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Microsoft Sucks

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Microsoft hit the big time when Bill Gates stole all the good ideas that Steve Jobs stole from actual talented people. feat. https://www.youtube.com/user/OneyNG
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Text Comments (17210)
Comrade Pooch (2 hours ago)
Is it me or does the avatar in the something went wrong screen look like such a douche when he smiles while shrugging like that
Eu Tu (6 hours ago)
Printul noptii xd
Proxy m8 (7 hours ago)
We are in 2019 and now even Nintendo is making me pay to play online what’s next every time you log in steam EA logo
Black Goku (10 hours ago)
microsoft the apple of console.......
ZakTakular (15 hours ago)
Never had these problems with the atari 2600
Tomasz Całka (15 hours ago)
Brothes Bears is a pretty good game though
Mr. Aids (1 day ago)
But they do make a damn good controller
Christy Laney (1 day ago)
I have a white x box 360 and it didn’t get the red ring and still know it doesn’t and I play it all the time
Mike D (1 day ago)
I still like playstation online the best. PC and xbox gamers are intense as hell... not bad just too much for me. PS users seem more chill from my experience
Leo Stenborg TU05a (1 day ago)
My white Xbox diddint break... Me and my family broke it.... XD
Juubido (1 day ago)
What is the music from 3:47 from?
Puggy Balogna (1 day ago)
PeePee Tower for the Gameboy Color
IlykTaT (2 days ago)
What's that dude with the big ass ears? Bambi? Laughed harder than I should have
Zixon (2 days ago)
I’m still mad I wished for an Xbox One for Christmas instead of a PS4.
2ds Masterrace (2 days ago)
at least the black 360 works
Cody Crump (2 days ago)
Microsoft just literally doesn't care about it's customers, it's disgusting
yoshkirbonic (2 days ago)
1:18 printul noptii means the prince of the night in romanian
Gabriel Eisl (2 days ago)
you at least get games and discounts with ps plus....
Sean Walsh (2 days ago)
Fuck Microsoft but Brothers is a dope game
st_onedSquid (2 days ago)
All the dislikes are from micro softies.
RainbowGotGud (3 days ago)
Who else went to Walmart and hustled a white 360 for a black one. I don’t know how my sixth grade self did this
PowerNintendoBros (3 days ago)
Did dunkey know that he would soon have to pay for switch online?
Tobushroom (4 days ago)
I like how Xbox one is now letting you play online for free but ps4 is literally the opposite now
DotDotDot (4 days ago)
Microsoft: Gives sponsership Dunkey: Makes video talking shit about game Microsoft: Cancels sponsership Dunkey: Surprised Pikachu face
peteriscool (4 days ago)
LMAO 2 minutes and 37 less seconds and it could be 4 minutes and 20 seconds long!!
Chirpylamb (4 days ago)
They bought minecraft then raped the shite out of it
TheSkeleton900 (6 days ago)
I'm not upgrading to a PS4.
Toxic (7 days ago)
Microsoft is named after Bill Gates dick
4 years later and Microsoft has only gotten worse. Now they lock free to play games behind Xbox live gold and release nothing but mediocre at best exclusives. The only reason I can think of for owning an Xbox one is games pass, but why would you support these people and their shitty business practices?
John Valverde (7 days ago)
Wow, charging money for a service when people were willing to pay.. it's almost like Microsoft is a business.
John Valverde (1 day ago)
+Dominic Chamoun It does cost money. Running MATCHMAKING SERVERS isn't free. Do some research before you use angry words.
Dominic Chamoun (4 days ago)
more like charging money for a service that doesnt cost jack shit e.g pc gaming e.g playstation 3 e.g every single fucking website
Doggy Woof (7 days ago)
1:45 I know the Nintendo switch hasn’t been announced but online service Also I don’t know anything about PS4 but I’m pretty sure it has some kind of paid online
Gas mask Lad (8 days ago)
The black xbox was pretty awful to
ninjafireball (8 days ago)
Nintendo Switch Online? Run by ANTZ!
Pixel Pavel (8 days ago)
Also I use linux. Im now free.
Úlfhéðnar (4 days ago)
good luck with pc gaming on linux lmao
Declan Morgan (8 days ago)
This is the best Dunkey video
Wil Bourke (9 days ago)
I like the movie Antz!
Inès (9 days ago)
Xbox 360 have better server than Playstation 3 ...
MI D (12 days ago)
you know what fuck Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony for making us pay for there shity online subscription i "m PC player now, why? 1- free online 2- cheap games 3- play any games I want "old or new " and i don't need to re buy it again with every new generation of console. 4- playing any old games using Emulators "ps1 ,ps2 ,psp , gamecube....etc" and there are more and more reasons so fuck them.
Hasan Karaca (13 days ago)
Component Games (13 days ago)
MCKing45TheHero (13 days ago)
i use arch btw
MajorGamer (14 days ago)
People are forgetting they ruined Minecraft! MINECRAFT! My childhood!
Andrew Khan (14 days ago)
2:23 and people still support Xbox
Alison Hilll (15 days ago)
Every time you slag off Jews the thumps up and thumps down are always the same less than 1% for the JEWS WAKE UP THEY HATE US GOYS TIME TO THINK HITTLER WAS RIGHT .
Alison Hilll (5 days ago)
+PistolTiger 73 Who owns micro soft ? and if the Zionist Jews can keep pushing 6 million lies down my throat every time I watch the TV I can point out their lies as and when I want to . Mossad 911 , The USS Liberty , The Holodomor , Barbara Spector , Georges Soros , The Federal Reserve , IsraAID I could go on and on and I will as long as one person researches this then my job is done . You see there is a very real evil in this world and it is Zionism .
PistolTiger 73 (5 days ago)
+Alison Hilll besides that anti semitism, when did it mention jews in the video?
Alison Hilll (5 days ago)
What do you mean eh ???? .
PistolTiger 73 (5 days ago)
Alison Hilll uhh you good?
Alison Hilll (15 days ago)
swegry (15 days ago)
Resistance 2!! <3 probably my favourite game tbh.. absolutely loved that series! I wish they would bring it to ps4
IEMK (16 days ago)
fuck you tyler perry
RoyalBadger 420 (16 days ago)
I got banned for 2 weeks because Microsoft just likes being the white cop of the internet and ban the WRONG people in the situation...
Khang Đoan (16 days ago)
make a video about facebook suck dunkey cus i got locked out of my accout for no fkin reason :( and it is really sucks
DollarDank (16 days ago)
Wrong. Dreamworks' first CGI film was Antz. Guess again, idiot. (FYI, Dreamworks' first REAL movie was The Peacemaker in 1997.)
Shade Pizza (16 days ago)
1:42 bruh
Soren (16 days ago)
So if Nintendo is run by Shark Tale, and Shark Tale was made by DreamWorks and DreamWorks was made by Microsoft and Microsoft is run by ants, Does that mean that Nintendo was created by ants?
Harel Kaufman (16 days ago)
is nobody gonna talk about them adding microtransactions to Minecraft? and removing all references of Notch?
splatails9 2016 (16 days ago)
Definitely, all the bad decisions in the gaming history must change for better. Now it looks broken at all: Remastered's, no innovation in gameplay, paid unnecesary for online service that it used to be free... And most important: much industries have forgotten the meaning of "funny" in new videogames
VOSRC (17 days ago)
no its 2019
My Dixie Rekt (17 days ago)
I typed in the search bar “Nigga Pee” and this came up
Farquharson (17 days ago)
sony said "we have free psn" * *sells best during ps4 era* * NOPEEEEEEEEE
Yobanka Urena (18 days ago)
Xbox💩👎😛 ps4😃😘👍
Gabriel Correa (19 days ago)
Honestly I hope dunkey makes a video about the best console like pc vs. Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo and their all terrible.
oohgoditsbees (20 days ago)
Phantasy Star Online was my favorite game on Xbox Live.
Wyatt Tomaselli (20 days ago)
When somebody says Nintendo is the worst of the 3 companies
jdc37162 (20 days ago)
Honestly the online charge is still BS but Microsoft has improved quite a bit since this video and now they actually are most consumer friendly than PS4. Do we have Dunkey to thanks for that?
Rodger Hughes (21 days ago)
Spy ware (21 days ago)
Mac users are toxic
Drone0 (21 days ago)
Kirby bgm LOL
Brian (22 days ago)
Brian (22 days ago)
This dude really said big ass ears like "Bambi"???? 😂. Who's the moron now?!
The578unit (22 days ago)
The Blinx music takes me back
I like Pizza (22 days ago)
Yep dunkey said the N-Word. Just made his voice sound like a black guy
Raxzofstaxz gaming (22 days ago)
0:57 I'm glad you held that up for a while cause I didn't get that until the clip ended
My dad bought us an Xbox One...no one has played it...
Mark Zuckerburg (23 days ago)
Ciaran Patrick (23 days ago)
1:43 laughs in Nintendo switch
UFCfighter2125 (23 days ago)
Yeah I’m an xbox user I can say xbox really isn’t the best console they banned me for dumb reasons
xxchronicfazexx (23 days ago)
The nazis had a better reletionship with jews than microsoft does with our wallets
frog man (23 days ago)
I've been trying to look for the dunkey video where he laughs at something and then says "damn" and it gets all quiet but I can't remember which one it was
Ethan Gibling (23 days ago)
xbox-ambitious start xbox 360-bad console great games xbox one-Shit console barely any good games
Katlyn Dobransky (24 days ago)
The ants theory does make sense...
pr- od (24 days ago)
It was 😂😂
Nathan Buacien Rice (25 days ago)
Yes they do suck because they took Minecraft
lazy_ (26 days ago)
microsoft sent some ants to destroy my fucking playstation 2 when i was younger FUCKING ANTS
Frank Avellino (27 days ago)
I like the Blinx music in the background lmao
Dzouts (27 days ago)
The computers are good but the consoles suck
what is my name (27 days ago)
More like consol sucks
Lucas Stoltman (27 days ago)
Hey what song is that playing at the end? 6:46
Emily Watson (28 days ago)
I love the binx theme music at the end 😭 nostalgia
Emily Watson (27 days ago)
I’m pretty sure it’s the theme music from the first one “the time sweeper”!
Trevor Erickson (27 days ago)
THANK YOU. haha god i was trying to place how i knew that music and it was driving me crazy. Which part of Binx is that from? menu music? binx 1 or 2?
fallen flower (29 days ago)
Bambi = dumbo Banijo:jumbo
Stellvia Heonheim (30 days ago)
Dunkey basically predicted Boogie being gay
ninjafireball (1 month ago)
The day that Nintendo Switch went online and charging money = was the day I stopped playing Splatoon 2 online. Anybody has this too?
Well sony sucks.
Bill Kaleas (1 month ago)
You right
Evan Sweitzer (1 month ago)
im happy everyone else also came back here to itch about nintnedo online im never touching console again
Mr Armscar (1 month ago)
You can play ps4 without ps plus. Ps plus is just extra stuff
abroham lincoln (1 month ago)
Did we ever figure out what caused red rings?
Josephi Krakowski (1 month ago)
abroham lincoln I think it has something to do with the console getting so hot it melts the solder on he circuitry
Jay Rock Jinx (1 month ago)
I love how Microsoft makes a system that is shit. You play this shitty console and unlock things and create arenas do characters exactly how you like them then the system breaks down and becomes obsolete so all your memory is also rendered obsolete so you buy a new one and start all over again and buy dlc but the updates for your shitty system called Xbox live cause your dlc to corrupt your data so AGAIN you have to start over again. This happens again and again and again till you say fuck it and your not doing it anymore. Fuck Microsoft and I hope they all die.
OkayVevo (1 month ago)
I knew it was ants! I always knew it!
Reflection009 (1 month ago)
0:50 Nothing will ever be better than listening to middle aged black men with $1 quality mics yell the n word every twenty seconds.
Dirchtang (1 month ago)
They take it and "repair it" and then they send it back to you
Adarsh Kamal Patil (1 month ago)
Hahaha I can't believe how sad it was for u man! Thanks for showing Microsoft's true colour
Redemptionx0 1 (1 month ago)
I wish Microsoft would release a console like the nes classic and it played all the really good Xbox games like halo, cod, morrowind, kotor, and Star Wars battlefront 2 and the servers were back online just like in the good old days
Santa Claus (1 month ago)
Nintendo: owo what's this

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