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Top 10 Facts - Microsoft

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Text Comments (11664)
Renny (3 days ago)
RIP Paul Allen :(
PS4 Gaming (4 days ago)
Rip Paul Allen
I Reads Group (4 days ago)
Rest in Peace, Paul Allen. ⚘🙁🖥
Josip Cerančević (5 days ago)
Top 10 facts linux next
BonziVids (19 days ago)
Tobias Van den Eynde (23 days ago)
*C U N T* lol
PengstirbKuchen (1 month ago)
This video made me laugh very good.
PengstirbKuchen (1 month ago)
"I just got a notification from cunt."
OneFourFive (1 month ago)
Let's bang Steven Hawking!
Vince Dajao (1 month ago)
Ten fact about Samsung
Valeriu Chanel (1 month ago)
Cunt cunt cunt
Vaas Montenegro (1 month ago)
Hey did you install a new update called *CUNT* ?
Vectix (1 month ago)
Does the X-Box One X actually mean X-Box IX/X-Box 9?
Miles Prower (1 month ago)
bing was originally called "bang" and google was going to be named "backrub"........
Young Jin Jung (1 month ago)
Bing??? Seriously??? More like Barabing baraboom!
MoonMan (1 month ago)
this video was uploaded 6 days earlier when windows 10 was released. would have been cooler if he released on the release date
Dead Mariachi (1 month ago)
The new Xbox names gonna be Xbox 720
Jed Head (1 month ago)
No ways man
Da Gaemz (1 month ago)
top 10 facts-black holes?
Cymbient (1 month ago)
Imagine if Bang was the name used to this day: Person 1: Hey have you heard of this actress [Actress name]? Person 2: No i don't think so, wait a sec ima bang her. Person 1: *Confusion*
Dabadibadooba (2 months ago)
*Yes you can*
KaptainCoolade (2 months ago)
Could you do Top 10 facts microsoft next please?
Ninjudo (2 months ago)
I think this isn't all true, let me bang that real quick XD
Vicktour Walker (2 months ago)
Introducing Windows xp *_YES YOU CAN_*
+LEMMiNO you killed me at fact № 5
Player Yo Ki E (2 months ago)
You tell me, that wallpaper is not photoshopped wow!
iebeleg fack (2 months ago)
Watching this on GNU/Linux XD
Sakle mah Kakle
Zetric Platform (3 months ago)
Prepare to fly 9-11 WHAT THE FUC!!??. UHGGGH
Zetric Platform (3 months ago)
JakePaulSucks 100 (3 months ago)
I guess everyone hates my comments.
IamMe (3 months ago)
Fun Fact! GabeN (yes the lord and steam sale god himself) worked at Microsoft for some time, having worked on the Windows series of operating systems. But even back then Gaben couldn't bring it over his heart to work on a third installment of a program, ceasing development on Windows version 2.1.
Luxifer Plays (3 months ago)
LakituLP (3 months ago)
Dafug Windows 8 was great, why do people cry about that so much? windows 10 is the downfall
TheAimlessHuman (3 months ago)
A really nerdy joke in the show, "The I.T. Crowd" (Yes, I watch that) is when Moss asked a BOMB DRONE operator what the OS on the laptop was, the operator replied with "Vistas" What Moss then said was "We're all gonna die"
Wired Beats (3 months ago)
Let me just Bang that CUNT. Good one Micro-Soft
Subham Agrawal (3 months ago)
Really great videos.Great minimalistic and top quality. I just discovered this channel and realized that I should hv known it earlier.👍
The cracker (4 months ago)
where is windows 10 . wait , oh ! it's 2015
hitter kitten (4 months ago)
too ten facts-windows.
Klepsydra (4 months ago)
Top ten facts- ELECTRONIC ARTS : )
Vesta (4 months ago)
How is the green xbox if the logo was made before the xbox was made does this mean that the green meant nothing for a long time?
Silly Sheldon (4 months ago)
Why skip the "nein"
Mateo Lamberti (4 months ago)
y did they name there company after there dick
TOXIC VOID (4 months ago)
New fact: There is no windows 9
Audible gaming (4 months ago)
Did He Call Opera Oprah?!
lol 10096 (5 months ago)
Wait, the default desktop background on windows 7 shows that the colors of the icon represent each an element of nature.
DooDoo Brown (5 months ago)
The original xbox had more power than the ps2
ar ble (5 months ago)
YeS yOu CaN!
thanh Nam (5 months ago)
EmeraldAnthony (5 months ago)
remember the channel name Top 10 Memes
JackSepticFace GG (6 months ago)
Do one on Mocrosift
Idiot Man (6 months ago)
“Why skip the Nein?” Good one
i am not here but i am (6 months ago)
critical update notification tool let me shorten that text oh shit now it says cunt lol i cant belive it XD
Michael Galima (6 months ago)
Need for speed pls
The Crazy merk (6 months ago)
Well there not the only ones that skipped the nine
TheDarkLord (6 months ago)
title should be top 10 facts - windows
DeltaGem (6 months ago)
>Takes MikeRoweSoft lawsuit too seriously >Doesn't take Banjo-Kazooie, Conker or Rare seriously Microsoft logic
Don't Trust Apes (6 months ago)
im just using the C.U.N.T on my laptop
Jacky Leung (6 months ago)
I want top 10 facts Samsung plz……
Ryan ProGamerX (7 months ago)
I banged myself.. ahahhahahh... sorry
Deh mitros (7 months ago)
the fuck is baidu
Mike Duijghuisen (7 months ago)
1 They are shit 2 They ruin everything 3 They steal info 4 They steal money 5 They steal games 6 They can’t make shit 7 They require you to have data sharing on 8 They can’t fucking help with support 9 Windows XP is buggy 10 MICROSHIT
Deh mitros (7 months ago)
Uh-oh an iSheep broke out of the farm!
Mixarium TG (7 months ago)
LEMMiNO sounds like let me know
NZZN _ (7 months ago)
That windows 9* thing for programs checking for the OS would never work. From Win 2000 onwards windows used Microsoft NT as the base instead of MS-DOS, So instead of checking the release name, Programs usually check if it is running on an MS NT kernel or an MS-DOS kernel.
Timur Bani (7 months ago)
Bing gives everything you don't need
Saminations (7 months ago)
Windows 7 ate 9
phantomprisma (7 months ago)
What the fuck is Baidu?!!!
Raptor gameplays (7 months ago)
i actually loved windows 8 but windows 10 however is the worst operating system its so fucking slow and keep lagging
Garfield Budd (8 months ago)
My favorite version of windows is 8.1
123payn123 (8 months ago)
“The two SHILDHOOD friends...”
Merthalophor (8 months ago)
I'd love to shake out the video about Google
Muhammad Bashir (8 months ago)
i dint like that its so bad and boring
CAPTAIN VIN (8 months ago)
anyone else notice that his windows user was LeMMiNO?
The Soul Taker (8 months ago)
Do top 10 facts about Cartoon Network
WatrmelnGames (8 months ago)
C U N T Oh No This Isn’t Good For Microsoft
Commenter of Comments (8 months ago)
glitchnod Xtreme 99 (8 months ago)
Top ten facts of sonic
Doge Man (8 months ago)
Lemme just bang that real quick.
BigFatPanda Laktana (8 months ago)
Jesus Christ, Microsoft employes have realy dirty minds... bunch of horny nerds.
Novy Sagita (8 months ago)
Top 10 facts USA
Lunari (9 months ago)
What's with company's skipping 9? First Windows now Apple Like is nine tht bad of a number lol
A little fun fact for you: Gabe Newell worked at Microsoft for a time and worked on Windows versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.
Emoulie (9 months ago)
apple skipped the iphone 9 🤔
Khemji (9 months ago)
Top 10 Facts - Tadas
dEAD. cOON (9 months ago)
Top 10 facts lemmino pt 2
Exciting Marcus (9 months ago)
ChaosGaming (9 months ago)
PsyintZ (9 months ago)
They definitely should've kept "Bang," in which case I would have been banging Jennifer Lawrence last night.
PsyintZ (9 months ago)
Oprah.....? Have I been wrong all along? Ironically, "Win" has never been "free."
zarypp (9 months ago)
FlyingPenguins (9 months ago)
lol bing
Just Someone (9 months ago)
u know that microsoft ants right ?
szsmix (9 months ago)
Extra fact : Bill gates named his company after his Dick.
belzepooch (9 months ago)
Top 1 facts about microsoft (its dumb) i don't like it
TheLegoGunner (9 months ago)
Remember the windows 1.0 bsod? Yeah, so weird
Tik Tok Challenges (9 months ago)
See my channel for also top 10 facts
NICULL (9 months ago)
windows 7 is like gta 4 great game but kinda forgotten because of san andreas and gta 5
Go Tuch (10 months ago)
Kyle Hoover (10 months ago)
8.1 is Windows 9.
flaming0 (10 months ago)
windows xp is really usefull
Jehan Kateli (10 months ago)
Critical Update Notification Tool is my new insult.

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