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Is Microsoft… the Good Guy? - Xbox Adaptive Controller

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Text Comments (3568)
NRW0415 (2 hours ago)
You should make a pc desk with cut outs for the adaptive controller thoughts? opinions?
Philipp Reuters (17 hours ago)
Even IF this was just some weird kind of very expensive very long planned PR stunt: We got the controller, didn't we? In my eyes, the motives of someone doing something good don't matter as much as that person doing good. Or in other words: That patient being cured by that fancy new vaccine paid for with money from some automotive company does not care that the donation was just made for a bit of PR and a tax deduction. Neither should we. It is amazing to finally have something like this!
Eric Weidner (21 hours ago)
This is awesome to see in design
DS 6 (1 day ago)
So.... it's an Xbox controller designed for retards and inbreeds?
Nikodem Śliwka (1 day ago)
GDC's "The Making of the Xbox Adaptive Controller": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ErZIQ7AGI
Uriah Light (1 day ago)
Microsoft > Apple. Long live Mike Rowe.
mfdsuk (1 day ago)
I've love to see how these are used in the real world by actual disabled people. Is there some Charity or something you guys could hook up with perhaps with one of your sponsors and give us a bit of a review through someone who actually uses it, I've love to hear / know how it improves gaming for real people...
HomerNarr (1 day ago)
Hmm Microsoft not evil? Why not. Thanx for the test. I had mad false assumptions, thinking those black pads where like the steam controllers. So ist not interesting for me, but fpr the people ist designed for. I grab my elite controller which starts to fall apart.
Levi Johnson (2 days ago)
was this an april fools joke or is this a real product?
Sam Johnson (2 days ago)
Literally, everyone in FRC uses those Logitec Joysticks to control their robots, including my own team.
Robert Rush (2 days ago)
Another BADASS review. Curb-stomping disabilities fires my azz up! SWEET!
Bob Beast (2 days ago)
Xbox may not have any exclusives anymore but this is pretty cool that they made this for the people that have trouble using a controller like young children and disabled people.
Chadi Bouaazzi (2 days ago)
Is anyone already thinking of plugging in an OSW wheel and pedals into it for forza 🤔
1sonyzz (2 days ago)
what about ps5
Bigboi 360 (2 days ago)
It’s a good video and all but there is such thing as normal, if you’re missing like all your body parts that’s not normal but if you have everything that’s supposed to be there it is normal
House Noses (2 days ago)
Anyone else find it weird that he wasn’t looking at the tv while he was playing
Blues Feldberg (2 days ago)
Good deed, predatory pricing.
Johnny Woolgar (2 days ago)
Ok but the normal Xbox controller is 😍
WarpRulez (2 days ago)
I think this video was published 7 days too late.
DisorderlyFun (3 days ago)
*Microsoft just make some Xbox key boards*
Anton H (3 days ago)
I'm perfectly able, but seeing things like this always makes me happy for those who aren't.
gl777 (3 days ago)
get a customizable controller, complaint about complexity of customisable...
Mike Soda (3 days ago)
I didn't get it's for handicapped people until he mentioned the soft controller you can use with your cheek. Now I remember seeing a Microsoft commercial about this. More so when he showed the long joystick thing you can put in your mouth.
MKCuber (3 days ago)
9:50 you dont have to go into any game. XBox has a thing where you can test a controller, meaning that you press a button and it shows which one it is.
Yah Yeet (4 days ago)
Was this supposed to be posted on April 1st?
Navid Chowdhury (4 days ago)
The sponsorship part was so random
Quacktics are Go (4 days ago)
Everyone else is dropping the 3.5mm jack, but Microsoft has got you fam.
Imao all those controllers are for linus because he's a abnormal ass bitch hahah
Linus you're not even normal stupid bitch
Erik J (5 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the Xim Apex can do most of everything that this thing does, as well as having a nice App/interface with constant developer support.
Piano Man (5 days ago)
I had to make sure this video wasn’t uploaded on April 1st But I understand the uses now
J P (5 days ago)
The Buddy Button $65, is this a joke? Are we not gonna talk about how this is the biggest ripoff for a single button I've ever seen in my life? Edit- I've googled a few links. This is actually starting to piss me off. There's no way they are charging $65 for a single button. It feels like they are taking advantage of people with disabilities. This company needs to go bankrupt. Edit- found the big Candy Corn proximity sensor on their website. It's $215. I could build that for $10 retail, off the shelf parts. It's just a giant proximity sensor, which you'll find in every $20 smartphone. The best part? "Mounting arm and plate sold separately." This company needs to be boycotted.
Game Masters (5 days ago)
rubber grips that can be squished for congort
DJ Johns (5 days ago)
unholyrevenger72 (5 days ago)
Yo, might buy this just so i can plug 2 foot pedals in for L3/R3 so my thumbs aren't sore after extended play sessions.
Ameer Akbar (5 days ago)
Click baiting assholes
FFAANNPL (5 days ago)
Apple: No jacks Microsoft: 20 JACKS
Sceleri (5 days ago)
65 fucking dollars for a button
Dion Suurmond (5 days ago)
Once the screen goes black it never goes back
PkGam (6 days ago)
Even with it's limitations and the basically-necessary cost of getting plug-ins, it's still a pretty awesome idea! Chances are that everyone will be able to figure out some sort of setup that works for them. The thing where you can't choose what buttons you use on a controller with a lot of buttons is sort of a bummer, but something tells me they could fix that in a software update.
jeff meares (6 days ago)
Thanx to both of ya
Myo (6 days ago)
There are higher ups at Microsoft with kids that have disabilities, doesn't take away from it, just sayin.
Alpha Delta X (6 days ago)
i love microsoft
ForGodSakePlease (6 days ago)
From the guys that forced Xinput on developers and pushing aside good old HID with which you could easily make custom controllers years ago... M$ trying to feel good about their monopoly (and making cash on the side)...
Slikx666 (6 days ago)
I could hack that by connecting it to a glove with 2 switches fitted to each finger controling the arm of my tracked robot.
AirlessMICRO (6 days ago)
*Reads title* *Sees prices* Answer: *No*
Ackoraa and Stuff (6 days ago)
GRAYgoose124 (6 days ago)
Holy crap, $0,50 in materials for that buddy button, 0 in R&D my god it's just a fking switch. $65 MSRP. Scams. This was most likely a PR stuntn but also those f***ing margins are disgusting. I'll just make my own switches, thanks.
DraZna (6 days ago)
I really like that they have done this, and I haven't even used a console in years, and never will most likely, but this is very good for the people that need it :) Although the prices are ridiculous
hello world (6 days ago)
who else burst out laughing watching this video
onacsut (6 days ago)
Lmao u gotta segway into your adds better I was like wait is the controller a computer
Casual Introvert (6 days ago)
What I REALLY want to know if this can actually give a competitive advantage if you're not disabled, if you use it in conjunction with your normal controller.
Leo Holdiman (6 days ago)
5:42 well my steam librarys real
Too many ex's ... U have an issue there
Sour Sorola (7 days ago)
If you trying to find out the extra buttons for the USB add on, you click on the lab beaker icon in the controller option menu and it will let you test the controller out and tell you what button is being pressed.
Swift Fang (7 days ago)
3:55 7 evil exs anyone? Just me? Ok.
MischiefGlowworm (7 days ago)
That is genuinely heartwarming. Really sticking with that Gates Moral.
David Emahiser (7 days ago)
This controller would be great for platformer games..
Captain Future (7 days ago)
Ms just wanted to make something for the archive...
xX1NORM1Xx (7 days ago)
the adaptive controller is sweet, the industry making the buttons is so fucking predatory though i was looking online and a single button for this controller is like $50 i know thats not Microsoft's fault obviously they don't have a say in what other companies price their products at i was just blown away i can't believe a company would do that its fucked.
aminthemar (7 days ago)
Yes, There is such a thing as "Normal" human body. That's why this controller exists: Because sometimes "not normal" happens.
Ihh! Bugou (8 days ago)
I will teach you how to do it properly: Add support for thrid party controllers on Xbox... Then the person just buy the USB or wireless Controller best fit... It's just software.
that look really useful
bl00 (8 days ago)
This kind of "virtue signaling" I can get behind, good on them. It doesn't matter if they did it for the PR or not when it hurts no one while helping the disadvantaged.
Shane P. (8 days ago)
This video more than confirms the following: USB-A will never plug in right the first time.
Frexie (8 days ago)
lol my brain heard 420millimeter radiators xD
TruthMage (8 days ago)
Coulda put a portal in that black space to simulate linus pulling things out of nowhere
Boitan Vasile (8 days ago)
and this is how you make a keyboard and mouse work on a Xbox One ^^
Gustavo Laita (8 days ago)
What happens if you plug an xbox controller to the adaptive controller? :mind blown:
TheKillerPrawn (8 days ago)
this must be a late april fools...
Matt Rowland (8 days ago)
I had no idea just how versatile and accommodating this controller is. I just thought it was a d-pad and two buttons. This really makes me respect Microsoft for even paying attention to this overlooked market. They really tried to accommodate every type of disability with one platform. It's one thing to donate to some charity, it's quite another to mobilize the power of business to make life easier for an under-served minority.
Trampeltiér (8 days ago)
change lttstore.com to littstore.com
Peter Senarighi (8 days ago)
I would love to see a video on the adaptive controller with an arcade button kit. It's something I am thinking about making my for daughter.
I dont know a name (8 days ago)
The trailer of the controller Made me warm inside and gave me chills
nhiko999 (8 days ago)
good job MS, this is an awesome product
BloodyIron (9 days ago)
Okay that's legit cool
Isori (9 days ago)
Super cool product, and super cool content. Way to go Microsoft!
Sina Madani (9 days ago)
Microsoft's Xbox division is truly a shining example of a modern corporate not screwing over its customers
Ferenc Takacs (9 days ago)
It's great to see that Microsoft embraces gaming from the point of view of users with limited abilities.
tomrow (9 days ago)
Nice Wii Nunchuk you have there
Ahmad Nasriya (9 days ago)
Why not just using a Keyboard & a Mouse 😂😂
Carl Coatham (9 days ago)
Because that requires two hands and fine motor controls. The people this product is made for may not have two hands, or may have disabilities which make it impossible to move each finger quickly and independently enough to use a keyboard or mouse. That's why the buttons Linus shows are mostly large or are extremely easy to activate.
Yaboii Nogueira (9 days ago)
Xbox trash
KuwaitiRock (9 days ago)
It would be cool if linus make a Xbox one dream setup for some one who have some sort of disability with Xbox Adaptive Controller.
Alex Mods (9 days ago)
bit late here aren't we?
miss misanthropist (9 days ago)
how are we supposed to use that thing
Sinuev1 (10 days ago)
All of this engineering and retail costs - when they could have just added an easy mode to Sekiro.
nerdlaw (10 days ago)
I have no practical use for this, but yet i want one. It's awesome. Kudos Microsoft.
Reprisal (10 days ago)
Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.
The Tinker (10 days ago)
I know, this is not designed for the purpose but... Steel Battalion (or Mech Warrior)...
THAT_NCR_RANGER (5 days ago)
The Tinker TITANFALL!!
banana 4 Life (10 days ago)
This is made for people who have disabilities Ex. Somebody could use it if they cant use/don’t have hands some buttons can be used for a chin or something
Arno Deinum (10 days ago)
All these things are all bullshit Only thing when IT would be usefull is on first of aprill
razer blank (10 days ago)
I need this, left shoulder buttons broke.
The Easy Noob (10 days ago)
PS4:We have a VR Headset Xbox One: oh yeah? Well we have a adaptive controller that can have even more buttons and with 3.5mm port’s
TotemoGaijin (7 days ago)
Now...combine the two...Whoa.
Roda (10 days ago)
What is a headphone jack?
ِKevin ِ (10 days ago)
What brung you up that let's you say "What brung you"?
A Person (10 days ago)
I suspect that there's more money in this than Linus thinks - like he said, it's easy to run up more than 200 dollars to put together a full controller, and the engineering wouldn't be very complex at all, it's a relatively simple mould and much of the electronics could be carried over from the standard Xbox controller. The software would still be pricey to develop and polish, but not terribly so, and I'd bet with gaming being as big as it is that there's a lot more gamers with mobility limitations than I think Sony and especially Nintendo are accounting for. And most importantly, this is a first party producing a console, so if they capture gamers who would otherwise have a less satisfactory hacked together experience on PC playing Steam games who now start playing Xbox games Microsoft gets a cut of every game sale as well, not to mention online services on top. That's a lot more than just the upfront cost of the controller that Microsoft stands to capture if they corner this segment.
Gethan (10 days ago)
"what am I expected to play with just two buttons and a dpad?" Bardock.
FarmYard Gaming (10 days ago)
A great item, undeniably.
Shane Debates (10 days ago)
There making it so other forms of people can play
MrKornnugget (10 days ago)
This really helped my friend. Enabling him to play games and it works well for him. Most of the accessibility sensors were ones he already had.
Torrcha (5 days ago)
This, since a lot of inputs for chairs for people with limited mobility run similarity it's almost universal. Pretty good foresight by Microsoft not to make it some proprietary plug.

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