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Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Text Comments (19392)
Coco Syd (2 hours ago)
I actually really like Kristen in pants, she looks really good in them. She looks beautiful and I find it quite confronting that she didnt feel confident in her own body. I think she looks beautiful and that she shouldn't feel shame about the body she has. Love you Kristen 💙
Luci T. (14 hours ago)
high waist skinny jeans are the only jeans i wear.
lucy t (17 hours ago)
that fact that i saw little devin was a-freaking-dorable
Hairbrush Shushed best (22 hours ago)
Does anyone else watch old LadyLike videos just for Saf?
xxhidden.emotionsxx (22 hours ago)
*i always do that*
Victoria O'Rourke (1 day ago)
Kristen looks amazing with pants
Poppy Anderson (1 day ago)
.... and guess what week it is I’m dying😂😂
Arianna Chavez (1 day ago)
I like kristen in pants
Rainie Veronica Tan (1 day ago)
for me it should be dress, crop top, low rise, shorts, skirts lol i just feel comfortable with t shirt and high rise jeans okay
Bitch Features (2 days ago)
omg Devin at 7:12
Emma 123 (2 days ago)
07:07 ... most cringey leagely blond thing lmao || no offence to them lmao ||
Lydia Jared (2 days ago)
7:35 Saf I feel ya😂
Beckandheartsxox〈3 (2 days ago)
I miss Saf in ladylike :(
purple83415 (3 days ago)
Did anyone else notice Devin at 7:08 - 7:09 ??
Christine (3 days ago)
watch Jen at 1:50🤣🤣
Hallie Swain (3 days ago)
Kristen looks so pretty in pants
Annette Lampson (3 days ago)
I think Kristen looks amazing in jeans!!!
Savage Squad (3 days ago)
Lady is afraid of pants.😂.sorry kristen
ej mcpherson (3 days ago)
U should do a video where lady like tries on binders
Sarah Smith (4 days ago)
Kristen looks so good in pants
Threelly AI (4 days ago)
Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
Magical Giraffe (4 days ago)
Kristen looks super good in pants omg
Chloe Lewis (4 days ago)
Low rise jeans and tight body con OMG same
Fluffy guinea pig (4 days ago)
Sad was so goth in 2016
NonchalantThief (5 days ago)
KRISTENNNN OH MY GOSHHH you look so wonderful in pants oh man
sumona haque medha (5 days ago)
Jen looks so cute in that skirt..
Relax & Chillax (5 days ago)
7:10 when dev had long hair
Danielle Scarlett (5 days ago)
My clothes are all sweat pants and sweat shirts hoodies and board shorts
Halie Glover (6 days ago)
The one girls blobs are not "too big" they are really nice size in portion to her body at least I think so...
Sayani Pal (7 days ago)
Saf looks beautiful
Pixie (7 days ago)
fast forward to Chanti's bd vid, and she's just rocking it
CCStars (7 days ago)
3:17 damn Kristen looked AMAZING in that outfit
Alyssa Fischer (7 days ago)
Kristin could quit BuzzFeed and do her own channel and it would be successful
Izzy Leigh (7 days ago)
*hEy BoOtY*
Hannah Caudy (7 days ago)
I hate jeans and tight fitting shirts/ clothes
jessieee xoxo. (8 days ago)
"you haven't been staring at my butt?" *"well i always do that"*
Olivia Gretchen (8 days ago)
Yaretzi Gomez (8 days ago)
" you haven't been staring at my butt! :o " Tyler : " well I mean I always do that " LMFAOAOA
Omg Chantel has so changed. In the wedding dress video (2019) all she wanted was to show off her boobs
Mariah Taylor (8 days ago)
My fear is looking bad in everything but no one tells me
Shreyanshi Maurya (8 days ago)
1:12 Freddie's face....hey booty😂
Rain Isaac (8 days ago)
I miss saf, but it kinda feels wierd 🤷‍♀️
My fashion fear: crop tops, body cons, backless anything, pencil skirt BASICALLY ANYTHING TIGHT FITTING IS MY FEAR
+Nina Ramos aww thanks for the advice!
Nina Ramos (3 days ago)
Wear a pencil skirt with a flowy shirt or a crop top with a high waisted skirt. I'm sure you'll look better than you think
Safaia Naigard!!!!
Life As Caitlyn (10 days ago)
I HATEEEEEEEEE low rise jeans!! Like the botton If you agree
Edith Smith (10 days ago)
aghhhh jen is so adorable
Elisha plays (11 days ago)
Its so weird seeing Saf on here
Reina McLemore (11 days ago)
You don’t have to show your cleavage if you don’t want to. That’s a choice to be modest or show your girls. Chantel shouldn’t feel upset that she still doesn’t like to show cleavage. Power to you girl ❤️
Freddie, I am the complete opposite of you because I absolutely hate when my pants go above my belly button because I have a really tickle sensitive tummy so when I put pants over it i feel super ticklish!
The TNCs (11 days ago)
That blue tank top. With flowers Kristen had was so pretty
Melina :3 (11 days ago)
6:22 my favorite moment😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AGglittersparkle (13 days ago)
I'm the opposite of Freddie, I HATE having my pants cover my belly button.
My fashion fears: jeans in general underwears and pads never stay on the place the should stay.... Cropped tops im fat okay?
Alex cartlet (13 days ago)
Kristin looks good mannn
Alexis Burns (14 days ago)
omg saf XD
missanacarrillo (14 days ago)
Anyone notice that Chantel’s and Saf’s lipstick match their outfits????
Snowflake Frost (14 days ago)
if i had to face my fashion fears for a week i'd look like a spoiled brat. I hate pink, high heels, puffy skirts, bikkins, and sparkles. Just reading this makes me shuder. yucky PINK IS EVIL!!!! #tomboy
Neha Singh (14 days ago)
Tiffany is a BIG BELIEVER! 🤣
StormaGamerGirl • (14 days ago)
I think Freddie’s favourite saying is va-va-voom!
Felicity Avery (15 days ago)
I don’t like pants either 👖
Skaterlor (15 days ago)
Omg chantel! You are the most annoying and most like attention seeking person. You showed like no cleavage at all!! Just stop
Annabella FRYSTAK (15 days ago)
Kristen looks super good in the black pants and the blue longer floral tank top
kaykay2000 (15 days ago)
I haven't worn a pair of jeans in 5 years
Charms 101 (15 days ago)
Why I left buzzfeed:
Cara Frank (15 days ago)
Saf: You haven’t been staring at my butt Tyler: Well I always do that Me: lmao
Tori Oldfield (14 days ago)
That made me laugh, it was pretty cute
Caroline Stewart (15 days ago)
Kristen and Jen looked amazing
taehyungs camera (16 days ago)
7:07 Devin??
Maddie Richardson (16 days ago)
Kristen looks so good in pants
Marisa Urrutia (16 days ago)
Everyone looks great
Marisa Urrutia (16 days ago)
Kristin looks so cute with pants
Klea Gjona (16 days ago)
Kristin pcos is not only fat on your stomach your body is shaped like that . I have pcos and I carry my weight all over my body but when my ovaries get crazy and big then I feel bloated and big around my stomach but not all the time though
azza alrashdi (17 days ago)
cAn U pLz HeLp Me
Kate Johnson (17 days ago)
my fashion fear is wearing any kind of tee shirt that fits me.. i always buy my shirts in a extra large even tho i’m like a medium.. i just feel exposed and since i have boobs it could draw attention.. so i relate to chantel.. lol but they all super cute tho💕
Revathy Menon (4 days ago)
Kate Johnson same! Shirts are so loose all over on me but it gapes at my boob region. One day I legit swear they popped open in public and 4 of the 6 buttons came open all at once. 😔😔😔
AngryGalamb :// (17 days ago)
I'm in love with the music in the beginning😂
Jenna Frigon (17 days ago)
Pants are actually really slimming in Kristen
Allison Heyes (17 days ago)
OMG Jen looks sooo good in overalls
༺ TiffySky ༻ (18 days ago)
7:25 "ARE YOU OKAY?!" *_Shoves into sharp wall_*
TheRedAnimmator XD (18 days ago)
I hate low rise jeans cause I have tummy trouble
_.pwarklesung.__ (18 days ago)
i’m with freddie i h a t e low rise jeans
Perla Pansinchen (18 days ago)
Sophia looks grate
Helen Libby (19 days ago)
I have large boobs for my body as well Chantel I get u
Grace (20 days ago)
all of freddie's outfits were disgustinggg who styled her hahah
Gymnastics Guru (21 days ago)
Ryan Benton (21 days ago)
Kristen, sorry that I sent the "you look amazing in pants" from ny private account, when telling someone that they look 100× better, a person should identify themselves to be lagit. I truly love u all though!
Ryan benton (21 days ago)
Kristen, you look amazing in jeans, embrace it, seriously, as a man, I'm being totally serious.
idc or do i? (21 days ago)
4:35 looks like thanos snapped his fingers again
conasse88 (22 days ago)
Great Video! It assisted me a lot!
MOLLY HEWETT (22 days ago)
i will only wear pants I will not wear a dress or shorts because im self concise of the length of my legs
jäz chän (22 days ago)
When did sofa work here
Simar Kaur (22 days ago)
Jen can literally pull of everything!!!
Annabeth Chase (24 days ago)
I'm with Chantel on boob self consciouses.
Ali’s Vlog (24 days ago)
I’m just scared of showing my stomach in front of guys I feel like weird
MayumWoods (24 days ago)
Omg at 2:55 jens outfit is SOOO cute
Cassandra Cain (25 days ago)
I keep forgetting Saf was at buzzfeed!!
CatherineTheCat (25 days ago)
7:25 Jen didn't hit the wall so she gets pushed into it really
Kyla Ball (22 days ago)
I just noticed that, like what?
dimple rajbans (25 days ago)
I died at 1:13🤣🤣
Taylor Parry (6 days ago)
saf: u haven’t been staring at my butt? ty: well i always do that AAHH TYLER thank u all for the likes too! this never happens to me lol
Just Nothing. (18 hours ago)
Janet Kuhn (5 days ago)
He is so sweet
Izzy Leigh (7 days ago)
Taylor Parry i think its fine cuz they’re married XD
Lady刀モ丹匕卄 (11 days ago)
Fiza Mujeeb (24 days ago)
Loved that ❤😍
sophie kate (26 days ago)
Abi Animates (26 days ago)
My fashion fear is tight tops that show my fat belly , and tiny shorts that show my fat thighs
Candy 108 (26 days ago)
They all look great

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