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The David Rubenstein Show: Satya Nadella

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"The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations" explores successful leadership through the personal and professional choices of the most influential people in business. Renowned financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein travels the country talking to leaders to uncover their stories and their path to success. This episode of season three features Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.
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Text Comments (227)
Xiaosong Rong (3 days ago)
much wisdom
Gannu m (9 days ago)
So many indian”s commenting here. Don’t understand why Indians like foreigners appreciate them. Why this expectation? This mindset let Britain rule India. Come out of that you morons. Always India’s are busy trying to get appreciation from western world. Why ? I thought India got independence in 1947 .
ankit khare (9 days ago)
What a great person he is he was asked a great deal of hard questions which are very personal about his kids but this guy Satya nadella gave a confident answers without escaping any question at all this speaks highly of his a imties and him as a person . Besides he's got a great sense of humour being an Indian I some way
Manuel Cuevas (18 days ago)
Why you got so late to the cloud business? why you buy LinkedIn? 😂 You have no good answer for that
YF C (20 days ago)
As a parent, the story of his son was truly touching. Best wishes to his family for surviving such a harrowing experience and becoming stronger together.
enu de guise (21 days ago)
he is not indian , what way he is indian , never spent a day in india
aswathnarayana sarala (23 days ago)
Zakariya B Abdulla (1 month ago)
Hey Hyderabad is not in central part of india 😄😄😄😄😄
Super Teacher (1 month ago)
Zakariya B Abdulla u dont understand
Rodeo (1 month ago)
why all comments are from Indians? hey google you think I'm Indian?
asish mohanty (1 month ago)
Congratulations Sir , Please give me a job at Microsoft , I am a skilled Worker to lead Apple in Strategy & BI Consultant , Certified in Management to lead my Project & Retail . Regards Asish from IBM , Swastika from TCS SAP , Performance testing.Ranjit from Wipro . Biswa from Reliance . We are expert in Managerial Accounting , Finance Accounting , IFRS, Basic accounting with Strategy Transformation & international Business .
Niko L (1 month ago)
empathy is innovation. well said!
ZZ Zone (1 month ago)
This is political correctness at it's best! Why must such an easy job be given to an immigrant that can't even speak english properly? Seriously, don't we have enough real Americans to become the CEO of Microsoft ? A CEO is by far the easiest job in any organization. They just sit in a chair and issue instructions. All their work relies on simple common sense. Seriously, it makes me puke seeing this indian retard as the Microsoft CEO. What a great lost to a once great American company... now has become a pile of indian dog shit.
Sage Animesh (1 month ago)
well maybe u should read more and be elligible enough to atleast get a job at microsoft let alone be its CEO . But hey cry is free
hey tis ghuts (1 month ago)
A few educated ones understand the need of immigrants in the us while the illiterate ones dream of getting a job in R&D having a major in some shitty course. We make much less grammatical errors than you guys , you guys only know how to speak in a spitting style accent , our accent is mug clearer and you people understand it quite well and still complain about it. Another reason of Western dumbness of not being able to digest the fact that we use those vocal muscles by which we can speak our moher toungue fluently , accent varies man . Get a job and a get a life hand fuck hard all night with your gay white friends. Another fact , considering population size I think number of toilet seats available in India is higher than that of the us.
hey tis ghuts (1 month ago)
+ZZ Zone Listen idiot lemme correct you again , CEO is a position at an organization and not a job. You still expect idiots like you deserve these prestigious professions. You deserve only mc Donald's jobs and garden cleaning jobs. It's very easy set up an empire in a land occupied by tribal people. It makes me laugh when aamericans ad Aussies talk about their own country , the real reason of our country's current senario is that your fucking white piggish European ancestors raped our country of our wealth. We have considerably grown a lot more than your country in the past few decades . Illiterate pile of dog shit.
hey tis ghuts (1 month ago)
He can't speak English? Are you nuts ? Well anyone learning a foreign language make much less grammatical errors. BTW I am surprised that a low class language is widely spoken world wide. আমরা ভারতবাসিরা তোদের মত শুয়োরের বাচ্চা নোই ।
hey tis ghuts (1 month ago)
Sorry bro for you, not letting you be the CEO what a loss for Microsoft. But guess what more Indians would take up jobs in us😄 Why complain because there are a lot of mc Donald's jobs available for you americans . What more do you illiterate shitheads deserve? Keep wiping your ass with napkins and use it rol your tacos.
The dialogue is the two great minds collapsed to make giant influence on us
Harish Kunjeti (1 month ago)
Nice speaking sir 😀😀
Gemini (1 month ago)
Him and Sundar are the only tech ceos who dont seem to be jaded as fuck
Manas Chatterjee (1 month ago)
He really has that look of a CEO🙏🙏
Heaven Seeker (2 months ago)
“Come home and fix my computer.” 😂
Abison John (2 months ago)
I'm using Linux, we don't have CEO's
raakesh nagarajan (1 month ago)
+Abison John Then, why is the adoption to FSF, Open Source Software is too low, especially in Medium and Enterprise Production environments? This is AFAIK. P.S. I am not talking about proprietary Linux distress, only free and community backed ones.
Abison John (1 month ago)
+raakesh nagarajan That's totally wrong, linux have huge community support than pc/mac have, linux lag behind only in desktop sector, major part of servers are linux based, not only that Android, Tesla, SpaceX, Google etc..using linux in their business, then how roadblock to massive adoption??
raakesh nagarajan (1 month ago)
+Abison John That is a valid thought. However, support has been poor with open source communities and the one major roadblock to mass adoption of those technologies.
Abison John (1 month ago)
+raakesh nagarajan First have freedom
raakesh nagarajan (1 month ago)
You do not have an identity either, unlike how UNIX had in the good old days.
i don't care (2 months ago)
Fact: people will not appreciate you for 1000 things that you did correctly but will point out 1 bad thing you did. Here everyone is pointing out that Hyderabad is not in central of India . Don't you think you should appreciate him for the thousands of thing that he did correctly.
HC 17758091 (2 months ago)
Indian motherfuckers first took all the IT jobs through outsourcing and now the cow fuckers are going to the US and UK and taking the jobs there. Fucking hell
John Bradshaw (1 month ago)
What's it like to be so ignorant?
David Tumusiime (2 months ago)
Finished the interview in awe of Nadella for all he has had to overcome to be the success he is now.
Jagmohan Singh (2 months ago)
great show, great interviewer. lively, witty and yet very sensible and journalistically incisive.
Jagmohan Singh (2 months ago)
excellent interview. the explanation for buying LinkedIn was confusing. had I been an investor, that explanation would have warned and pushed me away.
One most impotant quality of a leader in any field is that if you are wrong, said or did, accept it first without ego and correct yourself. Satya Nadella has that. Important to everyone to learn lession.
Indrajeet Kamat (2 months ago)
Respect, Satya.
Zim O.E (2 months ago)
17:04 The Pareto principle at work. Same for Google with Search Advertising and YouTube.
Sourav Singh (3 months ago)
The best thing i got.... That is .... He is totally happy with his position... He is cool / always keeps himself Enjoyable .....
Mr Hunterf (3 months ago)
Finally... a leader in charge of such a big tech company that was actually a software developer first.
Eddie N (3 months ago)
And Indians in the comment section be like *Proud to be Indian* lol
Sainand gauns (11 days ago)
Haha true so sad
Arnav Borah (14 days ago)
India has always been focusing on the reserved ones and that's why the deserving ones are moving out. The political system sucks in here, instead of doing something about the development of the country most are only focusing on giving everything a religious turn. Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai both are Indians by birth, but this is also a fact that if they were still in here, they wouldn't have got so much opportunities and success.
Because we got freedom 70 years ago and still backward we want to encourage Indians in this way..
D K (17 days ago)
Why shouldn't they? Did he not achieve all this by studying in India and running the biggest corp. In the world now? Something we should be proud of.
dark lion (1 month ago)
Every Coin has two sides, Many Indians like me who work hard and try to make the country proud where I was born (India) and the country which has given me an opportunity to make my country proud (US in my case) and don't give a shit and others who put on the comment Proud to be an Indian.
gautham p (3 months ago)
It's an amazing interview of Satya Nadella...the way he expressed his change of attitude on women disparity is exceptional. This is the interview I'm looking for...Want to see Sundar Pichai on same stage.
john jobs (3 months ago)
Sunder is from IIT way above Satya iitans are the gods they are the most intelligent people to walk on earth.
Rishab Chakraborty (4 months ago)
Proud Indian
spacetime (4 months ago)
Fuckin amazing interview....watched the whole thing, the bullshit women salary question was fuckin unnecessary. A man who's done nothing but good and came from nothing into a country with nothing, alone, and you fuckin put that shit, ffs man. Ask the other million white CEOs about the 10000x worse shit they do and have done. But yeah, I'm Indian-American and it's crazy knowing the level people from the same background as me have ascended and paved a blazing path through the most upper echelons of the modern technology world. I mean ffs Google and Microsoft. Need I say more, and another commentator below stated all the insane amount of companies, for a group of people who make up LESS THAN 1% of the U.S. population. Let that sink in. LESS THAN 1%. If you know an American of Indian descent, whether born here or emigrated, then there might be good chance you're someone who is in contact with school or some sort of higher education or corporate business environment.
Tushar Zagade (4 months ago)
I really want to see David smile freely :D
William Hale (1 month ago)
*India-born and raised CEOs of American and European companies are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Deloitte, PepsiCo, MasterCard, Workday, Harman International, Wayfair, Cognizant, Palo Alto Networks, Novartis, Nokia, ArcelorMittal, Syntel, Reckitt Benckiser, NetApp, Arista Networks, Diageo, Global Foundries, and Conduent. And then there are a ton of other Indians who are at different C-Level positions, such as the Facebook CIO, Uber CPO, Tesla CFO, General Motors CFO, DoorDash CFO, Worldpay CPO, Box CPO, Twitter CTO & CLO, LendingClub COO, to name a few. Indians represent less than 1% of the US population. They are the richest ethnic group in the US by gross household income. The success of Indians in the US is just astounding.*
Ishwar Kumar (3 days ago)
Appreciated statement.
Krishna Raju (30 days ago)
+Martin Smile true that..only the best minds get the best opportunities..they are the cream of the pack..if you listen to their stories..and how hard they all have worked ..honestly i cant imagine myself doing 50% of the work these people put in..guys like Satya are an inspiration..not just as an indian..just as great human beings... bill gates included.
Xyz Reddy (30 days ago)
+fdama That is when you know your country is not great like the USA which is a dream country with a lot of opportunities, great spirit and more importantly ensures freedom of speech, freedom of culture and freedom of practice of once own religion. To be precise people in the USA are not narrow-minded as you are!
Ashutosh Gaur (30 days ago)
+Martin Smile you understand the competition each person is facing there's some mental pressure that does demotivate when anyone things of doing something as in India there are so many with the same profession..
Nikhil Somani (1 month ago)
On the retard scale of 1 to 10, it would be an understatement if you are on the south of 10.
Xiaodong Zhao (4 months ago)
I adore satya as a strong father than his career success.
blabla62871 (4 months ago)
but isnt he gay?
Soham Banerjee (5 months ago)
Microsoft CEO : Hyderabad is in the central part of India. me: That explains a lot about windows bugs.
halfvolley11 (5 days ago)
+Heir of Slytherin Yeah, but the Muslims of Hyderabad (like Azharuddin and Sania Mirza) brought the Urdu culture of Hyderabad from the North. They are North Indian (Aryan)Hindus of Hyderabad are South Indians typically. But then again, people come from all over India.
halfvolley11 (5 days ago)
Hyderabad is in the South but most Hyderabadis came from the North. Most Hyderabadis speak Urdu and the reason is that North Indians settled in Hyderabad.
Bhanu Chunduru (1 month ago)
@soham, understand the context!!!! he was speaking in geographical terms, which puts hyderabad nearly in the centre of the map if not 100%. Dont make fool of yourself with regional biasedness!
Heir of Slytherin (3 months ago)
Another cocky bong here.. you guys are real bug which are hindering the national progress. And for your info. Hyderabad is called gateway of South. And it's central India geographically. Being a part of southern states doesn't make it southern geographically.
Namit Prasad (5 months ago)
humble guy
Manik Kalore (5 months ago)
His voice reminds me of Harsha Bhogle..😅
It's got the Gates twang to it actually!
Abhinav Pandey (1 month ago)
Manik Kalore and looks like M.K gandhi
vamshi gundamraj (6 months ago)
Such an Inspiring person.
Istanbul Houses (6 months ago)
I hate it when people take the amount of money in bank account as success although God emphasizes the world is not worth and only remaining of us is our good deeds
Michael JH (6 months ago)
Quite a unique CEO, and obviously empathy can lead to success.
Tiff Tom (6 months ago)
This would make a better podcast episode
We are almost there (6 months ago)
N (7 months ago)
1:31 and 13:57
opuere mbee (7 months ago)
I celebrate u
Queen (7 months ago)
Small minded indians are concerned about HYDERABAD more than what he is telling in the whole interview. You guys are real losers who can only talk shit about others and only write "PROUD TO BE INDIANS" comments on other indians achievement.
India's struggling framers need a water recycling system , quality food. The richer Indian population need to invest in eco producing solving solutions , similar to California.
Joey BenBurnley (1 month ago)
VictoriaMarieLove- VictoriaMarieLove- that's the problem with we Indians, we can really deliver but the will is corrupt
Avtar Singh ROX (8 months ago)
Satya nanadela you are the an of honour
Varun reddy (8 months ago)
these days peopel find mistakes more than positives and inspiration. Good luck satya. Aim more & Achieve more. who knows u might have still a company to be found by urself and make an Ample out of it to give to world
Mark Freeman (8 months ago)
MSFT has an immense strength in depth today.
Mark Freeman (8 months ago)
Which is it then; mobile first or cloud first?
Ajinkya Ubale (8 months ago)
Mark Freeman cloud
Møhan Raj™ (9 months ago)
Is your father alive?, Not very generous to ask such a qs
Harrison Lee (28 days ago)
I think that's one of his favorite questions to ask
rampalli teja (2 months ago)
yes his father is alive
tolykozin (9 months ago)
the interviewer seems very pompous and extremely prejudiced!
J Shepard (4 months ago)
tolykozin What gave you that idea?
Sabrina Akter (9 months ago)
So much struggle with your life EVERY DAY and still you are the CEO of a giant like Microsoft! That deserves a bow!
curtisw0234 (9 months ago)
I love this man such an honorable guy
Narayan Taniwa (10 months ago)
he's a clown. Trying too hard. I can tell he's gonna miss every boat and Microsoft isn't going to do well with him. Microsoft will be dead in twenty years or less. It's all about new players now.
S Sing (3 months ago)
You know nothing. They have overtaken cloud crown from Amazon very quickly. That’s incredible. Learn and stop criticizing
I love puppies (5 months ago)
And who are you? What have you achieved that's made you famous? Keyboard warrior
captain obvious (8 months ago)
Narayan Taniwa you are a vhutiya this clown will win the cloud wars and fuck fools like you.
There is Hope (10 months ago)
Satya, Really you are a king of Microsoft CEO.👍👍
tushar prajapati (10 months ago)
Good interview.... Amazing satya nadela👏👌
Nelson Nigel (10 months ago)
iconic, this was powerful
Anshul Jain (10 months ago)
I recently purchased Microsoft visio Professional 2016 from the official website of Microsoft by making a full payment of 42,750 INR on 8th February,2018. But, the software contains many bugs. The issues are not in installation. The issues are in development of the software. It is not developed properly. The support is not helping me. They are mostly not picking up the phone call or (when connected) are unwilling to listen to the problem. I have also given mail to Microsoft. They are also not helping me I am myself a software engineer and I am an expert in using Microsoft visio Professional series. I have worked on Microsoft visio Professional 2013 for a couple of years. It was perfect in its functionalities. But, (the latest version) Microsoft visio Professional 2016 is filled with bugs / issues I tried to reach the customer care to Microsoft global team and to Microsoft India. But nobody is willing to help. In last 6 - 7 days, I have made more than 120 - 130 phone calls. Many numbers are not even picked up. For example The number (800) 642 7676 is the contact number of the visio Support as given in the official website of Microsoft. The website itself displayed that the support timings for Indian region is from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Next working day (Monday), I started calling the same number at 8 :15 AM and I kept calling on the same number till 11 AM. But, No one picked it up. It was not busy, but ringing. Out of about 35 calls, only 1 call was picked up and disconnected by a lady within 2 seconds of the call connection. Not just that, I tried calling on the number (0124 415 8000) given on the Official facebook page of Microsoft. I kept calling multiple times till I stopped counting the number of calls. But, No one from Microsoft picked up my call. Microsoft is unable to accept the fact that they can code something incorrectly. In fact, my complaint for their defective product was also registered as 'Request for Support from Microsoft'. They asked me that I (Anshul Jain) who has already purchased Microsoft visio Professional 2016 from them for 42,750 INR will have to buy Technical support which is worth 4,100 INR for them to even consider a technical discussion / register the complaint, because the the Software provided to me by Microsoft is defective / malfunctioning / filled with bugs. 1. I am not asking Microsoft to give me any compensation for the loss of my time 2. Nor I am asking them to apologize What I am asking is simply Either 'Debug the software Microsoft visio Professional 2016 and provide me bug - free software' or 'Provide me the key for Microsoft visio Professional 2013' There is a chat box given at the bottom of the page for purchase of software. That chat box is for contacting Microsoft before we buy something from Microsoft. I must appreciate that chat box is always active. Even during midnight, from any time - zone, from any region, from any country and interestingly It does not even have any delays. (for obvious reasons) I tried to explain my problem to them also by chat. I have explained the situation to them in detail. They listened to me and agreed with me. Even the sales chat representatives said that what you are saying is genuine and fair. But, they said "We can not do anything for you. We are from sales department. We do not have anything to offer you. Our hands are tied". They always give me a service Request Number and say 'Give this number to the Technical support team and they will give you the key of Microsoft visio Professional 2013'. But, the number (800) 642 7676 is never picked up at all. I even called on 1800 11 11 00, the Customer Hotline number. I spoke the entire issue and tried to explain the issue to the Customer Care executive. He said "We are from the consumer team. The Software you are using comes under Commercial software. For resolving its problem you (Anshul Jain) have to make an extra payment of 4,100 INR as paid support. or go to the store / vendor from where you have purchased the product and get your Support ID or Partner ID". I explained I purchased it from the official website of Microsoft and was not given any Support ID / Partner ID. I said that I can present the receipt of payment made to Microsoft. But the representative refused to help me. Reason : 1. Because I bought the software legally and honestly directly from the official website of Microsoft. 2. The software given to me by Microsoft is not functioning well. So, the Consumer (Anshul Jain) has to make an extra payment of 4,100 INR for raising the complaint against the non - compliance and poor quality of deliverable by Microsoft. I called on the contact number given on the Microsoft India website. The contact number of Delhi Branch (Saket) +91-11-40514051 could not even be connected. I tried calling on this number about 7 - 8 times I have given 3 emails in last 4 days to Microsoft mail id [email protected] Even they have not resolved my issue. Through Customer chat, I asked if I could get the email address of any senior executive for making complaint if the customer care or Technical support does not resolve my issue. They clearly said that 'We do not provide email address of our senior executives as it is confidential'. No customer executive agrees to provide me any email of any senior executive. Microsoft is so confident about itself that it does not even provide an option / possibility for any customer allowing them to approach it and just tell if there are any bugs in the software. It assumes that what they make can never have bugs / errors / issues. That is highly arrogant from an enterpreneur Talking about its Customer support, a small table - lamp maker has a better service than Microsoft (considering my last week's experience) I never expected this kind of an experience from a brand name like Microsoft. I Summarize: I have purchased Microsoft visio Professional 2016 by making payment of 42,750 INR and found it filled with bugs. It is a poor product Just provide me the key for Microsoft visio Professional 2013. regards Anshul Jain (India) 9971272641
nagu1080 (2 months ago)
This is hilarious
Tawkir Rahaman (4 months ago)
Shloeb (6 months ago)
LMAO. And you think a Youtube comment section is the right place for this shit?
Ankur Kumar (10 months ago)
Good Satya nadella
Rayudu P (11 months ago)
Great Mother. (Anu)
Ryan 123 (11 months ago)
I dont understand..ppl like satya and sundra pichai were poor how can they afford to live in the US..i am living in a average class and i find going go US is expensive..just how..pls someone explaine
Bhanu Chunduru (1 month ago)
stop watching XXX and concentrate on your academics!!!!
Im a grad student from India, yes its hard, but things slowly settle down once you graduate and find a job
Altair (3 months ago)
student loan or scholarship,or lot of money, greater acceptance for IIT Alumni, or recruited by some MNC
Sanjyot Pote (6 months ago)
Educational Loan is a way for us working class to pursue higher studies abroad
Abhinav Joshi (10 months ago)
His father was an IAS(top most administrative service job) he was never poor
Dawn to Dusk (11 months ago)
Satya Ur awesome
Shivanshu Bansal (11 months ago)
5:53 I didn't get it. Whats funny there???
Fernando Rodriguez (1 year ago)
linked in is like a boring version of facebook
Ultimate Sport (2 months ago)
Only difference is that FB is worthless.
Gitonga Kelvin (1 year ago)
Great interview. I don't know if it's just me but i thought he struggled with that gender question obviously because of PC police. It comes with being CEO of a big company, i guess.
Dheeraj Rajeev (1 year ago)
A very well-rounded interview. In a short 20-odd minutes stretch, it touches all aspects of Mr. Nadella's life and the broad impact he has been able to bring out with the stock price being presented as an evidence. The key thing about such interviews is that they make you dive into specific topics such as Mr. Nadella's performance in the Servers & Tools Division (now Cloud & Enterprise), his thrust at Bing, and his push, as a CEO, towards building a more inclusive ecosystem (as is evidenced by the tie-up with Salesforce). You find answers to these questions elsewhere, but such interviews serve the purpose of bringing these issues front and center.
Kuldeep Kulkarni (3 months ago)
Vi Le (1 year ago)
Vi Le (1 year ago)
2017 viet nam
Vi Le (1 year ago)
Vi Le (1 year ago)
ngoc hoang dai de chet mot nua
Vi Le (1 year ago)
chen0320 (1 year ago)
I love his eyeglass, can anybody tell me what brand it is
Roopa DJ (5 months ago)
Its from Anne & Valentin. https://anneetvalentin.com/
vamshi gundamraj (6 months ago)
The brand which you and I cant afford.
prabhu wali (6 months ago)
chen0320 Microsoft
aditya vikram verma (1 year ago)
only for girls to watch.. https://youtu.be/00bRX8P75mQ
love u satya nadella.. Great Achievment . Thankyou Microsoft for creating Innovative Surface Devices and great products .
mhtbfecsq1 (1 month ago)
great products??? windows 10? smh
_so much Respect for Satya Nadella_ !
gurvir bajwa (1 year ago)
cunning brahmin, nothing else
Pavan G (7 months ago)
gurvir bajwa he is human
lin ashlin (10 months ago)
Some stupid people talking about cast and they proud like others not human
scoot u (11 months ago)
gurvir bajwa yeah now people who judging people by blood doing same
gurvir bajwa (11 months ago)
Yu people are racist which have divided society
scoot u (11 months ago)
gurvir bajwa go and fuck urself u racist scum
Jeljo Jose (1 year ago)
Hyderabad in Central India !!???? Kya bolte mamu
Prashant Dalai (1 month ago)
Who cares
Han U (2 months ago)
No, Hyderabad is not in Central India. It's in the South in the Southern state of Telangana. He is talking about the central, as in the center of Telangana. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are Central India.
Rohit Kumar (3 months ago)
Hyderabad is in Central India. Even though Andrapradesh and telangana are southern states.
Mr. E (9 months ago)
I just checked the map... Hyderbad is central from the coasts... it isn't on the coastal areas. He didn't mean the exact center of India... I actually understood what he meant precisely...
Prakash Netha (1 year ago)
south central.....
sekhar nalla (1 year ago)
A true business man with humankind..!
Nishant Karwa (1 year ago)
Great achievement Satya 👍👍
Rakesh Mehra (9 months ago)
Nishant Karwa indeed great achievement. But it's his personal achievement may be, not for the country.
Samir Harris (1 year ago)
An inspiration to everyone , Miles to go sir.And also inspire us along the day.😊💐
vin noe (1 year ago)
"come home and fix my computer" it must be running a windows.... change to apple os
tejasv agarwal (1 year ago)
This is what I call a great interview by a good interviewer.
Amit Budhraja (1 year ago)
Microsoft product/ services strategies are still useless. Just take a look at MsOffice for MacOS...simply horrendous. And my experience with Microsoft cloud storage solutions hasn’t been a good one...Google bailed me out. Microsoft needs to reinvent how their customer support works (which is non-existent). Skype is a big pile of shit. And I am not even talking about their blood sucking Windows Server licensing policies (that’s what Nadella meant by high margins business).
KP Ornamental Fishes (1 year ago)
Salute you Satya.
Anshul Sharma (1 year ago)
When does Hyderabad came into Central India?
Ishwar Kumar (3 days ago)
Hyderabad is the part of South Central India.
Rusty Koenig (4 months ago)
I just wonder when the "world" will grow up..... The man gave a good interview and all anyone can talk about is his heritage...... I have a belief that there are good people all over the world, from every part of it..... and then there are the "trash" all over the same world. It does not matter WHERE you are from because where ever it is...... there are awesome, brilliant, good people there and then there are those closed minded narrow sighted people who are the assholes who seem to creep up like cockroaches where ever you go. When is the human race going to grow up and realize we are ALL the same fucking race..... HUMAN!
Sauske Uchiha (5 months ago)
Yes it is central look at the map
Sagar Behera (5 months ago)
Hyderabad is South-Central.
Queen (7 months ago)
MisterZ3r0 true
Gregg_J (1 year ago)
very good interviewer
jazeboy69 (5 months ago)
hes soooo serious though lol
Neeraj Ahire (1 year ago)
he actually is a billionaire, co-founder of the Carlyl group(world's largest PE firm)...hosting this show & interviewing is just like a hobby for him.
sangram singh (1 year ago)
Touch deeper questions please. Who did he do a $250 billion turnaround?
L Gordo (1 year ago)
The highest calling of mankind. HAHAHAHAHAHA
rounak kedia (5 months ago)
Shivanshu Bansal He's talking about David's remark on wallstreet (5:48)
Shivanshu Bansal (11 months ago)
I didnt get this. explain please

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