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Microsoft Extremely Close to Buying Obsidian - Xbox First Party Continues to Grow

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It seems that Microsoft is very close to buying Obsidian Entertainment to add to Xbox's first party studios lineup according to Kotaku. Phil Spencer and Matt Booty are certainly addressing the weakest part of Xbox which has been the lack of a robust first party. Source: https://kotaku.com/sources-microsoft-is-close-to-buying-obsidian-1829614135 If you would like to support the channel and see it grow, you can donate here: https://www.paypal.me/RandalThor19 Thanks for checking out the video and stopping by the channel. If you enjoy the video, please hit that like button and consider subscribing to the channel for more future content. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Xbox Live: https://account.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamerTag=Rand+al+Thor+19 PSN ID: Rand_al_Thor19 Switch Friend Code: SW-6438-0735-7885 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rand_al_Thor_19 Mixer: https://mixer.com/RandalThor19 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/rand_al_thor_19
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Rand al Thor 19 (13 days ago)
Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video and are excited about what Obsidian will bring to Xbox gamers in the future! Xbox buying Obsidian has been a rumor for the past couple months and it seems like it might actually happen... if I had to guess it will be announced at X018 in November. Are you excited about this and what games would you like to see Obsidian make for Xbox and PC. Let me know in the comments below!
Zarflame99 (12 days ago)
+Krytopsy Give me a break, Undead Labs is a rather small studio, So Do Not Be So Hard On Them!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!
claymore clairé (12 days ago)
And all this upcoming games will be streaming only? No....
Jon D. (12 days ago)
jeff Sifrit Pillars of eternity and Pillars of eternity 2 have metascores of 89 and 88 respectively. God of War has a 94. I think that’s enough to prove you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also review scores don’t decide what’s AAA and what isn’t. Just because Flower has a higher metacritic score than Halo 5 doesn’t change the fact that it’s not a AAA game. AAA/AA doesn’t have anything to do with reception, it’s just a way of denoting a game’s production values and scale, the point I was making was that Obsidian hasn’t worked on a large scale production in a long while.
jeff Sifrit (12 days ago)
+Jon D. excuse me but pillars of eternity 1&2 are just about as AAA as you get. The fact that you may not like the genre doesn't overshadow the fact that their last 2 games are 2 of the highest rated games on metacric. Hell if I'm not mistaken they both beat out god of war, so if their making AA games that are scoring higher than AAA games then the focus should be on the score, and not wether or not the studio is a AAA studios..
jeff Sifrit (12 days ago)
I love obsidian. One of my favorite studios. And really, if this wasn't happening obsidian would have no reason to admit it wasn't. This is an XO18 announcement, that's why obsidian is not responding, other than to say that we don't comment on rumors and speculation..love it! Can't wait for XO18!
Loki 33 (5 days ago)
Obsidian and Microsoft? Maybe Stormlands then?
Arbyte (7 days ago)
i dont own the xbox but i really hope they step up their game with exclusives so both sony and ms compete rly hard and both make great games. then i can play great exclusives of both sides while eating popcorn and watching the fanboys fight eachother.
Dia Nuevo (9 days ago)
Nah obsidian is not good enough to be a gem for a gauntlet.
Nicky V (9 days ago)
I can downplay this... They are spending less than 1% of their cash on hand....
Austin C (9 days ago)
Honestly next-gen seems like its gonna be epic. I'm already not sure which Console to buy first...
The Panacea (10 days ago)
Really COOL thumbnail!!
Naruto Uzumaki (10 days ago)
What the heck is obsidian the only obsidian i know is the obsidian in minecraft
dirtyrot10scoundrel (10 days ago)
MuayThai forever (11 days ago)
This is so far fetched but I wish Microsoft would buy platinum games! That would be pretty awesome....to me anyway
Marlowe Vera Cruz (11 days ago)
they better fix their quality control!!! games like sea of shit and state of decay should not be made!!!
James Bauer (11 days ago)
Obsidian has made some of the greatest crpg's in recent years, with Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny. I would love to see them continue what they are are good at with the backing/funds of MS. Sony can keep their hold on jrpg's. Have MS be the place for western/crpg's.
Rededd01 (11 days ago)
Good business decision; fits in nicely with their subscription services on Xbox. With the continual increase in backward compatible games and the other studios that they've purchased it appears they are moving in the good direction. More good options for Gamers is always good. Thank you for the content.
Mihai Vasilache (12 days ago)
I would like to see from them a Marvel/DC game, a single player experience like the arkham series or like the new Spider-Man, maybe then I will buy a Xbox
Zarflame99 (12 days ago)
I actually think the Windows Store/Microsoft Store is perfectly fine. People just need to stop being whiny B****ES.
Zarflame99 (12 days ago)
Oh, you can't modify the game files and you don't have the steam workshop!!!! TOO F***ING BAD!!!!! Well did you know that steam has some really horrible DRM on their platform? What do people want the Microsoft store dedicated exclusively to games?! F*** U!!!!!
king mana (12 days ago)
Microsoft is full of it no games,and all of companys they have acquired,games are 2 to 3 yrs away!
Sora (11 days ago)
They have multiple new studios and games in development. With the intention to get even more. I'm not sure what you mean.
king mana (11 days ago)
+Sora i own a xbox one,i just want microsoft to do better!
Sora (11 days ago)
So you're complaining about more options?
king mana (12 days ago)
+Sora and i own 2 high end pc's no need for promise box one x!
king mana (12 days ago)
+Sora will see,so far they have promised games and left us gamers with nothing but old upscaled games and console a that barely does 4k.And they have devalued there console selling it like a cellphone plan 34.99 for x and 24.99 for the one, per month and now play anywhere lol...
Koweden (12 days ago)
Nooo Obsidian should remain independent. :(
Dankest Bonglord (12 days ago)
Fallout New Vegas is to this day the greatest video game of all time. Big win for MS if this is true.
Tropi Cano (12 days ago)
Obsidian haven’t heard of this mf since tony hawks in the 90’s 🤣🤣🤣 trash studios these mf keep picking up
L M (12 days ago)
This has nothing to do with first party. M$ is trying to monopolize gaming instead of competing. Obsidian has not made anything relevant to consoles in years. Their latest game is a small PC game. The rumor says its to bolster their PC business so it has nothing to do with Xbox. Zbox fans keep being delusional. M$ doesn't give a damn about Xbox. Stop drinking the koolaid. Ninja Theory doesn't make games that fit M$ vision, Compulsion games makes mediocre games, Undead Labs makes mediocre games, playground makes a Forza spinoff and Obsidian makes small scale PC games. Tell me, how does this improve Xbox? This makes M$ more money when they put their games on their streaming service. This does not help Xbox. This is not for Xbox fans at all. They might end up making mobile or PC games lol.
Sora (12 days ago)
Boy you really are a fanboy.
D World (12 days ago)
Obsidian just launched Pillars of Eternity 2, and it is an excellent RPG. We don't know how far they got on Stormlands before it was cancelled, but that might be a game that could be potentially launching in early 2020 (I'd assume they wouldn't launch a new IP in the holiday season). They had to already have started working on something since they wrapped up POE2 earlier this year.
Master BlkNinja (12 days ago)
Now I have a reason to buy their next Game Console! This is a major move and I am very excited about the possibilities
SolarWavesXFinity (12 days ago)
Obsidian, Xbox, and Sony lose with this rumored aquisition. The best genre of games made by Obsidian are CRPG's. Majority of Xbox gamers remember Obsidian for Kotor 2 (OG xb1 title), Fallout New Vegas (xbox360), and South Park Stick of Truth. Since the only "rpgs" supported by Xbox gamers are Witcher3 and Skyrim, Obsidian will fail in establishing a foothold as a stand alone exclusive studio for MS.
Pete HrapStick (12 days ago)
What game has obsidian made lately that has got us outta our seats to get it?
Sora (12 days ago)
Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2.
Martell Tha Cool (12 days ago)
Xbox still got no good games lol
Dave (12 days ago)
Martell Tha Cool it has the best racer this generation they might not have the same number of exclusives as Sony but what they have is good (excluding Sea Of Thieves)
RC Armor (12 days ago)
he got Satya Narayana Nadella to pony up the money, i think they werent previously
Spartacus 804 (12 days ago)
They dont care about placing in this console war? They would if they were winning it...lol Shit, by the time Xbox dish out these games Sony would have bulldoze through the next generation bruh....ain't no competition from Sony's standpoint
Sora (11 days ago)
MS stopped caring about console sales long ago. Even then companies don't care about this imaginary war. As long as they make money they don't care.
Spartacus 804 (12 days ago)
+Sora huh? Its war to get the most consumers to buy your product. Nothing childish about it. It's actually good for us consumers but unfortunately the company that's losing it wont see it that way at all
Sora (12 days ago)
Because MS doesn't care about some weird war fought by children on the internet.....
KNorth2 (12 days ago)
Playground, Ninja Theory, & Obsidian are all great acquisitions imo. I hope there's even more coming.
Pavlo Tverdokhlib (12 days ago)
Maybe Microsoft will actually fix the Windows store, to make it useful? I am a PC user. Only game this gen that was enticing me to upgrade to Win 10, was Scalebound, and well..... If Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Compulsion and Initiative will pump out new single-player IPs, I may reconsider.
Sora (12 days ago)
Completely agree. That better be high on the list.
Bryson Tatum (12 days ago)
And there moving to streaming service so still no reason to buy a xbox
Dave (12 days ago)
Bryson Tatum that will be optional they will still make a traditional console
Bryson Tatum (12 days ago)
Ummm! I don't believe that their new studios will make everything for xbox I believe that it will all be on p.c.
tacobritish1983 (12 days ago)
These are the same dummies that said sony exclusive don't matter in here hyping this up let me see the games first before you get your pantys in a bunch
19RocknRolla91 (12 days ago)
Hm that sucks :/. They were one of the few studios left who made DRM free games 😔.
What studio are they gonna buy next...
Yorosero (12 days ago)
Obsidian is a great pick, unlike Compulsion Games.
Yorosero (12 days ago)
Stop damage controlling a bad decision. I'm sure if Microsoft had made the announcement of buying studios post-launch of We Happy Few, few people (even the most die hard of Xbox fans) would think it was a good idea to buy this studio. Microsoft has form on this when they bought the empty husk of Rare for $375 million.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Well give it a break...Compulsion Games has thus far made only 2 games, and I think they can learn a lot from the mistakes they have made...Obsidian obviously has much longer history and much more experience, so we could expect great quality from them right away, but Complusion can still learn and improve....obviously their 3rd entry, with the backing of Microsoft would better have to be on whole different level already, unless they plan to do smaller scale game/cheaper games only.
Dilapidated Banana (12 days ago)
So with their streaming plan, that would mean a xbox is not required anymore. You could buy a phone, download the xbox app, stream the game on your phone and then mirror it to your 4k tv. I am not saying the Xbox will be useless, cause traditional gamers like me will probably get it, but you will save a HELL of a lot more money doing it that way, especially if most of you have a phone.
Travelling Gamer (13 days ago)
Used to be a Xbox360 fan now I'm 100% PS4. I've been very critical about Xbox (and been called a Sony fanboy) since they were not able to keep me interested in their 360 days let alone the current generation. I find their exclusives bland and always the same. We all know it's GoW, Forza and Halo and none have been able to interest me in the last few years. However this is exciting news for the XBOX team. I do feel Xbox (finally and way too late) is waking up. I still have a wait and see approach on what type of games they will make. Phil saying gamers mostly want multiplayer games does not give me any hope, I'm a solo gamer all the way. BUT they are now 100% more interesting than last year. I don't think I'll be leaving Playstation again (unless they really screw up) i have a huge online library since I've gone totally digital this generation and with backwards compatibility on PS5 I will be set for a long time. But if this streaming service is going to roll out and I don't need to buy a Xbox anymore to play Microsoft games I can see myself paying to play their exclusives. I don't think I'll get a full year subscription but skipping from exclusive to exclusive as they are released. Great times ahead it seems for both sides.
Mclloydeeee (13 days ago)
No I don't laugh at u saying " They are deadly serious with nxt gen ", but what I do say is what about this generation? What about the gamer's who have bought a 3rd console in the same gen for no other reason than Xbox fukin up on a constant and gamer's not being happy with the product. U say they had to do this to secure nxt gen? Now to me that is hilarious! They haven't secured anything! Infact they are losing fans of their platform each and every day of the yr! Backing a corporation that tells u what we want? Streaming? I think it is us, the consumer that tells these corporations what we want, not the other way rd! U said in another video that Microsoft's mission is to tap into 2 billion gamers😂😂😂😂😂 Do u, and I guarantee Xbox understand that those 2 billion gamer's, well, not all of them are playing what we would think of as a quality game, alot of those 2 billion gamer's play shit like candy crush once in a while when passing a little time. So basically are u going to see a load of shit dropping onto that plat? Anything that makes a little money then it will drop. I dread to see what types of game's u will be seeing on the Xbox in the coming yrs. Have u seen PRocks vid on this? This streaming service sounds suspiciously like their music streaming service and u and other gamer's think that because Phil and his team have bought these studio's they are " serious ". I would agree, but with this streaming service and it will be an app that " MAY " go to all plats including Playstation, and If this gen doesn't work I would be willing to bet money that gamer's will be seeing Xbox drop the hardware and just focus on the software for other plats!!!!! Xbox, in my eye's and plenty of other gamer's out there, they really wouldn't care if Xbox disappeared in to history of how not to sell a product. Streaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I look at this corporation as a danger to the hobby I have had for ova 30 yrs. Games as a " service " filled with Micro-transactions and any other trick in the book to try and take any bit of money possible off their fan-base! Nxt Gen nothing will change. U can see that the Xbox isn't and has neva been a console as popular as Sony! Even when Sony tried to sell us a playstation 3 for a ridiculous price, well once they sorted that shit out they caught up and slightly took ova the Xbox 360, basically Xbox' best selling gen is Playstation's worst! Still the fanboys think what Xbox and their team say is what will be happening in the future? When in the history of mankind have we listened to the loser, when did we start listening to the failures? I really cannot think of a time to be honest!!!!! Trying to dictate to us when they haven't a foookin clue when it comes to gaming! 1p game's don't matter in this day and age😂😂😂😂😂 well that is what Phil would want u to believe 🤪
halofreak1990 (13 days ago)
Let's hope we'll be getting a 4th Dungeon Siege game now. The 3rd one was kinda open-ended.
Joypad Bandit (12 days ago)
Holy $hit! I forgot Microsoft owns the Dungeon Siege Franchise! (I think...Or Obsidian Entertainment help make Dungeon Siege 3?) That would be great! I'd love a Dungeon Siege 4 ala a Lost Ark Approach! Gamertag: BloodOath77
killersheaven82 (13 days ago)
Obsidian would be good, so the next Fallout will be exklusive.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
eh, do you have any idea what you are talking about? Fallout is owned by Bethesda, they only let Obsidian do Fallout New Vegas. Afterwards they said that from now on they wouldnt let anyone else do Fallout games anymore and keep the IP entirely in their own hands.
jzero3 gaming (13 days ago)
Obsidian, ninja theory and playground games i think are going to be ms best studios in about 10 years. I cant wait to see their games. Obsidian is a favorite of mine
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Have to wait and see....I cant understand all these doomsayers thinking that Microsoft will just ruin and shut down these studios in few years, but neither can we be sure that they are going to be their best studios in 10 years. There is obviously great talent and experience in these teams, and Playground already is one of their best studios (just look how much more praise each FH game has gotten than the previous one), but anyhow its definitely huge improvement over last few years.
geejr (13 days ago)
It’s hilarious that people think Microsoft will give 100% creative freedom. I will believe it when I see it. If Ninja Theory comes back to Phil and says 50% of their project needs to scraped, is Phil going to authorize another 50 million in the budget?
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Well according to Rare, Microsoft did give them full creative freedom with Sea of Thieves.....well aside from maybe microtransactions, but I think that game is perfect example of also that full creative freedom doesnt necessarily guarantee quality.....but anyhow time will tell just how things went, its completely uncessary to start dooming the whole deal with Microsoft buying these studios.
Zak The Ghost (13 days ago)
I hope obsidian makes a game similar to Fallout New Vegas
john reese (13 days ago)
I believe after Obsidian joins Microsoft family there is one more studio acquisition that could be made by the end of the year. If this does happen that will force Sony out first with their next gen console. This could also cause them to stumble a bit by rushing titles out. I hope for their sake they do not do this cause it only hurts the gamer. I think of Microsoft's Xbox is like AMD. Intel was mighty for a while then when true competition hit them they were not able to cope with AMD's pacing and the same can happen here. I think Xbox's roadmap is going well and when their titles start hitting it will be like Sony from 2017-now.Before any fanboys for Intel start yelling at this time they still have 82% of the market so they are still top dog. They just can not make 10nm lol....
Joy Boy (12 days ago)
I dont think Sony is in a position where they can be forced to release early. There are already rumors about the PS5/Scarlet but Sony has been hush hush about it until yesterday when the CEO said it was necessary for Playstation to have nextgen hardware and that was it. Sony is in a good spot right now. The PS4 is still doing good; better than they expected and thus had to increase their expectations. Theyve got 5 big games that should be ready in the next 2 years; Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams as well as smaller titles like Deracine, Blood and Truth, this MOBA I cant think the name of, Concrete Genie, Medievil, etc AND 3rd party console/PS4 exclusives like Castlevania remake, Borderlands 2 VR, a few Square Enix titles, and a bunch others. Sony is already prepped to end the gen without much worry especially now that theyre starting to make big changes like console crossplay, PSN name changes, rumors of BC based on patents discovered from Sony which was then indirectly supported by Sony themselves when they stated the next Playstation hardware wont be too different from the PS4, and rumors regarding Sony expanding its cloud infrastructure. The best thing Sony can do is challenge the next Xbox face to face and use the current momentum the PS4 has to push forward. As long as Sony makes it easy to transition to the next PS like your library moving to the new console rather than start from scratch, as well as other things that will benefit the existing users, the PS4 userbase will most likely stick with PS. Itll definitely be an interesting gen with Microsoft also being more mindful and prepping themselves as well as new competition like Google coming in and Nintendo doing their thing.
RXdash78 (13 days ago)
Can we get a still of that thumbnail?
Nick G (13 days ago)
Here's my issue. These acquisitions are great. If we can play these games basically anywhere via Xcloud or other devices, have they not degraded the value of Xbox as a console? I get some people will want the box (including me) but I actually think this will automatically gimp them for the marathon of next generation. Why bother investing long term in Xbox hardware if I could sign up for a service for 30 days, play your game wherever and then pull the plug? There is a reason PlayStation and Nintendo are moving units, it's not just games...it's EXCLUSIVE must have games. I honestly would not be surprised if the next Xbox hardware sells worse than this generation. I like my One X, but I'm just not sure honestly about their direction overall.
Sora (12 days ago)
Because Ms is looking beyond just the console. At the end of the day these companies want to make as much money as possible. MS still has exclusive games. They're tied to their services and devices. Also with Amazon and google entering the game with streaming things are going to be different going forward. Whole new game.
Iori Sengoku (13 days ago)
Watch next few years are going to be big for Xbox and I’m a primary pc guy but I see them coming strong
Dave (11 days ago)
Iori Sengoku you will be able to play the games all Xbox in-house games will release on PC too
Brian Dale Furtos (13 days ago)
MS/Xbox is not a threat to sony because all the people who surrounded Xbox is stupid and bullshit people. If you know what i mean.
Balnazzardi (13 days ago)
No, we dont know what the Hell that idiotic mind If yours seems to think, but Microsoft Will be much more competitive next gen.
Garbage Gang (13 days ago)
State of unplayable And us happy few are made by shit developers That’s not a win
J Pierre (13 days ago)
Mark my words the next console generation is going to be more competitive than Sega and Nintendo were back in the day. It's going to be amazing for consumers.
Dave (11 days ago)
Balnazzardi competition is good for the customer one example of that is if not for Sony breathing down its neck Microsoft would have never scrapped the Xbox always online requirement
Balnazzardi (13 days ago)
Indeed and I dont understand how some ppl see this as negative thing.....
micah Kiker (13 days ago)
Microsoft should have been on top of this years ago. Why create a powerful system with out having the games to put on it.
Balnazzardi (13 days ago)
Thats entirely true, they should have done this already years ago and take use of the Power of Xbox One X BUT better late than never, and thats thanks to Phil Spencer to convince his superiors otherwise about importance of gaming
antmoney (13 days ago)
If you can't make'em, buy'em.
ArticWereBear (13 days ago)
This is good if Obsidian is bought it will be a great move.
evil Dead vampire (13 days ago)
If Microsoft concern about the customers it would be good for them and they have big more money and listen to Gamers who are veterans professionals playing games for long time they be okay but Microsoft only for the self and to me that sucks and it's a fact
Ian Paredes (13 days ago)
I love that pic haha
evil Dead vampire (13 days ago)
I'm going to stop use Microsoft games on Xbox One and switch tell to PlayStation 4 because Microsoft don't care about your customers either
evil Dead vampire (13 days ago)
Microsoft not doing nothing anything all they're doing is a whole bag of shit
Balnazzardi (13 days ago)
Bit salty, arent you? 😂
V is for Void (13 days ago)
"If it's on Windows Store I will Ignore."
Jared Hane (13 days ago)
I just wanted to drop by and let you know I love you rand. And i'm truly sorry for every hateful xbot comment I sent your way. I hope you have a good night(or day, depending on when you read this).
KonTro113d KhaOZ (13 days ago)
Bet it's been done since right after E3 I bet... and Insomniac better wake up and get on Sunset Overdrive, even if multi platform, because Fortnite is taking all the game modes and skins...... to be honest, it isn't fair for a game to claim it's on early access just so it can keep updating and keeping it fresh.... What happened to Fortnite free edition coming 2018? Anyways.... nothing would make me happier than them getting MDHR, Moon Studios and Something new from Rare (besides battletoads).. Give us a Conker! Even if it's a 2D Rayman type game.. Rare needs at least 3 teams Hire the Mega Man developer to make a megaman style Halo game (little figure art inside the xbox one s and x)
Jeffrey Llamas (13 days ago)
SONY isn’t worried about Xbox one little bit believe me. Xbox is done this generation people. They gave up on you guys. You just haven’t noticed or are in denial. They know it believe me. Even IF they acquire all these studios. They haven’t even begun any REAL projects for Microsoft. They’re too worried about selling services and getting over on you guys by making you pay for GOLD to play FREE to play games?! Wassup with that? Free to play kinda says it all but whatever. If they seriously don’t get their shit together they’re done before next gen even gets here. Especially if they keep on like they have been for yrs now.
Dante Dacosta (12 days ago)
online drm is back on the menu
Krytopsy (13 days ago)
Why there are so many Xbox fan boys hyping games they never saw from those 5 studios, why they don't realise it makes the Xbox fans look bad with this blind loyalty on anything Microsoft related ? Even the Playstation fan boys knew that blocking EPIC accounts was bad.
Enate (13 days ago)
They are as hit or miss as any other developer they bought so far. So if it turns out to be true will see. To many people out here ready to get hype over nothing.
-buys obsidion -ruins them like rare
Dave (11 days ago)
Ian Paredes Sea Of Thieves has potential but I can’t understand why anyone would want to play a game that is nothing but fetch quests
TheCraziestGamer (12 days ago)
+Ian Paredes Where
Ian Paredes (13 days ago)
Sea of thieves is going strong right now
Peter Young (13 days ago)
Nice Vid Rand & a good purchase from MS if completed! Fallout NV is still my favourite Fallout. Find it strange Obsidian would partner again with XB based on the cancellation of Stormlands (cancelled game). PS : Most PC gamer aren't PC MasterRace wierdos.
DrGoldsylver (13 days ago)
They should develop their own school of developers, that would be the fastest way to implement new studios with great results, and it will be more cost effective in the long term.
DrGoldsylver (13 days ago)
I don’t see why PC gamers will be upset, most of Xbox exclusives are running on PC too.
INFURIOUS ONE (13 days ago)
Jackass Ponyboys challenged Microsoft on Power and Resolution and got SLAPPED with Xbox One X. Then beyond Stupid Ponyboys challenged Microsoft on games just begging for a nice hard SLAP across their STUPID Sony Pony faces!! Well deserved MORON Ponyboys that ONLY have Inferior versions😩of ALL Games 😩to play😖. Idiots that cannot even change your names😩. Sad😟but true 😃!!
Sinuev1 (13 days ago)
Reminder that it was Microsoft's canceling of Project North Carolina/Stormlands back in 2012 which damned neared put Obsidian into bankruptcy, almost taking South Park: The Stick of Truth along with them (THQ wasn't in great shape either, and ended up selling the game to Ubisoft). Even so, Obsidian had to lay off like 30 employees, including some of the Stick of Truth team. Now Microsoft are talking about buying them out and making them third party? Well, whatever. Maybe with a steady budget and some solid direction, they can churn out some really good AA RPGs. Avellone is long gone, sadly, and he was IMO the bulk of Obsdian's writing talent. On the one hand, we'll definitely never get a New Vegas type Fallout spinoff by Obsidian ever again (but we probably weren't ever going to get one anyhow), on the other hand - Chris Avellone is working freelance now and has a decent working relationship with Bethesda - so my dream of a Avellone/Kirkbride collaboration on an Elder Scrolls project isn't completely tanked yet.
Ken Heslip (13 days ago)
Imagine if Microsoft released the game streaming service for PS4. With all these studios, they're going to have plenty of games that won't be on that platform.
James Tomlinson (13 days ago)
I don't think it's a coincidence that all of this happening after Terry Meyerson left Microsoft.
Joel Monserrate (13 days ago)
Fallout New Vegas people damn!!
Fishels (13 days ago)
I can see it. It would make sense for borderlands 3
Bishop Smith (13 days ago)
Honest question, what games have they done. I don't know of them. I may have played something they did and didn't know it. The way everybody reacting you'd think they were a top ten studio. As long as they have the current people in place I am lowering my expectations.
Well I believe Microsoft need 5 more studio with what they have now!
PHXNTXM (13 days ago)
A lot of the developers that Microsoft has bought are either studios that I have never even heard of, or studios whose games I just haven’t played. So, every time I hear news about an already acquired studio making new games or a new acquirement in general; I get excited. The “not knowing” is going to be Microsoft’s biggest strength going into next generation. We don’t know what kind of games that they intend to produce and release for the Xbox Scarlett, but that leaves them open for untapped innovation and unbridled creativity. Hopefully, they utilize that, because that’s something that Microsoft hasn’t capitalized upon since the early days of the Xbox 360.
ICZERZERO 3000 (13 days ago)
geejr (13 days ago)
I see a trend here. If you cash strapped, you become an instant acquisition target for Microsoft. Smart move to get these companies on the cheap.
Johnny Wellman (13 days ago)
Microsoft does not care about Sony. Google is Microsoft's competition Google and Microsoft will domanate the future of gaming
P U R P L E R E I G N (13 days ago)
I think so too weird how the google streaming thing pops up then days later they announce xCloud
Anthony Jackson (13 days ago)
Facts Microsoft is about to take over Sony isn't even prepared for the streaming wars about to come next gen with their mediocre engineers.
Joypad Bandit (13 days ago)
Magnus Emprah (13 days ago)
Would be cool to see Obsidian make a fable game.
Ronnie Patterson (13 days ago)
Untill I actually see a single-player AAA game from these new studios MS bought , im gonna assume more Rare / Sea of Zzzzz type content . Especially seeing they going after the Bejeweled-Candy Crush crowd now .
Adore Healer (13 days ago)
Xbox sucks
N o (13 days ago)
If they give obsidion 100% creative freedom like there doing with the initiative and ninja theory, use playground games to it's fullest, fix rare, and give the funds for bigger and better games for the other devs(and buy studio mdhr) the next gen will be very competitive (P.s im going with the Xbox Scarlett next gen)
N o (11 days ago)
+Marlowe Vera Cruz that's simply a fallacy but ok
Marlowe Vera Cruz (11 days ago)
it takes years before you can reach the apex. it will take microsoft for 10-15 years to reach sony's level, while sony will level up again, which makes them unreachable by microsoft!
Cesar Zepeda (12 days ago)
Same bro
Truewiddy - (13 days ago)
I hope obsidian to make a fallout clone to rival fallout now I got to get an xbox
robert wampler (13 days ago)
Think about the razor Microsoft has now too. Keyboard and mouse make xbox a cheap 4k gaming system
Roman Stewart (13 days ago)
Yo Rand ! Once again, Dope video & Thanks for putting us on. But that thumbnail.. I don’t know man... Gotta be the best freaking thing I ever seen on YouTube. Phil “Thanos” Spencer ! You started something epic..
TheDanisack97 (13 days ago)
Apart from CRPGs, Obsidian has made Fallout New Vegas, a cancelled Alien action RPG and more stuffs. Honestly with Path of Exile, Neverwinter, Pilars, etc. I think they could innove in the genre or doing other things. MS has said their studios have liberty.
Rimon Matti (13 days ago)
The fact that Microsoft bought undead labs but not remedy is beyond stupid
Sora (12 days ago)
Rimon Matti I'm sure MS made Remedy an offer,but they don't want to be bought. These aren't hostile takeovers they still have to agree to be purchased.
KNorth2 (12 days ago)
I'd love to see MS lock up Remedy but their next project is already confirmed multiplatform, they take a million years to make a game, and most importantly, a company has to have a desire to sell to be acquired. Also, I've never heard any reports of any kind that say MS is against a QB sequel. The bigger issue right now is it's not what Remedy is looking to do.
Rimon Matti (13 days ago)
+P U R P L E R E I G N hopefully thats ture but i dont think that MS is buying remedy anytime soon MS didnt want to do a Quantum Break sequel and they are working control wich is multiplatform thats the issue with MS if a game isnt super successful MS wont do a sequel just look at sunset overdrive
P U R P L E R E I G N (13 days ago)
We don't even know if they're planning it. There are still rumors of them getting even more studios.
TheOPSassyMaster Gg (13 days ago)
I wish Xbox had a developer make a good Thor video game similar to god of wars mechanics
Matt Something (13 days ago)
I'd like to see Obsidian make a Wheel of Time RPG. Although Amazon owns the TV rights in their newly announced series I'm not sure who owns the game rights anymore. If one studio could do the fantastic Wheel of Time series justice, I think it could be Obsidian. Also I'm not saying this because Rand is named after the main character of the series.
Ian Paredes (13 days ago)
Ricardo Jaye (13 days ago)
(drinks a shot of scotch) *NOW GO HOME AND GET YA FUCKIN KINECT*
SonicNights (13 days ago)
Well this is great! More studios = more games. And a new studio = a new game
Marlowe Vera Cruz (11 days ago)
how about quality? they can have all the studios but they should fix their quality control, which in fact they dont have!!!
Sloppylou (13 days ago)
What a great pick up
Ben Gilbert (13 days ago)
Thought this was gonna be the Avengers 4 trailer...... do better Rand
Brian Ogilby (13 days ago)
A good choice. Obsidians one of the best if not the best Game Company and Microsoft have done well with Square Enix and Gearbox.
Evil Morty (12 days ago)
MS neither owns Square Enix nor Gearbox games.
Luis Cajigas (13 days ago)
Probably Going To Announce It At XO18 like They Did When They Purchased Rare Back In XO03
Coach Toolshed Gaming (13 days ago)
Are people actually saying that Microsoft isn't a threat for next gen?
Coach Toolshed Gaming (11 days ago)
+Marlowe Vera Cruz Xbox and PS still had identical total worldwide sales last generation. I think Sony needs to make some big decisions very soon to keep up with what MS is going to be capable of next gen. We have to assume that at least a few of their new studios will pump out some hot new IPs. Exclusives are Sony's biggest selling point right now. If MS gets a good return from their new studios, in addition to the superior list of services, then yeah, I think Sony is in trouble worldwide.
Marlowe Vera Cruz (11 days ago)
ms is not a threat, maybe in the usa, but not worldwide. xbox might have the us market. but sony takes asia, europe and japan!
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Peter Parker Well again depends entirely on size of the project and what they have had under development before MS bought them....overall I cant see how none of these MS new studios wouldnt able to release something by 2021 or 2022, thats 3-4 years from now.....plenty of time to get atleast some new IPs out. Yes developing entirely new IP can take quite bit longer than a sequel, but Im quite confident that atleast Ninja Theory and Obsidian would be able to release their new games in the following years of next-gen Xbox release (which most likely will happen 2 years from now at the end of 2020)
White Knight 5 (12 days ago)
It doesn't matter as long as the games come. Right now Sony has a near monopoly on console gaming but their software output sucks in my honest opinion. Microsoft needs to step it up for gaming as a whole; other than Nintendo's games and a couple of Microsoft's, this gen has been quite boring. I hope Rare does a great job on Battletoads..
LUKE (12 days ago)
+Balnazzardi Plus Ninja theory (and Obsidian if that pans out) were both already well into development on their next projects when they got acquired. Those are likely 2020 or even 2019 games.
bruce moore (13 days ago)
I am happy Microsoft buying more 1st party gaming studios. Hopefully they can make some new quality games. It will help the gaming industry as a whole. It will keep PlayStation on there toes. The gamer get better games.
The ClassifiedXboxFan (13 days ago)
I think it would be amazing if they brought them, obsidian entertainment has not been well with money and management so if Microsoft can help them with that then nothing will stop them from crating masterpieces👌
RUFF TOYZ (13 days ago)
So glad I stuck with Xbox threw thick and thin since day one Phil is really in it

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