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Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Text Comments (18406)
Team Phan (2 hours ago)
My fashion fear are baggy pants lol
Lara Humphreys (2 hours ago)
Jen was giving me mamma Mia vibes
Aesthetic Br34D (3 hours ago)
Poor Jen T-T all she wanted to do was show it’s hard to pull her shirt up in overalls T- T her hair with the overalls looks fancy as 😍 and saf and Tyler 😂 love the girl squad
Mister Postman (4 hours ago)
Kristin looks better with pants
Edits•are Life (7 hours ago)
*My fear is not being able to wear high waisted pants or shorts* 😂
Jim Jim (9 hours ago)
Jen’s overalls look awesome, I wish I had them. Overalls are so awesome.
Hannah Henderson (9 hours ago)
My fashion fear is off the shoulder tops because I'm so bony and veiny.
Francheska edua (13 hours ago)
Chantels boobs aren’t even that big :/
Teah Matthew's (19 hours ago)
Kristia you look beatifull
Goose Goose (1 day ago)
6:05 omg Tyler is actually the cutest and best boyfriend ever!
Savannah Ross (1 day ago)
Jen is my spirit animal XD 😂😂😂
Madyson Hall (1 day ago)
Chantel literally doesn't have big boobs. smh.
BTS_SUGA SWAG (1 day ago)
My fashion fear is pants that arnt tight on me
Legally blonde!
Jen_ Johnson (1 day ago)
Kristin looks so cute
Haleigh Dawn (1 day ago)
Ohh cleavage for sure and lose rise ughh worst things ^^
roseyy_vxbes (1 day ago)
I fashion fear is... Low rise jeans with crop tops! 😬
Amanda Herding (1 day ago)
5:35 you’re welcome
My fashion fear: Boob tubes. That’s it. I’m flat. Done. 🤣
saf: you haven't been staring at my butt? tyler: well i always do that they are so cutee
Unicorns Dab (2 days ago)
The girl at 0:33 looks like one similar
Andrada Cioban (2 days ago)
Kristin *rocked* all of her outfits!
GamingLikeAGirl (2 days ago)
Saf! Finally found you on Buzzfeed😎
Franchette (2 days ago)
chantel i feel u gurl, my boobs r too big for my body specially for my height 4'8 and boob is 34a-36a
Yvette Karera (2 days ago)
1:50 Jen is so adorably awkward 😍😍
Mya Cook (2 days ago)
At 4:35 the people and car in the background disappeared
Connie Mendoza (2 days ago)
My fashion fear are shirts that are too long so you want to tuck them in but when you do tuck it in you can see all of the extra shirt through your leggings or jeans because it makes the top of your pants lumpy. I also hate long sleeves and jeans because when you bend you legs and arms you get a weird feeling in your joints! 😩😩 How do I get over this lol?
Pikacat (2 days ago)
Honestly in the first outfit, Kristen looks Slaaayy 🔥💁‍♀️
Princess of Deer (2 days ago)
Renae's Vlogs (2 days ago)
Jen is so cute in all of these
Gia anh Nguyen (3 days ago)
Fashion fears: Tight fitted stuff .
mamag0309 Playz (3 days ago)
Saf is In Ladylike?!
Emi Watson (3 days ago)
Jen's day 2 outfit ❤
Ashley Lambert (3 days ago)
Agree with fred
Lita Traino (3 days ago)
You all look amazing!!!!
Sophia Barenholtz (3 days ago)
frantic (3 days ago)
my fashion fear is probably shorts or anything that exposes my legs lmao,, i hate my legs :">
A Salty Noob Gaming (3 days ago)
Blue Panda (3 days ago)
Fred I really understand you ❤️
UnicornLover1563 (3 days ago)
My fashion fears are crocs, bell bottoms and......I just forgot
robot (3 days ago)
all of those are my fears
Gemma (3 days ago)
4:33 the background D:
Emmy Wikstrom (4 days ago)
7:43 * Outfit *
Crazy Craz Ashley! (4 days ago)
6:24....Me too....me too
Amiracle 310 (4 days ago)
I want those orange overalls Jen was wearing
Emma Dreams (4 days ago)
My fashion fear- Tank tops-they show arpit fat Thick Sweatpants-they make my thighs look big
jung hobi (4 days ago)
i hate weird types of materials i don't know how to explain it. i hate dresses, i like loose clothing. also i like ripped jeans and hoodies with fishnet tights because i'm more out there, like, i'll wear suspenders with it also and black bows with space buns. it's kind of weird for me. i'm gay. my clothing is more towards the male side even though i'm looked at as female. but it also goes for sub culture. it's weird.
Carrie Matchett (4 days ago)
I'm 13 and I have pcos too GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Circe Berkel (4 days ago)
I literally hate old itchy sweaters that are bright colors😷😵
Abigail j34 (4 days ago)
Kristen looks so good in jeans!
the amazing derp jr (4 days ago)
I cannot stand low-rise jeans their so uncomfortable
Anna Salas (4 days ago)
Who else saw the two nuns 4:32?
Tilly TheTurtle (4 days ago)
Fashion Fears Of Mine: •Non-high waisted skirts •Crop tops and/or tube tops •Tight tank tops •Tight things in general besides jeans and T-shirts.
Chelsea Funk (4 days ago)
Kristen looks amazing in pants! They really suit her.
Ava Stanley (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice Dev’s hair ??!
Ava Stanley (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice Dev’s hair ??!
Is Saf’s no longer with BuzzFeed
Bannana Corn (4 days ago)
I did not know that Sophia worked at BuzzFeed! That’s cool!
OMS 2021 Audrey C (4 days ago)
Kristen looks good in pants
Gacha Cheese (4 days ago)
My fashion fears... Wearing dresses, skirts, pink and short shorts.
Anna Balcarová (4 days ago)
They seem like they have just such a good life like I don't even live in America and I'm not even an adult and I hate my life so much
My nightmare wearing lingerie xd
Abbygayle Sasser (5 days ago)
...who is saf and where is Devon....? :(
Queen Samiaya (5 days ago)
Hey booty
Olivia Connelly (5 days ago)
Let me see your bellybutton Freddie, No never!!
Annie BornAgain (5 days ago)
I have PCOS also and and i'm also curvy too but i personally find trousers tentimes more comfortable then most skirts unless i wear hippy dippy skirts. I also have a heavy big boobs too as i have 36E breasts and i'm sorry but the girl with the boob issue is really to self absorbed with her own boobs. 100% she is thinking more of her boobs rather than other people are stearing at it. I was walking down the street once on my walking sticks (i have chronic illness) and there was the "have you had an accident" people in the highstreet the one turned to the other and said " she's not on the sticks because of an accident it's just to keep her upright with that chest lol" !!! i was wearing a high neck top showing nothing, so my point being if you have big boobs/big booty what ever it is some people will notice others won't, its if YOU give your power over to someone that matters. I can see the girl with the overalls is an issue from when she was younger and had a weak bladder now she don't and doing the experiment showed her that, also just a point the last pair was adorable and LOVED the prince of wwales check georgous. Little one seem to have a phobio of bellybuttons which my sister in law also have and my brother teases her ALL the time even now after 25years of marriage.
Andrea Usher (5 days ago)
My fashion fear is low rise jeans as well. They genuinely scare me I feel like every time I sit down the butt also goes down. I truly hate low rise jeans.
Ivette Perez (5 days ago)
My fashon fears- Crop tops Tube tops Sleeveless shirts Low rise jeans
Emily Crosgrove (5 days ago)
S H (5 days ago)
Martia is my gmas name🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
Addison lps World (5 days ago)
8:03 that's exactly how I feel, I don't like showing any part that people can stare at my cleavage or butt. The kids at my school are extremely perverted and I hate it :/
Sarah Gorman (2020) (5 days ago)
Kristin looks better in pants than in dresses
Lulu K (5 days ago)
I swear saf worked for them years ago not last year
J- Hof (2 days ago)
Conspiracy theories..... ooohhh..... spoopy
Silent Heart (4 days ago)
Lulu K conspiracy’s
Michelle H (5 days ago)
I fear low-rise jeans too
Blue Lotus (5 days ago)
They all look normal
Blue Lotus (5 days ago)
And low rise jeans
Blue Lotus (5 days ago)
Why r they afraid of pants overalls
Bificalera2 (5 days ago)
Boobs shower(7:18) , Crop tops and shorts are a no no for me
Janea Vance (6 days ago)
Fashion fear: baggy clothing, loose clothing, dresses, tight tops, jeans, and shorts.
Amber Cordova (6 days ago)
They all look so great
Amber Cordova (6 days ago)
Kristen be lookin bomb in jeans
SnowyOwlz101 (6 days ago)
I forgot Saf worked at Buzzfeed
Kori Anna Harbison (6 days ago)
4:35 those lady’s in the back disappeared
Zury Ortega (6 days ago)
3:14 Kristin looks skinny
My fashion fear: anything with loose glitter Also anything hot pink
Annabelle Petronzio (6 days ago)
Go to 4:32 in the video and watch the people walking in the background
Fynn Robson (6 days ago)
I’m scared of shorts, my legs are too fat :(
Randal Thompson (6 days ago)
I I l I lo I lov Yeah lol I’m to lazy
Sisters Three (6 days ago)
isabelle peterson (6 days ago)
Fashion fear:Long sleeve,low waits jeans,Crop tops,And anything tight
Brooklin Null (6 days ago)
OK who else thought Kristen looked so so good !!! Like if you agree
Q u a c k s o n (6 days ago)
Jen's a farmer. It's real and your argument is invalid
Jennifer Hale (6 days ago)
My name is kristen
Napkin Beano (6 days ago)
My fashion fear is pants too Pants are for people who care
Galax Gymnastics (6 days ago)
Can you guys please do a clothing hall you guys can pick where
Bridey McFarland (6 days ago)
Okay so my fashion fears are~ ~Full Crop tops ~Skirts/Dresses without anything under it ~Tight clothing ~button up clothing without and undershirt ~LONG SLEEVES ~anything sleeveless ~tube tops ~wire bras Things with holes in them above mid thigh ~itchy clothing ~tight dresses ~tight clothing ~TIGHT ANYTHING ~noodle straps ~Sparkles that bather your skin I am very picky 😂👌
Elly Szumiesz (6 days ago)

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