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Pretty Girls Are Shallow | Is It True?

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Are more attractive women really shallow? We put 4 pretty ladies to the test to determine if it's true. #isittrue #alldef #ADD @KateQFunny @KevOnStage @IamCel1na @velvetcupcakethief Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Starring: Celina Whitfield, Morgan Smith, Kate Quigley, Melissa Shoshahi, Kevin “KevOnStage” Fredericks, John Grogan Producer: Katherine Harris Director: Katherine Harris Director Of Photography: Carlos Medina Camera Operator: Nathan Kelly Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan Makeup: Tara Arroyo Production Coordinator: Casandra Epps Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti VFX: John Norris Editor: Chris Russell Asst. Editor: Justin Johnson
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All Def (1 year ago)
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Mohanad Saadeh (1 month ago)
make this same video but for men ya
Tookish (1 month ago)
There should have been a control group! (Although I guess that'd be hard without being kind of mean
Me Meekseeks (2 months ago)
I think they thought of the *_Extremes._*
malhunt7 (5 months ago)
Flawed experiment. Having preferences and standards does not make one shallow.
Sadie M (5 months ago)
this is a great series except for the fact that lie detector tests are often wrong. yes, people can behave similarly when they're lying but this is not always so.
Déjah King (2 hours ago)
It's not shallow to NOT want to date a jobless or burger-flippin' grown ass man. Like the girl said you can't quarter pound your way to my heart. The questions were targeted to make them seem shallow. MOST women have standards and it's NOT shallow to stick to them.
Kristin Whitaker (3 hours ago)
If this is what average standards are than I guess I have incredibly low standards
emma // (13 hours ago)
i would honestly date a guy the same height as me or shorter, i dont get why women want men to be like 2 feet taller than them, that's kind of shallow. it's also shallow to only date super rich guys. on the other hand, not wanting to date a fat person isnt shallow, its just standards. i would date a chubby guy but i mean i dont think i would date a fat guy. especially if it's a girl that has like a really fit body that they worked hard to get like if they worked that hard i think they deserve someone as fit as them if theyre into that.
juneali6 (1 day ago)
dude at least 2 of these girls were ugly af and they DO consider themselves pretty lmaoo
Chez Barnes (1 day ago)
there’s a difference from being shallow and having standards, they act like these girls should be happy with the bare minimum
cp star (2 days ago)
If you spend time working on your body to be in good shape it isn’t shallow to expect the same from your partner...
Ayyits Ther (2 days ago)
*This comment section I'm--*
George Odembo (2 days ago)
It’s already ironic to say attractive girls are shallow, because ur making a judgement off how they look
Mariam Osman (3 days ago)
John is just everywhere these days
thereailstintown (3 days ago)
they were not pretty at all
Sophia Gebert (3 days ago)
Bro I’m ugly and shallow I-
Angelique Valadez (3 days ago)
“ik and in persian can you believe that?” 😂
Taylor Marie (3 days ago)
What the fuck are these facts like none of them are true
Jasmin (5 days ago)
idk. men i think id prefer not overweight but women i really wouldnt care
Hadleigh Livingston (5 days ago)
I dont think they are shallow. Maybe the blonde one a little, but I dont think if I wanted to have a strong life with someone that I'd be down if they had a super low paying job. I have standards for how I want to live my life and how my kids will live theirs. If he has ambitions and plans on growing from flippin burgers then sure, but if he wants to be flippin till he is on an oxygen tube, that's gonna be a problem.
cameron jae (5 days ago)
omg john is every where. i see him in other peoples videos
Kira S. (5 days ago)
The "overweight" question is too vague... Would I date someone chubby who had a few pounds too many on their body? Sure. Would I date someone who's morbidly obese? No.
Naomi Barócsi (5 days ago)
Some people: having standards is another way of being shallow. Dude no, if you really look at it like that, EVERYONE and i'll say it again EVERY SINGLE PERSON is shallow. Then there are just differences in just how shallow they are. So no, having standards is not being shallow, it's having preferences, and everyone has those ok? 😂 Aight my "rant" is done 😅
Chongo Chanda (5 days ago)
This is the only lie detector administrator I see on YouTube
Alexia Thomas (5 days ago)
Someone give the white guy a cookie
Illyana Amara (6 days ago)
I'm not sure about the IQ fact..most attractive people I've met are very ignorant or superficial. I'm with someone who's very attractive..but also doesn't know where Columbia is. He thinks it's in Africa.
Illyana Amara (6 days ago)
In fact, I'd say the less attractive people tend to be more intelligent. You don't have good looks to use as a crutch, so you must rely on your intellect to be successful and likeable.
Luiza (6 days ago)
"DO PRETTY GIRLS HAVE STANDARDS?" YES, they do. Because if you're attractive it's a good thing you know! It does not make you arrogant, just aware of yourself and grateful. It's easier for attractive women to get attention, so they have more options. What is wrong with that? It's called this reality we live in!
Rachel Pokorny (6 days ago)
If u spin back the overweight question on him itll be the same answer.
grace_daydreams (6 days ago)
You need a control group
quirkycreator (6 days ago)
Silly. Prettiness doesn't come in only one form. That's such a narrow point of view. None of these woman want to be with an unemployed guy which is typical. Lots of guys don't want to be with an unemployed woman either. these woman don't want to be with fat men but every guy I've met doesn't want to be with a fat woman either. Maybe there should be a video on the shallowness of men to even it out.
Hind Ahmed (6 days ago)
Why is john freakn everywhere
Drewe Salahor (6 days ago)
So hear me out... if my SO was flipping burgers at a fast food place because they were getting their shit together and wanting to get another job, then hell yes! And if they were flipping burgers because that was what they were going to do with the rest of their life.... then thats a no from me.
Hi I'm Olivia (7 days ago)
5:49 bitch my boyfriend looks nothing like my parents 😂😂😂
Le Flannz (8 days ago)
Yo blondie can stay single with her lyin ass
Wayne's Hammer (12 days ago)
Asked all the wrong questions
sophia v (12 days ago)
im persian tooooo
Aayushma K.C. (12 days ago)
Need a control experiment to see if average/ugly girls feel the same way with these questions
Maddie Bolland (13 days ago)
Celina was hilarious lol
Tech Tezzan (13 days ago)
they are all shallow XD XD
Nadia Rose (13 days ago)
conjugal visits are allowed in california
Basically if your not willing to date a fat bum your a terrible gold digging bitch.
Gtfoh (13 days ago)
John looks like he thinking " what the fuck am I doing with my life?" 😂🤣😂 0:05
Maryam Rashid (14 days ago)
They are not being shallow. They have standards. Everyone does. They wanna live life their own way and everyone deserves to be comfortable and do whatever the fck they want. They are strong and opinionated women and I respect them. Plus, what is the guarantee that the lie detector is correct?? Also, the guy is annoying.
Cristian A (14 days ago)
Honestly, only Morgan, dreads girl, was hot(my opinion)... At least until 5:22... She looks completely different in my eyes after that lol...
Leo T-J (14 days ago)
Dont see how some of these questions dictate how shallow someone is
Dior Diorrrs (15 days ago)
They just have standards! Chill out people.
Nactya (15 days ago)
I think when you live your life setting standards for yourself and keeping them then It's perfectly fine to want to set the same standards for your potential partner , It makes for a very equal relationship. I have a job so I would like my partner to have a job , I wouldn't care If he's athletic or not because I am not etc etc
Toxic Angel (15 days ago)
“You can’t quarter pounder your way to my heart.” WHEEZING CURRENTLY
okay okay (15 days ago)
3:13 sis was way to confident for that one
Kc Ing (15 days ago)
Let’s just say everyone’s shallow
Kc Ing (15 days ago)
Them facts are fake ooooooo mannn
Steph T. (16 days ago)
Why do I see John everywhere on youtube but I’m not mad about it
KittyCupcakes XoXo (16 days ago)
I feel like, say a girl was pretty and had a good body. If I was that girl I would want a man to have a good body as well! Then we could look good together and he could keep up! (Just being honest)
MightBeHeavenleigh (16 days ago)
I’m confused as to how the lie detector knows the person better than the person themself. Some of them didn’t even know their own answers and still got it wrong😂😂 but I know for facts I wouldn’t date someone just because their famous
Sinsere BlackiDblack (17 days ago)
But these girls ain't pretty, sorry for keepin it real ladies!!!
Abdul Aziz (17 days ago)
These "facts" are more bullshit than the rest of the content on this video
yellowbreadtrucks (17 days ago)
Not wanting an overweight partner does NOT make someone shallow. A lot of overweight people are unhealthy and that’s not something people want ESPECIALLY if they want kids. Wanting a healthy partner doesn’t determine shit like that
Call me Freaky freaky (17 days ago)
2:05 that is so flippin true in my case
Vllah (17 days ago)
This is your idea of shallow?
BBG Kalani (17 days ago)
Yes men are very insecure when women are more successful
Barbie Tingz (17 days ago)
I wouldn't date an overweight guy because I'm super skinny and I don't want them to be like "you bony"
Merve Gür (17 days ago)
İ think only 2 of this womans are pretty
cat samurai (18 days ago)
what is pretty
oLinqz (18 days ago)
That Persian girl is not pretty tho
Abby R. (18 days ago)
Joshua Owens (19 days ago)
In my experience. It's not a matter of shallow, but I've seen that pretty women get what they want more than ugly women. So, they don't have to develop other parts of their personality when their go to move is their looks.
uwugurl yeet (20 days ago)
Lily Ozulumba (20 days ago)
Lie detector test are fake anyways
bunnyrabbit (20 days ago)
Next question: are men, no matter if they look good or not, shallow?
yumr1ce (20 days ago)
They're all attractive. The one with the dreads is super attractive.
Joan Perez (20 days ago)
The lie detector is a giant lie itself lol
Sanchia Taylor (20 days ago)
the "fact" that said "people want a partner who looks like their parents" umm ew? No thank you dont want to be baning someone who looks like my dad or mum
Gabriel Lopez (20 days ago)
From my experience pretty girls are really cool and most of them are shy
Gabriel Lopez (20 days ago)
Some of these girls are not pretty it's just preference
long shlong (20 days ago)
These girls aren't shallow they just have high standards because they know their worth.
Mirjam (20 days ago)
I can not believe this is being filmed only 2 years ago. Everything is wrong about this video. Men deciding whether a woman is shallow and women accepting to be tested like that.
No Jams (20 days ago)
I’m just looking at that mans thumbs 😂😂
shantasia haynes (20 days ago)
Tbh being attractive is all about perspective because these Same girls are ugly as hell to some or even most people. I'm not the one to judge but from my perspective that blonde girl don't belong🤣 but that's just my opinion
GTrout 57 (21 days ago)
Ahhh, women... Awesome video mate!
NeoN Atary (21 days ago)
shallow questions=shallow answers
Maya Swain (21 days ago)
I didn’t think they were shallow and after this they probably went home feeling pretty shitty about them selves And good job
Jacob Webb (21 days ago)
LostCities23 (21 days ago)
This guy way of speaking seems really accusing & biased and personally, I think it's ok for women to have *some* standards.
Warren H (21 days ago)
THAT'S their 'pretty girl" ??!?! LOL What a horse head.
BRYAN 501 (21 days ago)
50 cent punching air when they asked the burger king question
Park Saki (21 days ago)
I'm not attractive and I'm shallow smh
Hanifa Nunez (21 days ago)
The girl with the dreads, wasn't she the one on that how far is tattoo far? Her stud girlfriend gave her a trashcan by her vagina and told her, her pussy stank 😂😂😂😂 please tell me I'm wrong because I can't just look at her the same.
Madelyn Shinn (21 days ago)
Heavy D (22 days ago)
The gal with the dreads is a gold digger, heartless
zedd luciano (22 days ago)
That “would you date someone who is famous” is s lie. Maybe because everyone has a celebrity crush
zedd luciano (22 days ago)
I don’t care “if s guy was fat but wealthy they’d be all up in their”
Emily Duron (22 days ago)
Pretty sure there’s a difference between being shallow and having standards
Elena Gómez (22 days ago)
jahanzaib khan (23 days ago)
two of these girls were not pretty at all..
circuswannabe (23 days ago)
Im not pretty and I prefer guys that aren’t over weight or criminals, but I wouldn’t date someone just because they are a celebrity or get pregnant for money.
Sophia Patsche (23 days ago)
That lie detector guys is so disappointed with what he is doing in life
Susy • (23 days ago)
b e a u t y i s i n t h e e y e o f t h e b e h o l d e r
* Maizanny * (24 days ago)
Honestly I feel like most of these aren’t shallow. Like bad car, no job, make less money, in prison, overweight ... I don’t want a man that doesn’t have their life together and doesn’t pay attention to his body I’m sorry what’s wrong with that?
Queen T (25 days ago)
John the lie detector guy was on a Try Guys video!
Joygernaut M (25 days ago)
Love to see men take this...
Noodle Toes (25 days ago)
It doesn’t matter if they are pretty or not in my opinion
God (25 days ago)
Makes me feel bad about myself
Alphonce Jallow (25 days ago)
3:47 ohh baba. I was focusing on her chest.
John Harris (26 days ago)
Majority of women are shallow.

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