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For Men Only! How to get that dream garage!

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Don't tell 'em women folk about this okay...
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19stoney64 (2 years ago)
Was this before you built the big barn? Is the new kitchen still the plan or should I just be real quiet right now so Trish can't hear me bringing it up?
rpeek (2 years ago)
Yea, don't bring it up.. Geeze!
SirSmighty (7 years ago)
Sounds like a win win sichiation
rpeek (7 years ago)
@GTFiorano Dang! You need for the cars to break down so that you have to fix 'em. Then you have to have a place to fix 'em, and some tools, and a bigger garage, and a spare car (rat rod) and such..
GTFiorano (7 years ago)
you are wise- but i made the mistake and we built the kitchen first! what do i use to bargain with now?
iceman22st (7 years ago)
Good thinkin' ! That's the way I justify stuff too.
rpeek (7 years ago)
@usaharleydog Yea, would.. Good place for big old fashioned cook stove too..
rpeek (7 years ago)
@usaharleydog Oh yes she did!
M. Pierce (7 years ago)
or you can build a shop to store your stuff in tell you get the chance to build the new house and live in a trailer tell the house is done worked for me
towrecker (7 years ago)
honey babe is going to put a price on your head , for that comment ;)
mechadrake (7 years ago)
oh you sneaky sneaky man! I will keep that idea for myself when needed too ;)
epiphaknee (7 years ago)
Quid pro quo, but get your quid first? LOL
Mrcaffinebean (7 years ago)
Hahaha wait until she shes this!
Eltroker (7 years ago)
Thank you!!!
usaharleydog (7 years ago)
I was looking at that brick column in that room, and thought that would be a great place to hang your skillets on, and look cool too!
Martin Donkin (7 years ago)
@rpeek he he he yh u tell er
usaharleydog (7 years ago)
Did she have a glazed over look in her eyes when you said, "bigger kitchen"??lol!
59 (7 years ago)
You're my favorite hillbilly! When you git' that garage done, I'd love to come do some pickin with ya!
rpeek (7 years ago)
@onelonleyfarmer Not the way we do it. We'll build it ourselves. It'll be honkin'
rpeek (7 years ago)
@thoeckel Hey girlie, you ain't supposed to be over here. This here's for men only...
19504x4 (7 years ago)
Yeah right, we'll see how that works out
Diesel1Dee (7 years ago)
simply genius.
onelonleyfarmer (7 years ago)
Not smart price a kitchen,,!,,!! It will cost you ten times as much as that garage.
dirtrokker4 (7 years ago)
Your a smart man rpeek!!! well thought out =)
Trish Peek (7 years ago)
ya.... you get your garage and we'll see just how LONG I have to wait for my kitchen! Bet it's not gonna happen as quick as gettin' your garage! I ain't holdin' my breath! You women out there.... don't listen to everything you hear!
jos brouwers (7 years ago)
This is a GOOD one Richard.
MrOne2watch (7 years ago)
my memory ain't so good sometimes. but i think i can remember that.. thats kinda how i got my computer room ! LOL
you are a smart man peek
Pretty smart guy... You must be a genius!
driveshaft306 (7 years ago)
Whew man thanks i need all that knid of info i can get...... lol
homotorsports (7 years ago)
If i don`t expand my kitchen for my better half that`s FREE.
swampratman2000 (7 years ago)
now you got me thinking lol
19stoney64 (7 years ago)
Oh man! I am listening......I think I will go ahead and clean out our storage closets and start piling in the main living areas. Ya know just little by little til we cant walk.....yeh.......that's it.....I can see it now. Shop then kitchen! I been using the excuse my shop isnt big enough to build cabinets in but that idea isnt getting me far. Haaaa........Thanks
1963impala2dr (7 years ago)
you crafty ol Devil!
junkernutz (7 years ago)
Your a tricky dude! LOL

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