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Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell

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Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CameronCRussell Cameron on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cameron_r/ TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Alaric Smith (45 minutes ago)
Brilliant talk. Honest and well delivered.
In my opinion she is expressing the idea that we are so much more that our looks and that we can achieve anything we want in our lives. She wants to pass on her experience so that we can do something of more value. She speaks from experience and I think from her own regret. Bravo!
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (3 hours ago)
being ugly sucks, ask me, being reminded about your hideous looks everywhere isn't cool. I was even suspected of being a thief at one time,
Rino Sorg (6 hours ago)
All she did was brag. No message and waste of time.
trap 007 (10 hours ago)
she's trying so hard to make a joke.. but people are too buzy flirting
Jacqueline Larsen (13 hours ago)
This was very uninspiring and now I feel guilty because I'm white
rip cedric (13 hours ago)
...I would love to see the people in this comment section fulfill a ten year modeling career see if they still think that girl is complaining for nothing.
Barry Dean (13 hours ago)
She is very nice looking seaxy
QMT DRACUL (18 hours ago)
Money is not everything. Trust me, I am a thief.
Ana Clara (18 hours ago)
“If tear drops could be bottled there’d be swimming pools filled by models”
Nicholas Littlejohn (21 hours ago)
We can't change how we look, only our spiritual outlook. 😀
Nicholas Littlejohn (21 hours ago)
YT ads are the worst OMG
fr8fr6dr (23 hours ago)
I see a few "ugly duckling" stories in the comments. I have experienced the opposite. From my teens through my 20's, my world-view was that everyone was kind, nice, compassionate. I crossed 30, gained weight and looked nothing like the apparently handsome young man I was, and suddenly strangers were not nice and kind whenever I met them - they often glared at me, or worse, ignored me entirely. It took a few years, but I figured it out. People were kinder to me as a young, slender, good-looking man, and as I aged and gained weight, their unconscious programming told men and women alike that I had no value and to either hate me or ignore me. Society is fickle. Looks are fleeting. Our harsh society judges us all instantly upon appearance. Young? Old? Attractive? Unattractive? Influential? Wealthy? In a split-second view, we all consign each other to our respective pigeon holes. I've begun to lose weight, by the way. And with each new burst of weight loss, the world is suddenly friendlier to me - more smiles, more 'please', more 'thank you', more people holding the door open for me. It makes me angry, actually - all of these people, who several months ago would not even acknowledge my presence are suddenly being kind to me again, and I hate the hypocrisy - I am the same man, I just now have a different shell. We are all so petty.
Bianca Gomez (1 day ago)
This TED should be watch for so many girls suffering for what they think they should look like...thanks
kwood68 (1 day ago)
WOW!!!! I hesitated to click on this but boy am I glad I did. She was phenomenal even in her nervousness. All young girls should hear this speech.
Marco Moschetta (1 day ago)
she is absolutely beautiful and has a great way of holding the talk. But what she says is, well let's admit it: nothing, zero. Which confirms what she said, however.
candyfloss184 (1 day ago)
I am an ugly almost bald headed indian guy....unmarried....ask me if looks matter or not.
Saeed N (2 days ago)
Looks, money, youth and social status matters.
ice water (2 days ago)
Thank you for being honest
gilliancorzine (2 days ago)
Very brave Cameron. thank you.
Shakti Maan (2 days ago)
She is right.. Looks aren't everything.. but combine it with good voice and style with a little bit of wisdom and helpful heart.. dang.. you're fatal now!
Larry Paul (3 days ago)
duh! And she’s not that hot
Ms Serious (3 days ago)
I don’t think she’s that attractive.
MygunsJammedify (3 days ago)
Says the conventionally attractive model, jesus christ this is dumb.
AmbientTunes (3 days ago)
JFL at this video-what a fucking joke
shaso Teen sisters (3 days ago)
Out of 17 million people who viewed 16 million people suffer inferiority ego because of looks Why ??? Seriously why?? And yea unfortunately I am one among them
Anne-Marie Malling (3 days ago)
Health and Beauty 8
Artour Babev (4 days ago)
For a model, she did really great tbh. Despite of all the flaws that you people in the comment section can point out, i wished she could speak twice this duration because i found that her tone and diction fits my ears.
Sunil Kumar (4 days ago)
She is beautiful women inside out & stood by her words marrying someone who is good at heart instead of going by looks. You can find the profile below of her husband https://instagram.com/damanibaker
Florian Pe (4 days ago)
Despite the nervousness she showed, I really appreciated what she shared . I think models, despite their beauty and fame has problems like normal people do.They also have insecurities.
Tito Tio (5 days ago)
She changes her outfit and still looks amazing
Jason Huang (5 days ago)
It's because u r not that good looking
Angelica Gayle (5 days ago)
She’s one smart lady
Jon Rogers (5 days ago)
The grass is always greener
O k (5 days ago)
Can i like something 3 times
Shannon Mia (5 days ago)
I personally disagree with the amount and content of the negative comments under this video. Yes she’s a model and yes she’s had luck on her side for most of her life. Why should that take away from what she has to say? It takes actual bravery to speak up the way she has, especially when so many people could respond negatively; but she did it. She’s also shown that although she is privileged, she acknowledges it. She’s not stuck up about it and she doesn’t take advantage of it. She’s using her voice to raise awareness for those who determine most of their worth on their outward appearance and I don’t think that’s anything to criticize.
Rino Sorg (6 hours ago)
Health goes without saying. After that , it’s money and looks. Everybody knows that, let’s not be hypocrites !
Cody Hutton (3 days ago)
Nothing is immune to criticism. Nothing. Which is ironic if you think about it because her criticizing the industry she's in and pointing out its faults could, if people wanted to, end up tying her to being anti-semetic as the fashion industry and what is deemed as "beautiful" is an industry run by a lot of people who are of Jewish descent. We all know you can't criticize certain groups of people either, on social media or in front of a camera, without a massive backlash. This is also ironic as white people are highly criticized all the time for being white, but I digress. It does not take bravery to speak up the way she has. I can say that as, a white male, no one would say I was brave for stepping up to the stage and talk about how I was mercilessly bullied in high school for being tall and overweight because, by definition, as a white male I'm "privileged" and thus have no issues that people would see as noteworthy. And I can agree with that aside from the privileged part. There is no bravery in speaking up for things that personally affect your life on the hopes you can get some sympathy points and just so happen to inspire someone else. One of the most difficult things I have had to do in my life is talk to several groups of fourth graders about the importance of reading and writing. I can empathize with this woman for getting on a massive stage and talking for once as most of the time people just LOOK at her. I can empathize with that. What I cannot empathize with, however, is the idea that she would ever have a hard time being listened to because she is "beautiful". People may not pay attention to her, but no one would ever look at her with disgust and contempt. Being a very tall and large male, with facial features that can be seen as "intimidating" I found it very difficult to talk in front of children as I thought I would scare them away. When this woman can offer up a ted-talk on anxiety about her looks scaring people away, something others may not expect to even hear, that would be interesting and worth looking into. Saying she has a "hard life" because she's attractive is just another insecure little teenage girl with daddy issues that wants attention. Simple as that.
John (3 days ago)
​+Shannon Mia Well for starters, she got on that stage, even if she has absolutely nothing to say, this whole speech could be summarized with "yeah looks are important, but not everything, trust me I'm insecure just like you (even if you're ugly and I'm not)). Wow, what a brave and insipiring talk! I mean she literally say how sometimes she got stuff for free just because her aspect and do you think she hasn't takedn advantage of it? I don't even blame her, she did what everyone would have done
Shannon Mia (3 days ago)
John Tell me how she’s taken advantage of it.
John (3 days ago)
"she doesn’t take advantage of it. " laughed out loud
The Mask (5 days ago)
Negative comments are from non humans, keeping low energy VIBRATION flowing.
Many people in the comment section think in this economy.. There's only rich and broke like a homeless 😂 I prefer to live in the middle of the 2... From what I see in IG and Youtube Vlogs.. Rich people do things that anybody with an average salary can do, But they just do it in "STEROID MODE" .. They do drugs every hour, have a Ferrari and a tiger instead of a Corolla and a small Kitty for a pet, and they travel everyday instead of once per year like we do 🤔 So is that same Middle-class life + Steroids 💀
SPIRIT KAT (5 days ago)
like everyone else hating whites but now even if u r one now thats very sick
Sweetie Bellie (5 days ago)
“Looks isn’t everything” says a model who career is based on looks and who works her entire life to look good. She’s not pretty just tall and skinny. Looks is important don’t lie to attract views If looks isn’t everything then she should let herself go and get big! Stop using cosmetic surgeries and anti aging products.
All these ugly people complaining about the speech lmao
vaibhav sharma (5 days ago)
Russel it's really remarkable that you don't lose yourself even after becoming successful ; by the way I love when you get little embarrassed
Minul (5 days ago)
There isn't such thing as beautiful or ugly. Only society and ideas.
zeus (6 days ago)
Black Pill (6 days ago)
fearless talk...ted is full cuck
Shannon Kobe (6 days ago)
Cheeseburgers arent everything. Believe me i eat a lot of cheeseburgers.
Deborah L (6 days ago)
Wow you guys are bit-ter. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
J Guy (6 days ago)
No they aren’t, but they definitely help. And that’s a fact! Same principle as money. Only people with a lot of money say that money is not everything lol. And they are correct, but it definitely helps lol.
chillaly ajay (6 days ago)
Work as a farmer in any of the tropical countries in Africa or Asia and then check your skin color if it is still white or check if your hair still shines. The white people are usually found in cold countries where the Sun is not very harsh and they buy most of their food from Africa, Asia and other central American countries. When people don't have to produce food and just buy and eat ready made food and don't get exposed to intense sun heat will of course stay white. That's how white race has come into existence. If a white person stays in tropics for his entire life and his kids and their kids then their white color will slowly blend with the color of people who are living there. It's not the race that makes a person different, it is the place where you live or from where your ancestors are, is what makes you different. And of course whites enjoy this beautiful gift to dominate other races.
Dimitra (7 days ago)
Not something that I didn't know already a long time ago. But I never wished to be a model or to look like one. I'm happy with myself and appearance. Good for people who are not happy with themselves and for people who judge only by looks which is sadly A lot!
Anna Crew (7 days ago)
Honestly I am not sure what she was trying to get at with this... The title of her talk did not match what she was saying
Live Hard or die easy (7 days ago)
Best Ted talk!
bb z (7 days ago)
U can also become a model and first lady of america who pretends to care. Lmao
k mac (7 days ago)
Are we supposed to feel bad for her? I am so pretty I'm only wanted for my looks. Boo freaken hoo!
Vanessa Mendes (7 days ago)
Yes it is. I only like this guy cuz the way he looks and now i honestly cannot forget about him. He IS nice and friendly and surpringly not cocky, but the only reason why i started liking him is he is hot. The only reason he doesnt like me is because im not good looking. Thats life
Lily Ann (7 days ago)
You're amazing honest and humble and thats to be admired but your white guilt is unnecessary. You don't get stopped by police because you're pretty, you dont get stopped because you're statistically less likely to commit a crime. Also. Genetically speaking your white, light coloring is quite rare in the world, and sought after because so. So feeling guilty that there arent more dark skinned models is unnecessary. Dark people make up over 80 percent of the world population. What is rare stands out.
Ling Leow (7 days ago)
the exact opposite of this video is Letter to my son from Jim Jeffrey stand up. it's such an irony...
watching99134 (7 days ago)
If models are so insecure because they're worried about how they look because they're constantly scrutinized by photographers and they don't get a chance to develop themselves in their chosen profession why don't they choose a different profession? Is someone forcing them to be models?
Vinny Smith (3 days ago)
+Alina Sieber You are retarded
Alina Sieber (7 days ago)
I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about your image, or that it’s wrong trying to be pretty, or fun putting on make up or whatever. It’s just that it’s important to accept first, look inside yourself, create yourself, and find that inner happiness, before going to physical extents to be “beautiful”. Because you already are. And if you need to be loved to feel that, try to love yourself, not superficially, but really just be satisfied and held by you, and love from others, beauty, and happiness come with that♥️
Alina Sieber (7 days ago)
watching99134 don’t you see? It’s because not only models feel such insecurities, its also so many young girls and women who are dissatisfied and insecure with themselves, and they think that they’re not good enough. It’s society’s expectations forcing models and girls, women to feel like they need to be a certain way to be happy, and fit in, get away with it all. This is the reason why many teens become models, because they think it will make them stand out and better, until some realize how this is hurting, harming them in so many ways. Realizing in the end that it all just is a coverup, a fake shield. Your body, face, hair, cloths, they’re all not you. They shouldn’t be defining or controlling you. Because happiness is found inside. Thanks for reading this far if you did🙂
Huy Dang (8 days ago)
The world its change now
art에반 (8 days ago)
Looks certainly are everything to you
Prateek Maheshwari (8 days ago)
She deserved rounds of applause all the time in between. She didn't say image is nothing, but that image is powerful and is superficial, and in last 30 seconds she won me. Thoughtful and honest.
Antares 555 (8 days ago)
Her biggest problem in life is to worry about how she looks like every day?? I'm speechless we're taking these talks seriously...honestly.
c-ly rabbit (8 days ago)
Looks are everything . Didn't you listen to Deadpool?
The One (8 days ago)
As a formerly beautiful young woman who was constantly objectified throughout my youth, struggling to find my identity as an unattractive middle aged woman, I found this talk very helpful and freeing.
grayowl (8 days ago)
Entertainment isn't everything trust me, I play Roblox and I'm a Robloxian
Cpamoi Lafait (8 days ago)
Yeah but it doed help a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
mrfld (8 days ago)
Up vote my comment if you would rather be good looking than smart.
Sami Motaghedi (7 days ago)
Looks fade though. I'd go with smart
short term
Ed Liu (8 days ago)
we already know looks aren’t everything. Welcome to the real world lol
igbala Kard (9 days ago)
She should have mentioned that her pretty face also allowed her to be on a TED talk without having anything special to say. It felt like sitting while my family was showing their hollyday pics. I don't see the point of this TED, it's complaining about the drawbacks of her job while she was never forced to do it. She feels unsecure ? Flashnews, ugly women do too and they don't have any benefit of it. So cry me a river baby, and get over it already.
igbala Kard (2 days ago)
+Maria Johansson And what is the information she provided there ? That good-looking people have it easier ? We knew it already. Actually, I'd have found it deeper if she mentioned the fact that being good-looking also brings you all kind jealousy. All these statistics about discriminations were very shallow (it felt like she tried to have something deep to say), it's nice to talk about it but TED talks are supposed to teach you something new/unusual. I'm still wondering what was the purpose of all this if not to please her need to do something that looks smart. Also, dressing in the beginning, what was the point really ?
Maria Johansson (3 days ago)
Did you count the no of people that she represents ?(and isn´t presenting themselve)including non-models, could be about money or immigration issues as well, Do you like me? Why? ...
Edris Popal (9 days ago)
I liked the non magazin natural pics more than the magazined pics believe me Its natural, nature is always beautiful
BRBallin1 (9 days ago)
Not only did the modeling industry convince us that white women are the most sexiest, it convinced people in countries with varying skin tones like India that fair skinned women are the only ones who should be considered beautiful
johnny fox (7 days ago)
Let me bet you are not white right?
佐藤武志 (9 days ago)
She is a great lady but it is kind of crap
Cloud Tim (9 days ago)
This is bull...My gramma was a gangster, she always says, “if you are ugly, you get slapped one more time when you make the same mistakes others made lmao”.
UGH ugh (9 days ago)
Ted went from science to pc SJW cultism. Looks are scientifically proven advantageous and socially significant. Her comments are subjective drivel
Addicted2Battle (9 days ago)
her: models are all insecure. me: turns off video
zara syeda (9 days ago)
That's my friend telling me that failing a test is ok, I'll get another chance, everyone makes mistakes...etc when he score 9.99/10 *Claps*
"Looks arent everything, " said the model. Lmao, bye.
Ali Ali (9 days ago)
U must care about who U r not how do U look
Larry Gentis (10 days ago)
2 Peter 3, the hidden serenity of the heart....see ifyouloveme.co.uk
cristina khatiwada (10 days ago)
She don't have anymake up in her face ..That is impressive
Travis Foster (10 days ago)
Now it's finished. Totally would marry her twice
Travis Foster (10 days ago)
yep I'd marry her
Srikrishna Karthik (10 days ago)
I get the point she was implying, I like her honesty.
Tiffany Kibria (10 days ago)
Thats where the tru beauty of a women lies snd it's in her honesty and i swear she is so beutiful
Bryant Caplan (10 days ago)
The talk and take away were a little superficial for what could have been. Next time :).
Henry C (10 days ago)
Its easy for attractive people to say looks aren’t everything. Same as it’s easy for wealthy people to say money isn’t everything. I’m very wealthy and know how lucky I am (through hard work) to have financial security. But, I’d never tell someone money isn’t everything.
chris gast (10 days ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone believes beauty to be tall, slender figures.
conni70 (10 days ago)
good looking women ( and men) have an advantage in life....but it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with looks...a beautiful black women is treated better than an ugly white women, despite what the lefty activists will tell you..
rjenkins23853 (10 days ago)
Looks might not be everything but they are so important. Take it from me. I am not a handsome man. People at work only want to hear from you when you do them favors. No one expects you to have a happy life that is for sure. Women never try to form bonds with you unless you can pay for things for them. Trust me, it makes a difference
Emad Heydari Beni (10 days ago)
The number of views for such a simple TED talk is insane!
Gaurav Sahu (10 days ago)
Money is not everything, Believe me !! - Said a Billionaire.
shaurya saxena (10 days ago)
I am ugly and even afraid to even smile infront of people .. i know it because 6 girls can't be wrong ..
Alexis ̇ (10 days ago)
shaurya saxena Same
Jay Petrova (10 days ago)
Why cite diversity statistics from 2007. The landscape has changed enormously since then. Makes it clear to me that while a lot of this was great, she had an agenda.
Alexis Mantra (10 days ago)
Outside beauty fades but what will last is the inner beauty. And i think that's what matters, how you look on the inside. And ive met people who were not that attractive in society's standards but they have a beautiful heart and honestly that makes them even more beautiful than those people who looks beautiful on the outside but is ugly on the inside. So looks are not really everything!! Your heart and what your character says about you is the real deal. No matter what you think you look like or what other people thinks about you. Just make your heart the most beautiful thing about you and people will see you beyond your looks and it will take u far. And I think its beautiful when people start looking to a person's heart than by just merely looking on the outward looks. Just my thoughts! :-)
Regina Thee (11 days ago)
Looks are not important but its a bonus,no one wants to be ugly thats why we buy make up and lot of things just to be look good and feel good about it.,how f"*^* stupid to hear a supermodel that looks are not so important?same as wealthy man saying money cant buy happiness,oh common folks dont blind us with ur f*~* statement. Why some people complaining alot instead be thankful that they are getting a lot of blessings than the others!
Karmas?k (11 days ago)
"If a woman is beatiful probably she is stupid, if she is smart probably she is ugly" I think thats a Lie This Woman is Beatufil and Smart
Red Bean (11 days ago)
Everything has its own down side, let's just say it like this okay? Very simple. Human with no clarity and gratitude is never going to be satisfied no matter how good he or she looks. Same with every aspect. "Ugly" human feel unsatisfied, "pretty" human feel unsatisfied. No matter what, we'll feel unsatisfied, that's a fact, that's because we are human beings. So just stop assuming that you will be forever happy when you become good looking or have lots of money okay? Life will throw something difficult at you all along no matter what, enjoy your ride no matter what. #myopinion
Xinghai Hu (11 days ago)
Rich people tell us money is not important, good looking people tell us appearance is not important, and genius tell us talent is not important. Actually, everyone tells other what they have already had is not important

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