Luis Martinez (8 days ago)
Adiós playa con toda la arena que se llevó
CompilationKing (8 days ago)
Ima try this in my bath tub
Sirlei Silva (8 days ago)
Lukas CHAOS (8 days ago)
I miss that river :(
Pless Media (8 days ago)
I like it
Maria Brown (8 days ago)
Jeez that’s big!
Kartik Akhoon (9 days ago)
Damn they broke the beach
Guest Sanchez (9 days ago)
that little river flow then YOUR OWN WAVE MACHINE
sajco ooopa (9 days ago)
this is what causes the over flooding lands! and peouple blame climate change !!
NikR One (5 days ago)
There r really dumb people out there...so no: I can't
sajco ooopa (5 days ago)
+NikR One comon man cant u se it was sarcasm !
NikR One (6 days ago)
It's a river bro...it ends in the ocean anyways...
Livemusic Georgia (9 days ago)
Aboozar Ghaffari (10 days ago)
ایول 😂😂😂
Rex Silva (10 days ago)
Yes good Lucky
Pierre DUMONT (10 days ago)
I don't like that beach...Im used to the French Caribbean(St barth-Guadeloupe) paradise.
Theo Petherick (10 days ago)
Man made river cool!😲
Hdccfd Ngffft (10 days ago)
Romper barra de maceio pra surfar pororoca e ainda tocar video show
Hdccfd Ngffft (10 days ago)
Ke filme documentario dos 80s nos 90s sessao da tarde documentario surf tinha uma cena assim acho ke nao era surf no havai
Hdccfd Ngffft (10 days ago)
Tem ke ir no historico pra rew musica do video
Divine Dela Cruz (10 days ago)
It got that big already??? 🤔
Jeff Mckenzie (11 days ago)
I must take my son to do this now as he said it looked fun, Sacramento river never makes it through the Delta now. Sorry to my home town of W. Sac. Under 9' of water now.
Wijaya Multiprima (11 days ago)
Erosion at its finest
Drake Duncan (11 days ago)
2:37 OoF
flower girl (11 days ago)
I wanna go there or do that
What!!!!! The mapmakers are confused
What!!!!! The mapmakers are confused
Sra Piedrecilla (12 days ago)
How to destroy a Beach🤷
Plotagon Lover2018 (12 days ago)
dwarfas gamintojas (13 days ago)
thats how town lost beach :D:D:D:D:D:D
Jake MacLean Vlogs (13 days ago)
Would have been cool if you did 4K60fps shots
Djow Carlini (13 days ago)
Mudar o curso do rio não trás problemas ,,?
nick blaze (14 days ago)
Fucking idiots!!
nazhif ul ihsan (14 days ago)
Make ur own river
Katy Javier (14 days ago)
Hola mi nombre es Robin lamejoplalla este mui lejos
Jahaziel Rodriguez (14 days ago)
I wonder if they got fined by the city
Beetle Juice (14 days ago)
Хохлы Крым отделили
Scarlanz (14 days ago)
Why so many dislikes?
Chef.Samy.B_ Official (15 days ago)
Diesel Power (15 days ago)
Shit, that’s like a fleet of dump trucks full of sand gone right there
Pulse Mrac (15 days ago)
Make another video on it I want to see what it looks like
Javali Sincero (15 days ago)
Deslike pela edição bosta
Drake Harris (15 days ago)
They ruined an ecosystem
kirra (15 days ago)
this is awesome
BongoCat (15 days ago)
What have they done😮
Sebastian Riddersholm (15 days ago)
So you basicaly made a river?
Chief Keef (15 days ago)
I feel like this is illegal
sanane sanane (16 days ago)
meili mccannsayles (16 days ago)
This cool but like there by a ocean just surf in tue ocean
gameplay jack (16 days ago)
Cara eu espero MUITO MESMO QUE ESSE LAGO SEJA DE água salgada Que senão a quantidade de água doce que perderam nessa porcaria de brincadeira vai ter sido grande.... Realmente o ser humano é uma prega ... incontestável
Hector Flores (16 days ago)
I am sorry my english not is very gud but is a really happy land
TheSteveoizzle (16 days ago)
camera work was TERRIBLE
Michael Ledford (16 days ago)
I dont hate that they destroyed the beach, i fuckin hate how there making fresh water go into the ocean. Way to much fresh water for only like 1 hour of stupid fun.
Angelo Acuña (16 days ago)
la que han liado

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