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Explore Google’s original garage with Street View

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Travel back in time and take a virtual stroll through the original Google Garage in Street View—just like it was 20 years ago. Learn more: https://goo.gl/AuZyQ6
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Josh Peck 555 (6 days ago)
GochEm 30 (1 month ago)
I love the 2000s Google.
Mdakter Babfsa (2 months ago)
Mdakter Babfsa (2 months ago)
Mdakter Babfsa (2 months ago)
Ravindra Parkash (2 months ago)
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Ravindra Parkash (2 months ago)
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cube11235 (2 months ago)
Is this the current headquarters for Google customer support?
FlagshipCrypto (2 months ago)
*I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL - Adrian Trummer*
Canab Yusuf (2 months ago)
JK (2 months ago)
Could you give me some google money for my google garage?
Rakesh Kharta (2 months ago)
How did people search internet before Google ?
Manish Pejathaya (2 months ago)
For some weird reason I was expecting it to be in black and white 🤔🤔
Gween_ Boy (2 months ago)
Happy Birthday Google
Mikheal (2 months ago)
Is that Susan? Found the libtard everybody!
When you realise you're older than Google...
Meher ali (3 months ago)
Meher ali digital camera
It'sLloydDaniel (3 months ago)
Humble Beginnings ❤️
NoahKit (3 months ago)
Wow, google all starts here :)
LifezLife (3 months ago)
Dear YouTube CEO, Please can you fix the app on iOS, all the videos keep loading so slow with grey thumbnails and half of the time it never works on any WiFi network I connect to!! Thank you😭
moivaanmoi (3 months ago)
20 years of selling peoples data to the devil nice
SHASHWATH R (3 months ago)
What if thee garage never existed? 🤔
Dylan Kn (3 months ago)
Google stop copying from Samsung and Apple
kidpwnz (3 months ago)
Rent the garage to some guys, become CEO of their other company they will develop in the future. goals! garage for rent!
Araiguma Kiruno (3 months ago)
Never Thought Google(R) was started on a Garage Now Google was the biggest company ever and Phone i holds runs OS made by Google Apps on it made by Google Happy 20th Anniversary Google!
DikoMan (3 months ago)
Typical American garage.
zues121510 (3 months ago)
_From garage to playing despacito when something is sad..._
enigma mist (3 months ago)
utter feeling of worthlessness creeps in
enigma mist (3 months ago)
"Don't be evil"
mubariz salim (3 months ago)
Death to Facebook Inc!!!
Pratheep Anumaty (3 months ago)
HQU (3 months ago)
Christy Ann Cormier (3 months ago)
hi google!
I'll buy the place. GOOGLE IS MINE
Just Phagocyte (3 months ago)
It's worth to cry
StrikeDragonn (3 months ago)
I quickly disliked the video when I see Susan.
Randy Gangster (3 months ago)
Great work you have it done! *But my Problem is Cookies!😶*
Wisgarus (3 months ago)
Can't wait to see how world will change in the next 20 years
U Pvon (3 months ago)
Google has represented me as a wonderful addition to real life and to all the people of the world, thank you for everything Google has produced beautifully in our lives
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Dub smash smart (3 months ago)
Tetrumo (3 months ago)
I really wish y’all would go back... And just stay there
SEM STRIKE TV (3 months ago)
Brasil também deseja feliz aniversário para você Google
Larry Singleton (3 months ago)
Hopefully someday they will burn this tribute to the destruction of Freedom of Speech to the ground. Letter to Google and Fakebook Scum 10-2-18 You Evil Rotten Scum: “If you really want a solid picture of what Google thinks of free speech look at its relationship with China” “They are playing ball with a government that rounds up tens of millions of people and just disappears them. That’s who they are willing to work with. That’s their moral compass... ...they don’t respect our laws, they don’t respect this country.” The Exact Same Way that Fakebook “disappears” or “blocks” on Fakebook millions of conservative's and their “friends and family” into “7, 10 and 30 days” Gulags through their “Community Standards” Thought Police. I strongly, STRONGLY urge you to READ: EU: Politicizing the Internet by Judith Bergman. 'Google Manipulates 25% of the World's Elections by Alicia Powe-WND. Open Letter to Google: Our Concerns Over “Project Dragonfly” by PEN America. Google Plans To Launch Censored Search Engine In China, Leaked Documents Reveal by Ryan Gallagher. The New Mind Control by Robert Epstein. On Google (And Facebook) “The Internet has spawned subtle forms of influence that can flip elections and manipulate everything we say, think and do.” Antifa Website Calls for 'Slaughter' of 'Fascistic Border Patrol Dogs and Their Bosses' by Debra Heine. “While big tech companies have been systematically censoring conservatives and right-of-center influencers, violent far-left groups are free to openly violate the Terms of Service for these platforms without any consequences. Their increasingly radical activities are encouraged by their willing or unwilling accomplices in the MSM, who routinely demonize President Trump and his supporters through lopsided and even fabricated news stories painting them as 'fascists' or 'white supremacists.'” Pro-Hillary Election Rigging Scandal Erupts-American Liberty Report. Internet Studies by Dr. Robert Epstein-Epstein.com. Leaked Video: Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election-Breitbart News. California Proposes Gov't Take Over 'Fake News' Fight by Bob Unruh-World Net Daily (WND). Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal by Ryan Gallagher-The Intercept. And Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer: More Censorship: Facebook Unpublishes Jihad Watch Page-FrontPage Magazine. “Dissent from the leftist line and you will be silenced. It has been obvious that Facebook is no friend of freedom of speech.” https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/271465/more-censorship-facebook-unpublishes-jihad-watch-robert-spencer University Corruption: Have the diversity cultists completely taken over? by Walter Williams-FrontPage Magazine.
Soumak Nandi (3 months ago)
0:41 what is up with that keyboard?
Abhi Ponnamaneni (3 months ago)
Great Journey Google. Truly Inspirational and Motivational
IMAN (3 months ago)
And now you have 100% control of what we see and what you don't want us to see. Nice evolution, goyim.
Edward Kenway (3 months ago)
Hard work always pays off
Taniya Sardar (3 months ago)
Google is my best friend
Nguyễn Lê (3 months ago)
Chúc mừng sinh nhật googl🎂🎂Happy birth day google 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳and 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
CREATOR TECH TIPS (3 months ago)
Today is my birthday!
varun vinod (2 months ago)
Onnu poyeda thayoli
doudoux iyedyassine (3 months ago)
Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎂🍰🎈🎁
Carlos Almeida Madeira (3 months ago)
Foi aqui onde tudo começou... parabéns Google!
Famous Soni (3 months ago)
Rabiul Awal (3 months ago)
Dries du Preez (3 months ago)
I really want to wish Google a happy 20 year anniversary, but I can't. The uncertainty I have about Google hurts and makes me think that somewhere along the two decades, something essential was lost. "Don't be evil" was such a simple but powerful statement, and now even that is gone. I hope that the gentle giant returns.
M Ardiansyah Anwar (3 months ago)
Jai Raghavendra (3 months ago)
Happy birthday
OLDBOYGAMERUK (3 months ago)
i liked google more back in the day.
KSAM The Randomizer (3 months ago)
Yo Yo Honey Singh Yo Yo (3 months ago)
Mystic Grove (3 months ago)
You are liars and traitors to the people
Thank you very much, Google! Here's to a better tomorrow! Cheers!
shishir shohan (3 months ago)
We love it or hate it one thing is veru true It is google that made everything easier in technology.
Tech-N- Malayalam (3 months ago)
Justin T (3 months ago)
Breaking news a tornado has destroyed the birthplace of google earlier today! Jk!!!
SomeChannel (3 months ago)
This is a great reminder for everyone out there. Don't forget to dream. I'm inspired
Dakila Lozano (3 months ago)
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Shree star creations (3 months ago)
Your Number One Fan (3 months ago)
All we asked is to play music while exiting YouTube
muhammad iqbal askia (3 months ago)
'a lot can happen in twenty years'.. Yes a lot.. Now google rules the world
Luka Paunović (3 months ago)
We love you Google you can sell all our information and listen to all of our conversations hahahahah
Jupiter Malviya (3 months ago)
love you google
Jake paul from Walmart (3 months ago)
I hate the fact that Susan wojachishgsjsshdjsjh became the CEO of YouTube for being the owner of the garage where Google was born. She is undeserving to be the CEO and should be replaced.
KazCade (3 months ago)
OMG is that Susan? Pewds! Susan is here!...
Juan Pablo (2 months ago)
oh no susan
Dêêpak Åmsõft (3 months ago)
Vikas Tadage (3 months ago)
I was born on same day same year
Ακάσα (3 months ago)
It was googol back then
TechAddict (3 months ago)
Google *selling your personal data to government since 1998*
NDG Vids (3 months ago)
Happy 20th anniversary Google!
Joshua Dominic (3 months ago)
Crt monitor old but sure 🤣🤣🤣
Athaariq Ardiansyah (3 months ago)
Much like Steven Jobs, starts his hobby from garage
F.Prashanth Arapura (3 months ago)
Very nice thank you
ym wong (3 months ago)
don't be evil.hope.
Aniruddha Bagchi (3 months ago)
a LOT can happen in 20 years
Allondra Sarabia (3 months ago)
Happy 20th birthday Google!!!!!🎂🎂
Thank you Google ❤
PrimiusLovin (3 months ago)
Thanks for everything, Google really did change a lot of things in my life!
Yuki Yashima (3 months ago)
Happy 20 years, Google!
Ileana Sanchez (3 months ago)
KIBRUAZKA ENK (3 months ago)
I don't know why... But I'm crying
Darek (3 months ago)
A lot can happen in 20 years... Yeah, 3 people from a rented garage can try to take over the world 😐
Bigot Detector (3 months ago)
Darek And you?
Ra Vee (3 months ago)
Awesome, I am gonna brand my company,"THE GARAGE "
Pranwat Singh (3 months ago)
All the biggest companies in the world laid their foundations inside a garage- Google LLC Apple Inc. Amazon Inc. Etc..
ZOMBIE SKULL (3 months ago)
And i dond have a garage
RandomPerson [101] (3 months ago)
Also HP
Reddblue (3 months ago)
Microsoft too you know, bill gates worked with steve jobs
LemonAid (3 months ago)
Michael Scott Paper Company, in a 4 bedroom flat in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Steven Sorrentino (3 months ago)
cept for mechanics. Sorry not sorry?
Yeshan Jayasundara (3 months ago)
love you goolge <3 its a awesome journey , cant wait oct 9 <3
WIR überwinden (3 months ago)
Arindam Chatterjee (3 months ago)
Looks like Walter's home got renovated.
logic ways in networking (3 months ago)
👍🌎🌍🌏💪 🙏
T Traveller Tells Truth (3 months ago)
I think I should rent the garage..lol
Adliad adliad (3 months ago)
Thanks Google you have changed so many lives.. you define the difference between the 2 worlds

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