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Windows Terminal: Building a better command line experience for developers - BRK3069

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Microsoft is building a new Terminal application delivering a modern command line experience on Windows. Tabs? Check. Emoji? ✔. Fast, smooth, modern UX with Fluent acrylic background? You got it! Come and learn all about the new Terminal app, how we built it, where to get the code, and how to help us build the world-class Terminal app Windows developers deserve.
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Text Comments (926)
moofymoo (9 hours ago)
I have lived long enough to see windows having proper console. I feel so old now.
Endre Lovas (9 hours ago)
The ONLY reason I am using macos is terminal. I could have used Linux but it ain't work for me with the missing photoshop, final cut etc. I consider to return to windows.
dasten123 (11 hours ago)
uhhh... what? Why not use git bash?
Free Style' (15 hours ago)
How can I have this new terminal?
David (21 hours ago)
You're open sourcing this thing. ok. Wait, OMG I see a debugger! Is that windows debugger!? It is! Are you open sourcing that?? No...thumbs down.
Shrek (23 hours ago)
Multiple tabs, even though there is tmux Dynamic background transparency and blur color themes, styles, emojis looks like they have got their priorities straight.
Xmerof (1 day ago)
Thank you for not the PM's Bs, but the real meat and honesty :)
Code Cato (1 day ago)
It's just funny how Microsoft tries to shoehorn Linux into Windows. They seriously think, that adding autistic terminal ricing and a POSIX complient shell to Windows will make people switch back from Linux. Completely missing the point of FOSS, Repositories and the absence of Telemetry in Linux, which is why people actually switch away. Tone deaf in my opinion. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Mark my words.
Film (1 day ago)
just make the windows key as the mac clover key
kubakakauko (1 day ago)
I'm a Microsoft fanboy
Submersed24 (1 day ago)
Microsoft is much more community based and transparent now. That's good
Cyberfoxxy (2 days ago)
Windows 7, introduces box selection Windows 10, introduces paste (not copy) Innovation right there.
Umi Swamy (2 days ago)
I want Tmux, make, and all the linux flavors....!
Danil Viazovoy (2 days ago)
I wish MS Visual Studio gets this slick UI. Also, it's 2019 but VS still doesn't have a good theme editor! However I really like that Microsoft is taking this path towards renovation.
Lưu Vĩnh Phúc (3 days ago)
the speaker is speaking in a normal voice but WHY IS THE SCRIPT WRITER SHOUTING?
Barry Manilowa (3 days ago)
Not impressed. The command line should have been obsolete decades ago. Ironically, the best text based console ever made was Apple's MPW. You can select a command you already typed and reexecute it. Copy and paste was a no brainer. You can also save your console session as a transcript you can reload later.
linuxguy 11 (3 days ago)
Needs linux support
tallgeese1 (4 days ago)
I just joined the Windows Insider Program for this and cloned the terminal repository. I encountered a few hiccups prior to a successful build, but I got it deployed!
Edvin Tabakovic (1 day ago)
tallgeese1 Ooooo bad mistake. A lot of games and some programs are not going to work properly in beta versions of windows as it’s not fully supported through the latest graphics drivers.... now the only way to get out of it is to reinstall windows. You made a big mistake
Matthias Kraft (4 days ago)
format c: /s
day feed (4 days ago)
When we can enjoy this??
Black Tiger (4 days ago)
Command line in 21st century... Sorry Marty, we fucked up.
With all do respect and considering that this is a move 'forward' for MS, how is this different from a customizable λ - Cmder? I am personally scared thinking all the conflicts that might exist in a non-segregated env! where Wnidows and Linux will live ... together. I have to admit thought that this is a move forward for MS! Great work.
Álvaro Buj (4 days ago)
This is beautiful, congratulations to the devs that brought this to life
Conrad Genio (4 days ago)
Windows Terminal: Better late than never!
lasagnapapa (4 days ago)
PC enthusiasts 2018: It’s about time you made a functional terminal! Took you long enough!! PC enthusiasts in 2015-2018: *begs for useless features that have nothing to do with functionality or has any importance whatsoever*
ph0ne (4 days ago)
Embrace, Extend, Extinguish!
MrCP (4 days ago)
Yes ok. But the real question everyone's dying to know. HOW DOES DWARF FORTRESS LOOK RUNNING ON IT lol. (you can run the Linux version in CMD mode).
CodeCommand (4 days ago)
Davesoft (5 days ago)
11:25 Morons. It's a legacy product and you're choosing to... ditch the legacy. Bravo. Look up 'powershell', you might be surprised what the left hand has been upto.
John Doe (5 days ago)
Yawn, another "feature" the vast majority did not ask for. How about putting more effort fixing existing bugs, code the features people actually need.
spectral frequency (5 days ago)
Windows 10 is still the worst OS of all time.
Jalae Lain Casaus (5 days ago)
this is such a joke...
el bojo loco (5 days ago)
Does this mean I can stop restarting my PC every time I add something to my PATH?
Constructive Bytes (2 days ago)
Never had to do that to begin with, lmao.
Husnur Ridha Syafni (3 days ago)
el bojo loco i don’t think you need to restart your pc just to load PATH into your env. Just reopen your console/cmd.
Enternamehere (5 days ago)
lol microtrash
Vamsi (5 days ago)
That's quite a cinematic teaser for a terminal. LOL. We're in the future. ❤ Microsoft from India.
̣ (5 days ago)
music/song: Hey Buko - Watch What I Do
MrGeekGamer (5 days ago)
Congratulations for implementing a basic feature that should have been present 25 years ago.
Antonio Ortiz (5 days ago)
How to have a decent terminal in windows: 1.- Delete windows 2.- Install any linux distro
Med Medin (5 days ago)
Watching the video from Ubuntu and opening my terminal for checking updates, all those fancy features are present for many years on Linux, is this what M$ is happy about ? really disappointed and silly
MrGarkin (5 days ago)
This, wsl and replace notepad with vscode.
Mon Day (5 days ago)
16:00 Copy-paste works in CMD since ... I don't know when, at least Windows 7 - But, it is not default enabled, just enable QuickEdit
kay (5 days ago)
windows 8?
Mubeen Patel (5 days ago)
Open the Windows terminal: c:\users\admin\> pwd BOOOOOOOOM c:\users\admin
weiwei yuan (5 days ago)
Ariful Islam (5 days ago)
you finally have given attention to modern pathway
MonochromeWench (5 days ago)
Might joke about Emoji but support is important incase someone goes and puts one in a filename and then the console can render it properly but windows explorer cant cause it uses gdi to draw text. now the shell team needs to update like everything to support emoji
MonochromeWench (5 days ago)
Might joke about Emoji but support is important incase someone goes and puts one in a filename and then the console can render it properly but windows explorer cant cause it uses gdi to draw text. now the shell team needs to update like everything to support emoji
MonochromeWench (5 days ago)
Might joke about Emoji but support is important incase someone goes and puts one in a filename and then the console can render it properly but windows explorer cant cause it uses gdi to draw text. so now the shell team needs to update like everything to support emoji
Aarre (5 days ago)
finally i can include emojis in my code
ElCris009 (5 days ago)
50:37 xDDD that error cost me restart a entire proyect, and the solution is very simple, noob times
Hitch Watson (5 days ago)
Great, taking everything from the GNU community and plugging it into a spyware.
shpluk (5 days ago)
So now windows is cool? Should I alert my grandpa
Nuinux (5 days ago)
OMG MORE COPY AND PASTE FOR SCRIPT KIDDIES..... f my life...... just remove copy and pasting all together from windows it will make it a better platform.... ok nvm i need it... not to copy and paste code though
Darren Evans (5 days ago)
Did Kenny Kerr have something to do with that WIL library? He's doing good work with his C++/WinRT that also makes life easy for modern C++ language devs.
Vitaly Pavluk (6 days ago)
Several decades they tried to teach us that GUI+mouse the best choise for us but Now they found that terminal is the winner ;)
LittleRainGames (6 days ago)
Nerds ;)
sham (6 days ago)
Windows is gross and counter-productive to developers. I'll stick to my Windows PC for gaming and general internet use and this is about it.
Tom Hudson (6 days ago)
Just install Linux for free!
Storin of Kel (6 days ago)
All fun and well, but Microsoft is already too late. Yes, you can try to get the Linux users to start buying Windows, but the constant failures in updating the Operating System, spying on users for advertisement incomes, etcetera, will most likely have Windows users move away it and start to realize that any Nix system is by far better and more reliable. I moved away from Microsoft Windows late last year and never regretted it in the slightest. In the Netherlands we have a saying and translated it goes like this: Even if a monkey wears a golden ring, it will always remain an ugly thing.
Bora Semiz (6 days ago)
Still linux terminal beats
Ronaliza Miranda (6 days ago)
Microsoft windows:Can I copy your work? Linux:Yeah, just dont copy that one
Alexander Roodt (6 days ago)
Looks beautiful
jub8891 (6 days ago)
windows wishes it was linux
beardymonger (6 days ago)
Bring us WSL3, Windows based on the linux kernel, thank you.
beardymonger (6 days ago)
Question for MS fans out here: other then maintainers, who should learn Win32 today?
MrCoInSanity (6 days ago)
Am i the only one not liking this? Ill stick with linux. *Cough cough, Data being sold...*
Randomizer (6 days ago)
Who did actually ask for Emojis inside the terminal?
sivan ferna (6 days ago)
Can anyone explain with this all about to me as I dont know that much about tech I know what linux is though
Tung Pham (6 days ago)
Too easy. You guys just need to use / instead of \ for file path, then the current terminal is 1000% better already.
Pieter Kock (6 days ago)
Mmm putty and notepad pluss for ever
alex? (6 days ago)
ive never been so proud of microsoft for doing this, this kinda thing is what builds communities
Fabrizio Arriens (6 days ago)
where is the link for download ?
Tommy Vasec (6 days ago)
You have convinced me to stay with *NIX
Tommy Vasec (6 days ago)
I perused through this video. My first remark is that the Windows Terminal is simply a VT-100 terminal with whistles and bells added.
smakfu (6 days ago)
Yeah, that's real nice and all - welcome to 15 years ago. Now fix the goddamn Windows10 user experience (seriously, how long are you going to drag out this crap with the settings panel and control panel migration?), address the massive UI look&feel inconsistencies, stop pretending the Windows API has been superseded, stop jamming your awful store down everyone's throat and give us back control of when updates are applied (without requiring a version with gpedit or jacking up local policy settings with regedit).
Tommy Vasec (6 days ago)
Windows inventing Unix? LOL BTW: I left this comment when the clip was at 2:01.
LePhOeNiX (7 days ago)
We need video or at least GIF support in the Terminal. 😇🌈
Michael Luttmer (7 days ago)
It's just a terminal but awesome.
Sven Olderaan (7 days ago)
Implement bash.
queenannsrevenge100 (7 days ago)
Who would have thought that ANY part of the Windows source code would ever be open-sourced? Or that an MS Dev would have used the term "dumpster fire" or "bug factory" for any of their work in progress? It truly is a new age... Applause for the openness of recent years, and hopes it continues...
Tiphany Summers (7 days ago)
Abhishek Shrivastava (6 days ago)
Preview by mid June 2019 and final release by this winter end of the year
Ryan Johnson (7 days ago)
My god that "teaser" was such garbage. How do these video creators not realize that flashing through different screens for less than a second is just awful? And what was with the music - who do they think that they are presenting to, Beyonce?
Boddhi (7 days ago)
Bill Gates will turn in his grave!
yako (7 days ago)
Windows program that's open source? *What????*
Orrin Lu (7 days ago)
Boomix (7 days ago)
22:01 - Razer BlackWidow Keyboard
Jared Seiple (7 days ago)
Seems decent. I love Linux because of the community and opensource. I just figured out how to get Windows 10 on a raspberry pi 3 B+. WoA, though it's not created by Microsoft, I wonder if i'd be able to get this terminal for it. If not now, someone will opensource something like it. :D Anyhow, great video and I can't wait to test this out.
Shawon Ashraf (7 days ago)
Copied conemu and cmder eh?
1 like = 1 search on stackoverflow
yooyo3d (7 days ago)
Why Microsoft Store? Does it means that if I don't have MS account I won't be able to use new windows terminal? Guys, you need to learn true meaning of word "free". Anyway, good work.
Archibald Tuttle (7 days ago)
This looks exactly like the stuff I was working with on the mainframe in the 90is! However, I like the taste of it! Linux fans still will hate it and I never will understand them.
Ichsanuralief (7 days ago)
Cant wait using compiz on windows
Vasilije Perovic (7 days ago)
How much telemetry does it have? 🤔
isandov (7 days ago)
yes please
Adam Crockett (7 days ago)
Ultimately I should not be impressed by the technology, this is playing catch-up. more the recognition that I could develop on windows. But should I? I will keep an open mind and give it a whirl.
Radhwane Radoine (7 days ago)
Thank you You are doing a great job
James Oxford (7 days ago)
so this is why windows eats memory.
LimpaDiscos (7 days ago)
Konsole (the KDE terminal emulator) did things that "Microsoft Terminal" actually do since KDE 3. Good night.
jas16899 (7 days ago)
People who wait for Microsoft to release features don't deserve them in the first place.
knifebunny (7 days ago)
Nice improvements on the old Microsoft Terminal, looks like alot of features have been based on other terminals like cmder. All in all this is definately a step in the right direction. *claps*

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