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Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Text Comments (19791)
Lindsey MAGpie (10 hours ago)
I have hip dips so I only wear high rise jeans 😂
Jas Móras Estínola (11 hours ago)
nobody: Freddie: hey booty 😂😂
ELLA Bella (15 hours ago)
You all look amazing You need to be confident You have amazing figures.
Lilly Hartley (16 hours ago)
Ahh my fear would be white trousers!
Lilly-Grace Canterbury (17 hours ago)
WolfieVloggz UwU (1 day ago)
You all looks amazing it ur fashion fears
Kayla Fowler (1 day ago)
Absolutely everyone looks great in their outfits <3
Brie Ridgeway (1 day ago)
4:34 did anyone else notice the nuns in the back ground
Deku_is_best_boi (1 day ago)
“ women face their fashion fear for a week” Me: *being a big tomboy * Also me: GIRLY CLOTHES
Amanda Pangman (1 day ago)
The thing I always find ironic or hypocritical about girls who say “oh I don’t like tight clothes or revealing clothes” also wear spaghetti strap bikinis. So you don’t have the confidence to cover your body with clothes but enough confidence to wear literally your panty and bra in public. 🤔
Tanner Testamayse (2 days ago)
Ohmahgash devin before lady like
Amanda Kunz (3 days ago)
I feel Chantel - her fear wasn’t showing cleavage but being sexualized and only seen for her body not her intelligence/opinions etc. And I totally get why she didn’t change how she felt about it.
ariella59 (3 days ago)
Late to the party but I’m still here 🥳 anyway I used to be so self conscious about wearing shorts and anything that shows skin because of the stares and the rolls but one day I decided to say screw them and slowly started to integrate more revealing items. Though like chanti, I have big boobs and I’m still very uneasy about showing them off
Maria Portillo (4 days ago)
Is looks so good in pants thoo
Vanilla De La Pig (4 days ago)
Ginger Cat (4 days ago)
I have so many fashion fears. Lol 1. Dresses (I feel like it exposes my stomach and if I bend the wrong way.... there us nothing covering me) 2 jumpsuits. (They make me look like a clown) 3 low rise Jean's ( I need to hide my fat roll)
anonymous potato (4 days ago)
No one: Litterally no soul: Saf: *growl*
RainbowKitten52 (4 days ago)
Look it's saf when she was on buzz feed
Braeleigh Caldwell (4 days ago)
Who Ships Saf And That One Dude?💖 Anyone? no?
Desteney Cordero (5 days ago)
1:52jen 2016
Makayla and henry (5 days ago)
Kristen looks so good with pants
Cora W (5 days ago)
👧🏼 👚 👖 This is cora she is 1 like to make her age up
Camille Poncin (5 days ago)
I thought safiya’s fashion fear was color
Ryenn Nunley (5 days ago)
Everyone: explaining how they feel Saf: *Smacks butt* "We're out here" Also Saf: RRRRRRRRRRRRRR and people are staring at my butt
Ella kelley (5 days ago)
Anyone here in 2019 and is shook by deven at 7:10
Elaina Haney (5 days ago)
My fashion fear is wearing any clothes that show my arms and legs(short dresses, short shorts, shorts in general, tank tops, short sleeves, crop tops, and heels)
Candice (5 days ago)
Low rise jeans is the worst thing ever created
Elizabeth Murphy (5 days ago)
Everyone else: I sorta overcame my fashion fear and feel a bit more confident Chantel: I don't think it helped at all Chantel, you are gorgeous no matter what you wear and it is ok to be uncomfortable in certain pieces of clothing. Just wear what makes you feel good because you look great in anything. That goes for everyone on ladylike!
Mossyshine (6 days ago)
Annah George (6 days ago)
Saf and Chantel look the same.
It’s me Jaylah (6 days ago)
My fashion fear are shorts because my legs are long as h**l 💀
•MissWolfieKun• (7 days ago)
Can we all agree Jens day 2 outfit was adorable
Kaleigh Smock (7 days ago)
Ive watched 3 videos in a row and Jen has been wearing the same "Magnificent" shirt
PRETTYMUCH FAN 4 EVER (7 days ago)
Aww I love Kristen in pants!!!
Kit Kat (8 days ago)
You rock those clothes you look amazing no one could look better than you
Daisy Debut (8 days ago)
Me and Freddie have the same fashion fear
Paige Jn Baptiste (8 days ago)
Chantel : I hate showing my boobs Me : I just wish I had boobs😭
Moo Cow (8 days ago)
You know the video is old when saf is in the buzzfeed vid
Gaming Pickles (8 days ago)
At 4:33 are those nuns?
Quentin Louis (8 days ago)
In Wisconsin you got to wear pants in the winter
Lejindary Potaeto (8 days ago)
Fashion itself is my fear.
Nicole Ng (9 days ago)
Is this just me or is JEN WEARING A DRESS
Official Tomboy (9 days ago)
My friends thought my fashion is skirts and dresses. It's not, they are suppliers of my disphoria. My fashion fear is anything that shows my feminine figure.
olivia Z mood (9 days ago)
Kristen looks so cute in pants!
Ellen Burke (9 days ago)
I'm with Freddie and I that low rise jeans are not comfortable or cool and chill out for safia not liking colour she just doesn't
Ellen Burke (9 days ago)
m c (9 days ago)
"So you aren't looking at my butt?" *"Well I always do that"*
Liz nd Lily (10 days ago)
Shoooooot i can't blame ty or freddie for staring at saf's butt. I was lowkey too. I did it without even realizing.
Samantha N (10 days ago)
Low rise jeans.... just nooooooooooo!!!!!😡😡👿👿👿
Layla Stone (10 days ago)
Kristen looks completely different! Almost unrecognisable!
Noah Geerling (10 days ago)
Feeling like a happy farmer😂😂Jen is genius 😅
Morgan Abigail (11 days ago)
I honestly didn’t know saf was apart of lady like
Mary Leleux (11 days ago)
On Kristens favorite outfit, you spelled outfit *"oufit"*
Fatally MSP (11 days ago)
agreed with Freddie. Low-waist jeans are omg- no words🤢🤮
Alice Coral (4 days ago)
Kemiah Webb (12 days ago)
You haven’t been staring at my butt I always do
SYDNEY FELTMANN (12 days ago)
At 4:32 there are nuns
J (12 days ago)
Chantel your boobs aren’t that big relax damn
Hiya a (12 days ago)
Kristen in pants is just woah 😍👏❤️
Vivienne Ruch (12 days ago)
I love overalls and I don’t like when my bellybutton is covered.🥺😡
Jeykumar Nattamai (12 days ago)
If anybody is sad that Devin is not in the video it's because she dosent have any fashion fears.
Allie Bond (12 days ago)
Jen the happy farmer
diannia house (12 days ago)
Ok Kristen when u were outside and the two laddies in black passed u in the back. After the car passed the walk off like super fast it look like they disappeared
Cecily Stavö (12 days ago)
Cristin looks beautiful 😍😍
Pesy and Leighade!! (12 days ago)
Kristin looks better in pants than dresses, in my opinion
Shelby Patton (12 days ago)
4:33 did anyone else notice the nuns in the back
Karolina Krajewska (12 days ago)
My biggest fear is anything oversized. I’m tiny and short and I just hate the feeling of everything too big
Paris Crooks (13 days ago)
Funny how they just say when they're on their menstral 😂😂
Abrianna Fedor (13 days ago)
Freddie and I have the same fashion fear. I just hate low rise jeans because I have high hips and the hem of low rise jeans just feel like they aren’t.... on?
jolly does random (13 days ago)
I fricken hate low rise jeans
Soph Peach (13 days ago)
Yo at 4:30 are those nuns walking behind her?
that one weird kid _ (13 days ago)
Saf has a nice figure
Jowan Alfailakawi (13 days ago)
Omg that's why I never see Kristin wear pants 🤯👖
Forknife Is Life (14 days ago)
Ok can we just talk about the fact that Jen's overalls on day two were 😤👌
Avery Carvalho (14 days ago)
Ok but the boob thing is my fear too so I feel her
Adipose Girl (14 days ago)
When Saf worked at buzzfeed
Brooke Alexis (14 days ago)
That noise saf made 😂
Brooke Alexis (14 days ago)
Omg Tyler 😂
Brooke Alexis (14 days ago)
Gavin’s girlfriend L (15 days ago)
Poor jen!!
Isabella Buckwalter (15 days ago)
I'm with you fred
Isabella Buckwalter (15 days ago)
Kriston looks good in pants
Senai Donaldson (15 days ago)
I love all of these fear , I wear all of them
Ashleyyy (15 days ago)
Ugh. I can’t stand when people stare at women’s breasts. Women’s shouldn’t be sexualized AT ALL! We are people too. Men and animals aren’t sexualized, so why should women? It’s crazy. Men can walk around shirtless.. why can’t we? People..
Destiny Patterson (15 days ago)
Kristen don't burn ur pants
Gen Lake (15 days ago)
I hate chafing so much so I never wear skirts
Maryns Kitchen (15 days ago)
Omg Kristen your legs are soooo skinny they are So great
Lily Uren (15 days ago)
Kristen looks amazingggg
iDraw_ aLot1 (16 days ago)
Kitten Hearts (16 days ago)
Tyler's sly smile after he said, ''Well I always do that.'' Was everything.
Maggie Ryon (16 days ago)
Omg Kristen looks so beautiful!
Nouzi balouzi _person (16 days ago)
7:06 Devin's hair 😳😬
Dulcineea Balan (16 days ago)
3:28 MOOD
Amalia Erzego (16 days ago)
Jen: “i guess i’m not seven anymore” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ky'lah Abram (17 days ago)
6:06 lol
타락한 악마잭 (17 days ago)
I would like to have overalls, but i don’t have money to afford it
My fear is wearing anything other than 90s rock style
3.30 Jen looks sooooooooooooooooooooo cute
flowergirl forever (17 days ago)
So chantel doesn't want to draw attention to her boobs yet she keeps putting her hands under them like "look at my boobs"
Daniel Lockhart (18 days ago)
I didn't know Saf works for BuzzFeed
Blue__Jay_ (18 days ago)
Not anymore. She moved on and is more successful on her own.
S pel (18 days ago)
Low key love everyone in their fashion fears!
eleven .mp4 (18 days ago)
i love saf so much 🙈🥺

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