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2nd-Gen Threadripper...32 CORES!?

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Represent TechLinked! Get TL shirts, hoodies, and stickers HERE: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: http://instagram.com/TechLinkedYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/TechLinked NEWS SOURCES: NEWS SOURCES: INTEL BRINGS 28 CORES https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/05/intel-computex-2018-keynote/ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-28-core-processor-5ghz-motherboard,37213.html AMD BRINGS 32 CORES…B*** https://www.anandtech.com/show/12906/amd-reveals-threadripper-2-up-to-32-cores-250w-x399-refresh https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/6/17433102/amd-7nm-radeon-vega-gpu-computex-2018 https://www.techradar.com/news/amd-details-next-generation-7nm-radeon-instinct-graphics https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/damien-cox/computex-2018-amds-7nm-zen-2-silicon-is-in-labs-ahead-of-2019-launch/ ENOUGH, ASUS…GEEZ https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/05/heres-everything-asus-unveiled-at-computex-2018/ QUICK BITS! DUAL-SCREEN IS THE FUTURE, MAYBE https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/05/lenovo-yoga-book-second-gen/ https://www.techradar.com/news/asus-project-precog-is-a-dual-screen-ai-powered-laptop-from-the-future https://www.pcworld.com/article/3278049/computers/intel-tiger-rapids-dual-screen-pc.html QUALCOMM AIN’T PLAYIN’ https://www.windowscentral.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-850 Samsung device https://www.cnet.com/news/samsung-signs-on-for-windows-on-snapdragon-850-laptop/ THE ‘POINTLESS YACHT’ OF PCs http://hexus.net/tech/news/chassis/118973-cooler-master-shows-huge-100000-water-cooled-pc/ A SWITCH OF ROCCAT’S OWN http://hexus.net/tech/news/peripherals/118979-roccat-vulcan-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-announced/ GET YOU A CASE THAT CAN DO BOTH https://www.pcgamer.com/riotoros-project-morpheus-case-converts-from-a-mini-tower-to-a-mid-tower/ THE ATLANTIS OF DATA https://gizmodo.com/microsofts-newest-data-center-is-a-giant-metal-can-at-t-1826606291
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Text Comments (1134)
TekTok (2 months ago)
anyone know the music 9 seconds in?
coldkeyes (7 months ago)
32gb 7nm will have a gaming driver option? Serious question
Janko Kinčeš (9 months ago)
Amd 64 cores are coming. Also intel 8086k has 5 ghz. And nvidia gv100 is the best for now.
David Ban (10 months ago)
Good news and nice comments from the peanut gallery
Raphaël Casimir (10 months ago)
I actually asked for a screen in the touchpad when I touched the illuminated alienware touchpad ^^
gameflux (10 months ago)
Go AMD !
Dr. Fresh_2k (10 months ago)
Robin Porter (10 months ago)
What happens when the Zenbook S slips and the screen comes slamming down on your fingers??? haha
WereTiger (10 months ago)
I miss Riley already. I wish he hosted all the videos.
Matt Holland (10 months ago)
The audio has a constant nails on a chalkboard type sound in the background. Boo Wendy... Boo...
But will it be a tasty as play doooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Or linux tech tips!
Eso (10 months ago)
Data centers in the ocean are contributing to rising sea temperatures lol
v (10 months ago)
That thumbnail is *NEAT* !
Solar Soul (10 months ago)
Being funny does not work if the spectator has a feeling you are not prepared or the show is below the spectators expectations. Yeah...
akaZimba (10 months ago)
DELTACX10 (10 months ago)
28 core intel butns hole in the floor 32 core amd warms floor
Vincent Lin (10 months ago)
Too much makeup dude
epicmetalness (11 months ago)
fuck this riley guy
SoulJah876 (11 months ago)
RILEY! This channel is now the best.
Michael M (11 months ago)
will just wait for keys to come back, meh to the other hosts
andrew futures (11 months ago)
The most hilarious one evar
Marco Panzanni (11 months ago)
My cake runs all the time.. away from me when i try to eat it. But those Zeeons they don't run at all on my current wood board, its incompatible, will have to get a new fibre board from Craptel for cock-patibility for about $1700 more. I also like to look at the Quick-Bits, especially when they're wearing transparent t-shirts :D More FOOD videos, i feel like munching on some cherries yo!
Similak Child (11 months ago)
Lol! your shirt..
Sam5n0w (11 months ago)
Do you think ever sell again the shirt? Missed my shot 😅
Bryton Massie (11 months ago)
28 cores plus 5ghz. *Cough cough* AM3+
sean lim (11 months ago)
Even when linus isnt on the screen he still does the dad jokes
Missing10Mil (11 months ago)
noooo do not leave !!!!
Pidde Bas (11 months ago)
AMD already have prototype processors on 7nm technology while Intel are struggling with 10nm
DJ Burst Fire (11 months ago)
Mark L (11 months ago)
It's good to have you back Riley =)
Andrew Hunt (11 months ago)
Submersible data centers in the ocean kinda brings up one thing to me... Saltwater is extremely corrosive. I'm sure they could've dumped one in the middle of Lake Superior.
Yuri Gerber Alba (11 months ago)
Did you say cake? But, you know, the cake is a lie!
Syrian Hamster (11 months ago)
Boost to 5GHz* *Needs 1000W+ cooler and special motherboard.
Gruntos (11 months ago)
Is that a pluke on your neck or a small Native American Indian trying to burst out (see film Manitou) or maybe it's a love bite from a passionate lover incensed over the speed of lovemaking. What ever it is it wins awards for the best supporting actor/actress in a YouTube vid. Or maybe it's a mole. See film gold member. Wow what a beauty. It that pluke on the Linus payroll as you can't get your eyes off it. #Linus.Jive the pluke a job. Loads of love Gruntos the flatulent xxx
Nigel Franco (11 months ago)
Love the tee-shirt
Vibhu Chaudhary (11 months ago)
Man this show is funny and informative at the same time.
social3ngin33rin (11 months ago)
making food vids?!
Anakin Skywalker (11 months ago)
Okay my Imperial Clone AMD loving army, let's go to the Adored TV channel now and then let's wipe out those scum Intel fanboys.
Prince Extasy (11 months ago)
Damn. You sound SALTY !
ChloeWade (11 months ago)
AMD sucks
Francis Germain (11 months ago)
Linus 2
Hari haran (11 months ago)
Forget cores, we need RAM. They sell em like gold.
Bane Tudajfor (11 months ago)
Riley, I''ve just found you again, and already you are leaving me!!! Don't GO! :D
JFomo (11 months ago)
A-Sus, not A-Zues.
Girish Sardey (11 months ago)
But will I get my fill of Reilly
Derpin Bird (11 months ago)
Nnnnnnnnneck pimple
gregdingel (11 months ago)
Is that shirt ever gonna get washed?
ThinkingFingers (11 months ago)
I do like the logo.
Faraji Starks (11 months ago)
I come to TechLinked for Riley <3
Joshua Larsen-Bradford (11 months ago)
I'm going to guess a prime edited this
The Matirx red pill (11 months ago)
The doggy practice intel did was probably was expected. What it shows though is a large section of the tech press need to be shut down as they can't do their job. Intel although hitting 5hz did not say it was a production chip, so they press should have checked and asked , checked about the cooling (massive water chiller) , checked the motherboard, checked the CPU (extreme binned skylake server CPU). Doing these simple thing would have exposed the scam Intel were pulling. Don't get me wrong I love the 8600k I just bought, but this is an astonishingly shaddy practice
homelessEh (11 months ago)
intel is too american its just trying to gouge you for all the money they can. intel...greed inside
ms1021 (11 months ago)
I miss him already
ALPHA_sh (11 months ago)
0:20 D E M O N E T I Z E D !
Saman Rai (11 months ago)
ncix tech tips was much better
skystealth22 (11 months ago)
TessellatedGuy (11 months ago)
32 cores running at what? 1.5 Ghz? And with single core performance worse than FX series processors? Lol. I'll wait for benches before getting hyped.
Theblacksheepwriter (11 months ago)
No more Riley till July? Is this some kind of cruel joke?
Lee Yy (11 months ago)
Intel, don't try to beat Physics, you can't run faster than speed of light.
Septlaxer Gaming (11 months ago)
These videos are really fun and silly, but that's what makes them enjoyable, good content.
HelloTardis (11 months ago)
Okay it’s great that Amd is back on top. But you talk about intel as if they didn’t recently control the market with pretty excellent processors. Sure AMD has always had the more elegant architecture but it’s silly to talk about intel as if they haven’t been doing great recently. Having said all that, I’m very happy to return to AMD, but I’m not gonna pretend I haven’t had a I7-7700 for a couple years and enjoyed it. But hey I guess let’s shit on the “old” big dog for the new big dog......cause that makes sense. Seems kinda stupid as fuck.
Bob Mintern (11 months ago)
Press F for respects for the no longer available limited edition T-Shirt
caseyne (11 months ago)
Please stop!
Joseph Escott (11 months ago)
Wait, this dude is going to be gone for the like a month! Reel me in with his incredible personality and then ship him to china, is it too soon to declare shenanigans? I guess only time will tell.
ATSF1317 (11 months ago)
If we purchase a item of clothing from your store, can we please get the girl with it?
Fred Laruccia (11 months ago)
sorry to say, but Intel's "empire" has come to an end. With over priced, old tec, slow CPU's it was time someone stepped up and said "ENOUGH". Thanks AMD for bringing back the "competition".
Akalion (11 months ago)
0:16 Oh dude believe me, that fucking things is anything BUT "cool".
Akos Ovari (11 months ago)
Dennis should host one Episode of TechLinked :D
Jeremy (11 months ago)
You should have Jack as a guest on the first Tuesday of the month
Panda SS (11 months ago)
Make or find a female version if you. Quick. And then get lost ...!!!! Ok ok sounds weird but you get the point .
Alakki (11 months ago)
I want Luke back!
LosN209 (11 months ago)
This dude has a very punchable face.
Aneesh Prasobhan (11 months ago)
Aneesh Prasobhan (11 months ago)
why dont you work for Linus ?
Mo Tee (11 months ago)
Presenter is twat. Won't be back cheers.
Mohammad Alnahhas (11 months ago)
Stop putting "pretending to be shocked face" in the thumbnails, they suck the quality of your videos
Sora CH (11 months ago)
E P Y C Ripper XD
Jakub Góralczyk (11 months ago)
R.I.P TechLinked Riley's gone.
Blaž Bohinc (11 months ago)
A "I don-t care" attitude towards every tech that comes out is wrong imo.
Doctor Claw (11 months ago)
Who else abandonned Intel after the ME scandal?
Jay Roy (11 months ago)
its look like linustechtips channel..
doomality (11 months ago)
this host sux
killerbite_ (11 months ago)
if i cant have linus tech linked shirt then i dont want any shirt!!
Gaming 4 Fun (11 months ago)
I will always live with regret that I didn't buy the limited edition TL tee. Last night I cried myself to sleep.
Christian Holt (11 months ago)
Arent all these laptops with 2 screens kinda just like big a big DS
KETAN RAMTEKE (11 months ago)
AMD is killing it.
Francesco Iapicca (11 months ago)
3:30 I'd be really interested about qualcomm laptop, not only the current ones, but I read about qualcomm 1000 series, they claim it to be comparable with a skylake i7 mobile :O
sebastian (11 months ago)
Nothing quite beats an amd Android fanboy to demonstrate ignorance.
M7AMD (11 months ago)
put timelapse in the deskreption
Steven Porter (11 months ago)
For the record I definitely was asking for a trackpad screen! I've always thought it was stupid to waste space. Same deal with dual screen laptops where the keyboard is replaced with a second touchscreen.
Agent Hitler (11 months ago)
That shirt tho
Republic Of Casuals (11 months ago)
Until it's released and tested i ain't hyping over shit. We all seen this type of shit too many times before and i don't feel like beta testing anyone's CPU!
Hunter Cox (11 months ago)
Amd is drinking intels tears rn @computex
Ruben Llamas Bardon (11 months ago)
Just entered the company and he's already getting a vacation...
M T (11 months ago)
I dun wants Linus reading the news.
MINER86 (11 months ago)
It usually takes me awhile to get used to a new host, but Riley is great
Metalmachine467 (11 months ago)
Too bad all those cores doesn't do anything for gaming. Only good for businesses
Zaber Ansary (11 months ago)
Still crying with fx 6300
still34u (11 months ago)
Keyes, the type of guy that asks for vacation a week after being hired...
Daniel Brent (11 months ago)
Laz0r James really nails the comedy in the background. Riley and Laz0r J verified lulzy combo + 100% funny.

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