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Zedd, Elley Duhé - Happy Now (Official Music Video)

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"Zedd & Elley Duhé - Happy Now (Official Music Video) Watch the official music video for “Happy Now”. Subscribe to Zedd’s channel and turn on notifications to stay up to date on all the latest videos: http://zedd.me/YTSubscribe Listen to “Happy Now”: Stream: Apple Music: http://zedd.me/HappyNowAM Spotify: http://zedd.me/HappyNowSP Amazon: http://zedd.me/HappyNowAMZ Deezer: http://zedd.me/HappyNowDZ Google Play: http://zedd.me/HappyNowGP Soundcloud: http://zedd.me/HappyNowSC Download: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ZeddHappyNow/itunes Shop the Zedd Store: http://zedd.me/Store Director: Dori Oskowitz Producer: Daniel Yaro Production Company: PRETTYBIRD Follow Zedd: Website: https://www.zedd.net Facebook: http://zedd.me/Facebook Instagram: http://zedd.me/Instagram Spotify: http://zedd.me/SPEssentials Twitter: http://zedd.me/Twitter Snapchat: http://zedd.me/Snapchat Weibo: http://zedd.me/Weibo VK.com: http://zedd.me/VKcom Subscribe to his YouTube channel: http://zedd.me/YouTube See Zedd live: http://zedd.me/Live Follow Elley Duhe Website: http://www.elleyduhe.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elleyduhemusic/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/elleyduhe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elleyduhe #Zedd #HappyNow #Vevo #Club #Dance #OfficialMusicVideo #ElleyDuhé You're a world away Somewhere in the crowd In a foreign place Are you happy now There's nothing left to say So I shut my mouth So won't you tell me babe Are you happy now You're the only one, who can up and run, leave me just as empty as the day you came You hold all the cards, all the broken hearts, strung over your shoulder till it's all in vain And only you know the strength of your teeth Wash in the weight of your pockets so deep And lonely You're a world away Somewhere in the crowd In a foreign place Are you happy now There's nothing left to say So I shut my mouth So won't you tell me babe Are you happy now Are you happy now In the palm of your hands, you can make me dance, spin me round in circles till I'm wrapped in string You keep on talking sweet, till your fingers bleed, but don't you dare ask me how I've been Now only you know the strength of your teeth Wash in the weight of your pockets so deep And lonely You're a world away Somewhere in the crowd In a foreign place Are you happy now There's nothing left to say So I shut my mouth So won't you tell me babe Are you happy now Are you happy now Music video by Zedd, Elley Duhé performing Happy Now. © 2018 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/D9oITe
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Text Comments (9210)
sLayEr Xx (1 hour ago)
Elley.., you got a very nice voice ❤️
This is humanity
george catrina (4 hours ago)
Are You happy now?
Itsbloom (16 hours ago)
Peter Nagy (19 hours ago)
It reminds me to : Louis Tomlinson - Back to You (Official Video) ft. Bebe Rexha, Digital Farm Animals
Lorraine A (21 hours ago)
wait i know this girl. shes from vogue. i also saw her from luhan's mv. 😍
Mery Into The Woods (22 hours ago)
J J (1 day ago)
That girl’s eyes remind me of Billie Eilish 🤔
Loredan 824 (1 day ago)
*Cine e român(că)?* 🇷🇴 👇
Chan_Lps (1 day ago)
Hanani Najihah (1 day ago)
She poisoned them?
PETER MUTUA (1 day ago)
more of such zedd
Retarded N. (1 day ago)
Manhoe know she gon kill them yet still looking at her like he want threesome.
🤪 2019 like
Arcanus (1 day ago)
Pyper America worked really well
Cella 20 (1 day ago)
Não entendi porcaria nenhuma esse vídeo! 🤔🤔
Dusty Pebbles (1 day ago)
Am I happy now?
James Ahmeth (1 day ago)
Allya Cullen (1 day ago)
my breakup anthem
MrBroski619 (1 day ago)
Crazy girl's friend is a snake. Made her get drink so she can be move in on the guy😂😂 0:42
Carolina Quinones (1 day ago)
i love this song but not to be rude i think that matt slays and madilyn sang it better. . . (PS: I KNOW THAT ZEDD AND ELLEY DUHE MADE IT
Iliana Serrano (1 day ago)
Hmm good
AL FATAH Chanel (2 days ago)
https://youtu.be/65RxpTPpWxM beautiful 😍😘
WeMeanDaBiz (2 days ago)
You scazy bitch
Ichram Handymasaputra (2 days ago)
that guy n that bitch deserve it
Carlos Molina Tomases (2 days ago)
AutoRap Yeah!
Mirza Gaucin (2 days ago)
Love the vid
Jehu Morales (2 days ago)
Está cancion me describe con las primeras estrofas alv :,v
Mary Olukayode (2 days ago)
Is that woah vikcy
muhammad munawir (2 days ago)
Feb 2019
Bat YOK (2 days ago)
Can anyone explain me the story told here, from scratch, please? That'll be sweet
Small Town Pro (3 days ago)
Two things. Wonderful song Unhealthy message in the video.
Phùng Huy (3 days ago)
Send to ex BF => Are u happy now ? : ))
Aman Modi (3 days ago)
Bendy Moe (3 days ago)
hi everyone, amateur singers here ... let's stop at channel q hut, hopefully you can entertain all of you :) thank you
Versatile NEPAL (4 days ago)
Anyone in VALENTINE 2019 ;)
studioreferral (4 days ago)
Something fresh for a change, crazy video too. Really like her voice
Claire Ledon (4 days ago)
That pyper america, right?
cam z (4 days ago)
The way she is screaming at this end...
bilz plays (4 days ago)
Kygo's happy now is better
Chris Haviland (5 days ago)
at 1:42 she gets a mercury thermometer and proceeds to poison her "friends" ??? What in the actual fuck is happening to us as humans?
Trey Lo (5 days ago)
This song & Sweet But Pyscho by Ava Max go together lol
garcia Garcia (5 days ago)
in you foreign placee so i shut my mouth are you happy now? why people is so sad in love??
Hafiz Aulia Rahman (5 days ago)
Whenever i replay for this song i think that i will play a different song after this but when it is going to end i feel like playing again and this loop continues for a couple of dozen time🎵🎵🎵
fadelmapel mapel (6 days ago)
i'm happy now
nova idea (6 days ago)
Good girl 😂😍
Error Gaming (6 days ago)
I know who the person in the world is Read the first work lol suk noob
Yusuf Annafi (6 days ago)
tetenya buka 😋
Estinex Music (6 days ago)
Would mean the world if any of you could listen to my remix of "The Middle" 🙏🎵
Keenan (6 days ago)
Hai (6 days ago)
oh, she's sweet but a psycho, a little bit psycho
Kim Ermac (1 hour ago)
Yasssss Love ava so much too
Oceanic Lexie (4 hours ago)
Tuno Skiz (2 days ago)
Yup hehe
the WEBSTER (2 days ago)
That song is more lit
the WEBSTER (2 days ago)
Lol yeah
Harsh Dhakad (7 days ago)
anyone in 2k19
Lorraine (7 days ago)
I keep listening to this song.
sandermxn (7 days ago)
Dadada Diggz (7 days ago)
We know what year it is so...
Vxn Mx (7 days ago)
vous êtes où les français ?
Michel Christophe (4 days ago)
Moi J'suis la de Guadeloupe
Can someone tell me the name of the actress, please?
Harshal Kale (7 days ago)
Are you happy now? Hotel? Trivago.
Eloi El (7 days ago)
Check this one! https://youtu.be/732bNI_vy3M
elisabetta melinu (7 days ago)
2:31 she's so sexy
Meois Mukbang - ASMR (8 days ago)
She so beautiful. I can't cheat an angel
Pyper 😍😍
Abdias Akpelehounsi (8 days ago)
Someone can explain me what happen to the other girl?
Abril que linda gamer (8 days ago)
Es el mismo escenario de la canción dicen
Aikal Arief (8 days ago)
Big Bear (8 days ago)
00:35 look like on the "Ocean eyes"
A.R.M.Y loka (8 days ago)
Are you happy now?
Claudia Vlahović (8 days ago)
Dejan Vasic (8 days ago)
Otaku world n•n (8 days ago)
20:13 me in the morning 😹😝
You Tube (9 days ago)
2:39 me in miramar when all my teammates death and i got no loot and trying to survive from squad that kills my teammate):
Risal Fadhil (9 days ago)
Vegana Marley (9 days ago)
Relatable in a positive way
Larissa Müller (9 days ago)
Zedd du bist toll
Destroyer TM (9 days ago)
That gorgeous girl's name is Pyper America
Awiral Upadhyay (9 days ago)
Song is good but psycho bitch fucked it up
고한성 (9 days ago)
who's that girl?
lalfakoma sailo (9 days ago)
damn zedd
Candy Two (9 days ago)
Je la regarde encore !!! # happy now
91Rudd (9 days ago)
so ein scheiss lied !! nervt mega im radio bei der arbeit !
MissAlina (9 days ago)
2:51 is creepy I’m scared
MissAlina (9 days ago)
She is creepy
Riyan Hidayat (9 days ago)
VIDEO BELAJAR MUSIK VIRAL..... https://youtu.be/cz-dhUX1Zkg
Best. Song. Ever.
Rabbani Dwi Putra (9 days ago)
beautiful now happy now
Bomb Reapers (9 days ago)
anybody watching in 2056?!???
Anaditha Rizal (10 days ago)
1:33 who heard "driving in the car, nigga"?
Phúc Phan Trung (10 days ago)
beautiful song
KrystekPallas (10 days ago)
Yes i am
InstruMental (10 days ago)
That was pretty dark..
a lonely boy (10 days ago)
ان كيدهن عظيم 😂😂😂😂😂
Nouria Bdj (11 days ago)
This is when you still love your ex and wonder if he happy without you 💔
Melanie Fribus (11 days ago)
This Boy is stupid.. He makes me sad.. He have a girlfriend.. He makes me nervöus.. He ignores me.. He don't huges me, but other girls.. I hate myself.. I just hate him.. I just hate to love him..
brian kimathi (11 days ago)
she looks like the love child of freya and hope #theoriginals #legacies
I indo
Merdi Merdi (11 days ago)
Yess, I am happy Now 😘
Nitish Bora (11 days ago)
This song is my favorite song
Erica Miranda (11 days ago)
dear god what kind of drug is that
JMGames (11 days ago)
How dare you steal the beautiful melody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite :(

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