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Injustice 2 - Full Movie (All Cutscenes) & Secret Endings (SUBTITLES) [1080p 60FPS HD]

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Text Comments (10)
MXVideos (1 year ago)
Give this video a *THUMBS UP* if you haven't already! Also turn on *CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS* next to the *SUBSCRIBE* button 😎!
Zach (1 year ago)
Can someone link me to a no subtitles version of this game?
MXVideos (10 months ago)
ahhh interesting - yeah I see people requests no subs a few times now and just wondering their perspective on them. Thanks
Zach (10 months ago)
Nah, but I can see what they say before they say it. Makes me wish they'd speed up their line delivery, whereas if there were no subs, there'd be no problem. It's fine though, I ended up just buying the game.
MXVideos (10 months ago)
do subtitles get in the way?
MrGrownman455 (1 year ago)
Batman is just the most bad ass Hero to ever exist!!! I want to be in Batman's circle of trust .LOL
Josh Eastham (1 year ago)
green lantern is ace
Josh Eastham (1 year ago)
I hate his voice all I hear is ratchet
CineVines (1 year ago)
Black Hat (1 year ago)
Primero :v

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