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Microsoft's Comeback Story

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As Microsoft moves closer to unseating Apple as the world’s most valuable company, the WSJ’s Dan Gallagher looks at the company’s steady rise over the last 10 years. Photo: Associated Press Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Text Comments (393)
K. CHERUKURI (1 month ago)
Apple story: Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer from Microsoft.
Plump Cat (1 month ago)
Microsoft deserves this far more than apple
Brad Scott (2 months ago)
Microsoft is selling buggy whips with Windows. Their operating system was a POS in the beginning and it's still a POS. I'm 56 years old and happy to say I've owned a Windows computer like... 2 or 3 years. Before that it was unix, since then it's been linux. Why do you think MS bought Redhat? They know they can't compete with the future.
bharath kumar (2 months ago)
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Isuru Eeshara (2 months ago)
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Future Generations (2 months ago)
MS has been putting their money where their mouth is lately..
Anodyne Virtue (2 months ago)
We need a innovative Microsoft phone or a software that's gonna do a better job in connecting our Microsoft computers/,"Surface" with our mobile phones . Something similar to IOS which connects iPad, Phone, Macs PC etc...
Oscar Wang (3 months ago)
I see a great leader which has been leading a giant to a higher peak.
Roasted Content (3 months ago)
bin there, done that
Emre Fidan (3 months ago)
"Been there, done that!" That sums up pretty much.
John Iii (3 months ago)
What turned around and was kicking out Steve Ballmer . That was long overdue it was running the company into the ground
Matthew Shields (3 months ago)
I'm much more concerned about Microsoft's privacy issues on windows 10 than privacy issues on Googles Android or Apple's iOS. I expect my computer to be the most private devices and for me to have out of the complete box control on what information is sent to Microsoft from my computer and that's not the case.
MsJinkerson (3 months ago)
Microsoft is a joke everybody got to Linux it's free and better get rid of windows it's trash
Mama (3 months ago)
Been there done that..😂
Sayak Das (3 months ago)
Can the mobile division rise up again?
turbofanlover (3 months ago)
Long live Microsoft. :)
Jon Rend (3 months ago)
Its all about vision at the right time. Microsoft missed the smart phone market but made sure it got on board in the cloud. Excel , word , outlook are now all subscription and/or cloud based software and of course there is Azure.
Khondker Rifat Hossain (3 months ago)
I do not understand what Microsoft is upto... all I can say is that I have a Dell Laptop with windows 10, which updates without my permission when ever I start it. I simply do not use it anymore. Make do with mobile...what on Earth are they trying to do. This is unprecedented
Coen (3 months ago)
Windows won't update in active hours. Just change some settings.
Patel Vidhu (3 months ago)
Microsoft makes affordable products and widely used like windows, office and azure. Apple products are better but cost is too much.
DaedalusLV (3 months ago)
Microsoft just realised that there is an empty space for online cloud services.
Bogodo (4 months ago)
i am waiting surface phone(minipc) for replace my android phone
Steven Lee (4 months ago)
I wonder why Microsoft does not sell Xbox in India?
Ted Thomas (4 months ago)
CEO fanboys, now I've seen everything.
Laddoo Tablet (4 months ago)
Is it me or this is sponsored content for MS?
Joypad Bandit (3 months ago)
^^^^ Another Microsoft Hater.
noelsoong777 (4 months ago)
Microsoft is concetrating on the.cooprate market
Haseeb Kahn (4 months ago)
Satya Nadella knows Buisness!
BIG BRAIN MUSIC (4 months ago)
K (4 months ago)
Long ago Windows 10 used to work, everything changed when the 1809 update attacked.
Bryan Bagayas (4 months ago)
Ballmer: “Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, “ lol
Vasanthan Nalinasegrem (4 months ago)
Just keep us gamers happy. Linux is just waiting to pounce. That is all.
張泰銘 (4 months ago)
I don’t think Microsoft came back. I don’t think they changed in the last several years. It’s simply that Apple in the last two years DROPPED TO A POINT so low in the last two years that Microsoft is better and more reliable compared to them.
Joypad Bandit (3 months ago)
^^^^ Another Microsoft Hater.
Jegath JK (4 months ago)
Purchase of linked in and github was a great move by Satya Nadella
*Anybody else remembers the Kim Kardashian combeback story*
GerardPedrico (4 months ago)
I'd like to add further... Mr. Satya Nadella's vision of Ubiquitous Computing is what drives Microsoft and Mr. Satya Nadella even dreams of one single OS to be used for every platform imaginable (but that seems a bit of a humongous feat to execute). Mr. Satya Nadella sees the Windows 10 OS in smart homes, simulator based entertainment and simulator based on-site academic training something like the "holodeck", smart offices that use seamless integration which in a way resembles Cisco Systems' vision of the office of the future, etc. Ubiquitous Computing is a broader understanding of Mr. Satya Nadella's definition of Cloud Based Computing (emphasizing seamless integration and AI assisted data-info management-access). A bit of something of "Chromecast mentality" is also well contemplated. Seamless integration and no hassle.
Dr Ankit Panigrahi India (4 months ago)
Couldn't save Nokia but id not blame Satya Nadella for it. Microsoft was rotten to the core by Balmer.
Dr Ankit Panigrahi India (4 months ago)
If I were Bill Gates then i'd kill Tim cook and frame Larry page for it.
Abe TT (4 months ago)
death to both of them and intel!!!
pdjhh (4 months ago)
Both windows 10 and office 365 are absolute garbage though. So it just goes to show it’s because we have no real option but to use ms everywhere and keep giving them our money.
pdjhh (3 months ago)
Coen All you’re telling me is that windows 10 is extremely widely used and that’s correct. Doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact it’s so widely used and run by such an enourmous company with massive resources that that’s my point - why isn’t it perfect? It absolutely should be with the best techs in the world available but it’s so far from that. For example outlook on windows talking to office 365 will fail for all sorts of reasons and need to be completely reinstalled. It’s a ms mail client on a ms platform talking to a ms cloud mail service! And it still can’t run! And will fail with an error message thatt doesn’t help and has to be complety reinatalled!
Coen (3 months ago)
I think you shouldn't say windows 10 is garbage. It runs on so many systems and it is optimized(but rough on the edges) for desktop/laptop use and touchscreen. That is something no one is doing right now. It's super hard but it'll be a very strong operating system in the future when laptops mobiles and desktops will blend together. Just remember that they only started in 2015. I also don't see why office is garbage. it's very powerful software. Can you explain?
Kris B (4 months ago)
Considering what Google is doing to Android recently, I wish Microsoft had not missed the mobile revolution. They made great phones and software when they finally got it right. It was all just too late. The biggest thing is developer support. Developer support will make or break an OS. It's why Ballmer famously changed, "Developer! Developers! Developers!" in that famous speech.
Tech Rich (4 months ago)
Does this guy not remember windows 7 mobile? Like Microsoft wasn’t absent from the market, it was actually above blackberry originally. It just didn’t see the potential, and left. There mistake but in no way were the absent.
Karan Mahajan (4 months ago)
Been there, done that
Zorc (4 months ago)
Don't forget Microsoft, apple, google etc. their all evil. we don't want any of them to die, they all need a strong competitor to keep their power in check.
Ikreisrond (4 months ago)
Software company. Hmm... Isn’t the goal then to write software that actually works? M$ still has got a lot to learn. No M$ products in my home until they figure this out! MS-DOS was their only good software.
Reimsky Toussaint (4 months ago)
Great video
W Chi (4 months ago)
Balmer is to blame
Hattan Derham (4 months ago)
Ari K. (4 months ago)
Sooo what was the story?
Tech Genez (4 months ago)
Congrats your video is featured on TechGenez.com
Ninad Ganore (4 months ago)
Crossed Apple
1Energine1 (4 months ago)
Hype check: Microsoft's high point charting up to Apples pucker moment does /= surpassing them quite yet.
Benjamin Gibson (4 months ago)
Microsoft is back. Thank God.
FUCKME (4 months ago)
Still apple a better company than microsoft, cloud business is saturated now
Bernardo Rocha (4 months ago)
I still think it was a bad decision to drop down Windows Phone. It has a more expensive market share in developing countries, could grow from there. Not saying it would be a game changer, but with time it could be a viable third option in developed countries.
Steven Mancera (4 months ago)
In another universe, Microsoft is still alive in mobile market share and all of them 3 are thriving, thats the ideal reality
Steven Mancera (4 months ago)
'Mobile first' my ads. You didn't even got to fulfill that I'm still made at them giving up on Windows 10 Mobile
Virality Factor (4 months ago)
Satya gave Microsoft a soft image (which it needed) rather than the cash grab image of Bill Gates and Idiotic image by Ballmer. The recent acquisition of GitHub and leaving as it got 👍 from dev community. They are also focusing on hardware and bringing lot of innovation.
drmnys (4 months ago)
I agree with ur point. The image Nadella portrays is one of quiet innovation which is better than how it was before. The CEO is the face of the company and reflects on it
gamez buddy (4 months ago)
Maybe The reason of apple Market share disaster is India because lot of people coming online and mostly they buy Google(android phones) or microsoft (windows laptop or pc) product.
ermocrate (4 months ago)
It's fun how the revenue of such a big company relies almost entirely on exploiting kids who want to play videogames and also how an evil company looks like a good one because more evil companies have born.
Olujobi David (4 months ago)
I will be happy to see microsoft rise far up
Luis Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Windows is a horrible operating system and Microsoft deserves to die for developing it
Coen (3 months ago)
+Luis Gonzalez You are free to use anything you like. If you want another operating system just switch.
Luis Gonzalez (4 months ago)
NAK DICKSON and the world would be better off because of it
NAK DICKSON (4 months ago)
you'll die before MS dies
André Borges (4 months ago)
What comeback?
Jae Jackson Jr (4 months ago)
Apple will bounce Back to 1 trillion & we all know it
Michael B (4 months ago)
You haven't even hinted at what Microsoft is doing for "enterprises cloud".
Ben Levian (4 months ago)
I want my time back. I didn't learn anything new from this video.
karan varma (4 months ago)
Extremely disspointing video. Expect the WSJ to put more thought into producing these.
Andrew Kerfoot (4 months ago)
Microsoft is currently the richest tech company at the moment (not revenue sales but actual money in the bank).
Andrew Kerfoot (4 months ago)
Good for Microsft for making a comeback. Did they deserve, sure, any company does. But why all these hate comments on vidoes. They did a good job making it.
EL Yonousi (4 months ago)
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adithya (4 months ago)
Finally, Microsoft accepted they don't fit in mobile phones world..!
Maktoum Al-Maktoum (4 months ago)
What "comeback" story? This is more like a video so if Microsoft grows bigger thay can say : I told you! Still too early to call it a comeback. Coin toss sides real quick and maybe soon both will be out of the game. The world can handle X and Y and Z and other letters from other languages too.
Joypad Bandit (3 months ago)
^^^^ Another Microsoft Hater.
Sk Haneef (4 months ago)
Apple sells $1 chocolate at $10 price.
Microsoft deserves to be the winner.
myCousinVenny (4 months ago)
Microsoft made really smart bets on cloud services on both the consumer and enterprise side. I do wish Windows Phone would've worked out though
Arvind Kumar (4 months ago)
Finally someone appreciating microsoft
JJ Abrams (4 months ago)
is it me or the guys neck shrunk abruptly
Avinash Kumar (4 months ago)
As per the graph, it seems like Microsoft has not rocketed but instead it's Apple who had plummeted, so they both meet on equal points.
Jaba the Chump (4 months ago)
This is more of a classic Murdoch propaganda piece pushing the blame onto the government for Microsoft's shortcomings. So was it only cloud? I don't know how they caught back up to be honest. I haven't used Microsoft 10 yet but it seems as though their desktop OS got better as well after they made those bad changes in the late 2000s and early to mid 2010s. I think Apple also has been letting their consumer desktop business slide by charging too much for laptops and having no real offering for a consumer desktop computer. Most everyone still has or wants a desktop computer and they choose Microsoft.
K (4 months ago)
I have no idea either-even Microsoft 10 has problems due to that terrible 1809 update that STILL has bugs to this day. Microsoft-No phones and how many people even buy the surface? lol Best buy-89 customers VS
Baback Ashtari (4 months ago)
I think Apple is seriously in danger. It doesn't have anything new to say. It moves so slow, just by claiming it wants to do everything right. iOS really needs to change. Some mac apps like Pages and Keynote did not have any update for the past years. The last time they really updated the package, they changed it from ground so caused users some time to get used to it. Mac computers are sometimes too expencive to afford. Although macOS has changed amazingly good, but if a company wants everyone use it, it should provive the apportunity for enduser to purchase its products.
sivan ferna (3 months ago)
Most of Microsoft's money comes from enterprise(cloud, servers, etc) not consumer products like surface for example, apple mainly makes money mainly from consumer products but is expanding to services
redda2 (4 months ago)
Cloud as in Azure?
Assim Al Saqri (4 months ago)
Haha what a weird ending
PhantomMatrix (4 months ago)
They even released Surface headphones which are really good!
Annoying guy on internet (4 months ago)
kinda but yeah
Kento Nishi (4 months ago)
They just did
Padmanabh Rangane (4 months ago)
Microsoft didn't predict the future
Coen (3 months ago)
Microsoft is predicting the future right now.. They are making an OS that can run on every system if it's touchscreen or now.
siva krishna (4 months ago)
Coming tariffs are going to be last nail in Apple's coffin. As it depends on Chinese cheap child labor.
Faisal Rehman (4 months ago)
There are better free gnu alternatives for every MS products.
Coen (3 months ago)
Tell me
Vinsensius Gracia (4 months ago)
0:47 when Steve jobs blame stylus, then now iPad come with Apple stylus... ridiculous
M4st3rm1nd (4 months ago)
Vinsensius Gracia Jobs kept this word - he was not a fan of the stylus. Apple Pencil is Tim Cook's idea.
TheMusketITuckedIt (4 months ago)
alphazar If that's true then Apple wouldn't have made one in the first place, Jobs surely wouldn't have.
Vinsensius Gracia (4 months ago)
+Jae Jackson Jr Maybe Apple just shy if including free stylus in every iPad box
Jae Jackson Jr (4 months ago)
+Vinsensius Gracia Samsung spend billions to make millions *Apple Spend Billions To make More Billions*
Jae Jackson Jr (4 months ago)
+Vinsensius Gracia why would they put a stylus in every iPad box ??? Not everyone use it some people on watch movie n videos on their iPad if they want to draw they back a stylus simple
Ameen Ahmed (4 months ago)
Go Microsoft
Arie BP (4 months ago)
Satya is a genius, microsoft should built a statue for him he did it right: remove WP (I love WP but they're already lost) and betting on Cloud computing and microsoft's income source is very diverse, compared to Google & Apple MS: cloud, game (xbox etc), Software (365, windows, etc), Surface Google: 90% from ads Apple: 60% iPhone
TheMusketITuckedIt (4 months ago)
Arie BP All of which existed before he even joined Microsoft. He knows how to manage a company I'll give him that.
black cat (4 months ago)
I am ms fanboy
Jenish pj (4 months ago)
I am getting free unlimited photo storage on Google and Amazon!​
They did not think of future and did not entered smartphone market. In place of android we would have windows smartphone
All because of Windows 10
Vamsi Pabbineedi (4 months ago)
That's where the money is ; Enterprise Software services and cloud (i.e. Azure) . Microsoft has a diverse business model , unlike Apple
Tahseen (4 months ago)
Microsoft is saying being there done that...We will never forget Bill gates in the Courtroom. There was no youtube, and we used to keep track of him through the newspaper. lol *It only took one Ballmer to take this Gaint down* And I would say Microsoft should focus more on Tabs and laptops now. They gave up too soon with Nokia phones. Then people used to care about android or OS or blackberry; How many games you can play. Now its all about performance, Microsoft had the capability in this field.
killernat1234 (4 months ago)
Maybe but Microsoft is losing it again with their idea on forcing windows on to anything and everything that can take it, Xbox, mobile phones etc, windows just needs to stick to PC, Microsoft has done a lot moving towards but all that combined doesn’t outshine the terrible, like the racist AI and terrible business decisions which ultimately have cost them billions, like with the red ring of death on the 360 and the poor sales of the Xbox one
Khaled Salhani (4 months ago)
Microsoft would've killed both Google and Apple in the mobile game if Satya was there. They lost it because of the idiot Steve Ballmer. Only those who used Windows Phone in its early stages would understand how great it was in comparison to iOS and Android. It was super smooth, very stable and runs perfectly even on very modest specs.
sfturbo (4 months ago)
That's an if but it never happened. So stick to the facts and stop your fanboying
jai yadav (4 months ago)
Nokia Lumia 720 <3
Devara FT (4 months ago)
"runs perfectly" is personally not a word that I would choose. But it's clearly superior (to me) in terms of UI. It's legitimately a newly made UI that is not just dumbed down PC user interface.
aryan ambastha (4 months ago)
There is a rule- Never underestimate your rivals. Ballmer did but Satya respects the competition.
Raihan Radia (4 months ago)
Been there, done that 😂 I'll never miss lumia :/
jaydev sharma (4 months ago)
steve balmer was single biggest problem that microsoft had, glad they replaced him!
Guillermo Arenas (4 months ago)
Where's Xbox?
Shivam Malhotra (4 months ago)
Microsoft is love for PC and Google is love for phones ❤️
Gohel Darshan (4 months ago)
Microsoft need to bring back their windows mobile Android is very inefficient os compared to ios Bcoz android uses java which has to run in vm rather than native code...
Gohel Darshan Well goodluck Microsoft because google probably won’t let Microsoft store have there apps.

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