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Microsoft Sucks

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Microsoft hit the big time when Bill Gates stole all the good ideas that Steve Jobs stole from actual talented people. feat. https://www.youtube.com/user/OneyNG
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Text Comments (16803)
Awesomewelol Ninja (1 hour ago)
I’m a Xbox player Hi *triggered Xbox fan boys coming*
Awesomewelol Ninja (1 hour ago)
El Gordo (3 hours ago)
Sooooooo... fuck Mircosoft?
Leslie T (5 hours ago)
Leah sucks as much as your videos
柴崎 (4 hours ago)
Michael Massa Jr. (8 hours ago)
When you hear blinx ost play on the background......
Cody Sanborn (22 hours ago)
Never mind I take it back sorry donckey
Cody Sanborn (22 hours ago)
The only thing I can't blame Microsoft for was canceling the deal on to month rent
wirelesmike73 (2 days ago)
Man, fuck ants.
D3 420 (3 days ago)
Music at the end from blinx?
Princess Zelda (3 days ago)
JCstock (3 days ago)
Let's take a deeper dive into this though... Micro = Small Soft = Fragile Ants are small and fragile. Xbox goes from Xbox, to 360, to 1. Ants can't count. Why an x BOX? To trap humans inside a machine of games, similar to how humans trap ants in ant farms. Look at the design of an xbox. It has the same dimensions as an ant farm.
K (5 days ago)
Goodbye Machinima. hated it while it lasted
Thiccest Milk (5 days ago)
i loved the burnout seires
Carlos Tello (6 days ago)
*That’s racist you can’t say the N word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Rudresh Ryan (6 days ago)
Valve should have priced the DLC at $1000 or something stupidly higher than just $20, so no one would buy it. Valve weren't gonna make money anyway might as well fucking Microsoft over too.
Colt Leard (6 days ago)
i had the white 360. in 4 years of playing it everyday i only got the red ring of death once. i was so panicked and freaking out. and then i literally turned it off and back on and it worked just fine. thing broke down 2 years later though. fixed it again but it would not read the disks when they were inside of it and for some reason i could play one game a day. literally if i tried to switch games, it wouldn't work. kept played skyrim for like 3 months before it broke down one last time.
Absalom Lobo (6 days ago)
So is Sony's PlayStation better?
Аюр Раднаев (6 days ago)
Not anymore
Blue Radish (6 days ago)
more like micro-sucks
Meat Snacks (7 days ago)
I mean charging for online sucks, but xbox live didn't go down FOR MONTHS like sonys fucking shitty service on ps3
IcaroTJ (7 days ago)
Nintendo TOO
Wayny Bayny (7 days ago)
I admire your work. You doing great Thank you very much.
Flores Chris (7 days ago)
im watching this on a microsoft laptopyolri6es5
Solution : PC with Xbox and PS emulators so that u can play Xbox and PS games on PC Not to mention Steam has got a hell of Free2play games etc.
I love how you went from Exhibit C to D immediately lol
Theo Gibson (8 days ago)
Got an Xbox add on this video lol
fnaffan12 (8 days ago)
Yeah seems about right
Aqsem (8 days ago)
Laqueeshous (8 days ago)
bro dont talk shit about xbox, my dad owns microsoft and he will ban u bro.
Guy ultimatecyberdog (9 days ago)
What microsoft did with his video was at best irresponsible and at worst illegal. Reviewers have the right to provide negative opinions. Companies censoring those opinions are undermining the economy with anticonsumer, short-sighted decisions.
Ishaan Salhotra (9 days ago)
Well dunkey can sleep well knowing Machinima is dead
Connor Bredall (10 days ago)
6:40 Actually, the first Dreamworks film was The Peacemaker (1997).
ATTENTION: Xbox Live is coming to Switch, iOS and Android!
TheGreyPigeon (11 days ago)
I <3 Microsoft, but did they really think they were going to make a shill out of the man who gifted the world with such classics like 'Fuckeroni's Palace', 'Funny Fezz', and the timeless 'GAY FURBY WRESTLES HULK HOGAN'? Of course not! You played a dangerous game, MS. And now you are being made to answer for your crimes against humanity. One mastapiece at a time....
TheFlatbread (11 days ago)
Resistance 2 had 60 and MAG for Ps3 had 256
S3xyR3tzy (11 days ago)
And now Nintendo charged you
Joseph Aleman (11 days ago)
3:46 “this one actually works” mine still got the red ring if death
Star Wolf (12 days ago)
Can we have a follow up to this?
Horacio Castaneda (13 days ago)
Good fuck ur self
A random commenter. (12 days ago)
angry xbox fanboy, you shouldn't be swearing little kiddo.
W4r M4chine (14 days ago)
Looks like Machinima got what was coming to them.
Offensive (14 days ago)
michael sanchez (14 days ago)
It's 2015 now.
St00pid (15 days ago)
I can confirm, Microsoft is in fact run by ants. Just yesterday, I found ants crawling out of my xbox one s.
HappyTheCamper (15 days ago)
Every time Xbox live goes down and people try to defend them, I always come back to this video.
Dave (15 days ago)
I still didnt get a red ring on my original white xbox 360 so I guess I'm lucky
Crazy Stuff (15 days ago)
FUCK YOU MICROSOFT **hears gunshots next door**
Little Piggy4321 (15 days ago)
Come on, sure I use xbox, but my friend and my got Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch and we can’t play. We used the trial and I bought it, but my friend can’t. Why Microsoft?
GameTitan74 (16 days ago)
Simple. I see Microsoft. I say fuck off.
Hayden Smith (16 days ago)
Dont forget what they did to minecraft
Hayden Smith (14 days ago)
+idk idc oof at least it wasnt monetized as fuck.
idk idc (14 days ago)
Minecraft was always shit
Tyler Pilat (17 days ago)
Microsoft is responsible for all online charges like ps+ and now Nintendo too. Play station is so much better
Meat Snacks (7 days ago)
Fucking autist.
Nario (17 days ago)
6:40 *A Bug's Life > Antz*
Nario (17 days ago)
3:56 Yeah, dude I fucking HATE THAT SHIT. I bought GTA 4 back in 2016 because I couldn't afford GTA 5 (and still can't because I use Steam and they overcharge WAY TOO MUCH), and it turns out you NEED Games for Windows Live for that shit to work. I also don't own an Xbox Account or Microsoft Account...I literally spent like $20 on sale for GTA 4 that DOESN'T FUCKING WORK! Windows 10 compatibility also bothers me. Microsoft kinda bothers me. But I guess they're a necessary enemy. 🤷‍♂️
DDGaxel Nilsson (17 days ago)
Life sucks
I got the red ring of death on 11/10/11. Worst day of my life. Until I towel tricked it to play Skyrim for 4 hours the next morning before it forever shut down on me.
Neotokyo vibes (18 days ago)
Paul Allen? That's simply not possible. I had dinner with him twice in london
Saunter (19 days ago)
I think anyone who had a Xbox 360 from day one, had to eventually get a bettter, more quiet Xbox 360. I didn't even get the slim when mine broke. I could tell as a 13 year old that the console was notable thinner than my previous Xbox. And this was a normal Xbox 360 Pro, not an Elite or an Arcade, but the normal average console. Still one of my favorite consoles, just cause the time I put into those communities and how easy it was to just jump on and get in a party with your friends. Just disappointing that everyone was forced to buy 2 Xboxs if you got it Day 1.
Troy D (19 days ago)
Say what you want but windows 9 was the shit
Scout The One (19 days ago)
hey bucko im bill gates and i will ban you from xbox live
Denis Ferro (19 days ago)
The irony is that Two Brothers is actually a pretty good puzzle adventure game ^^'
The Requiem (19 days ago)
If I remember correctly, I think my 360 survived the Red Ring.
BDChupacabra (19 days ago)
man I met some of my best friends on xbox. theyre all so funny, everyone in my town is a bunch of old white people and ranchers. I also have an original arcade 360 that has never messed up. i would leave it on for a week at a time too haha
Mitchell Pimentel (19 days ago)
Now Nintendo joining in on charging to play online
Dominic Suazo (20 days ago)
Whats the music that plays during the red ring section?
Component Games (20 days ago)
*B A M B I*
Super JohnPie64 (20 days ago)
Why Microsoft is good - Good Consoles - Best operating systems Why Microsoft is bad - They ruined Minecraft - Windows now looks to fucking professional it’s boring - No more Xbox360 Games - Crappy games - Fucked up online - Red ring of death - Windows kinda sucks now Yep Microsoft sucks
Dankenstein 503 (20 days ago)
Hey friends I'm here to remind you all the hell with Microsoft . Let's all switch to PlayStation where the real fun begins !! Cancel your subscription and support PlayStation . Please spread the word microsoft is the WORST .
Meat Snacks (7 days ago)
You poor little autistic.
HOTHEAD (20 days ago)
I appreciated the Blinx soundtracks there. Admit it, you secretly love the two or three XBOX exclusives right?
TheShadowfire204 (20 days ago)
My friend will blindly defend them for making you play online and cuts you off when you try to make an argument against it.
TheShadowfire204 (20 days ago)
*"Dude!* They can hear me! And I... I can hear them!!!"
xavi 1809 (21 days ago)
Fuck PlayStation 5 min later OH SHIT
Heinrich Johään (21 days ago)
So glad machinima is finally dead. Can't wait for dunkey to make another vid shitting on their digital corpse
Laith Hussain (21 days ago)
Stewie Travis (21 days ago)
in a time before valve cared more about the money than the fans
TNToby (21 days ago)
M A C H I N I M A _________________ I S G O N E
Oyama Toayei (21 days ago)
I keep coming back to this video like maybe the 5% of view came from me to remind me why i cant play online free on ps4
miniZergling (22 days ago)
Good riddance mashitima.
where is my wall (22 days ago)
the worst thing about microsoft is that they have totally killed any chance for market competition of operating systems ..its like they saved apple just for name's sake and booked the market exclusively to them because because a large number of people use windows ..i used linux and i want to switch to linux but the lack of 3rd party software support just doesn't help me with my professional work and by god the mac's are untouchable with their price hypes ...its a nightmare , i hope microsoft someday falls from their mighty evil tower..
ShuffleTap (23 days ago)
I love how they took my membership that expired in the middle of an online game instead of waiting until 12:00 and then won’t even load the page to see if the memberships are on sale
Shadow Yogi (23 days ago)
Keep in mind Nintendo now has paid online
Earl Pineda (23 days ago)
what music is that at 4:05 ?
pls no .-. ,-, (23 days ago)
my mom told me I had to eat my vegetables to grow big and strong.
Pranav Venkata (24 days ago)
History is gonna repeat with aoe 4
JohnDoemgs23 (24 days ago)
I got the red ring on my first xbox 360. I bought my second xbox and got the red ring again, so this time I sent it to microsoft and they sent me a brand new one. My third xbox also got the red ring, so now I play on ps4.
gestapo 1 (25 days ago)
Epic vid bro
Glopinus Shlopinbopin (25 days ago)
And now in 2018 ninetendo is charging people to play online
Glopinus Shlopinbopin (23 days ago)
Countin Shteve oh yeah u right
Countin Shteve (23 days ago)
not sure how to break this to you but it's 2019
Bob the painter Ross (25 days ago)
And now Nintendo Switch makes you pay for online. Wow congrats Microsoft.
Raegan Fordemwalt (25 days ago)
Watch out I still have a white 360 that works
Zakariaz (25 days ago)
Fuck you nentedo
Iandiamond (26 days ago)
This is why we can’t have nice things... We have *_𝓐 𝓝 𝓣 𝓢_* running our measly, pathetic fucking lives.
ya boi bidoof (26 days ago)
Microsoft buying rare made me sad.
Stupid 69 (26 days ago)
Some how my friends white Xbox still works
RGA (26 days ago)
Fuck Microsoft
upinya37 (26 days ago)
Ask microsoft for help , they will fed-x you dental mouth piece to bite down on and some lube with audio playing in background ( upgrade to a better pc ) !! rRRRRAHHHHH the one i have !!!!,,,,cost $1.000 few years AGO !!!.
Yosef Sabzivari (27 days ago)
I hear that time stop from Tomba 2 in section D you think you could escape copyright?
Cancerous (27 days ago)
They used to have mixer as a streaming service, they dont any more. You have to use mixer. I was banned from mixer for saying fuck on a teen stream. I fucking love it.
Brenden Chermok (28 days ago)
You can spend 50-60 dollars for a year of ps plus and get potentially 150 dollars worth in free games some being AAA games
Farjana Akter (28 days ago)
wow microsoft
Platypus Person (28 days ago)
Dunkey you played Blue Dragon?? Duuuude what id pay for a hd remake/ port to new gen.
HaloF4n 4lyfe (28 days ago)
I just tried to play GTA IV and DLC, GFWL literally makes the game unplayable
nem tudom (29 days ago)
Oh god. I remember when i was so excited, that dark souls came out on PC, and i wanted to play it, but motherfuckin games for windows live wasn't having ANY of it. I am happy that shit's gone

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