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Microsoft Sucks

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Microsoft hit the big time when Bill Gates stole all the good ideas that Steve Jobs stole from actual talented people. feat. https://www.youtube.com/user/OneyNG
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Tinnitusthenight (1 hour ago)
1:06 oh shit its blue dog! RIP George Rodrigue
CARTER ROTH (1 day ago)
My friend still has his xbox 360 from 2007 and it hasn’t red ringed at all
Matthew Baumann (1 day ago)
Alex Mercer (1 day ago)
Greedy corporations like microsoft are awesome because their actions give us videos like this which we love. Thank you microdick.
Charlie in the Bushes (2 days ago)
I had the same experience with Warhawk on ps3 and that’s when I changed to PC
Radioactive Apple (2 days ago)
PS4 is God Xbox is the devil
Vova Sollo (2 days ago)
Microsoft managers can suck my dick
Jordan OR (3 days ago)
Yo halo pretty good back in the day ayyye?
Marcus Kleiner (3 days ago)
Maker studios? Don't you mean shitter studios?
Wiley M (3 days ago)
I propose opening a new company called MegaHard to oppose MicroSoft. Megahard Blindows 2020 will run all games at max settings at the SAME TIME. And instead of ants...we use snapping turtles to run the company. Hard little bastards ready to bite someone's dick off.
omar velasco santiago (3 days ago)
“Microsoft spend over 13 billion dollar on sand in 2013” 🤔 was it for silicon maybe?
Mr Manatee (4 days ago)
Microsoft: you can’t have one free dlc SO PAY UP Me: Laughs in Hollow Knight
Richter 10 (3 days ago)
Microsoft: laughs in game pass
I'm an asshole (4 days ago)
Microsoft is shit.
Sony sucks xd 60 dollars 1 year plus? 😂 😂
Anthony Eisert (5 days ago)
How did you know
Doodle Dev (5 days ago)
So this is why I can't play multiplayer on Minecraft... Thanks Microsoft :)
buck man (5 days ago)
Gamers unite
KingHalbatorix (5 days ago)
_stallman and torvalds breathing heavily_
Black Ceiling (6 days ago)
The red ring of death is equivalent to the RTX 20 Series today
Johnathan S (6 days ago)
Basically every console player has to pay for online services *laughs in pc*
LightningBolt (5 days ago)
no u
Kim Jong Skill (6 days ago)
Think I went through three 360s. On third one I learned that I could cannibalise the parts from the older ones to fix the latest. God that's was a terrible console looking back.
X F (6 days ago)
Who dislikes these vids? Xbox? IGN?
Lúcio José Beirão (6 days ago)
I actually never played anything from Microsoft, but i really cannot use any of their software, mainly OS.
Thank you for having the balls to make this video. Long live the dunk!
RJR Animations (6 days ago)
MicroSoft, the first EA
Aaron Mejia (6 days ago)
Cookie Man (7 days ago)
We all hate Microsoft...
Yes Man (8 days ago)
Yeah I have Xbox and Ps4 so no one can bully me
Boom Nuka (8 days ago)
Least the 360's games are good.
Spinning Red Chair (8 days ago)
I don't like Microsoft, but I don't ever see myself buying a Playstation again unless its a PS2. Ive been with the xbox controller and system too long, that a switch right now would feel unnatural
Big Boss ' (8 days ago)
I’ve been paying attention to this video, and I love how the dislikes slowly but surely went down from 11k to 6-5k
Fuck Microsoft. But I will respect the old Xbox Live for all the people I met, and all the ‘N’ Words.
Red Bird (8 days ago)
Fuck bill gates Why does he have so much money?
Mr. Suhaib (9 days ago)
Steve Jobs is the one that's dead and bill gates is the one thats still alive right?
DrunkenGaming (9 days ago)
The Ants thing made me laugh so hard while I was eating cereal milk came out my nose.
Dr.Dream (9 days ago)
Fuck Microsoft
GLoBaL (10 days ago)
I just love how dunkey hates everything. Except for Knack 2.
Kurt Andreassen (10 days ago)
Zach (10 days ago)
Atleast Nintendo doesn’t make you pay for onli... oh wait
Daniel Orton (10 days ago)
ItsJetty (9 days ago)
Daniel Orton 😂
Daniel Orton (10 days ago)
@TWE Duden LVEno i own xbox and my pc is windows
TWE Duden LVE (10 days ago)
@Daniel Orton so you own a PS4 and what os is your pc
Daniel Orton (10 days ago)
TWE Duden LVE (10 days ago)
What electronics do you own?
Seth Boyardee (11 days ago)
the ant theory actually gave me chills no cap
brandon jerome (11 days ago)
All the online service should be free, since all the games try and sell you upgrades and kits anyways, lol 😸
brandon jerome (7 days ago)
@Ghiman the guy right right
Ghiman the guy (7 days ago)
Why make it free when they can make millions a year for literally nothing?
DogeHumor (11 days ago)
Spence Stephenson (12 days ago)
The only reason my X Box 360 got the red rings was because I melted the graphics card from playing Force Unleashed for 2 days straight
B Cap (7 days ago)
Game isn't even that long lol
Mr. Original (12 days ago)
Windows 8 was so bad that he completely skipped it. 🤣 I actually hardly use Microsoft products anymore...
cage2k4 ? (10 days ago)
anyway goodluck on your channel and hope you do well <3
Mr. Original (10 days ago)
@cage2k4 ? It's fine, I probably could've watched my wording a bit...
cage2k4 ? (10 days ago)
sorry my fault i thought you ment you never use,i should have known what you ment
Mr. Original (10 days ago)
@cage2k4 ? Yeah, my fault, let me rephrase that... I hardly use Microsoft _software_ anymore.
megamorran (12 days ago)
its not 2015 its 2019... get your facts right retard :(
The Ragingdolphin (12 days ago)
I think the 360 is better only because I've never gotten red ring with the white 360 and I've never experienced issues with servers being down. Ps3 would've won for me if they weren't down due to hackers and they were also missing features such as party chat.
The Ragingdolphin (12 days ago)
But no xbox and ps sucks now and Microsoft started most of these trends that made gaming bad rn
Buddy (12 days ago)
Are you a fat fuck? You sound like a fat fuck. Not that being a fat fuck is always a bad thing. Some guys like more cushion for the pushin. Enjoy getting your ass cheeks clapped.
KingDonWahed (7 days ago)
Are you an Xbutt? You sound like an Xbutt. Not that being an Xbutt is always a bad thing. Some guys like more Xbutts for their fatcocks. Enjoy getting your ass cheeks clapped.
Natasha Halberton (13 days ago)
Lol bet if someone made a Nintendo sucks vid this guy would try and smear the crap out of it, Been playing Xbox for years. Most of the shit in the vid is simply overthinking
Alzter S (13 days ago)
And now Switch Online exists for no reason but for Nintendo to make more money. This is bullshit.
Zimmy Jim XOXO (14 days ago)
Dude you are so funny. Man, i am so glad that i found this channel. Youtube recommendation do their works i guess. LMAO, made my day!!
SantiXDbonnie (14 days ago)
Just switch to PC
WeeabooDan (15 days ago)
I don’t know why but dunkey’s little kid story warmed my heart
Haz Fox (16 days ago)
Who agrees, Fuck Microsoft.
KADE (16 days ago)
Why did they spend 13 billion on sand?
chris bashaw (16 days ago)
Dude mech assault... 😍
Jehan Fernando (17 days ago)
It was f****** antzzz...😂
The lord Chanka (17 days ago)
Damm this guy is shit
Basic Hooman (17 days ago)
Do you want ants?! Because that’s how you get ants
Pharaoh I (18 days ago)
Can we appreciate the music selection dunkey makes? Bro really put dark world from ff6 while calling Microsoft evil
HaloNeInTheDark27 (18 days ago)
Thats what u get for using microsoft hardware
BEISisICE (19 days ago)
I can't believe you didn't mention how they ruined the greatest developer of all time, Rare.
Higor de Morais (19 days ago)
Does anybody know the song on the begining?
Blek (20 days ago)
You're my hero. This video sums up how I feel about Microsoft. Don't change, Dunkey. <3
Joe Dinnie (20 days ago)
I own an Xbox One but I can agree that Microsoft are assholes I need a PC
Weißbrot Waigmann (20 days ago)
Ehm, i haven't actually watched the video, but have you ever heared about something called Windows? THE BIGGEST AND BEST FUCKING PLATTFORM OUT THERE???!
Weißbrot Waigmann (19 days ago)
@Chazmoun one OS better than Windows for the average gamer/PC user Windows is an open OS, easy to use, and most supported games Linux also is an open OS but very confusing, very low amount of supported games MacOS is a closed OS, but decent to use, Apple products have terrible price/performance, and terrible gaming performance in general
Chazmoun (19 days ago)
Windows is by no means the best os, they just lucked out.
No u
Spartan Death #763 (20 days ago)
I send a a mean message to a cheater that he was cheating I get banned for being mean to a CHEATER
ViciousDave4Life (20 days ago)
5 reasons why microsoft sucks. Windows, all versions, are crap. exe and dll depositories keep files of everything you have ever done on windows. Wonder why windows gets slow? exe and dll files of what you download, what you install, what you got rid of in control panel, some of it goes away but still some of it remains in dll and exe. Even old updates stay in exe and dll. #2 The big gigantic Xbox original controller was way too big, the smaller one good, 360 good, xbox one controller, stick tops are way too small for our thumbs!!! #3 Windows 95 sucks, windows 98 good, windows Me 2000 sucks, Windows XP good, Windows Vista sucks, Windows 7 good, Windows 8 sucks, uh oh Windows 10 sucks. That's double instead of good sucks, it got sucks x2!! #4 Xbox One S and X internet problems, disconnecting all the time, every 5 minutes, connect it's all good, play a game, ehhh back to home screen, won't connect online, try a different game, goes online, but xbox disconnects 5 minutes later!! #5 Why in the hell go into gaming business without even thinking about having exclusive developers and hiring for contract them. Microsoft, the company that doesn't think!!
Spartan Death #763 (20 days ago)
And me I get banned for being mean to a cheater that HE WAS CHEATING I get banned for sending a mean message fucken hate them
L33ch97 (21 days ago)
This is the best and funniest video you’ve ever made in my opinion. So great
OneThreeFilms (21 days ago)
this video is not available if you're on Bing or Internet Explorer
Jaden Fuentes (21 days ago)
Micro soft pp
Marco Antonio Sandoval (21 days ago)
Eres geöffnet
YOGO Players (21 days ago)
At least Nintendo is the cheapest but still fuck you Microsoft
DPlex HD (21 days ago)
You missed the most sinful thing Microsoft has ever done. *Buying Rare*
HydroPrime101 (22 days ago)
Even after 4 years this video is still valid.
jordan anderson (22 days ago)
Mine got the red ring twice but i fixed it by hitting it and it kept working for like 3 years
Daniele Cencig (22 days ago)
Why thanks for making me remember nightmares from childhood with that fucking Tomba2 ost.
YourPalHDee (22 days ago)
I shipped my 360 to Microsoft, got a perfectly good working one back in 6 days, it lasted for 3 more years as far as I know, I sold it and bought the Elite.
Phoenix The Kleenix (22 days ago)
I suffered 2 red rings of death on the same xbox and it recovered everytime
Jack Yeager (22 days ago)
Does anyone know the game where that song that starts at 0:26 is from?
Paul Martin (22 days ago)
I've used a friends xbox one that doesn't work with any game except fortnite. It doesn't accept discs and the crap ui makes trying to find the problem even worse.
Andrew Hart (22 days ago)
why dont you put out more stuff...i dont even play these games but watch this just for you gettin mad....hilarious
Dank Pool (23 days ago)
1:09 Romanian clip u can see by the names
Cloud Strife (23 days ago)
00:22 Then he transformed to videogamedunkey.
Ellie Kioto (23 days ago)
All hail the ant overlords
Tata ! (23 days ago)
Dunkey: Xbox live is the worst!!!! Nintendo switch online: Do I hear a *CHALLENGE*
Tyandlo (4 hours ago)
Shawn Babcock in my opinion it’s pretty bad so you have to connect the other player and that could ruin games if somebody has bad Internet like Mario party It’s just one person has bad Internet you’re fucked but with like a server type system that only would be the only person lagging so everybody else doesn’t have to suffer some games do you have sever tho.
Fiz Zelty (4 days ago)
@Shawn Babcock Lies.
Shawn Babcock (10 days ago)
At least it’s only $20 for a year. And I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s actually not bad
Joseph Stalin (23 days ago)
no u
SSGoku 71 (24 days ago)
Microsoft-makes halo Everyone-there mind was blown
Kierzo (24 days ago)
What their doing with gaming is small time compared to the Azure cloud, its wallet fisting on a new dimension.
Logan Swartz (24 days ago)
Halo 2 raised me
kylefer (24 days ago)
Mech Assault was mad ahead of its time, especially the second one.
vadimyakus (25 days ago)
Microsoft, Apple, Canon, Nikon and similar profit oriented corporations... they are all just people haters and money squeezers! Nothing else.
Fox Gamer (25 days ago)
And they hate me when I say ps4 is better than Xbox
SirSmile (24 days ago)
Well Sony are cunts too for following Microsoft and having you to pay for online
Ashley Cummings (25 days ago)
Yooooooo resistance 2 was so amazing
Kyudo Kun (25 days ago)
This video made me subscribe to your channel.
Are you talking about xbox Because Microsoft is mainly a tech company
Yonex J-Fun (25 days ago)
sHUT the fuck up dude fucking ignorant
Contra Cuth (25 days ago)
If you think about it... you at least made hella videos and became popular !!
Jonathan McCarthy (26 days ago)
Bruh the final fantasy 6 music in this makes me soooo happy
UncontainableJaleb (26 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks theses are such 3rd world problems

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