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More Mail #1 | AE86 Parking Only

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We will be doing these vids every time we have a few packages to open. Feel free to send us something for the next video! Po box 523 black diamond wa 98010 Racekor stuff: @racekorstuff and racekorstuff.com Sam Thornley, thanks for the sign! insta @sem.pls Chantz $$: IG @chantzrivera Twit @chantznotchance BENJAMIN: YT @straightboostingarage Jonathon Rice: www.executiveeleven.com / www.exec-11.us Jason: Deathwish motorworks insta: @jasonmourning
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Text Comments (208)
Diego L120 (4 months ago)
I'm watching all of your videos all the way from the beginning and youtube just revealed to me that DJ got a 240... I was wondering why I hadn't seen it yet but auto play pulled up that video :-/
Louis Fumey (2 years ago)
First watch, laughed all the way. A well and fast earned sub
More Skids (2 years ago)
Louis Fumey (2 years ago)
accidentally had written fist watch.Yes
Helly Apex (2 years ago)
Gud 2 si these yung brackins stay poed up a football in da strryofoam cu. ALL MY GLUED UP MUD GANG 2006
michael tulloch (2 years ago)
hey guys , the sticker at 6:59 with the eyeball is from a clothing brand called Mishka. they're pretty dope, i have a bunch of their clothing !
jonathan duong (2 years ago)
bruhhh the first sticker from benjamin sedman was mishka the skate company man and the heart was some mad comme des garcons sticker how would u not know?????????????????????
Tunerdude94 (2 years ago)
Get a paperweight or something you guys damn lol
Geoffrey Quinn (2 years ago)
Hey I'm from MO
TWO55TWO (2 years ago)
wawa is life
MateyBoyz (2 years ago)
wish we got sent stickers too 😭😭🔰
Yehoshua Klaußen (2 years ago)
I finally caught up on all your vids. You guys are killing it. I've really been rue-ing the day I sold my '88 GXL RX7. Blown motor but everything else was clean. Sold it for 300$ a few years back. Didn't have a place for it or money to fix it. Bad decision.
Christian Thollefsen (2 years ago)
more vids <3 <3 :)
Risky Dori Productions (2 years ago)
Love the channel! I'm from Japan and will be moving to Washington soon. Would love to meet you guys!
Scotty Lipke (2 years ago)
hey man i live in bellingham wa so pretty close to you guys would love to come down if you ever hold a meet! love the vids so cool having a car channel so close to home! #PNW #RAIN #RAIN=MORESKIDS
john almand (2 years ago)
"Windoes this end" lmfao
john almand (2 years ago)
Haha love y'all, gonna send in something soon ;)
execution (2 years ago)
garaventalution (2 years ago)
sticker bomb the wing on the 86 you goofy gooches
Basic World Devon (2 years ago)
Lmao Quentyn we got the same CRKT knife.
Luis Rivera (2 years ago)
maby those stickers can be used as a prank lol
Jose Castillo (2 years ago)
where did you get your knife? its super sick
Jose Castillo (2 years ago)
More Skids (2 years ago)
Jason Mourning (2 years ago)
glad you guys likes my present. the real stuff will be sent soon.
15IDKMYNAME15 (2 years ago)
I swear it's like "yeah boy weight reduction" then adds like 3 inch thick layer of stickers weighs like 300kg
lil frutL (2 years ago)
lmfao i love this
Vanny (2 years ago)
you guys are awesome
The Fellas Network (2 years ago)
One of us was charged with sexual assault but nobody knows who he is because hes in jail now, so we got Seb to replace him
Tanner (2 years ago)
Jard (2 years ago)
Yo dudes put the shout outs on the screen for like 5 seconds so we can check out the people who sent you stuff pls.
More Skids (2 years ago)
LVCHY_ (2 years ago)
should put clear tape over the money lol
indyfilms01 (2 years ago)
dj reminded me of captain underpants when he was reading the letters lol
Dakota Dryden (2 years ago)
Can you guys do some more rc stuff to
Vilius Sidara (2 years ago)
I have the sticker about 2cm thick! I think I will send it to You guys!
baylor (2 years ago)
That green sticker with the face on it was sick man
Andrei1900 (2 years ago)
heeei! Romanian guy Back again! did not managet to send You some shit because life... p.s. im still thinking at the perfect package
Parker Boyes (2 years ago)
yeee haw!!
cale saurage (2 years ago)
love the ae86 parking only sign!
Rory Coulter (2 years ago)
Just so you know people from northern Virginia don't say yall haha
bro I usually hate watching videos over again but yall content is so enjoyable that I can watch one all day not literally that'd be weird lol but man yall are gonna blow up good luck to you guys and keep up the great work and trust me I know how editing is I do music videos so honestly great job man
so many "car culture" youtubers that say and do the most generic stuff and hit it off and blow up and suck but you guys are funny and young and relatable and actually get down and do the gritty work. I like you guys
More Skids (2 years ago)
thanks dude! agreed ;)
Noreply (2 years ago)
do you think a 240 is a good first car i really want one
Brandon Wood (2 years ago)
I have a chance to buy an AE86 but it's an sr5 would you say to get it or is an sr5 not worth it?
Brandon Wood (2 years ago)
Scrub Lord less hp crappier engine
Brandon Wood (2 years ago)
More Skids 2300
Jon E (2 years ago)
what's an sr5 ae86?
More Skids (2 years ago)
depends on how much it is
Jdog9945 (2 years ago)
I love you
Trey Sparks (2 years ago)
More Male
Lowlife90 (2 years ago)
fuk ye more skids
Logan Sightler (2 years ago)
I actually have 2$ bill stickers haha. Will send them your way soon
Oscar Duarte (2 years ago)
Send me the book I wanna read it, ill send it back
Phil Reses (2 years ago)
Hahaha how do you guys know about Wawa!? I live in NJ right across the street from one lmfao
More Skids DJ (2 years ago)
We are cultured and worldly as FUCK!
Skateboard P (2 years ago)
😍 More skids dude !
tdfitch (2 years ago)
woo woo wee woo
sushikoochi (2 years ago)
I'm willing to bet that there will come a time of desperation and that one of you will soon peel off that "non-adhesive" sticker and use it. Possibly for something dumb lol
Madison Hayes (2 years ago)
I'm on my girlfriends youtube account #4%
Contested Fades (2 years ago)
whos been here before 2 k MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Susgod (2 years ago)
Tent pants 😂😂😂
cole quinones (2 years ago)
like your vids,and you and your girlfriend are for liking the fd3s, i love your 240. keep it up man
Yamborghini (2 years ago)
Hope a homeless man steals the 5 dollars
More Skids (2 years ago)
me too
Henri S (2 years ago)
you guys spelled male wrong in the title
Slow Car Squad (2 years ago)
hey guys you should invest in a paperweight. other than the 86 i mean
More Skids (2 years ago)
the 86 does the job just fine, thanks
Racekor Stuff (2 years ago)
Hey, glad you liked the goodies! The Japanese one says "broken" to go with the one that says broken in English! If you want more cool shit, check out my website and let me know what you wan :)
Slow Car Squad (2 years ago)
long lens love <3
clay collins (2 years ago)
What did that one letter from several weeks ago say? Something like, "Chunnel more ducks" agghhhh I can't remember but I know Dj does, that shit made me laugh so damn hard
More Skids DJ (2 years ago)
Sick chammel, ducks.
Stephen Keyes (2 years ago)
That heart thins is i think comme de garcons its like a hypebeast clothin company
Stephen Keyes (2 years ago)
Scott true true its borderline hypebeast lmao i see all the bape fiends at my school rockin cdg
Scott (2 years ago)
It is that CDG lol aint as hypebeast as supreme or bape
Stephen Keyes (2 years ago)
STRAIGHT BOOSTIN CLAN pretty dope sticks mane
I didn't know what it was so I threw it in with the other stickers.
64D880 1964 (2 years ago)
Yo more skids you are legends representing the PNW One of the best car YouTube channels out there keep up the good work!
Nate Dog0527 (2 years ago)
you guys have great content and are just so cool. u guys deserve so many more subs well anyways keep up the great content
Nate Dog0527 (2 years ago)
no prob u guys deserve it
More Skids (2 years ago)
thank you man means a ton
LofiBikeRide (2 years ago)
the eyeball sticker was from a sick ass clothing brand called mishka that makes sick ass clothing for sick ass people
Ya people have been telling me it translates to bear.
Turtle Deenie (2 years ago)
putting stickers on top of stickers waste of stickers
Turtle Deenie (2 years ago)
not hating I'm just saying. videos are dope tho.
More Skids (2 years ago)
Drake (2 years ago)
Just bought my first car. It's a 1988 Chrysler Conquest TSI. Its bright yellow, and the turbo flutters makes me orgasm. Need to find MoreSkidz Snapchat to send a photo. Keep it up guys, great vids.
Rhadiqul (2 years ago)
Dank Memes try lol
Drake (2 years ago)
My Samsung s4 doesn't like video...
Rhadiqul (2 years ago)
Makes vidz
that's awesome!
Drake (2 years ago)
+STRAIGHT BOOSTIN CLAN Dad had to drive it home, as I don't know manual yet. Was surprised to find out it comes stock with an LSD, as I found a warning sticker on the inside of the door regarding one. Also have never seen another one of these cars in person.
Ryan Hurst (2 years ago)
Props for opening the letters the intelligent way (along the short edge of the envelope). People laugh when I do that but it makes so much more sense.
Tj Omg (2 years ago)
Should've put clear tape over
josh inderias (2 years ago)
so weird without fisheye
mitchell kozik (2 years ago)
Moist Skids?
Paul M (2 years ago)
dj reads like a 1st grader lol😂😂😂jk
Jade Grav (2 years ago)
i want one of those nonstick stickers
Ricky Duran (2 years ago)
Dj you're so funny I love you ;)
MikeHunt64 (2 years ago)
someone is going to steal that 5$
make more skits
Scottys (2 years ago)
i will pay to polish your battles
devonbennett (2 years ago)
do you know how many people are about to tape fucking money on there cars now
Shrednecks Wes (2 years ago)
I was hoping they would tape the book to the 86...
CGVIS (2 years ago)
i do the same but the moeny dissapears and after a while of it dissapearing a new thing to my car happens. its strange
HAHAHA so true! :)
frankE91210 (2 years ago)
Put some clear tape over that new sticker so it doesn't get fucked up.
PowellMoore (2 years ago)
Do a burnout in that Ford truck
mycousinromanx (2 years ago)
*More Male
faustas kersys (2 years ago)
#djbringthe86fool LSD! LSD! LSD! WE WANT IT!!!!
Alistair Gill (2 years ago)
seb looks kinda like a kiwi version of Blake Anderson from workaholics
N/A Ron (2 years ago)
Chantz Rivera (2 years ago)
I think I might actually send him a wawa hoagie just because he is a og with the wawa knowledge.
Taylor Matheson (2 years ago)
definitely time to have story time episodes. #whatmenwant
HiroshimaSpirit (2 years ago)
The beardless DJ story is Penthouse Forum material.
exec11 us (2 years ago)
hahah Glad they came in. Next time I'll type out messages....the "magnets" are actually stickers. They're just wrapped in weird "jdm" plastic.
N/A Ron (2 years ago)
Chan (2 years ago)
haha "wind does it end?" I get it lol
aplixy (2 years ago)
crazy as fuck you guys have 50k, i seem your chanel when you guys had around under 1k, then i found lowcals and they had just anout the same amount, one of three best car channels on youtube and keep grinding deej and cuinnnnnn
Chantz Rivera (2 years ago)
What kinda hoagies y'all want? LOL
Emilio B (2 years ago)
The heart sticker is a mason margella heart but looks cooler
I wasn't sure what it was but I threw it in anyways, thank you for the info. :)
Alex Dotchev (2 years ago)
damn I might get a lil package together for u guys
succmane (2 years ago)
more dank
Lukas (2 years ago)
More Skids is such a good name, like now you have more mail and you can base multiple series around that and maybe start like a daily Blog channel when you get bigger and then called it like even more skids
SkippyTeal (2 years ago)
Love the consistent uploads :)
KAMII (2 years ago)
What Men want ~ stupid wife. what Men really want ~ quentyn
draggonhedd (2 years ago)
You gotta clearcoat those fivers to your cars now.
mr.clickbait (2 years ago)
tacos and more skids what away to end my sunday
xGUTS (2 years ago)
that piccolo sticker is fucking RAD!!
M0l2175UN3 (2 years ago)
i thought that was a dende sticker?
Thanks man I didn't know what else to put in and since they like initial d I thought they might like dragon ball. :)
240sxguy (2 years ago)
soooo close to 50k dood that song better be ready
KYOKI Caleb (2 years ago)
contents dope everytime you guys upload man, more vids from more skids!
More Skids (2 years ago)
dannica hamling (2 years ago)
I think your dad was talking about clear tape haha

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