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Eric Johnson - Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix cover) - 1984

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rarity of Eric Johnson
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kodjamik (6 months ago)
Eric n'a pas l'air très à l'aise avec ce morceau là, but he's still a great guitar guy !
Laz Za (6 years ago)
This version sucks way to fast and it looks like eric doesn't even know what he's doing when he's singing
Mich Leon (7 years ago)
great... lead drummmer as mitchell.. well done....
xpaddy01 (7 years ago)
The crowd's reaction at the end reminds me of a clip of Focus (introduced by Gladys Knight) playing a blistering version of Hocus Pocus. At the end the crowd spontaneously leaps to their feet applauding the brilliance they've just witness.
thejohncarroll (8 years ago)
Wow! Greatness!
Comedian Ali (8 years ago)
@cbfeeling i think he is just a bit too loud
Nick Costa (8 years ago)
screechkid116 (8 years ago)
wow, did spanish castle magic just get better?
bluesboy68 (8 years ago)
Ullysses_SG (9 years ago)
I also noticed that he pushed the time at first, but I think it was Eric Johnson's suggestion, I posted, but before they touch the music, they had tried to run it and Eric Johnson stopped everything and told the drummer again ... then I put this part ...
Ullysses_SG (9 years ago)
I do not think he has overdone!

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