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Only Essence VINYL Old Skool UK GARAGE in the mix

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Next session straight off the shelf, some more classic plastic underground house & garage stylee again for now...till I've rinsed this section of my collection...
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Text Comments (12)
TRIGGER 82 (8 months ago)
Keeping it Real, Nice Work.
WIZ (10 months ago)
Impressive. Keep it up
Zen 2.Music (11 months ago)
Loving it!!!!!!!!
getcarter4dynamo (1 year ago)
Proper slamming mix!
Vital Grooves (1 year ago)
getcarter4dynamo ...cheers! 👍🏼😎
Lee Fisher (1 year ago)
Picking up some great tips from you. Thanks x
Dj Duaney (1 year ago)
a woman...mixing on technics using vinyls...playing underground house and garage...are you married???? hahaha...have ya got ID for track at 17:13 please, its a stonker!!
Dj Duaney (1 year ago)
respect <3 keep this shizz up :)
Vital Grooves (1 year ago)
Dj Duaney ...cheers! Lol! Club Asylum Vol II - Yeah Yeah Yeah :)
Pleace id 30 min!))
thank you!)
Vital Grooves (1 year ago)
Алексей Лаврентьев ...it's the AA1 10 Below Dub of this track... https://youtu.be/wN5ccr3ftE8 👍🏼

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