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Classic Christmas Glam Makeup Tutorial | Amanda Ensing

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Text Comments (225)
tea mosia (4 months ago)
jessica gelinas (4 months ago)
yes bring back an intro like this! ig: jessica_gelinas
Rasha Zack (4 months ago)
Your the one and only queen 💓
Ranwa Zack (4 months ago)
Kateřina Navrátilová (4 months ago)
Nice video❤️
Abby Cervera (4 months ago)
Love the red lip!
Marcela Mendez (4 months ago)
Nataly Alvarez (4 months ago)
4 years ago omg keep up the good work
Mari Lovee (1 year ago)
She look so different back then
Cristine Gollayan (2 years ago)
Its 2016 and I STILL watch this... this is one of my faves 😘
Lasnamienne (2 years ago)
2017 :p
Janet Ellis (2 years ago)
Your makeup is absolutely perfect. I want to try this look for myself. I love wearing red lipstick. Being a Trans girl this kind of tutorial is so inspiring to me. TY
Esteff_aniia (3 years ago)
loved how the eyes turned out so pretty
DazzleBoxBoutique (3 years ago)
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Romero00 (4 years ago)
What color is ur hair i love it
Sarah Morse (4 years ago)
you look just like khloe kardashian
Jasmin Aylin R. (4 years ago)
Your makeup is amazing, your beautiful aswell I just started seeing your videos & wow I'm addicted ,thanks a lot I'm going to do this for Christmas this year Congrats you have done a wonderful job 😊
Neibo TooBomb Rsp (4 years ago)
Jalyn Robinson (4 years ago)
I love this look but I don't know if i can recreate it! Lol
Mikayla Hie (4 years ago)
Applause!👏 new sub!
Erika Matlala (4 years ago)
I honestly wanna recreate this exact look so bad. I've never been so in love with a holiday makeup look like this one, amazing job girl!💕✨
Ziraili Campos (4 years ago)
I love your mack up
SarahWinther (4 years ago)
i really love the look and you look gorgeous with it ! buuut, i think that there is a bit to much foundation for my taste ^^ anyway, you look beautiful ^^ 
Brittany Callaghan (4 years ago)
perfect! I was looking for a look for mine and my boyfriends 6 month anniversary date just before Christmas. :) 
Geeky Eily (4 years ago)
Hiiii!! I love your tutorials I'm also doing tutorials just in Spanish hope u can pass by mine and give me support :D 
Ilaria Baldassin (4 years ago)
Hey guys (: I just posted a video on my channel on a Christmas look using my homemade cosmetics. If you're interested, subscribe! xoxo
•Haleigh Elise• (4 years ago)
Your like a pro at makeup lol!!
Raquel Martinez (4 years ago)
Love it :)
Natasha Jones (4 years ago)
I absolutely loved Classic Christmas Glam Makeup Tutorial it looks so beautiful
Pim Stamp (4 years ago)
You are so pretty
Becka324 (4 years ago)
Absolutely love this look can't wait to try it for the holidays :)
ItsJustEmily (4 years ago)
I recently started my youtube channel and it would mean a lot if anyone would check it out!
Monica Herrera (4 years ago)
You kind of look like Nikki Bella from total divas !! New subscriber😁 love it so far ! 😘
Wearing this eye look tonight forget how pretty it was can't wait
saba saab (5 years ago)
U give a look of kim kardashian
Did Mac change the color of woodwinked?!? I'm confused cause on their website its a muddy brown :-(
Did Mac change the color of woodwinked?!? I'm confused cause on their website its a muddy brown :-(
Paris McTizic (5 years ago)
two thumbs up!
Sophie Alder (5 years ago)
You're so stunning Amanda!!!!! Oh my god, I would just die if you could go to my channel and watch one of my videos and let me know what you think! I'm just starting out, but you're so inspirational and helped me push myself to finally make videos and do what I do! I will be forever grateful! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Liz Marsh (5 years ago)
You can see where the concealer ends right under your temples. Blend?
Soyini Johnson (5 years ago)
your so pretty : you kinda also look like Danna Ann here on youtube
Лилия (5 years ago)
bridgett humphrey (5 years ago)
can you do a smash box halo review? i think its a great foundation!
Frichnchic (5 years ago)
gorgeous! love the look.
ucrbabygrl (5 years ago)
Gorgeous, I need to pick up wood winked soon.
Christine Broker (5 years ago)
I will put the crown to you as a Queen of Blending! Dang your so good at blending the eyeshadow and everything! Mwwaaah!
Sylvia Trevino (5 years ago)
What camera do u use to film if you don't mind me asking
Lindsey B (5 years ago)
Beautiful, I looove this look! Question: I bought MAC woodwinked, but mine looks nothing like yours in the case nor on my eyes. Your seems to be a yellow shimmering gold, mine is a dark brown or Carmel color with gold undertones. What did I do wrong?
Dani Aryn (5 years ago)
love this i tried the eye look on new years and it was amazing!!, your gorgeous and inspirational! <3 :) xoxo 
mishymich (5 years ago)
love this so much!
Brooke (5 years ago)
I love this eye look!  I'm definitely going to try this out!  I love your videos!  :)
Brooke (5 years ago)
Your welcome! :)  I definitely will! 
Amanda Ensing (5 years ago)
Thank you! Tag me when you do!
Jasmine Andreasson (5 years ago)
Can you make a video where you show how you do your eyebrows? As they looked in this video?
Nancy Sullivan (5 years ago)
I just found your channel and I love your vids! You're gorgeous!
Basically Johanna (5 years ago)
That lipstick is out of this world! 
Kimmy Banks (5 years ago)
gorgeous !!!😻😻😻😻😻
Taylor Elizabeth (5 years ago)
Can you please please do a review of the nars sheer glow foundation?! I just bought it today and I'm in the same shade as you, Barcelona! And I'd love to see your in depth perspective on it!
salserasf (5 years ago)
I just bought this lipstick because of you! I wore it on Christmas and loved it! Thx!
DEAR ANNA (5 years ago)
Stunning as always!
Nancy Navarro (5 years ago)
Gorgeous look new subbie❤️
Klaudia Marysol (5 years ago)
Gorgeous end result!! Loved this makeup tutorial! U always look so flawless :)) love ur tutorials!! <3 thanks!!!
TheFox andLee (5 years ago)
I looooooove it! Def need to try this look out!! 😁👍😘
Xioma (5 years ago)
Going to do it defenetly!!!
Xioma (5 years ago)
Asra Naqvi (5 years ago)
Love your New Years Eve Look :)
Catra Samoedro (5 years ago)
Allison Lopez (5 years ago)
beautiful as always!
KaT Santibanez (5 years ago)
oooh nice!
Sophia Nares (5 years ago)
Not sure if I'm going to get the nars concealer or the pro longwear but I don't get why a lot of beauty gurus mix two shades?!
Amanda Ensing (5 years ago)
I have one for my natural face tone and another for when I'm tan but I was that awkward in between tan and natural so I mixed them! A lot of us have more than one shade so why not? lol
Candace Hampton (5 years ago)
LOVE this!
Cesia Navarro (5 years ago)
bittersweet rach (5 years ago)
Check out my holiday look with gold eyes and red lips! Tell me what you think!
Staci Abbruzzese (5 years ago)
Perfect Christmas look ❤️
Carla Penn (5 years ago)
Absolutely gorgeous girl!! Merry Christmas :)
DaPhlyymamee (5 years ago)
Lydia Malecaut (5 years ago)
I was the FIRST to do a thumbs up!
Miss Anel Beauty (5 years ago)
Such a pretty look! You have perfect brows ^.^ Xox
MISS YANYI (5 years ago)
omg !! wayyy too beautiful! 
Rizee Shopaholic (5 years ago)
The final look just blew me away. It was just WWWOOOOWWW. You looked so glamorous. Amazing.
Amanda Ensing (5 years ago)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!
Februarytwelve (5 years ago)
I love it
haha (5 years ago)
very nice
Lovexoxo (5 years ago)
This look is so gorgeous !
kaykaysmakeupbag (5 years ago)
I love the way you edit your videos!
Annika Pasche (5 years ago)
One more subscriber :*
Mary Hinchcliffe (5 years ago)
love this totally using it
Mrslolalynn (5 years ago)
This is beautiful! I love your earrings too!!
ElyanaYvette (5 years ago)
Great job!!!! I'll be doing this for Christmas! Thanks!
Andrea's Beauty Life (5 years ago)
oh my goodness, always flawless, always beautifuL, just love your tutorials, I cant get enough!! 
Lauren Caruso (5 years ago)
I don't know how you are not up to a million subscribers already ! You are so talented and so beautiful !
Amanda Ensing (5 years ago)
haha that would be a dream come true! Maybe one day ;) Thanks for the kind words!
Cristina Pineda (5 years ago)
Can you please do a Kim Kardashian bound 2 tutorial? :)
Suzangel (5 years ago)
Stunning look!! Def will do this :0 do u know a drugstore dupe for Chanel pirate lippie? Thnx merry Christmas !
Amanda Ensing (5 years ago)
I love flower beauty "rosebud" lipstick!
vrendon22 (5 years ago)
So pretty and merry Christmas Amanda !!!
Mildred López (5 years ago)
Lili Kougami (5 years ago)
You are very talented.like your tutorials and can't wait for the next:)
Evelyn Guzman (5 years ago)
Wow girl u r pretty i wish i look like u......
Emma Thompson (5 years ago)
Wasn't sure if I should buy woodwink by mac but now you've completely sold me! Such a pretty, festive look!
Linni Snupp (5 years ago)
wow,this is really stunning,i will probily try this :-)
Lala M (5 years ago)
So wearing this look for Christmas! Thank you.
ZiiZaa (5 years ago)
Nenalovesmac Nenis (5 years ago)
pretty :)
Audrey Humphrey (5 years ago)
Wonderfull ! 
Maria Rivera (5 years ago)
Beautiful as always have a health and safe holiday Amanda ;)

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