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Brand New Day by Kodaline (Acoustic Cover)

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I love this song because when I listen to it, it makes me visualize beautiful places that are full of adventure. hope you guys enjoy! ;D
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bad egg (1 year ago)
Make the tutorial bro
Matheus Nobre (1 year ago)
Awesome cover! Can you share the cords?
Anastya Arlovska (1 year ago)
omg, you're so talanted, I've subscribed :3 hello from Belarus
Daniel Vail (1 year ago)
Anastya Arlovska, you're too kind! Thanks for subscribing! And about the tutorial, I sadly don't have a lot of time to make videos as it is. But I think the song is in D sharp if that helps :)
Anastya Arlovska (1 year ago)
fantastic! can you make a tutorial how to play it?
Isabella Paixão (2 years ago)
wow, you're great!! i like!! can u see my cover pls? is coldplay https://youtu.be/VwiTooI1v5c

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