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Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version

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http://www.itunes.com/thelonelyisland The new single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD" In stores now! Featuring Seth Rogen. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone.
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Text Comments (142574)
Moritz Kater (20 hours ago)
Officer Gordan was here
Bachir Kajoua (1 day ago)
do u guys remember when saying "like a bawss" wasn't cringey typing it was cringey by itself....
TheSharpSHOW TV (1 day ago)
Like a boss 48 Times no thanks me
nowloon fear (1 day ago)
He was da best
Marcus Kohler (1 day ago)
He was da best
Danny Mvteen (1 day ago)
1:02 isnt that bill hader the captain who jake and amy accidentally 'killed' while making out
OnsuVensa (1 day ago)
These guys made all the meme songs back in the day, fuckin legends
Wilky Barbosa (1 day ago)
Dylan LeBlanc (2 days ago)
this song has like the hardest beat ever lol
Nathan Hulk (2 days ago)
mam is been 10 year all
goni whithewindy (3 days ago)
Like a BOWSS..!
Kainã Antônio (3 days ago)
Hi 2022!!
Sam Duck (3 days ago)
Hit on Debrah Get rejected Shit on Deborahs desk That sums Up society
Paddy Spencer (3 days ago)
Oh god. I found it. I have *several* conflicting feelings
Karsten Crump (4 days ago)
theobromide (4 days ago)
I just clicked "like" and I jizzed in my pants.
Charles Keefer (4 days ago)
Say park dish rock. S.A.
Kristjan Pani (4 days ago)
And this is why Peralta will NEVER make sergeant.
Ty Rell (4 days ago)
1:21 after work everyday
Murp Murp Serval (4 days ago)
when you troll a libtard epic style
Andrew Nixon (4 days ago)
This is ten years old. Oh my, the nostalgia.
karen and the kids (5 days ago)
jake when holt left him in charge
Taylor Ams (5 days ago)
Banana Cat (5 days ago)
Tegan 5112 (5 days ago)
0:29 is that John Mulaney
Aliana Wood (5 days ago)
0:29 That 14 year old child is not old enough to have a job.
Mr. Hearn (6 days ago)
You chop your balls off and died??
Madeline Harper (6 days ago)
0:30 who is that Asian woman??
Jasminecrafty309 (6 days ago)
"Like a b-ou-s"
Thomas Hughes (6 days ago)
Watched this after Brooklyn 99
The BG Kidd (7 days ago)
Just realized when Andy was micromanaging, he was managing John Mulaney
karem hake (7 days ago)
2019 ?
Lays (7 days ago)
On the grave stone should've write: He was the boss...
GamerRanger 27 (7 days ago)
**cuts balls off** **lvls up to lvl 80**
Alley COOPER (7 days ago)
Played this to my mom And now I am her boss lol
bruno kang (7 days ago)
Batmanisawesomesoami (7 days ago)
Still watching in 2019
shadow12860 (7 days ago)
I feel old this is 10 years old now....ick
Jesse Rothhammer (7 days ago)
Holy shit! Was he just micromanaging John Mulaney?
Pranav Nair (8 days ago)
Daily life of teenage Chuck Norris😂😂
Toby Austin (8 days ago)
Is that Andy samberg
Electron (8 days ago)
Plot twist: Turn into a jet Bomb Deborah
Peace and Love (8 days ago)
Bruh moment
Anthony Hawk (8 days ago)
2019, this shit is still great.
username fbe (8 days ago)
Shreya Gautam (8 days ago)
The SNL office looks fine.
Logan Huntley (9 days ago)
This great video spawned the worst fucking meme in history.
sniper crossover (9 days ago)
He said he is a boss 39 times
seyum lema (9 days ago)
Trev0r98 (10 days ago)
Right..... like SNL and MSNBC don't have bosses. As if Lorne Michaels wasn't a micromanager.
Monica DeFinney (10 days ago)
0:28 mini mulaney
Jacob Becker (10 days ago)
Im the boss
Velo Rakić (10 days ago)
26k dislikes are obviously employees.
Paulafan5 (11 days ago)
The look on Hader's face with the ambush oral... Hilarious. He did not see that one coming... So to speak.
Luiz___ MK (11 days ago)
Like a bows
WILTACULER (11 days ago)
“And that’s an *average* day for you then?”
Gabe Velarde (12 days ago)
When Peralta becomes captain
BURKI 123 (13 days ago)
ADITHYA MENON (13 days ago)
Hit on Deborah 🤣
Ben Bertram (13 days ago)
Eat a bagel, like a boss
James Anderson (13 days ago)
I hope they play this at my funeral
Moke Wed (13 days ago)
American Psycho but stupid
Andrew MaxB (13 days ago)
ja assisti varias vezes mas nunca perde a graça
Erik Faye-Lund (14 days ago)
"You wonder why we feel like [bleep] the law / you wonder why we write upon the wall / you wonder why we burn the cities down / cause we don't give a [bleep], the time is now"
Andrew Knepp (14 days ago)
Damnit jake
Cuppa _ (14 days ago)
I have never been more inclined in my life to perform a tombstone piledriver on a group of office workers
Kano Black Dragon (14 days ago)
Like a boss
Forrest George (14 days ago)
Fucking hilarious!
Telezia Greyleaf (14 days ago)
Almost ten years old
SunDevil [TP] (14 days ago)
“You chop your own balls off and die” Hell ya
Jthaproducer (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that Debra is Kristen Wiig?
Indrid Cold (15 days ago)
I remember just laying in the floor watching snl and this happened 😂 nearly lost my shit!
win32 Shelestov (15 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bChDftBFEo Crash into the sun (like a boss) Now I'm dead (like a boss)
80sOutrunFan (15 days ago)
Playing this song 5 feet from my manager LOL
Dark Arts Dabbler (15 days ago)
This was on SNL the last time I tuned into SNL... huh
Kling Nps (15 days ago)
10 years later, Like a boss
Judy W (15 days ago)
Filmdom Xtra (16 days ago)
Who’s here in 2019
TheRagingMan (16 days ago)
10 years later like a boss
pancakes r bomb Ford (16 days ago)
Siddey Stunthut (16 days ago)
so thats where i know him from lol
KURAMA Master (17 days ago)
Ok this version is the same level of crazy of the version of rubuis hahaha xD i fuck the brain fishh
Duwang Gang (17 days ago)
When you eat spicy goodness
Random Vids (17 days ago)
This guy dies more than krillin
Get killed by Tambourine *like a boss* Get killed by Frieza *like a boss* Get killed by Buu *like a boss*
Bianca di Angelo (17 days ago)
0:28 J...John Mulaney?
David Howard (17 days ago)
Just to be clear, he purchased an illegal firearm. No anti-gun legislation would have stopped him from buying an illegal gun. Just law abiding responsible people who don't shit on Debra's desk.
sl1138utube (17 days ago)
00:50 The only time it's "like a BOSS" instead of "like a BAUSS" is when he poops on Debra's desk
Beatrice Jackson (17 days ago)
Devansh Singh (18 days ago)
0:28 Is that John Mulaney? 🤔
Kitchdmn3 (18 days ago)
I am the boss... this is gonna be my ringtone....
Gh0st_4ever (18 days ago)
I counted he says "Like a Boss/I'm the Boss." 43 times
Aleo55 (18 days ago)
0:30 Andy is micromanaging John mulaney
Mediocre Indigo (18 days ago)
Why do I feel like I recognize the guy at 0:28? Why does he look like John Mulaney?
Nick Billups (19 days ago)
0:57 Pussy yeah!
Dharmavid Francis (19 days ago)
sneaky jews.
2muchwhit1 (19 days ago)
Debra, I hope you learn something from this
AJTokez (19 days ago)
One decade later, still a boss
Liam Chapman (19 days ago)
All these years and only just realised that’s Seth Rogan.
Alex Morgan (19 days ago)

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