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The Mac Mini actually got an update! It now comes in Space Grey, has new internals and your choices have never been more difficult in around the $1000 price point. Here's my 2018 Mac Mini review! LG 4K Monitor: https://amzn.to/2DwxWQY #2018macmini #macmini2018 Email for business: [email protected] Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/twomobile Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/karlconrad Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/karlconrad Periscope: @karlconrad Google + https://plus.google.com/+KarlConrad/ Snapchat: karl.conrad Music by Epidemic Sound. Sign up for the BEST YouTube Soundtracks: https://goo.gl/nHHNzW
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Text Comments (276)
Raj Nibhani (5 days ago)
Can we connect Mac mini with MacBook Pro ?
TimeCode Mechanics (13 days ago)
This, plus a USB monitor.
Basmala Ahmed (13 days ago)
I hope i get any apple product soon 😭😭💔 But it won't happen
Amber Kristine (15 days ago)
Thanks so much for this! I'm looking at the mini to upgrade my existing imac as it is kind of slow for what I need. This looks like the perfect answer! Thanks a ton!! :)
The target is people that want Mac power at (relatively) low cost. Proc power of the Mac Mini beats the macbook air big time :)
jr Bhatti (26 days ago)
I used to see them used a lot in corporate environments . Dentist offices and such.
Gary Moore (27 days ago)
This thing seems like it was meant to please software developers who needed a continuous integration platform for iOS development. The old one was getting a bit long in the tooth
Travis Van Sluytman (1 month ago)
What do you do for cameras/facetime with a Mac mini? Recommended webcam?
vanco (1 month ago)
I enjoyed watching your video. That was quite informative. Thank you
connorsfilms (1 month ago)
Dude I do not care about how it looks and your setup spend more time ok the actual features of the device than how it looks and your monitor/keybord
Richard Crawford (1 month ago)
It's also for people that want a server in their home, like serving up music files to other devices.
Rayne Foo (2 months ago)
this 2018 mac mini can support adobe stuff??
Geoff Bartlett (2 months ago)
I love my Mac Mini. It's perfect for someone who wants access to Mac services but doesn't use it to the extent that they can justify spending 2-3K on it.
Michael999 (2 months ago)
You handsome :-) And informative ;-)
sterling archer (2 months ago)
Mac mini’s are amazing. Macbooks are WAY too expensive, the keyboards are god awful (worst keyboards I’ve ever used.), and have really poor cooling. The imac monitors only come in 2 sizes, so if you want a bigger monitor, or an ultrawide or something, a mini is a much better choice.
Anty855 (3 months ago)
So, if I connect my laptop of say, Intel Atom to Mac Mini i3 8th gen, Would my laptop work with i3 and Mac OS ? Is Mac Mini just like a portable OS with it's own processor to use.?
Allyn Follette (3 months ago)
So, it turns a non-Mac into a Mac?
Amit Minz (3 months ago)
Excellent Comparison Dude
Linda Yang (3 months ago)
I got an iMac last month and now I feel like I should’ve gotten the Mac mini instead.
Mark Naquin (3 months ago)
i wander if i can put that mac mini on a 75 inch sony tv??? and put them on the wall and have a computer on the wall???
DonaldBBeats Loading (3 months ago)
Can I use Mac mini for music production?
R MCK (3 months ago)
I'm going to be purchasing a Mac mini at an Apple Store. Do they have one with 2tb storage, 16 gb memory etc. What I want to know is do the have the upgraded version in the stores for taking away the same day?
Adebiyi Adedotun (3 months ago)
Thanks for this video Karl. I am a Programmer. DYT getting the Mac Mini and backing it up with a secondary MacBook Air will get me going?
-Isabella Mansour- (3 months ago)
Is it a computer
POLLOTROM (3 months ago)
can you carry a keyboard and use it on a TV?
Faiz Jalal (4 months ago)
"The ummmac mmmini"
cockyjeremy (4 months ago)
I have a 2013 iMac and wanted to upgrade to a newer iMac, but the Mac Mini is actually fast now, so I'm going to go with a Mac Mini and 42" 4k monitor.
Tyler Schild (4 months ago)
Made a great replacement for my 2009 Mac Pro.
Gabriela (4 months ago)
Have i been binging your videos again for the last week ? YES I HAVE
Vous me Voyez (4 months ago)
This is best review
Skjamy World (4 months ago)
Tbh its not something you can travel with
Skjamy World (4 months ago)
I didnt even know what it was when i saw its pictures.
cloversimmer (4 months ago)
WAIT WHAT??? I didn't know this exists 😂
Person Dude (4 months ago)
He said like nothing about it. Not even a review
J R (4 months ago)
Honestly I love it, it is great for web server use.
hollowpointkid (4 months ago)
Don’t take this personally, but I really wanna punch you in the face.
Rick Mehee (4 months ago)
Does the monitor need to be a 4K? Will an LG Full HD IPS monitor work
Aryan Tiwari (4 months ago)
yeah but not even the macbook pro is as powerful as the mac mini let alone macbook air
Michael R. (4 months ago)
I think the new macbook air is a rip off
Sam Crane (4 months ago)
A maxed out Mac mini is cheaper and more powerful than an iMac pro
Eric Wood (5 months ago)
Everyone who reviews this ripoff of a low- to mid-range PC focuses on what Apple wants you to focus on - "pro" applications. Is there a YouTube reviewer out there who can review this thing from another perspective? Where is the Mac for the home user who is not a YouTube content creator, and where is the reviewer for that viewer?
Hich P (5 months ago)
Moonzie Moonzie (5 months ago)
The purpose of the Mac Mini was to make an Apple computer more affordable to the masses in an attempt to win market share from windows users. Clearly, Apple has forgotten that strategy as the desktop PC is no longer the sexy. Now it's just a bone that it feels the need to throw to it's fanbase. Personally, this leaves me disappointed.
rabote007 (5 months ago)
Love it; cant wait to upgrade to it.
Mohannad Bakbouk (5 months ago)
Is Mac Mini it good for iOS development? I wanna buy one (base model with 16GB Ram) to run Xcode and simulator at the same time
Mark Fisch (5 months ago)
my ? can i edit 4k go pro and 360 videos on it.
Philly Loyal (5 months ago)
"This is a pretty affordable 4K display" *Checks link* 650 fuckin dollars
Olliepants (5 months ago)
This was a pointless uninformative video regarding the Mac mini
John Malibu2 188 (5 months ago)
Very good , you answered my fundamental question re the MacBook Pro vs Mini .
lilrush151 (5 months ago)
And then "this guy" went on to say that a MacBook Air and Mac mini give you the same setup.... what. Have you never seen a CPU benchmark in your life lol
lilrush151 (5 months ago)
More versatile than iMac. Need graphics? eGPU > All iMac graphics, even iMac pro. Need more RAM? install it. Need 6 cores (that actually top iMacs in single core scores and many multicore scores)? You got it. Need none of this? get a base model. You can add GPUs, RAM, or a monitor all later (none of this is true for iMac).
frank reidy (5 months ago)
Calm down - it’s a computer!
Emma Bentley (5 months ago)
'' the Small one that the hype wasn't around '' .. you read macrumors or ANY Mac site ? People wanted this you over blown child ! .Also is there any need to have your sleeves rolled up ? , your arms look disgusting ! , stop taking steroids !
Don Jacobs (5 months ago)
But like...the Mac mini is a lot more powerful than any air or 13inch MacBook pro. Albeit they all throttle.
Husam Ali (5 months ago)
Do you have a fitness channel?
Marcel Lambert (5 months ago)
You clearly got this computer for free, we still have no digital sound use in movie, dolby, dts, etc...and we are in 2018. You sound like a long commercial
Loc Huynh (5 months ago)
Karl, how does the Mac scaled resolution on that LG 4K monitor? Many people say the text is too small running native resolution. When scaled the text becomes blurry. Please let us know.
vegasrenie (5 months ago)
I bought the base model upgraded with 16GB of memory and it runs two 1080 displays, a 500 SSD drive, a 2TB drive (for work files) and a 3TB drive (Time Machine). It runs FCPx and, believe it or not, DaVinci Resolve as well as Affinity Photo and Designer. The resolution and speed are more than okay on my BenQ 27", and although the Acer 27" is significantly less spectacular than the BenQ (Acer was on a *killer* sale), it looks good for what it is, too. I don't do gaming, so the included graphics card is enough for my needs. I bought this setup to replace a slow 2014 21.5 iMac, which is *really* basic and I purchased refurbished. The base iMac 27" is $1700, with one screen and more power than my needs warrant. My new set up (the 3TB isn't new) cost me less than $1600, keyboard, mouse, and all. I'm all about the Mac Mini and don't necessarily see myself purchasing an iMac again.
Meghan Lopez (5 months ago)
We have been waiting for an upgrade to this little guy for years! We use a 2009 model for our "TV" downstairs and have for years, which we run Plex, among other programs, on (and currently use YouTube TV as our "cable" option)...but lately our old guy sounds like he is slowly trying to let go (thinking it has something to do with the hard drives/griding/etc)....Anyway...will probably buy the base model soon to replace old faithful before he ultimately gives out. Thanks for the review!!
Zac Palmer (5 months ago)
Karl ya got me watching you’re vids twice looking for that giveaway 🤪
Carmilla Wong (5 months ago)
Mac Mini is for ppl who only use it for leisure and less video editing. XD Still looks cool. It's an awesome combination to match all your electronic gadgets. Space grey is the new black. ^-^ But I'll definitely choose a Macbook Pro over the Mini.
aone aone (5 months ago)
This account just cloned your video: https://youtu.be/TWeKwfpg0yE
Konstantis M (5 months ago)
K fungował
Lucas Lucasse (5 months ago)
You play soccer? You look like Ronaldo.
Dominick Ray (5 months ago)
Why plug into a computer if the mac mini is a computer
Jacob Sever (5 months ago)
I have the 2014 Mac Mini at home. It's basically a glorified Apple TV for me. It's in my bedroom, sitting on my TV stand. My "monitor" is a 55" TV. 90% of the time, I'm just streaming video. The other 10% of the time is surfing social media and forums. Sometimes I forget it's a full fledged computing system. As nice as this 2018 version sounds...I hardly use mine as a computer right now.
Owen Wint (5 months ago)
Can you please make a Mac mini set up please
Rodney Kirchhofer (5 months ago)
Karl, schieß das Fenster!
Brent Edward (5 months ago)
video editors, duh. it's not meant for travel either.. man you aren't too bright
REA Electric (5 months ago)
After the launch of the new Mac Mini.... Today's Apple is now dead to me.. I will continue to use my Mac Pro 2008 but today's Mac Mini NO!! It saddens me that the Mac for everyone else is now a Proprietary luxury brand out of reach for most ;-( Remember when you could upgrade your own hardware or replace your Hard Drive or SSD..... ;-( Dongle hell to upgrade WTF?? I'm shock that anyone would want this device.. Even Mac OS is not what it once was... I'm still running El Capitan on my much loved old Mac Pro from 2008 and I just sold my Macbook Pro 2015. I sold my iPhone 7 a year ago and replaced it with an Android phone. So I'm slowly moving away from Apple. it's a bit like a divorce and it doesn't have to be bitter ;-( no one maybe really to blame we just out grew each other and maybe you are a bit of a control freak in your middle age, Apple. In the mid nineties I worked at Microsoft and was responsible for Microsoft Support of Apple products - Yes the Macintosh range of computers and I grew up using the Apple II at school so this is not easy for me to say good bye but I think it is time ;-( to move on. Linux, Windows or FreeBSD anyone? A Reformed Apple Advocate.. it is not easy but it is time to leave the Cult of Apple but I still love you Woz.. The Mac mini was another disappointment and I don't have much hope for the next Mac Pro... The Apple Bionic T2 Chip is proprietary technology designed to kill the third party repair industry. Apple does not believe in the right to repair movement, which is sad as Apple once was open and great but alas no more.... Who drank the Kool-Aid?
harshal mahadik (5 months ago)
Awesome video sir pls give away this mac mini 💝🎉
Youtube Channel (5 months ago)
I see this paired with an EGPU is a viable option for creatives in video and photography. It's a fairly affordable way to get pro programmes like FCPX and most importantly use Mac OSX. I think the intended portable use is more from office/studio to home space. without an EGPU it'd make a great Media device maybe to watch Rushes and quick edits to show to clients or for presentation/conference uses. You can also use compressor to offload some of the rendering stress off a machine.
Arnav Gupta (5 months ago)
its garbage
Asif Alam (5 months ago)
is this a review for the new Mac mini? or the LG 4k monitor? confused!
Noah Lach (5 months ago)
What camera and lens setup are you rocking? Your videos look really clean (excellent lighting as well).
edwin k (5 months ago)
Can you game with a external graphics card ??
Nameless Man (5 months ago)
Jaled Jara (5 months ago)
Incredible video. I think this is the perfect product of Apple. Most power than an iMac less than an iMac Pro
DeeJay ReGg (5 months ago)
I currently have a Mac Mini which I use as part of my living room entertainment system but later down the line I would grab the Mac Mini for music production purpose. I love the upgrades for it.
rowelle (5 months ago)
How about doing your next video shirtless?
Mrbigfrog (5 months ago)
Is it a ssd? Can you connect it to a cinema display?
Swift Boiz (5 months ago)
Why didn't you expect a refresh? Apple said it was an important part of their Mac lineup.
Andrew Coy (5 months ago)
11:11 make a wish
Dukez Venom (5 months ago)
Honestly the mac mini is perfect for me. When im at my desk i want to run some VMs and compile my programs but on the go i dont always need too much power these days. Having a mac mini + an ipad pro/macbook air would be pretty good
GetOwned1453 (5 months ago)
İs this the Guy from 13 reasons why
Larry Mitchell (5 months ago)
Good stuff Karl not sold on paying $800 for that but great content as always bro. I've always been a PC and Google guy myself.
Mike Henkelman (5 months ago)
Im eyeballing one of these for a VMWare host...with 32/64 gigs of ram you could serve a number of local VMs for penetration simulation
Mark Tristan R. Ocampo (5 months ago)
3:10 Karl's password is either *karl* or *lrak.*
Irian Yu (2 months ago)
Mark Tristan R. Ocampo true 🤣
JAFO-PTY (5 months ago)
those macbook keyboards are a disaster tho
Critique Truth (5 months ago)
Cute but not at all practical. I think Apple should have revive IPOD touch instead of Mac mini. IPOD touch was the cheaper version of IPHONE without calling feature.
MarkThisWayAfter (5 months ago)
Dude that thing ain’t a damn fidget spinner, quit manhandling it 😰
Ben Norris (5 months ago)
Pro Audio users
Oreo Bug (5 months ago)
Thanks Karl, i only want it because i have not had a desk top setup in about 10-15yrs and want to start editing my photos more seriously. Since my trip to Europe was the most important thing i did this year with my mum.
IDXCO (5 months ago)
for the Mac mini, I would rather go for LG uk650 instead of uk850. Because the present of HDMI on Mac mini.
Mikey / BlueTitan145 (5 months ago)
I like the Mac mini way better than MacBook Pro just a personal a pinion 🤷‍♂️
Christian Dave Flores (5 months ago)
Mac Mini is so dope
Fahim Khan (5 months ago)
Do you manscape?? Curious to knw
Danny Hepple (5 months ago)
what a fucking gay ass question
Zverbol (5 months ago)
great 4K LG monitor!
Ernest Bajum (5 months ago)
Ccir (5 months ago)
Cool. I am glad you showed the display from MacBook Air.

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