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Visit the new Website of Racer TV: www.becaferacer.com (Legendado em Português) If you a one of those who thinks that Cafe Racers are only fashion, then you will have to watch this video. Today we can see vintage influences in every area of life. But in what concerns to cars and motorcycles, things are much more complex. And this is what it is explained in the video. How the Rebirth of Cafe Racers borned, and for how long it will exist. Enjoy. My special thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help with my english.
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Text Comments (366)
Brett Clausen (12 days ago)
Most r hunks of junk ‘ FW cafe racer bullshit
Ariel Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Cafe racer reborn started with the honda clubman in 1985...
RACER TV (3 months ago)
It may look like a proper cafe racer, but it had not any influence on this rebirth of Cafe Racers. Cheers.
Riski Saputra (3 months ago)
I haven't acclompished to have a cafe racer style motorcycle 😫
Theodore Marakas (4 months ago)
For the last 25 years, since crotch rockets started to rule the world, motorcycles started to look like some kind of alien machines. They served a purpose, racing, but not everybody can ride or live with a bike like this. People got tired of the half plastic and aluminum made bikes, the look of the classic motorcycle became nostalgic. People got tired of the Hurley "bum" look, they craved for some sophistication and customization......and the cafe racer/bobber is reborn. Is it going to go away? Hell NO. Ask any of the people who have ridden with the Distinguished Gentleman ride......this is only the beginning.
RACER TV (4 months ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your opinion. :) Cheers.
Ashish Nabira (6 months ago)
Hatts off to you. Thank you
RACER TV (6 months ago)
Thank you my friend for your support. :) Cheers.
Thisthatandtheother Chan (8 months ago)
freddie sanke (8 months ago)
Just like Levi's 501......
RACER TV (8 months ago)
Lol. Nice comparison. :) Cheers.
7A (7 months ago)
i agree. i'm not a ducati fan, but when i saw that bike i thought it was the best looking bike i had ever seen. and i'm an old geezer. my nephew just got a 1200 monster about a month ago. edit=oh yeah, it is still true that pedestrian crossings were invented more than 500 years ago. just like when i say that was something i did when i was in high school, more than 10 years ago.
RACER TV (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
MindDezign (9 months ago)
Its june 2018 is it "fashion" actually its industrial " ART".That happens to be in fashion to some. The rest its away of life either as a Vintage Racer on the track or as vissual art form as street transportation. The Ducati was inspirational as "Italian Design always has been" In the real world however in the 70s and eighties they made alot of ugly motorcycles , with long bumpy heavy seats for dual riders, High handle bars, crash bars and plain old ugly , big gocky turn signals ant tail lights ,trying to meet the marketeers, trying to please every taste in one bike. In second and third and forth hand condition, it just makes sense to strip all the ugliness away and make something more pleasing to the riders eye and sense of style. The Cafe Racer is the simpliest To formulate and cost effective Way to enhance that old bike appearance. So it really comes out of necessity.
RACER TV (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Matt V (10 months ago)
Well said. The quote is perfect
RACER TV (10 months ago)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked my friend. :) Cheers.
Seisman 75 (11 months ago)
Cool bikes but you don't have to be in a jacket and tie to ride one. SMFH
Seisman 75 (11 months ago)
No I've heard of it but its idiots who think its stylish. There's no Gentleman about.
RACER TV (11 months ago)
Ofcourse. You probably never heard about the "Distinguished Gentleman Ride". :) Cheers.
Frank Moser (11 months ago)
I think you brought up an interesting point and certainly a good perspective into the whole retro thing but for me it was Dodge ( the trucks new hood and front end design along with the pt cruiser) of course the Plymouth Prowler( Dodge) was not really a commonly seen car it WAS in the media enough to be a factor i think but of course VW and Mini Cooper went that same way ( not sure who was first to the retro automobile push) but now Ford,Chevy,and just about ALL do it lol I'm sorry but i can't help but think what cool cars and trucks they COULD be producing but was probably much cheaper to re engineer an old design than to have to engineer and manufacture completely NEW concept products because that would require a completely new line of materials,machinery,designers,training ,etc and you KNOW how unstable the automobile industry is depending on the economy,price of gas,etc much easier to just go with proven results lol this is LAZINESS as well as cowardly of those car companies that are greedy ,evil douchebags anyhow lol just give us something NEW it's 2018 sure you can keep the nostalgia factor with retro look and style just not ALWAYS at least put out a mustang or camaro that actually looks like a brand NEW design and keep those nostalgia models for limited editions lol
RACER TV (11 months ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
drug jozo (11 months ago)
It is a faggy trend. In that time those hell machines where ridden by real daredevils. But now...
I was here first (1 year ago)
So true. Cafe racers, retro bikes feed the soul. Fashion changes, style lives on. Fashion is ugly that’s why they change it every year. Don’t be a fashion slave ✌️
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Alex Cas (1 year ago)
the answer is: YES cafè racers were the latest sport motorcycles in the 70's and they were the ultimate sports machine modified to be the best performing motorcycles, so the real today caferacers are the supersport motorcycle with the best performing stuff mounted on'em.... what you nowadays call caferacers are vintage replicas of what "street racing" motorcycles were...
Berni Beckmann (1 year ago)
Of course it's a fashion when when certain design cues, parts and proportions are acceptable and others are not. When somebody says " oh it needs these tyres or this part to look correct" yet the parts not only don't add to racer, they actually detract. You shouldn't have to explain, rationalize or justify your passion. Unless it's your bread and butter, I guess.
Berni Beckmann (1 year ago)
You have an interesting agenda my friend. Enjoy your phassion.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I understand what you're saying, but when i say Fashion, i mean as something that is going to last a short period of time. And from this perspective, i see cafe racer bike as a natural evolution of a "new old" style of motorcycles, that came to stay. Cheers.
Shaun Elliott (1 year ago)
Beautifully presented, once again, their were some fabulous bikes, I believe that the style didn't fade, it was just having a rest. The only thing that bothers me about the Café Racer scene is so many people don't have a clue what a CR is. They just lump together anything and everything under the same heading, the amount of times I've seen Café racer, Streetfighter, Street Scrambler and more in the same add for the same bike, a great many people not only have no idea what their building, or buying, many of the people that slag them off as being slow and unreliable, believe they are all based on bikes from the 50's and 60's, but the vast majority are based on modern bikes, mine is a ZX6R, it looks good, rides well, it's quick, fast, agile reliable and it looks the part. For me it's as you said, Style remains, i just wish these people that stick a load of shite together stop, sooner rather than later.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your opinion. Yes, you are right. There are many enthusiasts that see cafe racers as some sort of fashion, but we have to live with that. I think the issue about building cafe racers based on more modern motorcycles, have to do with the price of oldest motorcycles. They are rare and expensive. That is why most people chose for their own projects motorcycles from the late 70's or 80's. :) Cheers.
ThatGuysProject (1 year ago)
Fashion? honestly i'd rather have a cafe racer that can do the same speed as a comparable 300-500 cc motorbike while looking way cooler albiet taking longer to get to that speed.
ThatGuysProject (1 year ago)
Gotta respect what came before, I think the whole cafe racer feel makes everyone.. well feel free, you can modify them, build them from scratch get on it and go, If something goes wrong then you fix it. Low fuel? gas up, just go where the road takes you.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Takira Sharikane (1 year ago)
Who build that Norton on English Green ? Could you tell me please? I love your Chanel , the machines and also the quotes about art! Really nice! [email protected] Thank you!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you. Sorry, but i think you are probably referring to the "Berrybad Kawasaki W650-008 " which looks like a Norton. Am i right?
Juan Manjarres (1 year ago)
In my opinion Cafe Racers is what motorcycles were intended to be.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
el scientifico (1 year ago)
an interesting breakdown of the trend to retro or "throwback". But its also a part of the culture. there is a rejection of these modern times, modern music and fashion.
astu46 (1 year ago)
your videos are like a healthy addiction for me now.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your support. :) Cheers.
James Skibinski (1 year ago)
wisdom.. you conveyed it
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your comment. :) Cheers.
Dominique LeBlanc (1 year ago)
Les café racers sont intemporels. Mélange de vintage et de modernité. Ici pour rester!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Merci à mon ami pour votre commentaire. :) Salute.
Lionell Andrews (1 year ago)
Ducati sports classics concept bikes at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show arguably made the most significant impact on the return of the café racer seen from an industry perspective. In fact the buzz from that show was so strong you could also argue that Hinckley Triumph just slapped and an assortment of café racer parts to their 2003 Triumph Bonneville and dubbed the altered Bonneville the new 2004 Truxton cafe racer pretty-much a year after all of the Tokyo Motor Show hype from Ducati modern classics concepts. Next of course Ducati got actually to work and finally put their 2003 concept bikes into production and had released the Ducati sport classics by late 2005. And in early 2006 I was standing in a midtown Atlanta show room drooling over the 2006 Ducati sport classics, 2006 Triumph Truxton, as well as the 2006 triumph scrambler. So Moto Guzzi's 2009 V7 Cafe Classic I always regarded as being very late to the party. DoTheTon.com & TriumphRats.net were also popular early adopter of Cafe Race culture prior to Moto Guzzi's café offering. And agreed we are talking style not fashion.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Nacho's Videos (1 year ago)
Beauty, Elagance, Class never go out of style! Modern means new and doesn't always mean better. Classic, Retro vintage, means old style, old school and doesn't always mean outdated or obsolete. Sometimes Old School IS Best. Thats why Vinyl Records are making a comeback. Nothing sounds better. New Classis, Modern Retro, Café Racers Modrn technology in unbeatable Old School Elegance. These bikes ooooze and drip with class, beauty and elegance.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Scotty Scragg (1 year ago)
Yamaha srv250 came out in 92. Maybe it was just ahead of the curve.
Huy Nguyen (1 year ago)
So true!!!!!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I'm glad you agree my friend. :) Cheers.
Jeffrey Bell (1 year ago)
my wife loves to fall asleep to your voice and i love the videos and the bikes. win/win cheers.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Yes, i am always trying to get a relaxed atmosphere in all my videos. But not so relaxed. Lol. Cheers.
Ashish Nabira (1 year ago)
Fashion changes but style remains :-)
Promit De (1 year ago)
At 1:35 What bike is the one that follows the kawasaki??
RACER TV (1 year ago)
It is the Moto Guzzi V7 II Special. Cheers.
Warrior Wombat (1 year ago)
They were originally called Cafe (Caff) Racers, this was due to the fact that the Ton up Boys all met at the Cafe's that were built on the main roads and motorways, and they weren't pretentious enough to put a hyphen over the e.
Warrior Wombat (1 year ago)
Cafè racers were the original custom motorcycle, and if they are a faze, then that faze has lasted for a great many years.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Larrikin Axe (1 year ago)
S h i t s h i t and more s h i t - These bike's are just another way for wankers to seek attention as they are by no means a rider's motorcycle but more the 'look at me boys, I ride a pretty bike and own a retro leather jacket and overpriced bell helmet that matches.' Honestly, the whole street tracker / café racer thing is just another fad, and like every fad it'll pass and then I won't have to see pictures of skinny models on motorcycles that have no idea how to ride them. Trends are for people that have no sense or style.
Marty Smith (1 year ago)
A Cafe racer is a bit like a Tuxedo......... There is no time limit, or 'fashion cycle' to it. If you bought a Tux, at 25, you could still wear it at 50, and nothing would be out of place. (Unless, of course, if you're like me, and the only thing that doesn't fit any more, is the body of the person wearing it)
Philippe R. (1 year ago)
what a perfect way to finish a video!!! amazing sound, thank you.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
You are welcome my friend. My pleasure. Cheers.
reikhard79 (1 year ago)
OBRIGADO Racer TV! Os vídeos são sempre do melhor, é incrível a dedicação, e a atenção ao pormenor, tudo temperado também sempre com uma boa dose de muito bom gosto... e eu não podia concordar mais com a sua opinião!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Obrigado amigo pelo simpático comentário. :) Um abraço.
taurbaby (1 year ago)
i feel that the 1989 honda gb500 deserves a nod here...
Passionmotomagazine (1 year ago)
Cafe Racer are not Fashion...some people grad the wave to attach fashion to it ! Just look at some "hipster" who put more interest on look(clothing & style) than the motorcycle it self...these are not true biker and will eventually jump on a another trend in a near futur !
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Personally, i just love cafe racers, and i never was interested on the usual fashionable clothing around this theme. But i guess that at least a good retro /classic Helmet and jacket, will always fit nice when riding them. :) Thank you for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Dalakeel (1 year ago)
Cafe Racers sparks my love and ever-growing interest in motorcycles. While I am only 22 years old with no experience on a bike, one of these days I'll be behind the handlebars of a cafe racer. I truly have developed a passion for these machines and Im so glad to have come across your channel and learn so much more about them. Can't wait to share my future experiences with you all one day :)
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your support and for sharing your perspective. I wish all your dreams come true. :) Cheers.
Pierre Becquart (1 year ago)
@5:43 Ducati bevel twin in action, audio = stupid sound of kind of a 4 cylinder (racing) Japanese... Racer TV is just a fashion channel for non-initiated watch-onlyers :-) Nothing to do with real life classic bike riders. Amicalement de Belgique.
Canadus (1 year ago)
You sir have a fantastic taste of music for your videos. Always very fitting.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your kind comment. :) Cheers.
jorge luiz Bedin (1 year ago)
Infelizmente meu amigo aqui no Brasil foi proibido esta arte !
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Acho que a situação não será assim tão radical. À uns meses atrás, encontrei um video aqui no youtube em que um Policia Brasileiro fez paragem a um motociclista com uma Cafe Racer, e não houve qualquer problema. Simplesmente lhe pediu os documentos. :) Um abraço.
C005 (1 year ago)
yes, it is only fashion now. the original cafe racers rode performance bikes of that period no doubt kicking about now they would ride a performance bike. that was the whole idea with cafe racers: lighter, faster, bad ass. the closest bike today to an original cafe racer would be a 'streetfighter' : purpose built, lighter, faster, bad ass.
Nelson Gomes (1 year ago)
Excelente vídeo parabéns pela dedicação... sou um grande fã do seu canal. Só por curiosidade, já assisti vídeos que me pareceu ser na Maia estou certo??
Nelson Gomes (1 year ago)
Desde já agradeço atenciosamente por responder ao comentário. Eu Maiato e atualmente moro no estrangeiro e é sempre gratificante assistir vídeos gravado na nossa cidade. O seu canal foi uma inspiração para eu fazer uma scrambler. Amigo sei que seu conhecimento é enorme em relação às oficinas existentes no porto. Sem comprometer a sua imagem, será que podia me indicar alguma oficina para fazer o meu projeto. Um muito obrigado.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Obrigado amigo pelo apoio. Sim, noutros videos já houve algumas filmagens que foram gravadas na Maia/Trofa/St Tirso. :) Um abraço.
Bomfim 003 (1 year ago)
tank you so much for the portuguese subtitles!!!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
De nada. É um prazer poder partilhar os meus videos com todos aqueles que falam a língua do meu País. :) Um abraço.
Tomasz Siegien (1 year ago)
You are the best cafe racer specialists. Please sheare Your opinion about my project. https://youtu.be/pv5ii1ygDfA Only 19 sec video, so if You like it then I try to make it more profesional presentation.
You've done it again! An EXCELLENT Racer 🏁 TV episode! Thanks!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your support. :) Cheers.
Devin Tubens (1 year ago)
I've been a sub for long time on this channel. Haven't seen an 80's Honda Shadow cafe'd out. Does no one do this bike? I have an 84' and will be starting to work on the transition pretty soon however it would be nice to see if someone has done it already; in case I run into a snag
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I have something near. Try to search on youtube for "Cafe Racer (Honda VF 750 Sabre by Lucky Custom and by K-Speed)". Cheers.
Peter Earl (1 year ago)
Love that Ducati ! Great video 👍🏻change and regenerate 😎🏍💨
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your comment. :) Cheers.
Mr Purp (1 year ago)
But they don't look cool
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Yes, they don't look cool. They look Very Cool. Lol. Cheers.
Ariel Rider Ebikes (1 year ago)
where is it bro ?
RACER TV (1 year ago)
If you are asking for the video content in this video, it was filmed at the north of Portugal. Cheers.
Dana Herron (1 year ago)
that bmw at 5:09 is almost perfect.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I'm glad you liked my friend. :) Cheers.
François Morrier (1 year ago)
You can check my cafe racer custom here https://youtu.be/FJi9KyPYhk0
George Henry Moore (1 year ago)
Let me tell you a thing or two about the use of question-marks and its deeper implications. Or better yet, here is a quote from Terry Pratchett, who may have described it best, although his fury was directed at the use of multiple exclamation-marks. I consider your title a form of the same evil and hope you will get well soon. https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Multiple_exclamation_marks
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Well, that might be true, but here is the true explanation from a Youtuber perspective. One single exclamation point is almost invisible on youtube. Nobody will notice. And several exclamation points, will create some curiosity on all Viewers. :) Cheers.
Hydro 121 (1 year ago)
I'm happy to hear the original voice, wasn't digging the new one.lol... I love your show keep up the good work!!!keep the racers coming brother!!!
Martin Westerberg (1 year ago)
Who is the voice behind racer tv? 😏
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Lol. Thank you my friend for your support. :) Cheers.
76CzarekP (1 year ago)
motorcycling is about fashion, so cafe racers aren't immune
spymaine89 (1 year ago)
beauty always in style , the beholder must see the balance the form of function. to understand.
Deon Morris (1 year ago)
well said! great video!!
Timo Vermeulen (1 year ago)
One thing, it's Dodge challenger not chalanger. But nice video !!
Timo Vermeulen (1 year ago)
RACER TV Can't help it that I'm also a car guy 😉
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Yes, you are already the 2º person refering that mistake. Sorry, my bad. :) Cheers.
Archie Beech (1 year ago)
shaft-drive? really? no "cool", style, character or *soul* in an old, cut up GL, CX or VX.
sam nagy (1 year ago)
love them as well...grew up in comunist contry and used to ride east european bikes like ...jawa ...cz...ij...had mz...simpson all this bikes from 1958-1965 productions...i never knew what i had :) ...got to have new gen bikes hayabusa ..and such.. but few years now i took notice of the cafes 😍 and now proudly own a bmwk75s and a cx500. THANK YOU RACER TV for what u doing .keep it going .
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Alexander McLeod (1 year ago)
i swear i said to myself "cafe racers are cool", just before you said the same
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Lol.I believe you. The word "cool" is probably the best word to define them in now days. :) Cheers.
Jason Duerr (1 year ago)
Once again you have delivered a masterpiece. Well cited, logical narrative, ace production values, quality opinion. Thank you.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
You are welcome my friend. My pleasure. Thank you for your support. :) Cheers.
EMagnificent (1 year ago)
Edu Ferigato (1 year ago)
Awesome !
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I'm glad you liked my friend. :) Cheers.
Dirk Bruere (1 year ago)
Almost every high performance bike these days is a "cafe racer". I gave up biking just as the big companies caught on, sometime around 1990
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Indeed. I agree with you. Maybe you should find one of my videos about that matter. Try to search on youtube for "The Best Cafe Racer Approach". But Thanks for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
BikeStuff (1 year ago)
i love classic and restoring bikes. sadly its become a hipster fashion egotistical bs now days all because some self entitled dick chops a seat its considered vintage cafe and he instantly wants 5k more... retro has always been in, its the younger sub 30 crowd that follow the trend now...
Richard Covello (1 year ago)
I believe they started building cafe racers in England in the 1930's, but the concept would go back way further if you count the people that lightened and modified their street bikes to go racing. The purpose of the cafe racer is to produce a motorbike that is lighter, handles better and has better performance than a similar model that is left in stock condition. Many of the bikes featured on Racer TV do not match this definition, and are more closely related to the 'bobber' concept. Regardless, almost all the bikes here show innovative and creative design, and very few are not to my taste. Congratulations on maintaining such a high quality in these videos
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Yes, i understand your opinion, but as i said in this video, this is only an explanation about the recent rebirth of cafe racers. But in my opinion, the original features of the earlier cafe racer, don't make much sence on nowdays. Maybe you should find one of my videos about that matter. Try to search on youtube for "The Best Cafe Racer Approach". But Thanks for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
zanychelly (1 year ago)
Take a look at Shibuya Honda CB700 ( 7 Galo ) . Awesome work man
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Yes, Shibuya garage has very beautiful projects. Unfortunately, there are only few photographs about each one, which are not enough for a full video. But thanks for your suggestion. Cheers.
canal mileduque (1 year ago)
Como sempre, mais um vídeo incrível!!! é emocionante quando alguém se dedica a falar sobre algo que amamos, sobre um estilo de vida, sobre algo maior do que simplesmente moda. obrigado por isso! no vídeo aos 5:44 aparece um projeto café racer em uma sportster, incrível! se souber mais sobre esse projeto ou puder indicar aonde encontrar, ficaria muito feliz! obrigado! abraço!
canal mileduque (1 year ago)
RACER TV muito obrigado! parabéns pela dedicação ao responder os inscritos!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Obrigado amigo pela simpatia. Tente procurar no youtube por "Ducati 350 By Capelos Garage". É provavelmente um dos meus melhores videos. :) Um abraço.
Izad Asran (1 year ago)
now day..why cafe racer2 not wearing the boots.. black jeans and leather jacket as a cafe racer identity..
minatormyth (1 year ago)
I have rode motorcycles for 35 years. If modern cafe racers are just a fashion...... i love it :D
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
Tony E (1 year ago)
Nice article with great pictures. I agree they have a timeless style.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I'm glad you liked my friend. :) Cheers.
Chris Abriata (1 year ago)
nice vídeo ! check my Chanel for view my café Racer 50cc motor-bike ! saludos desde argentina ! un gusto ver sus vídeos
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Gracias amigo. :) Saludos.
Aras (1 year ago)
I hate loud motos and i hate their owners, mine has stock exhaust but, but, but 5:15 f... yes man f... yes (:
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Lol. Indeed, try to find the video about the "Ducati 350 By Capelos Garage". It is probably one of my best videos. :) Cheers.
fitri fit (1 year ago)
the fact is solid & very useful ,..
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your comment. :) Cheers.
FeroXmoto (1 year ago)
A long time ago, I think I was in my early 20s back in the mid 2000s I always wanted a motorcycle. The problem was I couldn't really pin point what type I wanted. All I knew was sport bikes, Harleys and choppers in that time, and I liked them all the same. A few years later I spotted a Triumph and discovered my love for those type of motorcycles even before I knew the word "cafe" existed. I am proud to own a Triumph and it gives me joy and pleasure riding it. It was a match made in heaven. And I can care less about trends or fashion.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. Your Story demonstrates precisely what i said in the video. It is so natural for most people to love Classic and Cafe Racer motorcycles. Thank you. :) Cheers.
zardportugal (1 year ago)
True! ;-)
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Obrigado amigo. Abraço.
toyodat (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, It´s very inspirational for me
RACER TV (1 year ago)
You are welcome my friend. I'm glad you liked. :) Cheers.
onanysunday711 (1 year ago)
the vast majority of cafe racers built in the last 10 years perform far worse in every categorie than the showroom stock version it is ignorant people doing stupid things that,s all we are lucky very few run well enough to kill
onanysunday711 (1 year ago)
maybe you should educate yourself build motorcycles with improved performance and i don't mean monoshock converting a vintage bike frame,doing that is the ultimate in stupidity beauty will follow function,thats all
onanysunday711 (1 year ago)
i see you are not into improving performance it is a shame indeed educate yourself about suspension and frame design function first or you are just a poser
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Maybe you should find one of my videos about that matter. Try to search on youtube for "The Best Cafe Racer Approach". Cheers.
Gus Stone (1 year ago)
Does anyone know what model of bike is at the very beginning with the girl on it ? Gorgeous bike. I like that fairing.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
It is a CMC XY400 by moto lady( from Malaysia). I would love to make a video about it, but unfortunately, there is not enough photos/video material to create a full video review. :) Cheers.
oldcaferacer (1 year ago)
It is not fashion because it has been around for years fashion changes cafe racers do not they are still the same look the same stance bikes change for each year cafe racers are the same year in year out ,it is not what we think it is rather what the look is new bikes old bike hell you show some of the best bikes out their they all are the same in one way shape or form a cafe racer it is loud proud and the owners love them to death as a group you could not get a prouder world wide membership like a cafe racer follower .People look learn and listen to that tune that this style of bike puts out because it is a cafe racer built by hand and the heart ever time thank you my friend once again for keeping the faith
RACER TV (1 year ago)
You are welcome my friend. My pleasure. And thank youfor sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
ThatGuyCalled ART (1 year ago)
to be honest I reckon you are just wrong with the history mate
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Well, in that case, can you explain me where i am wrong?
Rich Self (1 year ago)
As always Awesome Awesome Video my friend. I was wondering could you do a Video on several Harley Cafe Racer Builds that is if you havent already done one? I believe i seen one or two Harley Cafe Racers from you once before but i dont recall one video of like 7/8 diffrent offerings at one time? Id just like to see what some folks have done with Harley brand. As ive seen cafe racers in several other awesome brands before over and over again. Maybe Harleys suck at being cafe racers i dont know. Anyway thank you. Keep up the good work.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your suggestion. I will keep it in mind. :) Thanks. Cheers.
são muito estilosas
19cassie86 (1 year ago)
I do think the cafe racer style at the min is fashionable not so long ago it was Bobbers everyone was making now it's cafe racers a vast majority of the machines are built primarily for looks and some have little to no function, consider the winner of your recent best cafe racers a cx 500 with downgraded brakes to drum oversize tyres, styled exhausts not designed for performance the bike was built as a art exhibited for a show it was never designed to be used. From the original cafe racers built not for style like the original Harleys and Indians being stripped (which created bobbers) to compete with the imported European bikes which were faster with better handling to what we have today, the idea behind the machines is all but lost now and its more style than function, im not saying the new cafe racer style is bad but can they be anything other than a style concept for the very name bears nothing to the usage of what the new generation of machines are built for, do any go down to the local cafe and race? very few id bet. From people with limited budgets stripping weight off machines trying to make what they had work better and be faster to what we have now so many just ebay aftermarket parts and bolt them on, Cafe racers are cool but a cg125 with an ebay seat and bars can't compare in my mind to a Triton or Manx Norton but as long as everyone is happy it's all good :) EDIT: TLDR. In short what are the new generation of cafe racers built for? Function or style? the answer to your question "Are cafe racers only a mere style" lies within.
very nice RACER TV, CAFE RACER and suit combines very well, congrats
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Lol. I'm glad you liked my friend. :) Cheers.
John Mclarry (1 year ago)
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Gracias amigos.:) Saludos.
mgiorgos (1 year ago)
i love all these Cafe Racers builts but you see a lot of supermotard the last years?....i remember the era that supermotards were the hottest thing.where are they now?i m afraid that they will also
Zer01 (1 year ago)
I have asked myself this question. My conclusion is that a cafe racer will remain timeless if its style evokes manliness, the spirit of performance and competition, aggressiveness and some sort of historical soundness. This will make a project stand out no matter when.
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for sharing your perspective. :) Cheers.
fotorolo (1 year ago)
RACER TV (1 year ago)
De nada. Um abraço amigo. :)
RAYMOND PARSONS (1 year ago)
Very much quite the opposite ! Cafe Racers were born out of shear performance ! Larger engine, lighter frames ! The " retro " part of the movement if you will, is due in part from a culture of us 50 something's appreciating a very special time ! We are not only holding on to those memories, but bringing an entire new generation to appreciate the simplicity of design Incorporated in the early Cafe styled bikes.
Austin3085 (1 year ago)
Not to be a hater but it is a Dodge Challenger
Austin3085 (1 year ago)
RACER TV ya no problem
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Ooops. Sorry, my bad. :) Cheers.
Eduardo Sidney (1 year ago)
SweetLowFat Jesus (1 year ago)
I use the pants analogy. Pants will never go out of style, material, color etc, can change but pants will always be around.
Rafael Ramos (1 year ago)
awesome video !
RACER TV (1 year ago)
I'm glad you liked. :)
Rafael Ramos (1 year ago)
My cafe makes me feel live again !
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thank you my friend for your comment. :) Cheers.
CRM6718 (1 year ago)
@4:44, can you please make a video of that bike in detail?
yana justabigbite (1 year ago)
you can ask the builder of lolita (caferacer). check his instagram "gmeejer" . see how his ahkustom bike work
Mighty Megatron (1 year ago)
RACER TV yes that bike looks magnificent, i see why you used it on the thumbnail 😉
CRM6718 (1 year ago)
ok thanks!
RACER TV (1 year ago)
Thanks for you sugestion. It is a CMC XY400 by moto lady( from Malaysia). I would love to make a video about it, but unfortunately, there is not enough photos/video material to create a full video review. :) Cheers.

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