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Secret 不能说的秘密 2007 film by Jay Chou full movie with english subtitle 720p HD

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Secret 不能说的秘密 2007 film by Jay Chou full movie with english subtitle 720p HD
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Lucas Chong (1 month ago)
Hey guys, here is the full sound track of this movie that you might be interested. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/smmW6mBRYYY
Sumin Joshy (10 days ago)
Lucas Chong Thankss
Crickkett (20 days ago)
Thank You!
Mary Kathleen Sapp (20 days ago)
Hello from Ohio USA... another sleepless night and at 4am I find this movie on YT. Most movies for me are predictable, but I must say this one caught me and my emotions totally off guard! Dawn approaches and sleep still eludes my now heavy heart...why am I still crying? The script, the music, the young actors with their faces of intense first love were all superb... Thank you for the English subtitles and this video. Best wishes from a now devoted follower.
Jane Yu (28 days ago)
Lucas Chong
Shi hau Wang (2 hours ago)
桂綸鎂那時真的很美 氣質也很出眾
Baris Kurt (1 day ago)
What is the name of 44:37???
phos theos (1 day ago)
This is a Taiwanese movie.
slaiyfershin (1 day ago)
Now I finally realise why my friend picked up the piano during this time period and why this movie is so loved. I really missed out in my youth! Better late than never. I have such a huge crush on lun mei now. Gosh.
2nd time watching this movie... the first time, when it was released about 10 years ago. 10 years ago... goshhhh! And I still think this is a very beautiful movie. Love the story, love the soundtracks very much.
HexRabite 0 (4 days ago)
im crying because of this
Rowland Phapha (4 days ago)
MaNiac NeWsFor (5 days ago)
JaaayR (5 days ago)
45:49 Takumi and his dad throwing mad tandems
Dany Tair (7 days ago)
Nice movie
Mac Kenzie (7 days ago)
I love this movie so much thank you for uploading and thank you you for making this movie 😭😭💖💖💖
May Wind of (7 days ago)
Disgusting awful CHinese movie
: ] (17 hours ago)
May Wind of You’re dumb as fuck for clicking on this video.
EfreiL Mones (8 days ago)
love this movies.😍😍😍
smita joshi (8 days ago)
Very unique story
Khentloren Romañat (8 days ago)
my heart is melt now.😭😭😭
Cimot Nababan (8 days ago)
Sad ending
Genriel S. (8 days ago)
What is the meaning of writings in closet were the two rugby players wrote?
Genriel S. (8 days ago)
Oh I see. Thanks man. Im just browsing some piano clips and I ended up here. Anyways I love the movie first time seeing it.
Tom Hong (8 days ago)
Another secret to foreign viewer ! These words were written in Traditional Chinese Writing : "Couch is a fool" by two rugby boys when they hid inside closet to escape from their couch. Later when the severe teacher tried to find where is the other player to play with Jay for the "four hand" piece, he asked and heard a sound came out of the closet so he rushed to open it but only saw these words, therefore the teacher left since he did not see Rain at all. By the way, it might be a little difficult to those people who only learned Simplied Chinese Writing to recognize these words. This is because Traditional Chinese Writing already used in China for more than 2,300 years as an official writing, however the Chinese communist suddenly changed it to Simplified Chinese Writing in Mainland China since 1949. In the meantime in Taiwan the government decide to keep Traditional Chinese Writing till now. Although 80% ~ 90% Chinese words writing are still the same in both writing, but 10% ~ 20% words writing difference makes it a little difficult for Taiwanese to read Simplified Chinese and for Mandarin Chinese it is a little difficult to read Traditional Chinese too.
XPGamer PLaysGames (8 days ago)
Somewhere along the lines of "The coach is stupid"
Kellot Cute (8 days ago)
cguro dito knuha ung concept ng movie ni Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual...
Nitin Macwan (9 days ago)
It was very heart touching story!!😘😘💖💕💗
First of all, I didn't cried at all, I swear 😌 🤗 2nd, I loved it. It's really twisting and just well made..
Chitra Rana (10 days ago)
i want to know the name of heroin and her films <3
Light Worm (10 days ago)
This was so freakin intense
Junak Marak (10 days ago)
OsM movie
Bry Martinez (10 days ago)
Si rain ba at sky relatively connected? Interesting..toh..
Kenzi Yonjon (10 days ago)
Makes me remind of sangay wish I would be with you like this 😔😔😔miss you a lot Dip
PLAYFUL MATHS (10 days ago)
Beautiful story and played very beautiful.
Sumin Joshy (11 days ago)
loved this movie .Awesome!!!
Gentarou Mishima (11 days ago)
Beautiful song and beautiful movie. Make me cries a lot😢
Rothana Ung (12 days ago)
Kajal Sahu (12 days ago)
Nurain Robilto (12 days ago)
After watched this I feel the Miracles....Thanks for the expedition...
Abiza Ch (13 days ago)
Is it bl movie
Mio Sone (13 days ago)
d best tong movie na to....
xairealle (14 days ago)
i really thought she's a ghost, i'm happy she's time traveler.
Tongsin Angninghman (14 days ago)
I am watching it For the Second time after 8 Years The Romance and beauty of the movie is still fresh 😊👌👍
fifi wisye (14 days ago)
Very good movie
정양화 (14 days ago)
Rodel Espana (14 days ago)
Very nice movie
I really love this movie 😍😍
wwww.Heartfulness.org www.Daaji.org
Pink Lamborghini (15 days ago)
Korean remake incoming
Jeth Zain (15 days ago)
Jay Chou has 2.5million followers on IG..im one of them.. I love his songs because it was usually used as soundtrack for movies and dramas..
XPGamer PLaysGames (15 days ago)
I've been thinking about this movie for daysss the chillsss sighh
Devorah Dulnuan (15 days ago)
Its a good movie..
vera bele (15 days ago)
love this movie.. the first time i watching this movie is about 6 years ago.. and now.. rewatching again. . . feel amaze with the melody n' the plot.
Thank you for upload
MonkBarn with Trails (16 days ago)
What a story and how beautifully it is presented
Chui Xia (16 days ago)
nice movie thank you for uploading
Hina Chan (17 days ago)
can someone explain to me... if the girl plays the secret notes to travel to the future... shouldn't Jay be in the future too instead of going to the past since he played the secret notes too? Also, if Jay travels to the past, the first person he sees should be the only one who can see him, but the movie made it seem like he was able to live in the past with her and graduated with the rest of the class? Its kind of sad to know that he can't be going back to his time since they destroyed the building already...
freakyrain888 (16 days ago)
Hina Chan “Return lies within hasty keys” Jay played it fast that’s why he went back to the past. Rain always play it on a normal speed to go to the future.
Leon Fank (17 days ago)
Kabita Singh (17 days ago)
Tank u
Kabita Singh (2 days ago)
Kabita Singh (11 days ago)
施博政 (17 days ago)
I still hate that teacher.
Tom Hong (18 days ago)
Spoiler Alert ! You are welcome to visit here AFTER you see this masterpiece, please DO NOT vist here BEFORE you see this movie to assain your fun ! 1. Why Sky could talked to Rain in the piano battle ? Since "First sight marks one's destiny", therefore when Rain's first sight was Sky, naturally Sky could see and talk to Rain. This also explains Jay saw Sky seemed talked to someone in the air in the middle of piano battle. 2. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER JAY GO BACK TO FIND RAIN ? Well, Jay did succesfully go back and met Rain again but the timing is way earlier than their first met in the old piano room since he played the Secret piece in an ultra speed than Rain did. You can see Rain had a shortest haircut in the classroom after Jay risk his life to find her but a longer haircut in the old piano room when their first met. 2. The boy Jay have a Chinese name : Yie Xiang Lun = YXL and the girl Rain have a Chinese name : Lu Xiao Yu =LXY. In fate it hints they have a secret coonection as YXL-LXY. 3. After Jay risk his life to find Rain, Rain only knew Jay is a new student since then because in her memory she never met him before, anyway she gave him a very friendly smile to welcome him. 4. After the old piano was destroyed, the universe changed again and Jay is no longer his father's. The universe arranged Jay as a student in the school, anyone can see Jay showed in 1979 graduation ceremony picture stood besides Rain. 5. This Taiwan movie Secret (2007) in Chinese name "Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi" in English means "Secret can not be told". Rain told the teacher about it then bulling by classmates, Teacher told the others caused the bulling. Jay knew it in the end but he must keep this secret forever since if he told Rain or anyone he will be treated like a psycho too. The old piano was gone so no more magic left, therefore everything remains secret in the end. 6. After the last time Jay met Rain, he must find the way to fall in love with her again. Anyway we do not know this part since Jay planned to make a Secret 2 movie in his plan. Unfortunately Korean bought the Secret 2 copyright and Korean will rewrite everything including actors, so there will be no Jay and Rain in Secret 2 anymore ! 7. The saddest part is Rain did passed away on graduation day, even though Jay run back to find her but the girl he loved will never return. The biggest secret is : everytime Rain and Jay played the Secret piece, the universe will changed subsequencely as a new universe. Thus in one universe Rain did passed away with heart breaking asthma. 8. As a matter of fact, there are many more secrets hid in this legend movie to be discovered. However if someone think there are loopholes in this movie. Trust me, Jay Chou arranged it purposely want you to think about it twice.
HANA HANI (1 day ago)
+slaiyfershin the not belonging to his father??? idont get it😅
slaiyfershin (1 day ago)
The not belonging to his father thing makes sense but is your own conjecture and not words from the director right?
Thilaga selvam (2 days ago)
+Tom Hong nice explanation
HANA HANI (6 days ago)
+Tom Hong thank you verry muchh!!👌
Tom Hong (6 days ago)
+HANA HANI Dear Hana, you just unconsciously unveiled the following secrets : the "1st sight" magic only works every time people played the Secret piece to go to the future and ended whe people play the Secret piece in hasty rhythm to back to the past. Rain played this piece after she found it from the old piano and the 1st one she saw was Jay in the old piano room. However afterwards she always failed to see Jay everytime she opened her eyes, thats why Rain wants to know the exactly distance between the old piano and Jay's classroom. In order to know it, you can see in one scene : Rain raised her hands, closed her eyes, walked in corridor and counted how many steps she walked .... 78, 79, 80 .... For other students she looked like sleep walking .... One female student carelessly ran and hit her .... Two other 2 female students whispered behind her "Whats she doing ?" Still she didnt open her eyes until she counted exactly 108 steps to stand in the back door of the classroom. How many times she failed before she exactly counted 108 steps from old piano room to Jay's classroom ? We never know ! But its VERY VERY likely surely catch every classmates' attention : "Why she always walking in the corridor like sleep walking ?" "What kind of problem she has ?" "Is she a psycho ?" Thus, Rain's classmates may believed she had a mental problem since then. It could also explains one key point : when the teacher told Rain's secret to the female class leader, this evil girl directed the the bulling with other classmates to Rain. Why not she ? Rain is do beautiful, talent and gifted in piano, obviously Rain was envy by the other girls for a long long time ago. The process of finding true love not only brings happy but also heart breaking to Rain, personally I believed many of us have the same feeling as Rain, don't we ?
Mur Syidi (18 days ago)
Film ny mmbingungkn
Angel Drew (18 days ago)
Jay chou is a legendary singer in Taiwan too if you try to listen and watch his songs mv you will love it I'm so in love with jay Chou I've been here for 7 Year's but not yet saw you personally. It's one of my Dream to see you jay personally.
Josephine Ross Marquez (18 days ago)
Eric nam and jay chou has similarities
jibon gogoi (18 days ago)
Kajini Lokho (18 days ago)
Worth watching. Thank you Lucas Chong for uploading this beautiful movie. Keep uploading great movies 👍👍
Tenjing Sherpa (18 days ago)
Boy's Dad is supper cool 🤣
James Ketcham (18 days ago)
Follow the notes upon a journey, at first sight marks one's destiny. Once the voyage comes to an end, return lies within hasty keys.
Kirk Zapanta (18 days ago)
TRUE Love END'S end with NOTHING it will end SOMETHING -
Weing Seen (19 days ago)
Touch my heart every time I watch.
Krish Nair (19 days ago)
nice movie mr siao is the teacher who showed this to us and i have watched like 10 times already
Yahiko Baskerville (19 days ago)
If I had to describe how I'm feeling right now; with all that's going on; every time I need to think I come back to this video and watch. Hoping this Solider boy will wake up with the lark. I knew a simple soldier boy Who grinned at life in empty joy, Slept soundly through the lonesome dark, And whistled early with the lark. In winter trenches, cowed and glum, With crumps and lice and lack of rum, He put a bullet through his brain. No one spoke of him again. You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye Who cheer when soldier lads march by, Sneak home and pray you'll never know The hell where youth and laughter go.
HENRY Y (19 days ago)
湘倫為了救小雨 願意回到過去 當一個只有小雨看得到他的隱形人 但最後一幕 賭上只有一次的機會 打開門看到是小雨 真的太感人了 雖然是回到小雨還不認識他的時候 但現實又怎能如此完美 這也算是留下一個看似遺憾 但又更加深刻的描寫 最後放上完整合照也呼應了前面大合照為何小雨旁邊空一格的原因 這部片真的很縝密 情節之安排巧妙 片段的呈現 真的是藝術 就如同杰倫當年的音樂一般獨特且無與倫比
Chirs 517 (8 days ago)
Ying Zhou (18 days ago)
HENRY Y (18 days ago)
+Ying Zhou 為什麼
HENRY Y (18 days ago)
+Grace X.F 應該是彈的越快 就可以回到越早吧
Grace X.F (18 days ago)
有個疑點是 寫完立可白的字後小雨就死了 那麼接下來湘倫就算回去找他怎麼可能會到小雨去世之前
Delia (20 days ago)
oh my god i've been looking for this movie for years, I didn't know who was playing and the title of the movie when I first watched it. i saw it on tv and it was so good. i'm so glad that i clicked on this video. thank you for uploading!
Chuzin Padma (12 days ago)
+Harold and Kumar thank u 🙏🙏
Harold and Kumar (12 days ago)
Chuzin Padma he went back to the past for her, the piano was destroyed and mayb that broke the rules so he became visible to everybody thats why he was in the photo
Chuzin Padma (15 days ago)
Hey did not understand the end part could u plz explain me plz
Tom Hong (18 days ago)
Dear Delia you better buy this Secret (2007) movie DVD or try the other way to preserve it. Because there is no copyright for this movie uploader in Youtube, therefore this movie may remove anytime without any notice at all.
Crickkett (20 days ago)
It’s really too bad that so many ugly comments by fellow viewers must be part of a good movie so kindly shared. An absolute shame just about everywhere these days that’s inescapable. Are people and their worlds so bad that they must inflict it on others?
Crickkett (20 days ago)
Lucas Chong , yes!
Lucas Chong (20 days ago)
Crickkett It’s also a lot of good comments too. Salute to good movie, salute to Jay Chou & fans all over the world. World peace 😬
Natalia Huang (20 days ago)
I love his voice....
Lalaine Grace Llasos (21 days ago)
xtie Ito (21 days ago)
He has auto finger 😗
Judz Francisco (22 days ago)
How cruel LOVE is!!!😢😢😢
Crickkett (20 days ago)
Judz Francisco, love is much more lovelier than cruel.
Thoungamba Chingakham (22 days ago)
Is there part 2
jorge l castillon (23 days ago)
lucas chong. thank you for the best movie is see in a long time. i will give it three american oscar's 1 best foreign movie 2 best actor and 3 best actress..jorge from indiana u.s.a.
Tom Hong (24 days ago)
Around 2012 Jay Chou told the press there will be a Secret 2 but later he directed another movie instead, then the Secret 2 copyright was bought by Korean and they will rewrite the whole script to be a new movie on 2018. Personally I serious doubt if Korean could make a master piece like it since apparently Secret (2007) already become a legend to surpass.
+lyn dj oh okay.. will you please comment here the name of the movie.. when they release the movie? Thankyou
lyn dj (8 days ago)
+Don't You Dare Subscribe not yet..they just recently bought the copyright
Is the Korean movie out yet?
Vic Mala (9 days ago)
Jay Chou is brilliant and amazing in this movie. Ive watched it in 2007. The piano battles are superb and the way that he plays the piano is epic. Its a masterpiece and one of the best movie that ive seen.
lyn dj (14 days ago)
South Korea must find an actor who has a high skill in playing piano
Charlton Tanuwidjaja (25 days ago)
What happened to the dad
ideal dear (15 days ago)
He shocked Freaking disaster
Merecik Hawau (25 days ago)
Love it..❤
leo lin (27 days ago)
Mariann Feagin (13 days ago)
Mariann Feagin (13 days ago)
leo lin 两人要想真正在一起不可能呆在90年代,因为小雨第一眼只能让一个人看到,意味着她要是生活在九十年代小雨妈妈就看不到小雨,那么只有yexianglun回到二十年前才是归宿
Kim Bryan (27 days ago)
30:28 😀😀
peiling826 (1 month ago)
Love this movie
ideal dear (1 month ago)
Very good. Its have been 12years ago
Bich Nguyen (1 month ago)
This is not China. This is Taiwan
: ] (7 days ago)
Chirs 517 Taiwan is an island on the east of China. It’s NOT IN China, learn your geography lol
Chirs 517 (8 days ago)
Taiwan is in china!
: ] (11 days ago)
You guys need to learn English or don’t type in English lmfao
Harold and Kumar (12 days ago)
what th3 hell, fuck u all talking politics here!
Priskila Yonghang (15 days ago)
I just need eng sub title n good story..😊
Bangibang Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Sad nman
kulokawa009 (1 month ago)
kulokawa009 (1 month ago)
kulokawa009 (1 month ago)
meor ikram (1 month ago)
really good movie
Rea Mae Carrera (1 month ago)
Thankyou ! 😍
Josh Yang (1 month ago)
Dino Mino (1 month ago)
this is the most inspiring and emotional movie i ever watched
Pramit Bajracharya (1 month ago)
Best Love Story
Anwar Gohil (1 month ago)
It's a wonderful love story . It's amazing
Silvia Ng (1 month ago)
Thanks and I love this movie as the love ❤️ is so touching
Crickkett (1 month ago)
My best long time friend is currently on tour with him. Great movie!
Crickkett (1 month ago)
Yes. The trumpeter with the onstage brass band. Does a awesome solo with Jay too.
E M (1 month ago)
him? Who Jay Chou ?
Yahiko Baskerville (1 month ago)
I will subscribe because this movie has changed my life; and impacted it to the point I am not only seeking to live in China I seek to find my true other.
Sanath Jaisuriyan (27 days ago)
+Yahiko Baskerville haha... hahah... haaahahaha... kids
Yahiko Baskerville (1 month ago)
lol alright and crazy women are even more attractive XD
Madjix (1 month ago)
+Yahiko Baskerville haha ty I'm a guy and it's mainly I just attract crazies to me XD
Yahiko Baskerville (1 month ago)
Well you seem like a great catch just by talking to you; if your a women all those men are blind and if you're a dude keep at it the one is out there. I wish you luck to and :^_^
Madjix (1 month ago)
No Problem ^_^ best of luck to you as well, I have yet to find that one as well :P

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