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Top 5 Lava VS Water Videos

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When lava meets water, amazing chemical reactions take place. Today we''re going to see how land is created, for the top five lava VS water videos. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) USGS (CC), Katryn Wiese (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/topfivesyoutube Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.
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Text Comments (1898)
Chandra Sekhar (6 hours ago)
Lava + Water = Cobblestone and obsidian
Yayis Jimenez (21 hours ago)
Sandeep Puri (1 day ago)
Chutia thum nail wali vid kaha hai
Garfeet (3 days ago)
Bro minecrafters see this every day
R K wWorld (4 days ago)
Sir Top $ is💐💛💕💕💕❤️ Nice concept I like it I love it 💛💛 Successfully
T series Suck shit (4 days ago)
Biyamso Tayang (4 days ago)
Probably number one is the longest stream of lava ever
LexicTV (5 days ago)
All that Minecraft paid off
Vergil Chiva (6 days ago)
Did you know? You can touch the lava only once
Babina Bo (5 days ago)
Vergil Chiva why
Saleem Ahmad (6 days ago)
The people are mad
Dedi Ded (6 days ago)
ilatnavikuran sdsadedyyusmanin
KaWumm (7 days ago)
dont know why but... i will touch it!!
Zainab Gh (7 days ago)
يا ربي الله اكبر
Putu Restubudiasa (8 days ago)
Mahi Patel (8 days ago)
It is dangerous
June Johnson (9 days ago)
The commentator was very good with good diction and NO silly remarks....I liked the music which was not intrusive(except the last piece) well shot, a very good video....congratulations.
طه احمد (9 days ago)
سبحان الله العلي العظيم القدير نار وسط مياه
Ajitha Ranjith (10 days ago)
Lava river😱😱😱😱😱
IlsllollIpopz Queenzee (10 days ago)
Pgn megang :3
taylor dinty (10 days ago)
This of all the animals in the sea that has been killed by the lava
DeathNoteツ夕サ (10 days ago)
Lava - *No one can stop me* Water - *Hold my Fish*
Hamze Ali (1 day ago)
Soo funy
taylor dinty (10 days ago)
هاجر العراق (11 days ago)
سبحانك ياخالقي ماأعظمك إلهي عفوك ورحمتك 👐
Dhandapani Manickraj (11 days ago)
Mesmerising video. This gives so much of happiness to watch. God bless you all and God please give drastic punishment for the people who make dirty videos and spoil the younger generation basically.
Technus (12 days ago)
Imagine being trapped in a current pulling you to this
BRAVE_ RUBYZ (13 days ago)
Top 5 satifying vidoe
"Dad, how are new islands formed?" "Well, when lava and water love each other very much.."
taylor dinty (10 days ago)
But the animals😭
maimuna usman (13 days ago)
Allah is great
khushi mondal (14 days ago)
Aag aur paani ka sangam Jabardast....
Jayron Moya (14 days ago)
Water + Lava = Cobblestone
Sonu Aggarwal (14 days ago)
First clip was amazing
Paswan G Official (14 days ago)
Deadly monster
hari bala kumar (14 days ago)
It's something like a man is shitting while his ass got burned.. But amazing...
Roberto Sartori (15 days ago)
0:12 is this lava is real am I an alien
slave of Allah (15 days ago)
Quran chapter 81 sura describes simlar situation to come in near future. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. 1. When the sun is rolled up. 2. When the stars are dimmed. 3. When the mountains are set in motion. 4. When the relationships are suspended. 5. When the beasts are gathered. 6. When the oceans are set aflame. 7. When the souls are paired. 8. When the girl, buried alive, is asked: 9. For what crime was she killed? 10. When the records are made public. 11. When the sky is peeled away. 12. When the Fire is set ablaze. 13. When Paradise is brought near. 14. Each soul will know what it has readied. 15. I swear by the galaxies. 16. Precisely running their courses. 17. And by the night as it recedes. 18. And by the morn as it breathes. 19. This is the speech of a noble messenger. 20. Endowed with power, eminent with the Lord of the Throne. 21. Obeyed and honest. 22. Your friend is not possessed. 23. He saw him on the luminous horizon. 24. And He does not withhold knowledge of the Unseen. 25. And it is not the word of an accursed devil. 26. So where are you heading? 27. It is only a Reminder to all mankind. 28. To whoever of you wills to go straight. 29. But you cannot will, unless God wills—The Lord of the Worlds.
That French Youtuber (15 days ago)
bro im a boy but this my sisters laptop because for my presitation
陳櫻櫻 (15 days ago)
Faithful Cute (15 days ago)
I can’t be the only that thinks earth be polluting itself. And yes I know most unnatural pollution is much more dangerous than natural
zHyperLza (15 days ago)
Brad McNaughton (14 days ago)
Do you ever see a thumbnail and think “I hope I see that in the video” but get sadly disappointed.
Help Me (12 days ago)
Yes I feel itso many times ;-;
Tony Hendricks (15 days ago)
Minecraft flashbacks*
OneforPaul PaulforOne (15 days ago)
Tourists be like: Oh a red waterfall! Let's take a bath in it. 😇👾☠️
G.K. DuDe (15 days ago)
1:54 me and my Friends Group Smoking
Michael Apolto (15 days ago)
Natural disasters are very beautiful
Michael Apolto (15 days ago)
The first lava vid im so curious if the people on the boat is still safe
지니 (15 days ago)
We have not seen so much and will never see
Rolando Ng (16 days ago)
in the first clip, an island is being born
Vamsi M Nath (16 days ago)
Like i piss in a lake 😂
Smartsolution (16 days ago)
Cobblestone Generator in real lief
Mystic Whippy (16 days ago)
First one fake
Bharath Romans (16 days ago)
Me amma
Moussa Sall (16 days ago)
La fumee que vous voyer c de la vapeur
big chounges (16 days ago)
In the first cilp the lava looked like fruit roll ups
Hu Ssss (17 days ago)
To Makkah I will
얘들아 백두산 터지면 다 뒤지는겨
CELESTIAL GAMING (17 days ago)
Can u explain the thumbnail?
Kenzun (17 days ago)
Just lava forming a bubble that explodes
Jack Hui (17 days ago)
the best one should be minecraft
JoeCalioTV (17 days ago)
Jeya Kumar (18 days ago)
If a water flows like this fire in India we will be wealthy
Unspeakable Fan (18 days ago)
lava tsunami
Vijaya Lakshmi (18 days ago)
Gamerkitty (18 days ago)
Lava looks like nacho cheese in first one xd
Matteo Innocenti (19 days ago)
Spero che mia mamma muoia dio porco
ex fein (19 days ago)
Water team anyone
Jude Does vlogs (19 days ago)
Jude Does vlogs (18 days ago)
How did you know
Obsidianation (18 days ago)
TheLastDefault YT (19 days ago)
Wait should it make obsidian Minecraft lied
Irena Fatima (20 days ago)
First 2 clips are like Earth's blood
Hassankhan Khan (19 days ago)
Yeah u right
Сжиганое земля не применимо сожат ,за и это нужно убыть это где то зостряло горюче спихнет где нибуд опят удушие от давки из итого загорячилос ,без дождика длительно из земли где нибуд спихнет огон сожется вкруг и это ,что бы не было нужно смотрит вечно в мире не спихнило не где в мире это небезопасно на и этом весьма .береч нужно земля натура жиз на и этом вечно размеренно ноблюдае в мире на все не где не родился не спихнуло это ,и это попросту от давки прижато скопление от спихнелос огон пошел встал такое длительно дождика не было снег повсевременно солнце пеклос нокоплени и встал спих нередко немало гора уже повсевременно тепер пенаты стал такое опасное точка в мире их немало когда то нужно их не было делат и это без хозяйственном назва кушать за что денги заработная плата вам огромные в мире а если и этак запушено в мире без хозяйств береч природи обше дудки а если клятви вы тогда конечно однако нужно больше работат окупит жиз на и это том чужое дудки удивительно общее целе кушать всех все Деян за Деян трибунал вам мое на том пришл и это закон Ведено и
arman hasan (20 days ago)
The last one is best which looks like road. Nature is amazing.
J M (20 days ago)
That's a lot of *orange juice*
zeppelin 911 (10 days ago)
Clamato bitchhhhhh
taylor dinty (10 days ago)
Plastic Beetle (15 days ago)
A Orange juice I don't want to drink
陳小明 (15 days ago)
it is Methadone🤣
King Asmodeus (15 days ago)
@Murphy 71106 hot juice
ATAHAN (20 days ago)
Poor fishes
Mr. DerpyDirector (20 days ago)
Where is the skyblock cobblestone generator
Reza Rahman (21 days ago)
Amazing guys 😮
M.A Chhapiya (21 days ago)
hey people... beware of fire of hell.... the fire of jahannam will much scary then this clip... and that fire would burn for that person who denied allah and his rasool
RANDY BINTANG HELM (21 days ago)
Will Fishing (21 days ago)
who's winning?
Trainguy1717 IRL (21 days ago)
it would actually just create cobblestone and not mix
Falcon2Point0 (22 days ago)
Can pee destroy the lava?
Miraaj Muhammad (22 days ago)
Red wine
Prajwal Acharya (22 days ago)
What the hell u put the background music. It destroys video..
Josh Taylor (22 days ago)
R.I.P fish 🐠
Der von Nebenan (22 days ago)
Nobody : YouTube recommendations: LaVa Vs WaTeR
Fith Ree (23 days ago)
Ma balogun (23 days ago)
lava flows are like the earth on its period
Anita Scheepmaker (24 days ago)
Now i know where global warming is coming from 😂😂😂😂 Just joking..did you already made a video about a top 5 (video)recorded meteor strikes on earth?
enigma mist (25 days ago)
The lava looks so perfect in the first clip
enigma mist (14 days ago)
@nomad with a camera and people 😂
Roberto Sartori (15 days ago)
Yeah wtf
nomad with a camera (15 days ago)
@enigma mist cool story bro, but needs more explosions and machine guns.
Akshay Verma (15 days ago)
@enigma mist like your story
enigma mist (16 days ago)
@Maya Pal once upon a time the lava got really really mad. It didn't like the place it was living in. It wanted to go out and conquer more land. It gathered it's finest, all red and shiny, without a dirt on them. They marched against the sea. The battle went on for days, the might of the lava threw the wave soldiers away but they didn't realize the strength of the sea. Where the sea lacked in ferociousness, they had strength in numbers. The lava gave it's all but eventually the sea defended successfully and won. the volcano kingdom was laid to rest again. Moral of the story - always study your enemy's strength and weakness before you attack.
カビゴン (25 days ago)
amir safder (25 days ago)
Allahuakbar. Allahuakbar. Allahuakbar
iCreaptioN_ YT (25 days ago)
Puar XI (25 days ago)
Kawy Thowy (26 days ago)
We all know lava + water it’s obsidian
Mama Biswal (26 days ago)
OMG I have never seen that type vdos
Yonex HD (27 days ago)
I think this is not disaster but it attract the tourists and earn much money
MrBeast (27 days ago)
The first part is fake #0:33
GoldFreezyHope Gamer (27 days ago)
It should be ice vs lava For me its like there final form Water vs Fire Then full power Ice vs Lava
There already is a good video on that, just look it up
Timotius Aditya (28 days ago)
Why dont lava power plant exist?
Robert Binz (28 days ago)
Please remake this video without the music.
Robert Binz (21 days ago)
@sri lekha that defeats the purpose of watching a video
sri lekha (25 days ago)
Mute n watch
Dayfitnl (29 days ago)
5:13 me after Taco Bell.
taylor dinty (10 days ago)
Luke McGee (17 days ago)
SVK_Jakub 597 (30 days ago)
first song name pls :)

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