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1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

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[THE PINS ARE SOLD OUT SORRY!] btw, I forgot to thank you guys for 75k! (as always, lol. I suck at celebrating milestones). _____________ My Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ki6VTq My blog: http://bit.ly/2nnB89S My nudes: https://bit.ly/2rRQEeE You can also buy me a coffee!: https://bit.ly/2IvBsJY
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Pineapple Juice (3 hours ago)
Thank you so much for this video! Last year I used it for help on a project about women's fashion in the 1920s and this information was really helpful!
Tamara Lark (23 hours ago)
I’m so confused by this. I can find actual 1920 photos with Girls wearing this exact wrong outfit. Are flappers prostitutes? Where did all the fringe we see in 1920 costumes come from? Also I’ve got a ‘gangsters and molls’ party coming up- wouldn’t that be a little different? Seems it will be full of people wearing the modern interpretation of 1920s fashion. Plus I’m trying to find plus size so it seems my choice are limited :(
Julesclues (1 day ago)
What did you think about The Great Gatsby movie??
Cheyenne Young (1 day ago)
You should talk about the fashion in the great Gatsby movie since so many people recently base their "roaring 20's" elite fashion off of, I love the movie but I think it would ve interesting to hear an expert talk about its accuracy
Well I just got an education. Thank you.
Nicole C. (2 days ago)
In my Elementary School for our end of school Ceremony the theme is to dress like the 1920's and my mom wants to dress me that way because she thinks it is cute. Idc how i go dressed to school
Cozzy koto (2 days ago)
Damn I missed those pins 😭
Lucy Daniel (3 days ago)
As far as I remember a lot of these changes were catalysed by lack of materials during the war. The obvious effect is skirts had to become less full but it was also a cause of the change in corsets. Something to do with the thick material used before going to parachutes and the boning metal being used or something meant corsets couldn’t be made in the same way, so they made them out of cheaper, lighter fabrics. Some people just went without and with the more modern underwear but others needed them for physical support. I’m not saying this was the sole cause but it likely sped up the development away from corsets
Nastia (3 days ago)
Or theres a wonderful tv show Mrs.Fishers murder myseries its australian detective and its set in 1920's to 1940? has loads of wonderful historically accurate fashion =)
Mary Huse (4 days ago)
Mary Huse (4 days ago)
yep.... see his video RECREATING ICONIC VINES
Sarah Juntunen (5 days ago)
It makes me so happy that it is 19:20 minutes long!
Ulrike (5 days ago)
really good video!! i just wish u left some (primary) sources in the description,,, or at least sources for the pics in the video
Alex W (6 days ago)
Downton Abbey
Sage Rose (6 days ago)
Your description of the potato bag is funny.
yzaya LiriaN (8 days ago)
Love her: NOOOO!!!!!, THING .
Melanie de Jesus (8 days ago)
I know this is off-topic, but can you do a tutorial on how to do that gorgeous scarf wrap over your hair? When I try it, it comes undone pretty quickly.
Valeria Fernandez (9 days ago)
"Crap! That's Shocking" Loved it hahahaha
Zoe Hamilton (10 days ago)
When was the gertel introduced?
Ela Borat (12 days ago)
So they had mullets 🤣
Beth Norrod (12 days ago)
This is old but I just discovered your channel. In high school, circa 1993, I had to do a project on something historical that interested me. I chose Elizabethan and turn off the century fashion. Researching was hard before the internet. But, to this day people will furiously argue with me when I tell them the fashion in the 20s is different than they think and flappers didn't wear short dresses and fringe,etc. I think our impression of that comes from movies and costumes.
Siobhan victorian (12 days ago)
During the flapper era, women would put rouge on their knees.
Leiahna Fleming (14 days ago)
Did anyone notice that this is a 1920’s video and the time the video ends is 1920
Haylie R. Wilson (14 days ago)
the beginning is tortuously slow
Whitney Baxter (14 days ago)
Have corsets really gone out of style? Because I wear a body shaper almost every day?
Whitney Baxter (14 days ago)
So... think of Olive Oil from Popeye?
loonylinda (15 days ago)
too boring to watch all video
What is that 1920's, height of fashion black & white cat's name? He is his own pajamas, let me say.
Carol Tamion (18 days ago)
Finally, I found someone who knows what she is talking about, because all the channels and tutorials I have watched are so inaccurate that makes me really angry
Coral Victor (18 days ago)
haha your video is 19:20 long. what a coinkydink
JudoGingerNinja (18 days ago)
The only reason many women did not have boning in their corsets is the steel was needed for the war effort. So what was fashion and what we are lead to believe is fashion because it is all you can get is not the same thing. I'm sure wealthy woman did not lose the steel in their corsets. most of them never even knew there was war.
Em (19 days ago)
I think the long hair 1920's idea came from actresses like Bessie Love who had long frizzy hair that many people associate with the 20's
Sinead (19 days ago)
I know all of this from dowton abbey it depicets clothing really well
cave_crystal (19 days ago)
1:30 she looks so sad
L. Harper (20 days ago)
Many kudos to you for your video being 19 minutes and 20 seconds!
Ricky Breeze (20 days ago)
Lol you just got yourself a brand spanken new new subscriber
Hiltraut Wanda (20 days ago)
Hi Girl can you maybe review this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG55l0kFoLI It's "Dressing up in the 20's" and seems very weird to me!! :D
Linda Hendrex (21 days ago)
14:12 - LOL! It sounds like you are describing a 1920s women's Mullet! 🤣 14:45 - Corsets were very difficult for some women to give up... My grandmother was still wearing hears at least as late as 1970! She really did feel naked without it. 😱 Although she lived through the 1920s, she didn't ever take up the straight and loose style. Her corset was an attempt to achieve an hourglass figure. Which didn't work at all because her natural body was an apple shape.  You can stuff yourself into a corset, but you cannot fool Mother Nature! I cannot imagine a full-busted woman trying to squish her boobs into a flat shape. It would be very uncomfortable and it wouldn't really work. Great video, btw. I love to learn about historical fashion. Thanks for posting!
Jeanie Chowdury (24 days ago)
This was fantastic. Thank you
Lisa T (25 days ago)
I love the 1920s
Nellie S (25 days ago)
your channel is so interesting! i love learning about this! you should be a historian, you seem to know a lot!
Gucci Gang Tae (25 days ago)
I love how this video is exactly 19:20 😂😂
andrea perez (25 days ago)
What would they do with their nails???
Andreia Reminiec (26 days ago)
The mini dress was unheard of in the 20's. The Hem lines ended below the knee... Hair was bobbed Watch Ken Burns Jazz & the movies from the 20s ( silent movies are preferred) For examples..the look of the 20s was the near naked little girl/ Andongenous Do you know anything about vaudeville? Eddie Cantor still wore black face At least 2" heels..
Lala (27 days ago)
Anyone else notice Drew Barrymores lookalike in that last photo????
Carolyn Weiler (27 days ago)
I REALLY need some videos on how you do your scarf hairdos!!!
Liz D. (28 days ago)
1:27 it looks like her soul left her body...
Dorothy McDowell (1 month ago)
I'll be binge-watching you for hours! LOVE this channel! just subbed tonight after watching 110 yr old dress video.
my cats (1 month ago)
This was very cool. Thanks for the info! Also, adorable cat!
Deidre Westover (1 month ago)
I'm glad I wasn't alive then. I would look terrible in those clothes.
Darth Best-E (1 month ago)
i love your channel and i am rewatching some of ur vids again shdhfieififir ilysm
Mayleia (1 month ago)
What you call a corset is more a girdle.
minagelina (1 month ago)
The Drop waist......I see a lot of "flapper" stuff, but the drop waisted dress seems like it was "the thing" to wear.
Siriuslygeeky -Batman (1 month ago)
You look so dead inside
Kaliope Karas (1 month ago)
Thank you for this! I love the 1920's and yes the fashion changes were also a reflection of changes in attitudes and mindset for women! Your show is great, and you are very pretty. I wish you would look more at the camera, I keep wondering what you were looking at off the top corner somewhere!
Your stuff is funny. Fuck people. Lol
Bjeredik Gamdschie (1 month ago)
I'm amazed by the video beeing 19:20 long.
Imran A. Iskandar (1 month ago)
Who else realised the video length was 1920 xD
Pink-Perfection (1 month ago)
Your nudes are scandalous!!
GamerRey (1 month ago)
For the life of me, I can't find a video on how to speak like a girl in the 1920s.
Sue Elias (1 month ago)
Grandma told me they got 3 outfits a year in those days. That's all, and she wasn't afraid to work. How people can say they were so wealthy in the 1920's is beyond me.
Logan Downs (1 month ago)
I think Betty Boop distorted the image of the 1920s fashion era. Her hairstyle is reminiscent of the bob haircuts of the 1920s, but her clothing is very tight and revealing, and her silhouette is far too curvy to represent the beauty standards of that era. Once Betty Boop was developed into a whole character of her own, I think she was meant to be a contemporary fashion icon of the 1930’s who could invoke some nostalgia for the care-free, pre-depression era, but without appearing dated.
Ca Ke (1 month ago)
I didnt know about the different corset for the 20s! Idk why i didnt question how they all had that flatter board look to fit the wonderful fashion back then!
purple lavenders (1 month ago)
Risa Green (1 month ago)
The only show I’ve seen that accurately portrayed the evolution of 1920s fashion was Downton Abbey.
Regina Phalange (1 month ago)
"i have not witnessed 1920s what am i talking about" sounds like something someone from the 1920s would say................
freddy (1 month ago)
12:00 those heels look like my tap shoes
Haidyn Ogg (1 month ago)
Love the info, but Im still going to wear my fringed flapper dress and headband to the annual Gatsby party
KCStone MeNott (1 month ago)
I laughed way too hard 😂😂😂 I loved this!!
zahra alawad (1 month ago)
This video is about the 1920s and its 19:20 mins long
S Y (1 month ago)
Hey meme mom! Can you please do a video about Downton Abbey? ☺️
Eszter Juharos (1 month ago)
I’m dressing (or more like trying to dress) in a 20’s way and people *aLwAyS* ask me those questions. From now on I’m gonna send them this video isntead of answering.
Gökçe Gamlı (1 month ago)
LOVE THE VIDEO Thanks to you i started loving fashion history! Omg so fun ♡
Kosara R. Gramm (1 month ago)
Fashion is so annoying to me. It's basically everyone around telling me how to look so I put all the effort to look exactly like that just to have new goals for looks in a couple of years and then new ones again. I'm gonna look whatever I want to look like.
Andrea Prochowski (1 month ago)
Are you telling me that there are people who think women in the 1920s were stilettos and had long wavy hair!?!?!
Andrea Prochowski (1 month ago)
6:43 I used that exact photo in my 1920s presentation
Dawn Moore (1 month ago)
I think it wasn't just racism (although that was def. there) but having tanned skin as a white person meant you worked a lower class job. This is what I gathered from the research I've done. This is actually pretty prevalent in a lot of countries.
cindland (1 month ago)
You didn’t cover the validity of the “flapper” dress with fringe.
sadie winters (1 month ago)
I could see you as a university professor lecturing about this subject EASILY
Charles Dighton (1 month ago)
Are you from Denmark? Your accent sounds Danish.
Asymptota (1 month ago)
No, she's Polish
Kristina Whittington (1 month ago)
Have you ever seen the movie “ Thoroughly Modern Millie”? It has Julie Andrews and she talks in the movie about how it’s hard for a busty girl to get the right silhouette. Lol.
Alison Jepsen (1 month ago)
I was invited to a 1920s-themed party this weekend and I remembered seeing this video, so I came to do a little research. Naturally, the intro about made me wet myself from laughter. Luckily I have a lot of friends who have theatre backgrounds and have delved deep into fashion history, so I'm borrowing some more realistic items from them (no fringy dress and no feather in the hair!).
Poli Flowers (1 month ago)
I'm re re rewatching this and I always think at the "no corsets" part... I don't really consider those corsets!!! They have the same function, yes but... so does Spandex! They were a different thing, I think.
Ani Bell (1 month ago)
A girdle is the word for the mor modern corset.
Bettie Stiletto (1 month ago)
You really have to get tough with these people who lack broad historical knowledge of fashion and makeup, you're right they should be ashamed, how do they sleep at night with those absurd priorities... I truly understand your exasperation. Einstein and Feynman were never smug about their brilliance in physics, Romeo Dallaire about human rights, but fashion? Now there's something to be smug about. Icons become archetypes archetypes are stored in the brains hippocampus which is why they initially come to mind, people choose to look deeper into different things, you were curious about fashion. Lighten up!
Olivia (1 month ago)
I enjoyed your video so much! Mr. Kitty is a hoot too. You touched on women's hair fashion in the twenties, but I would like to add a little to it with my personal knowledge. I had the great good fortune to know my great-grandmother, who was born in 1868, quite well. She never shaved or plucked anything, she never wore any makeup other than a bit of talc when she was younger, and she never cut her hair. One day I asked her if I could see her tightly braided and bunned hair taken down. She obliged me, and I was amazed to see the color slowly change from the pure white at her head to the golden blonde color of younger days. Later, I lived with my grandmother and grandfather who were born in the 1880's. My grandmother did not shave, but she wore a small amount of makeup--when called for--throughout her adult life. She cut her hair short in the 1930's and never looked back. Whereas my grandparents and great-grandmother thought of actors as rather undesirable, my mother was quite star-struck. When she was a child, she and some little girlfriends plucked one another's eyebrows. For this she was spanked. Mama always lamented having done the plucking of her eyebrows as they never grew back to the thickness they had once had. She did pretty much all the fashion trends, and she was a sought-after model when she attended art school. On the other hand, she used practically no makeup other than face powder and lipstick. She used an eyelash curler and vaseline to make the lashes sparkle--nothing more. It should really be pointed out that women began shaving their underarms and legs (but only up to the knees--"nice" girls did not need to go farther) because of the Gillette Company and a few other shaving companies. Gillette had made a fortune by convincing men it was too expensive, tiring, and old-fashioned to go to a barber to be shaved. After that coup, their advertising people finally came up with the ploy of making women feel guilty for not shaving. Women's magazines had become immensely popular in the early twentieth century, and Gillette told women that scientists and doctors wanted women to know that they smelled bad if they did not shave under their arms. Later, they shamed women for wearing stockings of any material that could be used for war. Instead, the women would just have to suck it up and shave their legs so they would not disgust their men. Same old, same old, I guess...
CaptainSuspenders (1 month ago)
I like your little skits tho
David Hutchison (1 month ago)
The "1920's look" originated in the 1940 s and 50's movies interpretation of what they wore.
Lunga Nyezi (2 months ago)
1920 was 99 years ago. shook
Anstria Tarot (2 months ago)
Demon cat :-)
Tiffani C (2 months ago)
The look of absolute crisis on her face when she heard “goes to half of my thighs.” 😂😂😂
Lily Waterflower (2 months ago)
whoever said that your role playing was boring... NOOO!
Erin Walker (2 months ago)
Art Deco is so '20s.
Grey Edgerton (2 months ago)
There is usually a rather big difference between 'fashion' and what most people wore.
Agnes Kim (2 months ago)
I read that one reason for the shorter skirts of the 1920's was because of a shortage of fabric that followed WWI. The same happened in the early 1950's, with pencil skirts replacing the fuller skirts of the previous decade.
Rubyane Santos (2 months ago)
Muito interessante o vídeo, parabéns!
Ruth Anne Martin (2 months ago)
About long waves: People might be thinking of Mary Pickford? She was a famous actress who didn't get a bob until 1928, and was famous for her long ringlets.
Kari (2 months ago)
I thought this video might be interesting. But the "acting" just bugged me too much today. Sorry. I'll come back and try it again in a week or so and see if its just me being snippy. Since its been kinda a crap day. Sorry. I'll still give it a like though. Since it has legitamitly good and interesting info. And its obvious creator put some time, work and effort into a subject she seems to be pretty fond of. So, even if I still find it's not for me in a week, keep at it. Looks like a fun channel and others seem to love it. Keep doing what you enjoy!
Laurel Van-Tiel (2 months ago)
I'm at 2:05. It should start there. That beginning part was just annoying.
Karen Anderson (2 months ago)
I always think of Eve in the Mummy. Her costumes, make-up, hairstyle, always seemed spot on! I'm not an expert though.
K Kr (2 months ago)
What people wore seems to largely depend on their age when a new fashion emerged. After a certain point most settle into a look they feel suits them and they don't change much, so you might see photos of older men with high-waisted pants, older women with low-hanging breasts, or hair in perpetual permanent waves or dyed a flat black or red, wearing a lot of makeup or none, or going once more under the knife to try to look youthful, to the end of their lives. So for part of the population, a fashion isn't adopted, part really goes for it avidly, and part stick with it in one form or another as long as they can. The Twenties revolution in US culture, not just fashion, stayed with those who were teens then the same way the Sixties did with those who were teens then. :) While the views caused a lot of extremely heated conflict because they seemed opposite--20s urban, self-improvement, sophistication, individualism vs 60s rural, ecological, letting it all hang out communally they were both about optimism and gaining personal and civil rights that society opposed. The teens were the embodiment of the new way of thinking, the true believers. (That didn't make the past a golden age, although some might think their zero responsibility childhood was. The past was no more gentle, simple, or innocent than the present. It only seems so because of a lack of knowledge about it. If it had been that great there wouldn't have been revolutions to change it.) :) Other countries had their own cultural revolutions at different times from the US, of course. The French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions spring to mind.

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