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Tik Tok Songs You Don't Know

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Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ftp.j0br0/?hl=en Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zMaRoRXXm4 Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kIL8WbTPTs
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Text Comments (10323)
Lil Fries (6 days ago)
GUYS😭 I get that I made some spelling mistakes, stop making fun of me🗿
Darth Vader (4 hours ago)
Moonlight girl 09 (5 hours ago)
Lil Fries it’s ok I do to so your not alone
Miro Steenssens (12 hours ago)
Oh damn poor thing you deserve a cookie
liv _unicorn (2 days ago)
Dont listen to them they are just haters
Flappy Boi (3 days ago)
The only song i need is the "dun dun dun, uh uhhhh uhuhh uh" (etc) song. i still don't know the name.
Addison Mackenzie (1 hour ago)
I know all of these songs
yobro1233 (1 hour ago)
Who doesn’t know Mia khalifa by 2019
ShyZombie (2 hours ago)
You really telling me nobody knows Metro Station
The Soviet Dog (2 hours ago)
Imagine the suffering of searching the whole internet for these songs, let's have an F in chat for this poor soul
zEniTh pLAyz (2 hours ago)
Thanks, this was a really good video for finding cancer.
Jayla (3 hours ago)
*_“he broke up with me bY kILLiNg HIm SeLf”_*
Jazz Rose (3 hours ago)
If you didn't know xxx tho and ping sucks fornitelife🖕fight me bro
Fehesh Hehwf (3 hours ago)
Who wouldn’t know shake it
Cross Lepine (4 hours ago)
What kind of uncultured swines don't know the muffin song?
meliodis dragon sin (4 hours ago)
Lil fries
Chloe Shortland (5 hours ago)
INIT I sing the actual song and people sing the first part or the part they know then there like what ?? THEN IN LIKe “ U LITTERALY KNKW THE SONG OMG LEARN THE FULL VERSION “
speedy reptiles (5 hours ago)
Phone rings wall u get trash loot in fortnite. A girl is saying let's just be friends ur reaction:DANM THIS DAY CAN'T GET WORSE then ur phone rings again the hospital says ur dad died u: i said worse BTW I stole this from tik tok and added a littile
LilyGamer 110 (5 hours ago)
Only the true gamers knew the one at 6:00
Those 1.8K dislikes are from tik tok haters and people who hate it when they get the title name wrong for the song
LilyGamer 110 (5 hours ago)
Who else learned something new today?
I know all of these
Rose (6 hours ago)
hE BrOke uP WItH ME bY KiLLinG HiMSelF
Rose (6 hours ago)
hE BrOke uP WItH ME bY KiLLinG HiMSelF
Sonic_ Boom_416 (6 hours ago)
How would people not know the halo theme song
G & Z Gaming (6 hours ago)
I know all those songs on tik tok
Zoë Macdonald (6 hours ago)
I know all of the songs
5:54 who doesn't know my minecraft songs like minecraftcito
2:26 everyone knows my song ;) 😍
Blaze Wolf (7 hours ago)
I knew about shake it, wonderland, the muffin song, tri poloski, Rockefeller street, sad romance, you made my dreams, the Orfeo remix, good girls bad guys, run free, renai circulation, mining, baby I’m yours, boom boom boom boom! and don’t let go
SuperErgi (7 hours ago)
Who the fuck doesn’t kno T R I P O L O S K I
Devil cutieQ (7 hours ago)
I knew the Betty Boop and the shake it, and plug walk, and wonderland, and the muffin song, and Tri poloski, and pump, and Rockefeller, and sad romance, and the rest.
The Rusty Chain (8 hours ago)
Nigga really said love “soso” 💀
iluvpizza26 Xxx (8 hours ago)
I know Pretty much all theme but some of the those lol
So god songs get fucked from Tikcock
Trash Can_army (9 hours ago)
Is it weird that i know all the lyrics to Rockefeller?
Rukia ruru (10 hours ago)
alright but if you don't know shake it what is wrong with you
TheMagical Donut (10 hours ago)
10:55 for people who are looking for the gun challenge music
John Morris (10 hours ago)
I hate that kid named rich... Always walking his plug
Tik Tok România (10 hours ago)
Nice :)
Kaislyn Gunnels (10 hours ago)
what’s that i don’t know song. someone help
Jasmine Chapa (10 hours ago)
but I know all the songs:}
E.Yildiz HR (11 hours ago)
i do
#Sad Life (11 hours ago)
Know em all
galaxy gall112 (11 hours ago)
6:57 I love that part
Shane TGP (12 hours ago)
2:09 level 100 tik tok er
Ari (16 hours ago)
Well I already knew Wonderland Soap iRobot Good Girls Bad Guys (not "Good Girls") Bad Stranger Things Theme (My favorite show) Boom x4 meme (yeah what the meme is called) American Boy So yeah.... Fite me TikTok
marshmello ignis (16 hours ago)
Hola bro, oye ahi una cancion que parece como las del maravilloso mundo de jack y cantan todos juntos, es como de navidad... sabes cual es?
Eric Hauser (18 hours ago)
Rick the Kid?😂😂😂 i think you mean rich the kid
KatKat OWO (19 hours ago)
is it bad that I know alot of these edit: nvm I know all of these
Lion R6S (20 hours ago)
I like how I got a Tik Tok ad before this video.
Matt Thompson (21 hours ago)
spank me daddy?
Thicc Sister (5 hours ago)
+Lil Fries im dead
Lil Fries (16 hours ago)
For sure!!
Annqualise (22 hours ago)
no cavetown? i’m disappointed sksbsjs
the goat 222 (23 hours ago)
Welp, I just spent the last 12:40 hoping I can find this song but sike
Devin Ott (23 hours ago)
Best for lasttttt
As Fast as you can go Go (23 hours ago)
2:08 Lvl 1 crook 2:11 LvL 50 Boss
David Says Lol (1 day ago)
I knew ALL these songs cuz i found them by myself and i actually dont have tiktok i only look at memes so IM AN OG HEHEHEHEHEH
Jeanene Personette (1 day ago)
Retnuh Llennodo (1 day ago)
E girl theme
Sarah Diaa (1 day ago)
naz williams (1 day ago)
I knew a lot of songs in this video
Addison schwan (1 day ago)
*anyone who doesn’t know any song by Yung Gravy is disrespecting me*
Bree Milky (1 day ago)
Nunya Beezwax (1 day ago)
Renai Circulation is my favorite due to anime circumstances
Misaki L. (1 day ago)
1:34 OMG I think everyone knows that song
Darkness Bunny (1 day ago)
i knew some of this songs from animation meme instead
RIAM Exam pieces (1 day ago)
This was so good now ive good beats for my playlist on spotify oh ya btw its 2019 by julie joyce 😕
Fortbloxs Fornite (1 day ago)
If Lil fries likes this comment they love their fans
Nathaniel Arthur (1 day ago)
actually, ignore that I actually know all of them
Nathaniel Arthur (1 day ago)
i know most of these
Mr Mewlax (1 day ago)
2:07 you are an absolute virgin if you didn't know this
Weird (1 day ago)
I knew all these songs cuz I have a 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Kay Bug (1 day ago)
does anyone know the one song that creates anxiety on there
VelvetIs Trash (1 day ago)
Bro renai circulation is the god song
Sunflowerxwolf Aj (1 day ago)
What’s that song where it goes Water damaged memories are floating down my stream?
Know them all
Chaser Chang (1 day ago)
Chiiva (1 day ago)
I actually watched Renai Circulation... Bakemonogatari. So confusing
Ge ge (1 day ago)
vT Dilri (1 day ago)
TikTok video sponsored by TikTok...
Mya Jade (1 day ago)
7:32 I knew this was coming
Dawn Godin (1 day ago)
I know shake
Samantha Hutchings (1 day ago)
I know all of these
Wolfienut I LAV TEA (1 day ago)
haaaaang on.I was searching anime and this popped up LOL can anyone else try this and see if this cool video pops up? *LIKE AND COMMENT IF YOU LOVE ANIME TOOOOOO* (or don't and feel the need to sleep)
Wolfienut I LAV TEA (1 day ago)
+JD Kwo what d you mean "Weebs" ? we are normal people ( ' 3 ' )
JD Kwo (1 day ago)
Weebs gotta go
Wolfienut I LAV TEA (1 day ago)
+Earl Mallard YAAaaaaaaaaaAaaaAaaaaaaaaaAAAaAaAaAAAaAaSssssss
Earl Mallard (1 day ago)
KÁJA A NIKČA (1 day ago)
Friends we're not friend.Friends dont do the things we did? Please Somebody know the name?
KÁJA A NIKČA (1 day ago)
KÁJA A NIKČA (1 day ago)
Thanks you😀😀
DragAndDroppyBoi (1 day ago)
0:27 Sounds like cuphead
Stella Eigenbrodt (1 day ago)
That helped me so much
ian schaefer (1 day ago)
Anyone over the age of 13 knows Shake It
Faith Maley (1 day ago)
I've heard some of these songs!
Sky the cute Husky (1 day ago)
2:34 * immediately swings paws left to right*
Alanis Jones (1 day ago)
6:57 earrape
Alanis Jones (1 day ago)
just thinking of people dancing to Rockefeller makes me cry...
Sky the cute Husky (1 day ago)
I Im Im n Im no Im not I’m not that type of person
XxNightLife SongxX (1 day ago)
6:09 RIP Legend 😕💓
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Cool Name Martin Garrix - Vs. Exchosmith Cmashup
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Nevada Cover Gun - PUBG
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Yung Gravy - Mr. Clean
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Rihanna Towards - The sun
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Cheif Keef - Love Soso RL Grime Remix
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Ilovefriday -mia khalifa
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Breakbot -baby I'm yours
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Run free -nightcore
Влади Г. (1 day ago)
Tri poloski

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