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Inside the abandoned buildings under Lake Mead

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In the 1930's engineers designed the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, taming the Colorado river and giving a reliable water supply for California, Nevada, and Arizona.
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ternitamas (12 days ago)
bla bla blahhh diving is here 3:30 you're welcome
oh ya ow yeah yeah (13 days ago)
Not a drought are population has tripled where just using more water then coming in
Mark Stengel (18 days ago)
Enjoyed the history and the dive itself 👍
John Roddy (18 days ago)
Men where real men back then,not the wasters today in female jeans jelled hair,and beards from Ned Kellys days.They could not chop their way out of a paper bag,never mind make a Dam
Bill (1 month ago)
Did they find any squatters ?
RC Hobbyist Extreme (1 month ago)
Building a dam where it NEVER belonged. To support a city that NEVER belonged. It matters NOT what history did but what Mankind destroyed just to make its self rich on something that also doesnt exist. Money. It was money and greed that produced Las Vegas. Produced by Mobsters and crooked polititions and funded by the citizens of a country that were hood winked out of their money to support Sin City. A town that shouldnt even be there.
Frank Macauda (1 month ago)
A few more years and they'll be dry.
Tank Simmons (1 month ago)
This is a long news report about not a damn thing
MUSIC LOVER (1 month ago)
How many cities gets water and electricity from this dam?
Correction Codes (1 month ago)
ok and the point fo this was to make sure noone was living there? dumb fukin video tbh
Donovon Williams (1 month ago)
96 people also died building that damn
Smug Smugly (1 month ago)
How and why do so many people manage to drive their cars into lakes?
Mia maven (1 month ago)
Soon to be the aboveground visible from the road ruins, of the dam built 80 years ago.
bean soup (2 months ago)
Legion would've won the first battle if Joshua Graham didn't mess everything up...
Kirk Kelly (2 months ago)
Pretty soon. It will be a nice walk to it.
Winters Battle of Bands (2 months ago)
Yes, you have to wonder where these people went to school. Buildings long under water - abandoned? I should hope so. Sad thing is, most people won't recognize the error, or the fact that the poster could have used a more descriptive title, such as "Inside the submerged buildings of Lake Mead."
Roscoe P Coltrane (2 months ago)
There's people's remains in the Dams concrete walls. The amount of concrete blocks that didn't set and collapsed on top of workers, resulting in most of them being left due to the amount of concrete that couldn't be moved it time and the heat was left. Creepy
peter cook (2 months ago)
I live bout an hour from Lake Mead. I see it on my way to Vegas. It's really, really, low.
Ben Conway (2 months ago)
So wat will happen to dam when all the water drys up? Well at least all people can go back to their houses wen the buildings are back in the dry lol
J S (2 months ago)
How long until the lake is dry & where do the cities get their water then?
Randy Lyons (2 months ago)
Buildings? This did mention buildings, I saw none.
Andy (2 months ago)
Big iron
paul beenis (3 months ago)
"The rock still looks smooth and polished" if thats not talking out of your ass I don't know what is
ZarHakkar (3 months ago)
>"literally" a swim back in time Oh no not you too
estofadodepollo (3 months ago)
Where is the b-28 bomber
Skeeter McSwager (3 months ago)
Abandoned tunnel,and some parts of an old support structure... But nothing that would be 'occupied' regardless if under water!!! Dumb ass video!!!!🤬
David Hamlin (3 months ago)
Oh no people live there
kent kirkpatrick (3 months ago)
Men and woman building the dam? Only thing woman built back then was the dam sandwich's for those men.
Craig Hobbs (3 months ago)
To save everybody time, there are NO buildings in this video under water in lake mead.
Randall Robertson (3 months ago)
It's not exactly Abandoned , the Fish Family Lives there now ...
Don Derply (3 months ago)
Odd that you allow motorboats in your drinking water reservior. They are usually off limits to the public
Da C. (3 months ago)
The Great Wall will be the next major project.
TravelwithAustin (4 months ago)
I'd love to see these buildings.
knotkool1 (4 months ago)
"an hour of no deco time on the bottom". bottom is 100 feet? welcome to decompression sickness. do not dive with this moron! even if they are using nitrox or, God forbid, trimix. this guy has a death wish. stay away.
Walter Fink (4 months ago)
I saw a complete documentary about the Hoover Dam. Very interesting. The concrete is still not set, deep in the dam. Concrete has to cure.
Rob Fowler (4 months ago)
Trying to build a dam these days would surely offend many idiots
Wi Th (4 months ago)
We have an abandoned town in the Flaming Gorge WY.
President Camacho (4 months ago)
A ten minute segment on a bunch of rocks at the bottom of the lake. Ah, local news stations showing magnificent aspirations to go mainstream with this golden material.
Elder Maxson (4 months ago)
Where’s chasers legion and the ncr?
Boot 185 (4 months ago)
Lake Mead will be empty very soon in just years because for years more has been taken out of it then goes into it.
rodeye2 (4 months ago)
I wonder if they have a dam tour with a dam tour guide so I can take some dam pictures.
Andrew Barnes (4 months ago)
But the problem is their both losing water it’s not getting better they need to do sumthing so it will stop or else they’re will not be any water
Lincoln Whitehead (5 months ago)
Forget that, go to the crashed b29!
solobackpacking (5 months ago)
Environmentalists stopped a similar project in my area. They felt it would inconvenience some species. It would have saved the burning of huge amounts of fossil fuel every year.
D Sloop (5 months ago)
Find any transformers?
Nick Giant (6 months ago)
They are going to run out of water but Phoenix will still be a city
Smug Smugly (6 months ago)
I survived 46 seconds, and had to quit. Worse than fingernails grating over a chalkboard.
Dan Wilson (6 months ago)
Bravo to the under water journalist
jet li (6 months ago)
They should knock it down, to hell with Phoenix. And all the golf courses.
Perich29 (6 months ago)
It's a lake bed temple.
CreekyGuy (6 months ago)
Excellent work Troy, John and Kerry. But, since her name is Lake, shouldn't Kerry have been the one to make this dive?
5674 inCincy (7 months ago)
What was the tunnel for?!
Jimmy Chambers (6 months ago)
Conveyor belts
Jack Johnson (7 months ago)
96 men died working on the dam. They need to be remembered. Can imagine the unsafe working conditions they were in. Respect & Rest in Peace!
Steve Clark (2 months ago)
No OSHA then.
Daniel Aycock (5 months ago)
Theres a memorial there at the damn for a dog. He was the projects dog for all workers.
Joe Blainey (7 months ago)
Does anybody care that Lake Mead has gone dry and will probably disappear. take Trump there and show him. Matbe he will learn something about Environmental changes , or is too late
Donald Whitty (7 months ago)
The Hoover Dam Tamed the Colorado River. What hubris! The Colorado River is about to have its revenge. Hope you like sand.
STUBS 1960 (7 months ago)
Soon to be exposed to the fresh air again. That sucker is drying up. LMAO
Libery One (7 months ago)
IF the drought continues for the next 30-40 yrs, they'll be able to use it again...but most of us and various cites won't be around.
Craig Pearce (7 months ago)
Soon, people will be able to just walk to there
Mel Mel (7 months ago)
American men used to be so hard working, strong, stable and useful. What happened??! The Internet happened? sheesh. Gone are the sturdy men. What we see today ain't worth it.
Mantis Nomo (7 months ago)
This guy's not much of a diver, is he? And a worse underwater photographer.
David Lange (7 months ago)
That was so cool. I love to check out abandoned structures but rarely get to. What a rush !
Nathan Zaremskiy (8 months ago)
"let's use our 3d software" aka Bing maps? Not even google Earth?
bold810 (8 months ago)
michael mooney (8 months ago)
Lake Mead is almost to the point where Arizona and Nevada will stop getting water it will go to California agriculture they'll be cutoff.
logan cartwright (8 months ago)
F off traitors.
Peter Fennema (8 months ago)
Great story! Fascinating to see the remnants on the bottom of Lake Mead.
sticklift (8 months ago)
It will be dried up in about two years....
Let Go (8 months ago)
Strange that nobody’s left to talk about this? They can’t all be dead.
Leland Gaunt (5 months ago)
They were swallowed up by the legion.
Jerry Stambaugh (8 months ago)
Visited Hoover Dam in 1980 during the heat wave. We were riding Motorcycles Moto Guzzi and Two BMW's from Ohio.
by or Hotarek (8 months ago)
There were computers back then but it was underground. Newly created lake mead? You diabolical sludge. Now I’m paying attention much to your demise;)
Kevin Anderson (9 months ago)
Soon be able to live there again by the way the lake levels are going!
The Devil In The Circuit (9 months ago)
As grand an undertaking as it was--they should've named the dam after God.
Cleo Fierro (9 months ago)
My Grandfather( rest in peace), worked on the Hoover Dam Project. He immigrated from Italy, and arrived in the United States through Ellis Island.
Erich Von Manstein (2 months ago)
James Laspesa indeed there is. Men like your grandfathers came to the US the right way and for the right reasons. They became Americans through and through and help build this country. I salute them.
James Laspesa (3 months ago)
Cleo Fierro they also tried to fit in . They didn't refuse to speak English, they were determined to fit in and be apart of the usa. Not like today's immigrants, who do refuse to speak English and don't respect our flag.. huge difference between the two generations. Happy Thanksgiving bro. ✌
James Laspesa (3 months ago)
Cleo Fierro so did my grandfather! ! Awesome bro.
Bulk Logan (9 months ago)
And today, they all want lush green grass which is causing their water shortage. Water and Power will come eventually just like in TANK GIRL.
467736 (9 months ago)
I wanna go explore that
jhafdell (9 months ago)
Hey you! Stop procrastinating!
Crysta McHagen (11 months ago)
An do you all know how meany people got displaced ....
Leland Gaunt (5 months ago)
The Ncr has a refugee camp in bittersprings that is helping the people that were displaced.
Lloyd Bonafide (11 months ago)
I wish the dam was never built because Phoenix sucks.
chlo5 6 (11 months ago)
I usually drive 5 hours to lake Mohave. We have a boat that we drive to lake mead, then we go to the Hoover dam on the other side where the water is literally 30 degrees Fahrenheit
James DeWhitt (4 months ago)
No joke on that, that water is COLD, even after its let out of Hoover dam, a day down the river in July and the temp in the Grand Canyon is 104, it is still 60 degrees.
motor62500 (11 months ago)
That was a modern can... atleast the 80s  not a pull tab...
Dwayne Is (11 months ago)
This is awesome great story I loved in Phoenix it's a bowl without the dam it wouldn't exist
Tony D (11 months ago)
In a few years you'll be able to walk where they just swam.
See John Vlog (11 months ago)
What’s the water level like these days?
Romantic Donkey (11 months ago)
Great story. Well done
James Hart (11 months ago)
And the only reason they can dive on this area is due to the level of the water in the lake going DOWN! In a few years it will be even easier to dive on. Unless people in Arizona, Nevada and California start to conserve water to a level they haven't yet, that lake will dry up. People do not realize where the water in that lake comes from. Western Colorado and western Wyoming. Too not very wet places. So yeah, think about it.
arod38XX (11 months ago)
Maybe they should look for that crashed b29 so the boomers can help with the pending 2nd battle of the dam
Mike French (11 months ago)
Very cool feature! 👌
blipco5 (11 months ago)
Weren't you afraid of sharks?
John Riccobono (11 months ago)
Lol cause im sure women were hard at work on the dam
Brandley x (11 months ago)
Congrats you made a giant mud puddle. It's a man made disaster.
The Traveler (11 months ago)
Yeah and like Trump said. You can't build a shithouse today without 30 years of waiting for permits.
scott (11 months ago)
Builders still use rulers and math equations silly man.
BaggedF100 (11 months ago)
Now it’s only 20 feet deep
Anita Foster (11 months ago)
I love lake Meade! It’s so beautiful and peaceful there.
Michael Galey (11 months ago)
I wonder if that rock pile could be recovered and used for building our border wall. Now don't get your panties in a twist as an Engineer it seemed to be possible at the depth it's in.
Bat Hob0 (11 months ago)
Who wrote the script
Bat Hob0 (11 months ago)
It almost feels like a city funded ad that lacks actual enthusiasm
Justin E. (11 months ago)
"these men and women who built the dam".... no. MEN. MEN built it.
TruthOldSchoolStyle (11 months ago)
I'm from that Era; using a Slide rule isn't that Hard. Now you have to say: these Men, Women, Transgendered, Muslim, Gays built the Dam...lol
Leland Gaunt (5 months ago)
Ain’t that the dam truth!
Jeff Kissler (11 months ago)
Great job on the Hoover Dam!!!
srercrcr (11 months ago)
If the Colorado River dies is that the end for Phoenix?
jordan hicks (4 months ago)
It'll never die, that's just foolish talk.

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