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Tsunami Climbing: Incredible video of ship heading into wave in Japan

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COMING SOON: HANGOUT WITH ANTI-NUCLEAR ADVOCATE DR HELEN CALDICOTT. JOIN NOW & ASK YOUR QUESTIONS http://bit.ly/CaldicottHangout The Japanese coast guard released a video on Saturday showing the massive tsunami waves swelling in the sea off the coast of northern Japan, after the 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck offshore on March 11. The footage showed the first huge wave rising up above the prow of the coastguard ship as it sailed straight towards it. Two more waves followed. TOP VIDEOS of Japan earthquake & tsunami 2011 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE2A510C9D8B09EE7 Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Watch RT LIVE on our website http://rt.com/on-air Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/b/102728491539958529040 RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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Text Comments (10021)
unknown shark (2 hours ago)
Hey yoo I have mini minded 0:55
I'm just here for the comments. 😂
Alonzo SC (13 hours ago)
1:14 “You again smashing statues”
Naircelis Brasil (23 hours ago)
Muy ruim
PRIME GAMING PH (1 day ago)
0:58 Let's eat a poo poo😁
Vural Gvn (2 days ago)
mark gil tayag (2 days ago)
small wave
Blind Squid (3 days ago)
Better to be on the tip side than the bottom side.
Daniel Vences (4 days ago)
Traducción: nos estamos calabaceando.
Junjie Candolada IX (4 days ago)
WTf! I don't see any tsunami.
Stephen Austin (5 days ago)
IRISH-LAD (5 days ago)
@1:09 your my poo tang
IRISH-LAD (5 days ago)
@0:50 go get your sweet up the stairs
Honda S2000 AP2 (5 days ago)
I expected a Tsunami to hit the ship.
Elforcito 221 (6 days ago)
Que dijo traducción
Jeremy Garrabrant (6 days ago)
mahfuz mansor (6 days ago)
PL-01 Oki?
Sure Shot Clothing (6 days ago)
I don’t see anything incredible about this . It’s horrific. Change the fucking title
Budan Sakkidi (6 days ago)
Bullshit ship not heading into wave.
merchant marine (7 days ago)
" They are not mountains , they are waves "
Damien Owens (7 days ago)
See the Australian guy on the surf board..
Edwin Aguilar (7 days ago)
Joshua Rivers (7 days ago)
Cyka blyat!
Jakes roblox play (7 days ago)
boo there is not earthqwake booo
カンナカムイ (7 days ago)
Like a san Andreas movie
Dev De Silva (7 days ago)
Is that sound in the background of some Japanese sailors throwing up or is that their way of expressing nervousness!
Kenzita v beurden (7 days ago)
So were is the tsunami... tbh those waves were prety tiny. I cant call that a tsunami if i must be honest.
James Ross (5 days ago)
It's like an iceberg, most of the wave is below the sea line, since the ocean is deep. Then as the coastline rises, so does the wave.
Hoooo hoouuu Tnalga Tsuda
hey how to draw?? (7 days ago)
That's much more stronger at the coast line
James Ross (5 days ago)
It's actually stronger at sea, the farther it travels the more force or energy it will lose. But the ocean is deep, like an iceberg your only seeing the top.
fornicateu2 (8 days ago)
I make bigger waves when I fart in the bath, Tsunamis are nothing out in the ocean as they're just like any other heavy sea you ride over the top of.
invincibles 04 (8 days ago)
What was the fuss about in that? ..lol
Simon Pia (8 days ago)
Out of nowhere comes Godzilla 😲😲😲
Shadows (8 days ago)
out at sea, that wave you see there is just aftermath/drag wave of massive water at high speed under them traveling up to 500mph (806kmt) an hour. Physics gladly make waves that meet you there not travel at that speed or the boat would be instant crushed. that wave is just the drag from the speedy water masses under you
Eloisa Castillo (9 days ago)
No es nada
ryeven brix espique (10 days ago)
kev H (6 days ago)
+ryeven brix espique i know mate😉
ryeven brix espique (6 days ago)
+kev H lol a lot of comments here are just the same thing
kev H (6 days ago)
Hey thats mine😂
vijay vishwanathan (11 days ago)
Just a regular wave...
L Fewell (12 days ago)
Looks more like a Mexican wave than a tsunami !
Fe Nand (12 days ago)
M E (12 days ago)
Hopefully they radioed the homeland it was headed that way.
Armando Salinas (12 days ago)
Can't they make a underwater bomb that could explode in any direction they want and kick the wave back .
kev H (10 days ago)
n/a (12 days ago)
thats the tsunami that f'd up japan and about everybody in these comments is making fun of the sailors lol
Raven Fortnite (13 days ago)
Nice vedio suoerb
AbdulJakool SalSalani (13 days ago)
They all sound like retards!!
kev H (14 days ago)
0:54"shoot the peanut"
Swrve™ (14 days ago)
0:31 me when I had curry the night before
Max Wolverine (14 days ago)
0:28 - 0:36 when sushi went bad.. 🤣🤣👍🏻🍣🇯🇵
CJ Crystal (14 days ago)
1:11 hahaha
Guille Fox (15 days ago)
Este es un arponero ballenero pescando en aguas internacionales????
Fish Head (15 days ago)
Who want some stir fry.
Henry Loman (17 days ago)
My eye's where big as dinner plate's watching this
Arron (17 days ago)
Earth is flat
Harambe (10 days ago)
Arron No. That would be the top of your head.
perfect indian (17 days ago)
Japanese getting tempted to jump in water to catch whales
0wen (17 days ago)
Crossing a bar is more dangerous
ramu goud (17 days ago)
How to face it oh my God 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
ramu goud gawd was too busy jacking off or collecting more foreskins.
alois wolff (17 days ago)
Roman Muthukumar (17 days ago)
These are the most luckiest guys in the world .
Yuri Villanueva (17 days ago)
Camodo during tuesdays be like 0:45
Sriram N (17 days ago)
rajat sharma (18 days ago)
Guy over the call... Hey fellas I'm sending you alot of sea food...
granny pants (18 days ago)
rik jimoni osh....rik jimoni osh
Vinyl Blair (19 days ago)
I wish Godzilla came out of the water. It would have made that worthwhile watching
GR33N L1GHT (19 days ago)
How to get sea sickness just with visuals.
Nate Vic (19 days ago)
Best part about this vid... the comment section 😂😂😂
STUDIO UDHAB (19 days ago)
Horrible 😪 my nightmare
Hayden Wallace (19 days ago)
Hardly a freakin tsunami... that is just normal swell of the ocean that far out. Clickbait title. Learn about the ocean before posting a title like that. Idiots
Hayden Wallace Keep still. You are only making an ass out of yourself.
Kappa Owned (18 days ago)
Hayden wallace : suck dcikz, you know nothin bout ocean you braindead farkin idiot.
Hayden Wallace (18 days ago)
Katerina Liakou are YOU serious lmfao. 🤣🤣 Maybe YOU should educate yourself before trying to sound smart on reply to my comment 🤦‍♂️
Katerina Liakou (18 days ago)
Are you serious? Tsunamis are not a white foam or breaking waves in the open ocean, this is the tsunami of 2011, I remember watching it on tv back in 2011 and I have seen it many times on the internet. Educate yourself before you leave ignorant comments.
Jim Watson (19 days ago)
These Yangs sure make funny noises!
121bham (19 days ago)
I was expecting something a little more spectacular than that tbh.
121bham you could try looking for your corn nubbin.
22fordfx4 (19 days ago)
1:14  This guy sounds similar to native American accents
Marilyn Monroe (19 days ago)
That's it?
JoAnn Lamonica (20 days ago)
marshalllhiepler (19 days ago)
Its March, you crack addict.
Wil Robles (20 days ago)
I don't understand Japanese, but I'm sure there were a few expletives sprinkled in there.
Rich Pickard (20 days ago)
Sounds like one of the crewmembers just had an orgasm
Max Wolverine (14 days ago)
@Rich Pickard Why Japanese men can get it off? Really? 🤣🤣🇯🇵😉
Stoned Batman (20 days ago)
22fordfx4 (20 days ago)
On some Asian video site, they are pry doing the same to us
DIYcraft (20 days ago)
MAOP OFFICAL (20 days ago)
Any one watch in 2019? LIKE 👇
مصطفي حسين (18 days ago)
انا اتفرجت عليها مباشرة يوم حدوث التسونامي ومن 8 سنين لحد دلوقتي مش قادر انسى 😓😓😓 ربي يبعد عنا الكوارث . اللهم أمين أمين أمين
Mel Rose (20 days ago)
Ohhhh it Godzilla....no just Tsunami.
22fordfx4 (21 days ago)
0:39 Go get some chips right now!
D Toohey (20 days ago)
I thought he said get me a juicy cow.
22fordfx4 (21 days ago)
0:32 loooa wooooooooooooaah
Snipeuout69 (22 days ago)
I have seen bigger waves in a kiddie pool..
marshalllhiepler (19 days ago)
I've seen bigger "medium poo po in a bucket" in a kiddie pool.
Steve Quist (20 days ago)
Snipeuout69 ok tough guy
Welcome 2 INSANITY (23 days ago)
After reading all the various english translations watching the video in its entirety just makes the whole scenario absurd.
Bruce G. (23 days ago)
I wonder if they tried to contact anyone on land to warn them?
PRO HORSE PUNTER (22 days ago)
If they had any brains 🧠 they should of
Maratha (23 days ago)
didn't hear a japanese woman moans.
Born Yesterday (24 days ago)
A big wave. No tsunami
Tim Devlin (24 days ago)
When does Godzilla pop out
Jleed989 (24 days ago)
Not exactly the Poseidon Adventure.
E.Z. Breazy (24 days ago)
Natraj Jayaraman (25 days ago)
This looks like a regular wave that ships are built to handle, not a tsunami 🌊
Mark Hagen (25 days ago)
Which one of you gizz gurgling cock and balls will give me a thumbs up.
ike nation (26 days ago)
Tom Hanks faced bigger waves than that 😂
ike nation (12 days ago)
+kev H indeed it is
kev H (13 days ago)
I was thinking the perfect storm but thats george clooney isnt it
ike nation (13 days ago)
+kev H 🤦‍♂️..... Castaway
kev H (13 days ago)
ike nation (13 days ago)
+kev H really?
Kcountry Corvettes (13 days ago)
I understand Japanese. Those guys were talking about the captains daughter getting married to one of the crewman. Nothing to see here folks.
Fuzzy Was (27 days ago)
Video suck long time!
Matthew (29 days ago)
They dodged fucking death that day.
Jerry Edward (23 days ago)
In the boat could have "tucked and rolled" faced death on won.
V M (29 days ago)
anonamous365 (1 month ago)
Where is Godzilla?
Kamil Hummel (1 month ago)
Jak byla vysoká ta vlna?
BIG SMOKE (1 month ago)
Tsunami hahahaha fck bullshit
MBGM MBGM (1 month ago)
"RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government" Paging Senator McCarthy....

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