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Equestria Girls Dance Studio with Twilight Sparkle Game

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Do you like to be dancing? Select the type of music that My Little Pony Equestria Girls will play. Select your favorites and remember dance steps or create your choreography? MLP Equestria Girls mane six Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack Dance off studio, play and have fun! Please SUBSCRIBE to see when are posted NEW Toons Universe Video!
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Why is fluttershy in lead
GAMER BOX PONY GIRL THE PONY club member my little pony club member my little girls
Miguel Pinheiro (1 year ago)
MiLENA 10 (1 year ago)
MiLENA 10 (1 year ago)
Reveka Jaćimović (1 year ago)
Sugar Pie (1 year ago)
Rarity my!😠😬😡😠😬😡😠😬😡😠😬😬😬😬😠
Friendship is magic and beautiful
جنة الورد (1 year ago)
شو اسم العبة
Leticia Benício (1 year ago)
ايه اسم اللعبة
DemonFox YT (1 year ago)
nie fajne
Xavier Ifive (1 year ago)
so boring boo
é uma bosta esse vídeo
Gilvana Luísa Pinkie Pie
chara story shift (1 year ago)
Daniela Mernies (2 years ago)
Daud Alasow (2 years ago)
ди лия
Daud Alasow (2 years ago)
ди лия
Music Channal (2 years ago)
это попросту забава ,обоже.😣😣😣
Music Channal (2 years ago)
не знаю,однако видать что это забава, наверняка девицы и з эквестрии😁😁
Galaxу Ace (2 years ago)
Snezhana cat -а будто она именуется?😣😩😫
Fatma Alshamsi (2 years ago)
جدا روعه
Yellow Ben (2 years ago)
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Mehrnaz Ayaz (2 years ago)
Fatma Alshamsi
mateo alvarez (2 years ago)
fgn kzy yulo
fgn kzy (2 years ago)
Fatma Alshamsi
Dominique Gilbert (2 years ago)
Ricky Judge (1 year ago)
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Dariela Estefania (1 year ago)
TN (1 year ago)
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Vanessa S (2 years ago)
Ronnel Gabriel (2 years ago)
Tadeo Ortega (2 years ago)
siP ,v
Mariana Franco (2 years ago)
😱😱😲😲😓😟😟🙅🙇🙏es.....raro. no?
Mariana Franco I like my little pony
Javiera Flores haub (2 years ago)
Apple Jack (2 years ago)
ALEJANDRA ANAHI (2 years ago)
la chica que dijo que es raro esta loca es normal chica locaa
Smol Dorito (3 years ago)
Ana Santiago (3 years ago)
bonito. el. baile. de. rariti
Ana Santiago (3 years ago)
color. menos. feo
Mollie Andrews (3 years ago)
I play that
BOOGEYMANMRH (2 years ago)
Rosa Moreno (2 years ago)
crochet lover (3 years ago)
what that game call
Abet Mendelebar (3 years ago)
Ka Toe (3 years ago)
hey guys are having a great time at work
Kawii Miku (3 years ago)
I love rarity im her biggest fan
MythryBlaze Gaming (3 years ago)
nice porn
Mr Butt (3 years ago)
Liralee Hozumi (3 years ago)
Genet Tariku (4 years ago)
Free rainbow rocks
ribeiro silva (3 years ago)
my pony ln mui my
ribeiro silva (3 years ago)
my pony
Genet Tariku (4 years ago)
Okay okay!!!
Rainbow dash (4 years ago)
Genet Tariku (4 years ago)
+Rainbow dash ok

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