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What We Want if Microsoft Buys Obsidian - Unlocked Highlight

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If rumors of Microsoft buying Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity development studio Obsidian prove true, we have some thoughts on what we'd like to see them make with Microsoft's resources. Watch the full episode here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyrEPAtK6MQ Subscribe to Unlocked! https://www.youtube.com/c/ignunlocked ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #unlocked #xbox #gaming
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Text Comments (156)
InnerRage (3 days ago)
what microphones are they using?
Scruggs (6 days ago)
D Johnson (8 days ago)
Why would we want to see another company get ruined by a corporate giant?
D Johnson (1 day ago)
the gloomy kid why? They sold a lot of games, have recent releases that are highly rated, and collect residuals on a lot of others. They're no Zenimax or EA, but I wouldn't forecast them going bankrupt unless they made some costly mistake.
the gloomy kid (1 day ago)
They would go bankrupt in a year or two if it weren't for Microsoft.
NUKA MAGE (8 days ago)
Fallout new Orleans I mean wasteland new Orleans 😉
Jay D (9 days ago)
@unlocked hey I'm having trouble playing Certain games on x box one x I recently Purchased pass pass and I was looking forward to playing hitman which was one of the games offered to you as a member but for some reason game pass is Prompting you to purchase the game yet at the same time it is saying you and can play it if you have game pass and I've been looking around and It seems that I am not the only person having this issue can you shed some light on this thax
the gloomy kid (1 day ago)
Are you sure you have a subscription? I have game pass and everything is working just fine. It usually gives you the option to either download it as part of your game pass subscription, of but it if you want to own it
An Abra (9 days ago)
"I dont want New Vegas 2" alright everything you say is invalid at this point.
Schizm1 (9 days ago)
As someone who LOVES PoE I have to say... I'm rather sure that MS would cancel Pillars 3 if they buy Obsidian. Also - Windows store would be mandatory instead of Steam sooo.... ...Yup, from my no.1 studio Obsidian would became the studio I'd never buy a game again. I'm sure that other players are glad about MS buying Obsidian tho. They gonna probably change it just like EA changed Bioware.
Gabriel Mota (9 days ago)
Imaging it they give Scslebound to Obsidiana, o voy I really want yo bealive it
ALG_ Rach (10 days ago)
o0rolyat0o (10 days ago)
First person rpg like fallout/elder scrolls set in the world of Pillars of Eternity.
jx592 (10 days ago)
Just one round of Slayer then it's bed 2 a.m the world is flat, I gotta unfrigginbelievable I'm pretty sure squirrels are a cats
jx592 (10 days ago)
2011 Activision buys Bungie 2018 Where TF IS REAL HALO 4
Sal Hunter (10 days ago)
Activision didnt buy Bungie. They have a contract with them.
jx592 (10 days ago)
Danijs Pakuls (10 days ago)
New Alpha Protocol game, but SEGA owns the IP, tho i see no reason giant like MS couldnt acquire it.
cuma buat comment (10 days ago)
fallout NV 2
S4 Official (10 days ago)
4k New Vegas for Xbox please.
Ayreonaut 16 (10 days ago)
Kotor 3
OrosZ (10 days ago)
She cute
FaithTheSlayer (10 days ago)
They should let the chick go, wish her well in her future endeavors. She doesn't fit in this show.
Paddy David (11 days ago)
Microsoft should get the green light from Bethesda and make FALLOUT NEW VEGAS: REMASTERED.
Austin Haybueno (11 days ago)
We’re all here cuz we want something like New Vegas.
Zero Steel (11 days ago)
a new Fallout NV is out of the question since bethesda still own the Fallout brand name but that can be changed if microsoft step in to the picture
stone sherrill (8 days ago)
I think Microsoft has more money than bethesda anyways
Shane Pillay (11 days ago)
"If you can't beat the competition, buy them". Microsoft buys/acquires established studios because clearly their in house studios can't compete with the likes of Sony and Nintendo.
IamFinn (10 days ago)
Shane Pillay Ok but that shouldn’t even matter you should be happy that xbox is going to try to be more competitive next generation because more competition means more fun for the gamers
Shane Pillay (10 days ago)
Don't remember those devs making anything but playstation games. Unlike Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Mojang and other Microsft acquisitions.
IamFinn (10 days ago)
Shane Pillay Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch...
Shane Pillay (10 days ago)
Please name one established studio that Sony acquired in their entire history of being in the gaming industry, I'll wait...
lionrapperful (11 days ago)
A new fable by them 😍😍😍😍
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Already in development by Playground Games who are ofc the Forza Horizon studio (or atleast is strongly rumoured to be in development by them)
Killtubecameron (11 days ago)
Halo got boring after 2 don't @me
Inspector Steve (11 days ago)
I think Microsoft should have purchased telltale games.
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Well most of the staff has been already fired from there, they are nothing but smoking ruin now....so that really doesnt make them look like appealing for purchase...Microsoft could just as well found a new studio out of former TellTale employees
Vision (11 days ago)
I hope they bring back The canceled stormlands 3rd person arpg
Jordan Petido (11 days ago)
Matthew Shedden (11 days ago)
Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2!!
#SmurfsAreOppressed (3 days ago)
Robo Fett7 (11 days ago)
Open world Game Of Thrones exclusive
Jonathan Valdovinos (11 days ago)
Poor girl
MOON MAN (11 days ago)
Africa survival rpg. I would buy that, imagine making your way to warlord, then get people to fight with you to conquer you home country. Now that's cool
Robo Fett7 (11 days ago)
Make sure to arm 7 year olds and starve all the women
seth jones (11 days ago)
New Vegas 2
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
In your dreams. Thats as unrealistic as asking Kotor 3 from them considering who owns the rights to Fallout and Star Wars game license.....
Borderlands808 (11 days ago)
Microsoft has a lot more money than Sony so where’s the exclusives for Xbox??
Captain Rex (10 days ago)
Forza horizon 4 just released
_Isaiah.g. _ (11 days ago)
Don't want to see anything besides a remastered New Vegas with a steady framerate that doesn't constantly crash and/or freeze once the save file is over 10mb (ps3 problems)
DavidLoZanO7 (11 days ago)
Ninja theory for gameplay and story and rpg elements of obsidian. FABLE
Balnazzardi (9 days ago)
Sora Kazama Well I dont know.....Playground games is one of the most highly rated studios atm, and if the quality of their Fable game would be anything like Forza Horizon quality, then I would say many people would be excited.....and Microsoft definitely needs those RPGs in their library.
Sora Kazama (9 days ago)
Balnazzardi not many are looking forward to it since the other fables got cancelled
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Fable 4 IS already very likely under development in Playground Games ( Forza Horizon studio)
David Salieb (11 days ago)
Fps in Las Vegas setting or gta in Las Vegas setting or Washington state or Chicago or Virginia house of the dead 3 or 4 arcade style games for home console real life like driving game with steering wheel all Sega genesis games remade in 3d and real time graphics that's it for now hope that helps
Pyo (11 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2011 is over its never coming back shills
Jesse Meza (11 days ago)
Fortnite 2 is confirmed and under development!
It's gonna be lit
connor mcphee (11 days ago)
I'd like to see a new RPG IP from them cause as much as I like their list of franchises we need new ips
Moha Makka (11 days ago)
" what is microsoft bought obsidian ?" " shoud microsoft buy telltale ? " keep buying em and burying em lads , i feel so bad for Ninja Theory
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Hah ye right :D in few years Time you Will see how wrong you were, Ninja Theory and all these other developers have chance to do great things under Microsoft
Bazelgeuse - (11 days ago)
I want this to happen, Obsidian needs this backing.
Ryan Cave (11 days ago)
I was saying something similar, I still hope for Fallout New Vegas 2, once Bethesda realises that it was their best game and now obsidian has the funds and support to produce an even better game. It all rests on Bethesda now.
Ryan Cave (11 days ago)
Balnazzardi That’s why I said “once Bethesda realises it’s their best game”
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
They have made VERY clear that they wont allow ANY 3rd party developer to do another Fallout game....New Vegas was only exception.
jroyall gaming (11 days ago)
I heard Microsoft is giving Sony obsidian and fallout 5 will be worked on by obsidian. It will have a seamless open world and the game will be 1000 hour story mode with over a million hours of things to do
Malicious N Nutritious (11 days ago)
New Vegas 2
Naughty Juri (11 days ago)
Remember that when they Brought RARE it was the Death of RARE For Shitty Knict
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
That was then ,this is now....and btw Rare IS still going and Sea of Thieves became their most commercially successfull/ popular game under Microsoft thus far
ShadowWolfRising (11 days ago)
KotoR3. Get Disney to revoke EA's license. Instant win button for Microsoft.
Ace Attack (11 days ago)
Please no
Dean Johnson (11 days ago)
Not going to happen, but Knights of the Old Republic 3. Maybe during the tail end of the era with the rise of Darth Bane.
Austin C (8 days ago)
Kotor 3 will never happen most likely but would be sick to see it happen and as a Xbox Exclusive would be killer
I'm LordOfTheChin (10 days ago)
Omg imagine playing as Bane's apprentice or Bane himself.
bigbabyzubas (11 days ago)
What do i want? Microsoft to not buy Obsidian.
God (11 days ago)
Obsidian will go bankrupt if they dont get bought by someone.
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Look here IS the thing.... Obsidian has been struggling financially for years now, they need some big publisher behind them, but only Microsoft is interested. Would you rather see Obsidian go out of business and bankrupt instead?
Christoffer Jonsson (11 days ago)
Why not?
shreder75 (11 days ago)
You want Microsoft not to ruin and ultimately close them, right?
the gloomy kid (1 day ago)
+shreder75 Rare pulled their games before Microsoft bought them though. It's so easy to blame Microsoft for something they didn't do
shreder75 (10 days ago)
+Balnazzardi ok. Here's a fact for you. With very few exceptions, xbox first party games have been garbage. You remember Rare, don't you? That's where the ruined portion of my comment comes from. I own an xbox one x, but damn if some of you people out there wouldn't throw yourself on a grenade to defend the brand. Cripes, get a grip.
The Redeemer 420 (11 days ago)
Damn zenimax should've just bought them interplay and inXile to be honest....
L. R. (11 days ago)
New IP tbh. Something amazing maybe to counter and obviously improve on what the guy's at CDPR are doing with 2077 or even what was done with the W3. Next gen FPSRPG ALL DAY SON!
Legion DC (11 days ago)
Hey guys.. Im upgrading from an og XB1 to XB1 X for my birthday
Ar4ibald (11 days ago)
Goog news! KOTOR 3 give us!
zoobl (11 days ago)
So obsidian is just gonna end up like Rare
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
+System 32 you dont even have to be Sea of Thieves player to state what he Said....its a FACT that game became Rare's biggest success under Microsoft commercially. Quality of the game is ofc another matter, but in terms of popularity and how much money it has made to them, it was a big success
System 32 (11 days ago)
U A Sea of Thieves fanboy detected.
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
+crashpal quality aside, Its by far their most popular/commercially successfull game under Microsoft.....and MS gave them full creative freedom on that. For sure The release of The game should have Been delayed to ensure better quality and more content, but the point is that while Rare IS not same studio they were in N64 era, neither are they no longer a studio that was reduced doing Kinect/Xbox Avatar stuff.... Anyhow you doubters always like to bring Rare up and not able to look past IT to current moment and in the future....in few years Time I think you Will see that your doubts were proven wrong.
Fusion Fred (11 days ago)
I want to Play A new Fallout New Vegas!!! I used to love playing it on my Ps3!!! BIG IRON ON HER HIP!!!!!!!!😎😎
bigcrazewolf (9 days ago)
Fusion Beth will let FO go once they destroy it completely.
Fusion Fred (10 days ago)
+That Guy There is a version with Her in it
ahmad maen (11 days ago)
That Guy (11 days ago)
It's big Iron on HIS hip
FoolishDuke (11 days ago)
Could/Should Obsidian work on the next Fable?
the gloomy kid (1 day ago)
+FoolishDuke They specifically said on the Xbox stage that playground was working on another open world game. I think Forza Horizon 4 might have something to do with their next game. They introduced seasons is Forza Horizon 4, and think they're planning to put in their next game as well and it would probably work really well in a fable game
FoolishDuke (10 days ago)
+not a fanboy thats not been confirmed though has it?
not a fanboy (11 days ago)
already getting done by playground
gradexol10 (11 days ago)
I don't want their games to be pc and xbox only, obsidian are strong enough to compete with the big leagues with the GTAs Fallouts and all
Mr. Manager (10 days ago)
"Xbox has no exclusives, what's the point of an Xbox?" *Microsoft buys studios to fill out their first party* "I hope they don't make their games exclusive"
God (11 days ago)
Microsoft needs exclusives!
Raikyo Izanagi (11 days ago)
I want Spiderman and uncharted but its on ps4. See the logic behind this?
Name ´·,' (11 days ago)
Well idk about that because I heard their company kinda fell off and some of the people that used to work there are no longer there
UMA DELÍCIA (11 days ago)
Shadowrun RPG or use some of the RARE IPs, like Perfect Dark
TheCNotes1 (11 days ago)
Shadowrun is owned by Harebrained Schemes
AtomTheReactive (11 days ago)
Well they could do another espionage game like Alpha protocol, but better.
Naughty Juri (11 days ago)
Remember when they Brought RARE it was the Death of RARE For Shitty Knict
Orteth (11 days ago)
This is one the ugliest hairs I've ever seen in my life.
saul Serrano (11 days ago)
The could make fable come back.
UMA DELÍCIA (11 days ago)
Playground Games is making fable
Marc F (11 days ago)
Great acquisition, can't wait to see what these guys make with a huge budget.....
LispyLeaf (11 days ago)
Cool content buddy
System 32 (11 days ago)
LispyLeaf your channel is dead.
Raikyo Izanagi (11 days ago)
This guy is botting
Tyler Durden (11 days ago)
What a dirty spammer, same comments on all the popular gaming videos
jroyall gaming (11 days ago)
LispyLeaf thank you
cameron saunders (11 days ago)
Wow what a negative nancy fanboy that dude is for those comments....I WANT IT NOW....NOT 6 YEARS LATER. 😆
Tyler Durden (11 days ago)
cameron saunders It is true though, it'll take at least 4 years for anything to come out those deals.
Erika Myers chewy (11 days ago)
thescaredshadow (11 days ago)
I hope Microsoft does buy them so that they aren't constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.
Edward J. (11 days ago)
Yup Obsidian has been in void after Vegas. They really need some investment and backup if they wanna even stay afloat beyond 2020!
thescaredshadow (11 days ago)
They're still around. Also before you and everyone else says it, they weren't forced to make Sea of Thieves, they wanted to make that game.
Naughty Juri (11 days ago)
Remember when they Brought RARE it was the Death of RARE For Shitty Knict
MILLION CROWNS (11 days ago)
awesomejf03 (11 days ago)
A new game inspired by Fallout
Jonathan P (11 days ago)
A new games inspired by KOTOR 2.
Pandemonium 0987 (11 days ago)
How about Xbox shell out some games
Pandemonium 0987 (11 days ago)
willjohnboy yes
UMA DELÍCIA (11 days ago)
+willjohnboy Obsidian have actually been working on a game for 2 years, this will now be a Microsoft game and come out "soon" Also, there has also been Forza Horizon 4 a week ago and there will also be one big expansion for it later this year, then next year so far we get Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Crackdown 3, Cuphead Expansion, Battletoads and Gears 5
StrawberryJAMGaming!!! (11 days ago)
Comxndo (11 days ago)
System 32 (11 days ago)
Comxndo I don’t sub to channel that uploads 🍴 videos.
Tyler Durden (11 days ago)
Cool, enjoy your dead subs
DexCrate (11 days ago)
Mando 87 (11 days ago)
Me I did
Kvng CINCERE (11 days ago)
PS4 and Xbox working together to defeat mobile and PC
Fusion Fred (11 days ago)
+bryan myers Xbox is dumb
bryan myers (11 days ago)
Microsoft is PC dumbass lol 😂
Dragoncam13 (11 days ago)

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