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Massive Icebergs Collapsing and Danger Glacier Waves

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Text Comments (525)
Hailu Hailu (2 days ago)
Sounds like mikeeee.
Bill Planinshek (2 days ago)
Iceberg chases ricks wife.
Percy Jackson (2 days ago)
Don’t be fooled by Mother Nature. She is always trying to kill you, always!
you tuber (4 days ago)
What are the idiots laughing at?? Beauty of global warming
Mark Stengel (8 days ago)
Very COOL 👍
bobbybobson667 (23 days ago)
Would be good without the wanky talking throughout.
Big T (26 days ago)
Please tell me Rick left that dumb bitch there
Scott Roush (27 days ago)
Does anybody believe Mother Nature was trying to help Rick live a longer life by trying to drown his wife just out of pitty...??
furz kolio (1 month ago)
Come on Rick......go go.!!!!
Donna Bailey (1 month ago)
This is the absolute most fantastic video.
Donna Bailey (1 month ago)
Stephen Rothwell (1 month ago)
Just read other people's comments......Thank you! I'm not alone....bless you all
Stephen Rothwell (1 month ago)
Some truly epic scenes that made me feel humble and glad to be on this world. Then that irritating bitch at the end removed those reactions with a single tone of voice and replaced it with murderous intent. If I was her husband. Ten seconds after the footage ended. I would have been on the phone to my legal registering for a divorce.
Alberto Bocchio (2 months ago)
Rick is still going may be🤔🤔
Bill Parr (2 months ago)
Professional cameramen have no luck getting events like this. Ever.
michael kerr (3 months ago)
Hey loudmouth bitch what have you got to say about it
Speed Bump (3 months ago)
Does anyone else see the side view of a face on the right side between 7:15 and 9:15? Sort of an ugly one.
Jeffrey Hartwig (3 months ago)
To see this live is on my bucket list. It looks amazing! someday..... 9:55 underwear check lol
Rick Bown (3 months ago)
No fishes were hurt
cory baker (3 months ago)
When your wife is more unstable than mother nature......
Eric Claeyborn (3 months ago)
Avalanches happen... global warming doesn't. Don't let the avalanches scare you... they've been happening for a very long time. Fear libtardism, though.
Chris Reeves (1 month ago)
Global warming does happen. Its real. Humans just dont have the impact the msm tells us.
Brad Penrod (3 months ago)
@ 10:50 *"RUN, RICK - - GO! GO...!!! ...... GO!!!!* _{{{breathing hard}}} - - - - - {{{BREATHING HARDER}}}_ *-----> GO!!!!!!!"* That woman is way too paranoid! But, I guess that keeps some people from dying. I think Rick was okay though.
AnonaMousetookmaname (3 months ago)
Gigantic mountains of ice and snow rolling around like puppies on a rug.
A Google User (3 months ago)
The last video is funny LOL..😅😅😅 May God Bless You All....
Dog Groomer (3 months ago)
Anyone else enjoy the sounds starting at 7:12?
Paulie Walnuts (4 months ago)
anyone wanna go for a ride on a glacier lol
syed ali (4 months ago)
the last one really enjoyed the scenes!! i wish i was there :( At 10:08
Carlos Milanes (4 months ago)
Observando la destruccion del planeta
Zeljko Trifunovic (4 months ago)
Americans must be the most shallow creatures on the planet. Insects and microorganisms included...... the screaming laughing and applauding watching and witnessing devastation of billions of lives there that lead and will lead to all life on the planet takes a specific air head and america has more than the whole planet combined .
Paul Bucknall (4 months ago)
Seriously? 7 ads for found footage?
JeepGuy 9519 (4 months ago)
Damn squirrel trying to hide his nut again I see😂😂😂
suka pljat (4 months ago)
Fish Geek (4 months ago)
Broken Bear Productions (4 months ago)
Poor Rick.
Philippe Daubresse (4 months ago)
Rasta Fonz (4 months ago)
this is such a 1980s haole screen wipe video. that last women needs to get F*****. THEN i'd love to hear that kind of screaming XD
SouthHemisphereTV (4 months ago)
too much publicity disturbing the visualization, donkey marketing
Carol Harris (4 months ago)
Spectacularrrr. Except for the dumb bitch screaming at the end. A wave isn't going to wash over you, you're in a boat. As long as the iceberg doesn't roll over you will rise with the waves.
Claudio Pereira (5 months ago)
4:07 LION JUMP!!!!!
Lynn Larson (5 months ago)
How dare you celebrate the LITERAL collapse of our planet. When are we going to realize WE did this...? I weep for our future generations who will only experience this on video.
Lucifer_DCLXVI (5 months ago)
Thanks for all the worthless ads in this video, that's just what I'm looking for when Search for cool videos, thanks again, you're a Cunt.
adamwilson301 (5 months ago)
Put some tape on your wife’s mouth rick lol
Fingal (5 months ago)
Its a ‘glassy-er’ not Glay-see-er’
Lonesome Crow (5 months ago)
I think the last person got a bit scared.
Tuam Mortem (5 months ago)
i hate this stupid cameramans..
Dahkota M Wilber (5 months ago)
That lady at the end shouldn't be on a boat
Maggie H (5 months ago)
We need to remember that most of these videos are not taken by professionals, but by tourists, and they were willing to share their videos. So I have no complaints.
The chick saying Go Go shes fucked not a drop came near ...throw her ass in
Recon WB (6 months ago)
rumor has it she is still telling him to go
What that chic screaming go go fucking nuts?
Ya get your flu shot and do your part in depopulation
TheGamerTutorial Kiddo (6 months ago)
I saw some icebergs that were flipping over.
TheGamerTutorial Kiddo (6 months ago)
I saw 2 clips of icebergs flipping over. First, a massive iceberg flipped over that broke away from the Ilulissat Kangian Glacier in Greenland. Last, I saw a massive iceberg flipping over since new icebergs have came from the Uppsala Glacier in Argentina.
Flossie Mae (6 months ago)
Does anyone else want to eat a chunk of that deep blue ice to see what it tastes like?
TheGamerTutorial Kiddo (6 months ago)
The first calving and the calving at 9:44 and the last calving was the largest scariest calving ever.
TheGamerTutorial Kiddo (6 months ago)
Great video!
Valentina Sandoval (6 months ago)
Couldn’t even finish the video. Way too many ads.
Mark Anthony (6 months ago)
Now that I got over here laughing go Rick go a live with passion said it, water is going to be flowing up in people's backyards and lets them laugh then,, the bunch of idiots when was global warming comes that's already here what am I talking about coming I need to come.
Mark Anthony (6 months ago)
GO RICK GO, GO RICK GO,,,LOL,LOL. GO, GO RICK GO, LOL,LOL, who was that fruit cake go Rick go,,,,lol,lol
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
Did she name the iceberg or is that her husbands name? Lol
David Riley (6 months ago)
Hysterical women spoiled it screaming like a little bitch at the very end.
Constanze Steegmiller (6 months ago)
wonderful video if it wasn't for the stupid people.
K M (7 months ago)
fabulous stuff
Connor Anderson (7 months ago)
The bitch at the end screaming GO. Fuck me
erich loidfelder (7 months ago)
Amerikaner sind Vollidioten...
Эта бабушка , она чево орала ?
meryem berdi (7 months ago)
just imagine the day of resurrection Sobhan Allah
jpb (7 months ago)
The planet dies, they laugh and scream like if they won something ...😳😤
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
We did surgery on a grape!!!
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
Guess what?
22vx (7 months ago)
Lots of ads on a shit video of stolen clips
Jace Hodges (7 months ago)
the lady at the end clearly doesn't have any sense of "shut the fuck up this is awesome"
Ryan Je (7 months ago)
Amazing. Nature is so cool.
M H (7 months ago)
I like how you change scenes
M H (7 months ago)
RUN that tsunami will make shore
Patrick Dwyer (8 months ago)
11:10 it's funny how you can tell a woman is fat just based on the sound of their voice
Paul Beebe (8 months ago)
Why don't we just stay here and watch it........OH SHIT.....
hoppercar (8 months ago)
Go go go go....stop screaming like a little girl
Rieksfier (8 months ago)
I was half expecting the Fortress of Solitude to rise up out of the water on the first one.
Katerina Liakou (8 months ago)
mister duister (8 months ago)
Me taking a dump
Khan Bhai (8 months ago)
Mad screaming psychopath !! Spoilt the whole nature feeling . She should be sent back to the asylum
brian belton (8 months ago)
eprahs (8 months ago)
Why is this so sad
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
I don't know...why is it? It's quite beautiful if you ask me, that's probably why.
Tess D. (8 months ago)
9:18 is tumbnail
akaSoaps (8 months ago)
I really wanna slap the lady at the end lmao
Sevalente Moraes (8 months ago)
Nao vejo motivo de riso
Jay Way (8 months ago)
Few more years and these people with NOTbe laughing.
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
Yeah...they will see we did surgery on a grape and be mesmerized! XD
Svein Grimstad (8 months ago)
To me this is even better than Instant karma and Angry Compilation! This is nature calling! I love it! The editing of this comment is for adding I just subscribed to your channel.
Svein Grimstad (8 months ago)
Why would 487 people watch this in the first place if they don't like it? (The 487 toms down) Can't they just watch something they like then, in sted of leaving tombs down here? This is as good as it gets for those who's interested.
Rocstoneau (9 months ago)
too many adds
wingmanalive (9 months ago)
Rick is an alcoholic because he married the wrong woman. Don't be like Rick.
James Armstrong (9 months ago)
killer icebergs roam the sea looking for ships to sink - 26 ships went to Davy Jones locker and the last was MS Explorer in 2007 which lost its fight with a hard chunk of ice.
pragma (9 months ago)
que d abrutis qui s excitent en prenant trop de risques
Mark Houberg-Lawton (9 months ago)
Great video, until 11:01 and the hysterical woman yelling at Rick to go. I wonder if the woman 'accidentally" fell in the water when Rock hit the throttle. If she did I'm not sure I would go back and get her. Based on her screaming Rick could report that it was far to dangerous to return for a rescue mission.
Meghan (9 months ago)
Mark Houberg-Lawton it’s okay just imagine it’s not a lady shouting but the glacier! Really adds a whole new level
Teodora Faligant (9 months ago)
C'est débile tous ces hurlements! On nous oblige, en regardant, de supporter l'imbécillité de cette bande de touristes excités comme devant un match de boxe ou de football, comme des incultes dans un musée... Cet enregistrement tient de la sphère privée! On ne s'abonne pas à des réalisateurs improvisés!
Richard Justin (9 months ago)
love the stupid cunt screaming "go"
mulattokid johnson (9 months ago)
Fabulous. I think people that put themselves near events need to be aware that waves get smaller in open water, not larger. Tsunamis occur where the water shallows. Not deepens. The woman at the end is screaming about nothing.
Antonio mauro. Costa (9 months ago)
Bando de idiotas imbecis nossas geleiras estao Derretendo muito rapido e eles achao Engraçado nao vem que o planeta esta em trasformaçao tudo culpa doser humano que nao dao Valor ao Nosso mundo Muito triste isto.
Selbstverständlich (9 months ago)
Stupid human. That is a desaster for the world!
Moose Kid (5 months ago)
Woa sister...chill! Down grl down.
Max Pheby (10 months ago)
Its cthulhu I tell you he's working himself free.
screamingmimi90 (10 months ago)
First two are the same glacier.
Featherbell (11 months ago)
GO girl at the end needs to take a chill pill and Rick needs ear plugs yeeze
zemog gomez (11 months ago)
It's look like prehistoric dinosaur will come out from the deep
Karen Sze (11 months ago)

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