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A demo of the new dunlop jimi hendrix fuzz face, based on the model Jimi used at the maui gig(check the rainbow bridge concert footage) and at the Isle of wight. i think he was still using the the germanium version at woodstock.
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Purplexi (1 year ago)
When I grow up I wanna' be you!! Seriously, you smoked on that, and I'll try to play more like I should now.
upgrader99 (3 years ago)
since no comment is under a year old, AWESOME cover.  I learned something that I didn't know about how this song can be played.
Terry Brinston (5 years ago)
Man that was GROOVY. Dig you should really cut loose and extend this Jam. Like the way you put your on little spin on this one and you are not trying to be a clone. Can you do some Ernie Isley like Love Fever or Climbing the ladder? I would love that. Jam ON.
mark brown (5 years ago)
My Father alway's said,'If they don't have anything positive or nice to say, knock em the fuck out!" get back to me when you regain conscienceness, maybe you'll have some sense...
mark brown (5 years ago)
Yo Mate! Ya had this Yank fooled till I saw ya white playin righty! Jolly good show! You gotitdownBruthah! KeepOnRokkkin! Peace!Love!Freedom! Cheers! "southofheaven"Fl.U.S.A.34667 ];{)
Jason Lambert (6 years ago)
I suck and my guitar hates me for it. How does it feel being so awesome?
timfender0740 (6 years ago)
you fucking idiot
Dafne xx (6 years ago)
Keepon truckin (6 years ago)
Nice feeling...I have the same one and it gets the tone !! Peace & Blues
José Miguel Tay (6 years ago)
Great playing dude!!!! I have your same amp (twin-amp)
nukobe3 (6 years ago)
protonman7 (7 years ago)
Not bad at all...the variations are well done.
munierinho (7 years ago)
everyone who put a negative comment sucks. I wish we could put you all on an island with no internet.
Auditus Est Ars (7 years ago)
Great cover!!
Lukitas JHE (7 years ago)
Tumbs up to germanium transitorss !!!!!!!!!!
rchave (7 years ago)
@robdorg And hendrix was just another darkie who can't hold a guitar the right way up... Twat.
astro2069 (7 years ago)
Does the dunlop have more gain/sustain than the Axis?
Jamboe Dinkle (7 years ago)
@robdorg Ye me mate, he is a real English man aw righty.
Luke Bamford (8 years ago)
@JimiRayYng For regular use for, other artist's music and just as a well rounded, usable fuzz, would you prefer the RM over the Dunlop reissue? (I like the Germanium better)
2tadum (8 years ago)
Heavy. You come the closest to sounding like Hendrix I've heard...somehow, you've got it, man. How long did it take you to get this close to the real thing?
Seth Lewis (8 years ago)
got any tab? awesome job. sounds just right.
Seth Lewis (8 years ago)
got any tab? awesome job. sounds just right.
BlisterOnTheMoon (8 years ago)
I dont use tabs anymore, i use your cool videos and lern from them!! I have to buy thiss circle pedal. Is it silicon or Ge ?
selracterim2 (8 years ago)
great tone man !!!
AndrewmanPL (8 years ago)
Great job, you're good guitarist
ClocktowerGuardian (8 years ago)
hey man, which tabs did you use for this? all the ones i have are completely innacurate
DailyBrusher (8 years ago)
Folks are right - your playing is really nice! So much attention to nuance, I think!
GTYOYO (8 years ago)
what type of strat?
Ray DeLeon (8 years ago)
My favorite Jimi tune...you rocked it my friend, 5*s! Love the authentic Fuzz face too.
klextacy (8 years ago)
Hey, nice job man! Great tone and feel! Keep up the great work.
Roman Slifkas (8 years ago)
great solo man
Javier V. (9 years ago)
you should write your own shit man
mrdog66 (9 years ago)
This is great, a little Stevie Ray and Jimi, hence the name. Tasty playing, nice groove and you got the funk brother.
JakeAnnetts (9 years ago)
Yep... totally agree. Great style and NOT a complete rip off of Hendrix either... in a good way. Some people try to totally mimic him and fail sooo badly. Good job dude. :o)
orsobaluba (9 years ago)
That was sick.
jrouby (9 years ago)
Absolutely great ! Nice job, really !
grungyto (9 years ago)
parece que una parte del alma del buen jimi se a decidido a hacer un video
phiziya (9 years ago)
thanks man! :D
Tyler Bell (9 years ago)
holy crap man...very good job...
urabout2getownd (9 years ago)
how much did that pedal cost?
bmichael82 (9 years ago)
you're freakin good man! I really enjoyed watching your performance
Minor Meriwether (9 years ago)
this mother right here is VERY EXPERIANCED FOR SURE.
rixills (9 years ago)
what amp were you using and how loud was the amp?
marknettles (9 years ago)
Very nice! Sweet playing and true to "that sound"...5 stars!
Jay Marriott (9 years ago)
Amazing, thanks.
311allmixedup (9 years ago)
Who needs tabs when he just played the thing close up for you? Just copy what he does and you dont have to worry about silly numbers that barely indicate rhythm
311allmixedup (9 years ago)
fuckin nailed that
Aaron Smith (9 years ago)
you got tabs for this dude?
sonofdavros (9 years ago)
Brilliant - well done! Just what I needed to give me some hints. (And you've got soul.)
Salvo Stagno (10 years ago)
awesome dude, i got the same fender strat guitar and love play this song...im not good as you but this video make notes visible, so thanks, i do my best playing jimi :)
Francisco Requena (10 years ago)
Great own-styled cover. Keep the good job up! Hendrix would be proud ;) Greetz.
PHILIP VERGES (10 years ago)
is this strat a classic player or a classic series?
Eric Walter (10 years ago)
are you tuned down half a step?
Bernhard Frank (10 years ago)
yaeh that´s awsom
stratbluesman (10 years ago)
just superb my friend !! gggrrreattttt
LittleGreen88 (10 years ago)
I've been wanting a Fuzz Face, are you satisfied with it? By the way... Fantastic job, yet again. I really enjoyed it.
sixstringintexas (10 years ago)
bad ass dude!! cinco estrala's
DontLickLarry (10 years ago)
Brilliant. 5 stars.
alexrimsrydr57 (10 years ago)
what scale was your solo in
andrewjeff (10 years ago)
for me 5 stars!where you found this backing track?awesome!
uvit (10 years ago)
Just Simply Amazing! Nice Voice.

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