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Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week • Ladylike

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Text Comments (19015)
Drisha Boovaragan (1 hour ago)
Oh my god, Saf looked good in all the dresses!
Ella Davies (8 hours ago)
mine is skirts
4_ever_Butterfly (9 hours ago)
My fashion fear is tight fitting clothing. I also have PCOS so it's hard to find clothing I feel comfortable in. I have been expanding my fashion in the past years tho going shopping at places like torrid and Layne Bryant
Saniya Jones (12 hours ago)
My fashion fears are anything lower then my belly , shorts, dresses that press on my big belly~, and etc , i just hate clothes
OMG IS SAF!!!!!!
Bleh Montague (14 hours ago)
saf killed all looks
DarkMagic 2307 (20 hours ago)
I only wear sweatshirts,tights,t-shirts. I DONT LIKE anything else and I hate my uniform because I have to wear shorts. Im WAAAAAY to picky for clothes. And I only wear black,grey and sometimes this white and cameo green tee,I don’t like tight things because it’s shows how thin I am and it’s already obvious all ready with baggy clothes so yeah and I have a small but and literally no boobs when it comes to the it’s just flat with nips
Moon_chan Sunny (20 hours ago)
Me: she said fready
Goth Girl (1 day ago)
my fashion fears are low rise jeans paired with a crop top
gradeone newton (1 day ago)
My fashion fear is short dresses or skirts because of the perverts
"Terrible. -_-" "Educational. :]" "Better than expected. :3" "Ummm... 'o-o" *"ARRRRRRRRRH >:3"*
Eva Mariqe (1 day ago)
Based on the thumbnail it looked like Safya’s fashion fear was black lipstick...
Kristin Lundy (1 day ago)
Anything feminine, as a trans masc person I can't deal with anything dress, skirt or shirts wise that makes me seem femme in anyway shape or form
Jason Bonner (1 day ago)
Kristin looks good in pants 👖
Isabelle Bilyk (1 day ago)
My favorite line..... "A happy farmer"
Kitty Purr22 (1 day ago)
I hate skirts, I would rather go outside in my underwear than wear a skirt
O hi saf XD
Simply Dumplings (1 day ago)
emma flores (2 days ago)
7:25 does anyone notice how that lady pushed Jen on her right shoulder??
Jessica Yang (2 days ago)
I really hate skirts and body con dresses
Stargravity12 12 (2 days ago)
6:05 that's cute
Ginny Weasly (2 days ago)
I hate clothing that I think is to big but my parents think they are perfect
Jlynn Jones (2 days ago)
All of you look really good
Hadil Djahra (2 days ago)
When you come back to this video and say well freddie has alot of crop top
Wyntur Lowe (2 days ago)
My fashion phobias Pajama pants Low rise pants Flip flop Jean tops, shoes, dresses Nike Sweatshirts
Marbella Rosa (2 days ago)
I dont like skirts and dresses
Huggable Jeongguk (2 days ago)
I don’t like short dresses 💀
Amelia Torres (2 days ago)
My fashion fears: Dresses, skirts, shorts, actually just everything that shows my legs. Crop tops too. Let's just say I hate showing much skin.
jossie r. (2 days ago)
Jen first set of overalls😍 where can i get them??
Cloudy Sky (2 days ago)
My fashion fear is open toed shoes. I hate having the possibility of stubbing my toes when I’m out and about.
Kaylee Jordan (2 days ago)
Saf should wear more form fitting clothes. She’s hot.
Lemon Essence (3 days ago)
Fashion fears? Too much thigh, much much boob. I only ever wear dresses for something fancy.
GertySaurus (3 days ago)
I have PCOS like Kristin too, and I understand her pain. You just gotta rock it!
Kassidy Arata (3 days ago)
4:36 did you see how those nuns in the background disappeared!! AHHHHK
U haven’t been looking at my butt? Well I always do that...
Rita Hernandez (3 days ago)
Me and Fred have the same issues
Ciena Neditch (3 days ago)
Watch 3:34 to 3:36 look behind Kristen
Eva Weber (3 days ago)
Tsuki Studios (3 days ago)
Fears: anything girly girls wear
Adrianna Garcia (3 days ago)
Hey booty! 😂
Powerful KP (3 days ago)
I have the same fashion fear as Freddie
Emmaly (3 days ago)
I love their day 2 outfits
Lorelei’s Life (3 days ago)
Why is Freddie saying that she doesn’t like pants below her belly button but if you go to the Florida high school dress code lady like video she said she only wears crap tops?!?!?!?
Tatiana L (3 days ago)
My fashion fears are short sleeves, shorts, body con dresses, short skirts, bathing suits...there's probably more, but those are the main ones lol. Crop tops are also a fear
Bea Joe (3 days ago)
Jen’s day 2 outfit is SO. FLIPPIN. ADORABLE.
Miss MichiGO (3 days ago)
Fashion fear - tube tops and baggy shorts
Ocean_ Breeze (3 days ago)
My biggest fashion fear is skirts because i feel like its perfect on the front and to short on the back even when i put it evenly
luna wolf (3 days ago)
I love this but my dad walked by me when i didn’t have headphones on and all he could hear was worst week to he on my period thanks jen 😂😂❤️
Sophia Sanders (3 days ago)
Jemima Cook (4 days ago)
I need those overalls in my life😩
Claire Jackson (4 days ago)
Kristen looked so good on the first out fit
Kinda Steampunk (4 days ago)
Omg I hate dresses and I have only worn a dress once wen I was 8
Katie OReilly (4 days ago)
Safia I wasn't looking at your butt, BUT- When you did those close up of you moving the muscles in your butt, I was so happy because I was like YAYYYYYYYYY- I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THIS because I've literally never found anyone else who can do that also fun fact, I can do that with my knees/knee caps and thighs too. I'm a weirdo
7:35 who needs words? Edit: damn 8:42 she is so funny XD
Livia Wong (4 days ago)
My fashion fear is anything bright colored. but... I can wear them if I have nothing else...
Alex (4 days ago)
I hate low rise jeans because they don't actually fit anyone. Pants should go up to your waist. Anything else just feels like it's about to fall off and makes everyone look like they have muffin top.
Desi Cehelnik (4 days ago)
My fashion fear is also low waisted jeans . I just don’t like the feeling that if I bend over there is a chance were people see my underwear and butt crack . I just alwase pull up my pants even if there highs wasted . Is this just me
Kora Harder (4 days ago)
My fashion fear is dresses and skirts because I feel exposed and like I can’t do anything if something happens
Madison Edwards (4 days ago)
Aw they are all so cute and precious
abc (4 days ago)
My fashion fear : - Hot Pink Clothes (I never wears any hot pink clothes or accessories) - Oversize shirt (I’m a very small person any shirts would still be oversize.My friends always say “Did you steal your dad’s shirt?”.It just make me felt uncomfortable)
I Hate Shorts. I hate them so much xD
Lucy Shearer (5 days ago)
I love how everybody’s is like “I just don’t want that kind of attention I don’t feel comfortable” and Jen is just like “I DONT WANNA PEE MYSELF”
SeriesScenes (5 days ago)
If it's about the boobs, I'm with you girl If it's about butt, I'm with you girl Pants? Nah I'm good Overalls? Never wore ones...
Im Blob (5 days ago)
I love Jens second outfit
Grace Lindsay (5 days ago)
was this devin’s first appearance in a ladylike video before she was apart of ladylike?
makki hestenes (5 days ago)
Kristen looks better in pants then she does in dresses .-.
teighlor rooks (5 days ago)
4:34 are those deadass nuns walking down the street
Taylor Taguchi (5 days ago)
8:42 ?!!
Nicole Dean (5 days ago)
My fashion fear:EVERYTHING
Maggie Fox (5 days ago)
My fashion fear: anything that shows off my stomach or curves
Yuliet Cubero (5 days ago)
It's me when you saw those nuns a car went by and then disappeared
Insta _jamgirl (6 days ago)
Mine are wearing crop tops...like who wants to see a overhanging belly 😂
Ellen Congleton (6 days ago)
Kristin looked so good in pants!!!
Odd_ Pies_ (6 days ago)
My fashion fear is short dresses without leggings or tights under them xD
butterflyprincssus (6 days ago)
Jen could wear a paper bag and the Internet would lose its collective mind. She pulls off all the lewks
Hannah is cool (6 days ago)
I have the same fear as freddie but its just It dont have to be belly button high but deinfitly high
Ghastly Dragon 10 (6 days ago)
My fashion fear is showing my booty I'm a guy so you know
Holo it's me Lizzy (6 days ago)
I died when saf called herself a sausage 😂 But girl u ain't fat
Winter_ Shark (6 days ago)
I hate dresses they make me feel naked and I’m scared someone will see under me
Yakelin García (6 days ago)
“ oh I always do that” 😮😵😂
Amanda Paz (6 days ago)
HUGE crush on Jen <3
Augusta Perry (6 days ago)
Is sayfia nygaard in ladylike. I have wondered that since I startdd
Amethyst Dawn (1 day ago)
She was, but she left BuzzFeed and has had her own channel since the beginning of 2017.
Mackenzie Farley (6 days ago)
My fashion fears Tight and see thru shirts Too long pants Sometimes sweatpants
Ella and fun (6 days ago)
Kristen looks cute in pants
Alena Bašová (6 days ago)
I don't like shorter jeans either.. I just feel so insecure... I definitly love high waisted jeans waaaaaay moře than the „normal" damn ones..
Kayleigh Watson (6 days ago)
kennedy dixon (6 days ago)
jen day three was the best thing i've ever seen, ugh she made me realize my sexuality when i was like 13 and i've loved her ever since
Kate Clark (6 days ago)
My add legit just said “Will we send our fears back where the cane” 😂
Kaydence YEUNG [08F] (6 days ago)
kristen looks good in everything
MyLifeAsAlicia 97 (7 days ago)
6:08 when some people say that it’s creepy but when tyler says it its soo cute😍
Syaizia (7 days ago)
*"you havent been staring at my butt?"* *"i mean, i always do that"* SJKSSJJSSJ
Eva Vang (7 days ago)
It’s so weird...their fashion fears when they wear is they y’all look so good wearing it! My fashion fears are lose jeans, longs sleeve shirts, tight dresses bc I’m not skinny I’m ‘average’ and I don’t got any curves, I usually wear a crop top, high waisted pants, skirts (any that’s near my Mid thigh), boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans (low or high), high waisted shorts, booty shorts, regular shorts (I hate knee shorts), T-shirts plain or designed, sweaters, hoodies, my BTS baseball jacket, I also HATE showing my cleavage.
Likely_ Lijah (7 days ago)
Wearing dresses and skirts
Dreamer Enns (7 days ago)
I honestly think that everyone looked amazing in their own fears
Emma DeAtley (7 days ago)
Omg, Saf worked for buzzfeed!!!
kaitlyn paulsen (7 days ago)
my fashion fear is tank tops bc i hate my arms bc like i’m normal size maybe on the skinner side but my arms are abnormally large and i like never wear sleeveless things to show that like short sleeves i do just not tank tops, tube tops, etc yes even if it is 102 degrees i will NOT wear a tank top
Ana_ ArcticFox (7 days ago)
Fashion Fears: Low Rise Jeans. Tight Shirts. Sleeveless Shirts. Low Cut Shirts. Heels. And.. Loose Pants. A.k.a. a lot of clothes.
always noir (7 days ago)
So happy saf left that show she is way better on her own
T Bonvie (7 days ago)
I hate low rise jeans I’m with her only over the belly button
Ruby Schwartbooy (7 days ago)
Hey! I'm also on my period. #being a girl

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