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See the Most Revealing Dresses on the Grammys 2017 Red Carpet

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Lady Gaga The Super Bowl performer looked hawt as ever on the red carpet. Halsey It looks like she channeled MC Hammer — no shirt and all! Rabyt Her cleavage definitely left a lasting impression on the red carpet. Jessica Miller One wrong move and the model will be exposing a lot more than just her cleavage. Kristin Cavallari The reality TV star let it all hang out on the red carpet. Nicole Trunfio Is it just us, or does Nicole look a lot like Katy Perry? Jennifer Lopez We're getting serious flashback to JLo's 2000 Grammys' dress. Laverne Cox The actress ditched her underwear before heading to the Grammys. Enter to win a Hollywood Gift Bag Worth $2,000
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