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Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version

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http://www.itunes.com/thelonelyisland The new single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD" In stores now! Featuring Seth Rogen. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone.
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Text Comments (127556)
Killin Films (4 hours ago)
Cody Higinbotham (4 hours ago)
They should’ve done a parody of this with The Office
Pepe Lepew (1 day ago)
Poor debra
Killer Crocodile (1 day ago)
Jacksepticeye’s new theme song
FormidablePof (1 day ago)
leprechaunluck24 (2 days ago)
I just got promoted. I played this over the loud speakers lol
v상준V My Life (2 days ago)
I memorized all lyric
Alina St (2 days ago)
Is this Song used by the New Bosch commercial in Germany?
Turtle Boy (2 days ago)
I thought this was the office
dreasweN (3 days ago)
Well, this brings back some good memories...
Vino sitas (3 days ago)
i draw the line at "eat some chicken strips"
Ante Bono Babačić (3 days ago)
Anyone june 2019
Apurva Sharma (3 days ago)
I never realized John Mulaney was in this as well!! :O
IggnHam (3 days ago)
v a (3 days ago)
my headphones wernt plugged in properly at school i got suspeded for 3 days
littledot (4 days ago)
Recognized by Alexa as the definition of hot garbage
Oliva Reid (3 days ago)
Lotion Succ (4 days ago)
"Nah that ain't me"
TriEdgedPrism (4 days ago)
Lol i was promoted today by my supervisor, i just became the boss hahaha. Had to listen to this.
Papua New Guinea (4 days ago)
0:28 hey look it's John Mulaney
Blurryface (4 days ago)
Alexa brought me here
Abhinav Jain (4 days ago)
He looks like Sergio Ramos without beard Dunno why!
FRA53R (4 days ago)
I too, pussy out like a boss
miha smirnov (4 days ago)
01:18 wow we've got an international conflict here
Dingo (5 days ago)
Twisted Murderer anyone?
Joshua OGrady (5 days ago)
I've watched this video at least 50 times and I just noticed that Bill Hader is in it.
Lucas Johnstone (5 days ago)
Seth Rogan 🤮
troy moore (6 days ago)
Okay but we need a seth rogan and andy samberg movie like, yesterday.
kobathedread (6 days ago)
A day in my life peeps.
Bertin Iradukunda (6 days ago)
pachuco Vega (7 days ago)
The LA.BEAST should hear this song
Scott Murray (7 days ago)
How incredibly fucking stupid!!
magic stine (7 days ago)
Nope naa.
magic stine (7 days ago)
Fuck a gigantic fish
Napraznicul Elias (7 days ago)
10 years ago
Heather Anderson (8 days ago)
Seth looks like Dustin Diamond.
YouTube comment Like a boss.
nicholas rhett (9 days ago)
that took a unexpected turn
The Birds My Word (9 days ago)
OMG 😂 I forgot about this song. Still funny as hell.
JudgeDredd (9 days ago)
i can't believe i used to think this was funny.
Cheyenne Brennan (9 days ago)
Just a quick question, pure curiosity-how could he fuck a giant fish's brains out if he chops his balls off? He really is the boss!
Junko’s Art (9 days ago)
1:18 the most 2009 thing i have ever seen
Jensen Lew (9 days ago)
this never gets old! haha
Hell ya
Itay ELDAD (10 days ago)
Ohhh so thats where it came from
MEMETRON (10 days ago)
Quartz Hyalos (10 days ago)
Like a 'bowse' Micromanaging bowses often do not trust their employees' autonomy.
Ed Masterson (11 days ago)
i would work for michael scott any day
XboxTurtle (11 days ago)
It's weird that in 2019 people still say like a boss
Nick Steeves (11 days ago)
Even a decade later, still good.
Noble Wilkes (11 days ago)
0:29 john mulaney is in this video
Nick Hohol (12 days ago)
plant ghost (12 days ago)
Jules Winnfield (12 days ago)
Man that's awesome i spent 17 years on earth without knowing about it
Firkin Flamer (12 days ago)
So he snorted some coke and had a great day.
Mr. Anonymous (12 days ago)
00:28 is that John Mulaney?
Daniel N (12 days ago)
Love this song after all these years. Remember it being used on RuneScape a bit back in the day
Bastien Lageon (13 days ago)
Devil's little girl (14 days ago)
Poor Debra
Ladylubber (14 days ago)
back in the day...
Mister Mups (15 days ago)
Is that John mulaney?!
Superman09400 (15 days ago)
You ever realise how many stars are actually in this vid
Nah...that aint me...
Clemens Ratte-Polle (15 days ago)
Slim Thug - Like A Boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXL2RQLP-0k
Qubit Smith (15 days ago)
Hit on debra,like a boss, get rejected,like a boss
Sanjana Ravi (15 days ago)
Shoutout to a frustrated, baby-faced Mulaney!
Doose y (16 days ago)
"Suck my own dick, eat some chicken fingers"
*HIT ON DEBRA* Get rejected
Xx Anonymous xX (17 days ago)
Lil Guerri!!a (17 days ago)
"Call a sex line, cry deeply, demand a refund" Take notes cause thats how a boss does it.
John C (7 days ago)
eat a bagel
Lil Guerri!!a (17 days ago)
Peralta!! What is the meaning of this??
Connor Barlow (15 days ago)
shh he's undercover
b o x p e e n (18 days ago)
This brings back some old memories
i wanna die (18 days ago)
2x makes it sound like a new a song
Julian Robles (18 days ago)
Legend says the B0$$ revives whenever he dies, therefore he will never be gone Like a B0$$
We really need a sequel...
Jayst (19 days ago)
The biggest meme that really never got proper credit.
Surya Dhulipala (19 days ago)
0:28 Holy shit it's John Mulaney
Bitter Soul (19 days ago)
Get rejected *LIKE A BOSS* Swallow Sadness *LIKE A BOSS* Meh.. I don't think it's a boss problem, it's the problem of most of the men.
Bitter Soul (13 days ago)
@Filip Jovanovski Dayum !!
Filip Jovanovski (14 days ago)
Fack Fackinnv (20 days ago)
Бомбы на Россию, Уууууууу надеюсь Путин не поглядит
Br0ns0n (20 days ago)
he was the best. lol
Kobe XI (20 days ago)
This is amazing
emilio Garcia (21 days ago)
Holly shit its seth Rogen when I was five I didn't even know
Jules Winnfield (20 days ago)
Wtf you are 15?
DejaVuSx (21 days ago)
Yup, I suck my own dick.
Duvmasta (21 days ago)
Bossy AF!
вааще угарный клип
Dillon S (21 days ago)
1:10 Andy's underwear says Bill by the tag!! Could it be Bill Haders Boxers?
Kirstin Neff (22 days ago)
Oh my god is that John Mulaney at 0:29
Kirstin Neff (22 days ago)
Oh my god it is
#cripshit #bloodz #kkk #likeaboss #mi5 #interpol
Momo (22 days ago)
Anyone noticed that Peralta is sucking the dick of Captain Dozerman from season 3? (1:02)
like a balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Bit 01 (22 days ago)
165 million views and YT is censoring the fuck out of everything because they think everyone is as overly sensitive as they are. lulz
угарный клип в конце рыба танцует ваще угар
Razzy Noah (24 days ago)
"hit on Debra. get rejected. swallow sadness" is the best consecutive lyrics ever put in any song ever
Jade Nguyen (24 days ago)
I can’t believe Stefan cheated on Seth at 1:02!!! HOW COULD YOU!??!!!!!
Submachine OP (19 days ago)
Jade Nguyen (25 days ago)
1:03 I feel like I need to tell Seth… I mean Stefan technically didn’t cheat, but still…
Jade Nguyen (25 days ago)
But if he’s truly a boss then who’s that guy at 0:45? A real boss doesn’t have a boss.
Danijel Vajdic (25 days ago)
Everyone has shit on Debras desk :D
Ansil Bayan (25 days ago)
This is bullshit
BasicDorito (25 days ago)
This is what started, like a boss

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