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'Bloomberg Technology' Full Show (10/10/2018)

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Oct.10 -- The only daily news program focused exclusively on technology, innovation and the future of business from San Francisco.
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Text Comments (9)
Luis Pulido (10 days ago)
IOST looks promising
Ashish Raina (10 days ago)
Emily why are you so aggressive kinda angry looking, it is good to have s smiling face and cheerful person!
cyrus r (11 days ago)
Feminazi Chang!
Arturo A (11 days ago)
Emily it's time to go...farewell...
josefin schwartz (11 days ago)
Go to Fox
Donald Scott (11 days ago)
Fem-Nazi Emily Chang is Disgusting!!!!!
Joe Smith (11 days ago)
Fire Evil Emily Chang!!!!!
Ken Yup (11 days ago)
Emily is the best for this programme
Mrs.Nutchanart Kesa (11 days ago)
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