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Garage Sale FIND "Members Only Jacket"

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Garage Sale Find.. Found a members only Jacket. My mom loves to go bargain hunting.
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Gina K (2 months ago)
Ha, I remember Member's Only jackets! Never owned one though...
Niki Niki (2 months ago)
I had a funny looking gold color one back in the day. We wore it in 80 degree weather... All for the love of fashion..
Sakura Spring (7 months ago)
Mama is so cute..."Mata ne"
Niki Niki (7 months ago)
Arigato Sakura Spring.
Blurry Face (10 months ago)
Sick jacket. Been looking for blue and red particularly lately. Blues my favorite color and red would go with my 80s car...wouldn't mind getting a second black one since my black one has faded a lot over the years
Shelly Ann (10 months ago)
Niki those flowers are called Crown of thorns. They're easy to care for 😊
Niki Niki (10 months ago)
Easy to care for? That's my kinds of plant. thank you!!
Donzstuff (10 months ago)
Members only jacket is a good find
Kahiau T (10 months ago)
Auntie is so cute! I can just picture her driving off in that motorcycle. And you look great in the jacket! Glad you both have fun at yard sales together
Niki Niki (10 months ago)
You're so funny.... she was a wild one back in her day It was too bad that there was only 3 garage sales that day. could have shown more..... thank you for watching
Mindy's Mom (10 months ago)
My mama used to love yard sales and estate sales too!! Your mama is so kawaii! I’m loving your Member’s Only jacket! I had one back in the day, but it was black. ☺️ Thanks for taking us along on your yard sale adventures!!
Niki Niki (10 months ago)
Oh I wanted the black one. the black was the coolest.... This jacket was in really good condition. and 3 dollars..
KonTikiBea (10 months ago)
Never under estimate the power of Mom I bet she could ride that easily! :)
gardengalsu (10 months ago)
i went garage sale-ing with my cousins & it was so much fun. You have to be careful otherwise before you know it, your *great finds* is just a -pile of junk- !
Niki Niki (10 months ago)
I agree. I've had my share of bad finds...
annab3ll3 (10 months ago)
OMG you can smell a bargain from a mile away, you need to shop with me BTW your mom can ride the toy its easy just make sure she has a helmet
Nancy Yon (10 months ago)
So cute to see your mom's enthusiasm for bargain hunting and to drive what looks to be some kind of three wheel motorcycle. Usually people who carry a motorcycle endorsement with their license in the US are able to drive those. I sometimes like shopping at discount shops, thrift stores, and garage sales as well. I agree that signs are key components to events. Many times where following glow sticks and signs have been major factors to finding haunted house events I've attended around Halloween. That 'Members Only' jacket is a good find and buy. I am no plant expert, but I believe the plant your mom was given is the Euphorbia Zephyr or Crown of Thorns plant. Besides religious connections, the Crown of Thorns plant is also a symbol of good luck. Thanks for sharing! :)
Niki Niki (10 months ago)
Symbol of good luck.. I like that... Thank you for all the great information...
Bonita Flor (10 months ago)
Bonita Flor (10 months ago)
Lol I went yard sale hunting yesterday. Found some really good stuff
mochy (10 months ago)

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