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Ryan Star - Brand New Day

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Kaiyu Hung (1 month ago)
Lie to me in 2019. Wooow~
ByoNemesis (2 months ago)
To the brand new day...only for those who found out the reason to keep living... And loving....
Ravus Nox Fleuret (5 months ago)
Lie to Me ❤
MasterYupi AMV (8 months ago)
Lie to me 2018
BuMA VeGa (9 months ago)
I Loooooooove this Song!!!!!!!!
abluvva (1 year ago)
Everytime i hear that piano at 2:13 i get chills up and down my spine
Gábor Kis (1 year ago)
Lie to me 2017 . miss so much !
Juan G. Barrientos (1 year ago)
I'm gay
Víctor Sebastian (1 year ago)
lie to me in 2017, who else?
Felix Witten (1 year ago)
Lie to me <3
Rainzo78 (1 year ago)
Emine Civil (1 year ago)
Lie To Me in 2017
Atila Agaton (1 year ago)
do you mind if i add your video to my personal playlist, its only for listening while working etc, i have no subscribers or followers,thx in advance !
lie to me ❤
Jennifer Keith Hord (2 years ago)
the world was better with more cal lightman in it. think about it.
the lady Morgana (2 years ago)
lie to me ❤
Bárbara Emanuelly (2 years ago)
we need Lie to me back!
Emilio Aragorn (2 years ago)
gran serie con grandes actores! recomendada
Lisa Marines (2 years ago)
Está bien padre el programa de Lie to me mírenlo
Caponskies Boneskies (2 years ago)
Gillian Foster,Cal Lightman,Eli Loker,Ria Torres,Emily Lightman,and,agent Ben Reynolds more lie to me please I need more!!!!!
Luisf2525 (3 years ago)
Floyd&Goals (3 years ago)
Lie to Me <3
Daniele Incandela (3 years ago)
Lie to Me in 2016
Jack Aldridge (8 months ago)
Daniele Incandela how about in 2018😌
Guilherme Maia (2 years ago)
Lie to me in 2016
Danyllo Behaviorista (2 years ago)
Brazilians That Speak Inglesh Love This Too
Danyllo Behaviorista (2 years ago)
finish ;-;
Dan O'Donoghue (3 years ago)
Let's petition for Lie To Me to resume
Rana RoyChoudhury (3 years ago)
Cal Lightman was a better Patrick Jane before Patrick Jane even showed up
Millie Vanillie (3 years ago)
im literaly in LOVE with Lightman
Andrea Grasselli (2 years ago)
me too.... I'm in Love with Ria :)
Danyllo Behaviorista (2 years ago)
Brand New Day...
Lia Kim (3 years ago)
Danyllo Behaviorista (2 years ago)
Lia Kim (3 years ago)
Every body lets go to the fox site and ask they to return to lie to me
Tasnim Shahid (2 months ago)
what is the progress now? :3
Lia Kim (3 years ago)
lie to me
andreselchico (3 years ago)
we need more lie to me
Yago Lannes (6 months ago)
Totally agree
Ringo Slave (8 months ago)
I agree
Jack Aldridge (8 months ago)
Mackenzie Brown (11 months ago)
andreselchico I know
pietro berton (2 years ago)
Pedro Pezente (4 years ago)
Lie to me theme :)
PowerQuill (4 years ago)
Daethar (4 years ago)
Lie to me* *The truth is written all over your faces
Natanael Montenegro (4 years ago)
2:13 - 2:16 Love it!
Alex L (4 years ago)
indeed!!! best part of this song (Y) :)
TibestiBeam BEAM (4 years ago)
lie to me best EVER !!!!
The Gargoyle (4 years ago)
"Turn back the clock give me some time". If only... 
MrTurner0108 (4 years ago)
Missing Cal lightman );
Tutu 27 (4 years ago)
lie to me is very cool
Ringo Slave (8 months ago)
Cê Acredita? That's right
Victor Яodrigues (4 years ago)
 'Lie to me' brought me here.
Ringo Slave (8 months ago)
Victor Яodrigues me too but 4 years after you
Virginia Birkhead (3 years ago)
Me too!
Gabriel Rodrigues (5 years ago)
Lie To Me why these serie be over :(
TibestiBeam BEAM (4 years ago)
+michael turner  exactly it is best serial/series i ever seen and its not only my sentence.Its Truth !! I <3 LIE TO ME <3
michael turner (4 years ago)
Is that right?  Interesting. Thank you for that information. 'Merica, letting society degrade values since 1775. It's a shame, though. The series was great! Combination of actors/actresses flowed great.
TibestiBeam BEAM (4 years ago)
+michael turner  not really it was like to much truth and values
michael turner (4 years ago)
Of course.
Gabriel Rodrigues (4 years ago)
oh thanks for the information :)
The Bunker (5 years ago)
Lie To Me <3
Он моргнул я лицезрел
Emma Lawless (5 years ago)
2:13 though <3
Karoline Torset (5 years ago)
The first 17 seconds just ruined the whole song. The rest of it is OK
David Monteiro (5 years ago)
This song is perfect
Jessica Wray (5 years ago)
I remember Ryan Star back from Rockstar Supernova. He was my favorite and he's still awesome.
Vicke Lorenzo (5 years ago)
Thats true
TheFlyingNoodle95 (5 years ago)
Lie to me best show ever!!!
RBLVK (5 years ago)
You mean chorus and it is in fact all there.
Adam Edward (6 years ago)
a nice serial Lie to me :D
Isabela PS (6 years ago)
"Let there be Lightman!!"
Vinicius Aniceto (6 years ago)
i would like to now too.
Maya Dubov (6 years ago)
LIE 2 me :D
Lt Silva (6 years ago)
Lie to me forever the best serie ever ;)
Jodes W (6 years ago)
Lie To Me </3
Rothaga (6 years ago)
2:13 like in lie to me.
roy stirling (6 years ago)
watched by accident one day and now hooked - two series watched in 1 week and onto 3rd now ... cant believe they axed it - totally addicted........ great fekin tune as well
Kimmerbelly (6 years ago)
They still haven't brought back Firefly... I wouldn't hold out much hope for LTM
Gameplays de la Cripta (6 years ago)
2 people never watched the second best program of Fox "Lie To Me" the first is "The Simpson"
Antoine Poem (6 years ago)
this song looks like a U2 song ^^ don't you think so ?
SYSTEM SMASH (6 years ago)
This song has gotten me through this frantic day.
Tamás Rüsz (6 years ago)
raping the replay button like a boss(and like a lie to me fan)!
Teodora Forăscu (6 years ago)
0 dislikes :)
DeSean Scott (6 years ago)
Canceling lie to me was the stupidest thing in the world
eld3rr (6 years ago)
What's wrong with his ear?
l Yanko l (7 years ago)
amazing,this song has 21,526 views but justin bieber has fkn milions.WTF PEPOLE?
Mihaela Cemortan (7 years ago)
Yes, mee too )))
Deyan Ivanov (7 years ago)
MattOren (7 years ago)
this song change my life
sam wood (7 years ago)

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