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Ryan Star – Brand New Day Live Acoustic

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Probably the most powerful live performance of Brand Ned Day.
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SAHIL JARIAL (11 months ago)
Whizper2me (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/WnGj1UMYrHA better version of this song
MegaLittlePaw (11 months ago)
Whizper2me I wouldn't say it is better, to me it' ls different, and personally I find this particular version much more powerful.
Syahied Ainul Yaqien (1 year ago)
came here from lie to me
lynx lot (1 year ago)
just reminds me of lie to me that masterpiece of a show
Diamond Forger (1 year ago)
Dinoraptor101 (2 years ago)
so little views.. omg I love this song :D

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